Applying the ‘cruzada’ technique


Cruzada is an escrima technique whose movement pattern resembles the cross hence the name. Cruzada allows the defender to meet the force of the attacker’s blade using the same angle. So if the opponent attacks from a cerrada (close hand) position, your defense will also come from the same position to block the attack. But a true swordsman knows that the proper way to do this is by using the flat side of the blade to neutralize the attack.

cruzada techPhoto 1 shows both defender (left) and attacker in a cerrada (close hand) position. Photo 2 shows the defender parrying the attacker’s bolo with a cruzada technique. This is done with the aide of his left hand with the intention of grabbing the opponent’s weapon hand to establish control. Photo 3 shows the attacker’s blade sliding across the flat side of the defender’s blade. The defender then secures a hold on the opponent’s hand and at the same time cuts downward with a vertical slash. Photo 4 shows that the defender’s cut stopping on the opponent’s stomach. A finishing blow would immediately follow by pulling the opponent’s hand toward him and simultaneously thrusting the sword to the stomach.

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