Aquino and Abad used DAP funds for 2013 elections


    It’s really not surprising that senators heartily licked Budget Secretary Florencio Abad’s boots in last Friday’s hearing on the unconstitutional Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), of which the Liberal Party leader was architect and executor.

    Three of those senators—sadly the three youngest males, but the most obsequious to Abad – most probably wouldn’t even be in that Senate hall if not for the DAP. And they know this. They’ve given life to that old Filipino quip for tainted politicians: “So young, so corrupt.”

    At least P14 billion in taxpayers’ money hijacked by President Aquino and called DAP were used as his mammoth war chest in the 2013 elections, mainly to ensure the victory of his minions in the Senate and to capture key provincial and congressional posts.

    I was told about this several months back by both my old friends at the Liberal Party, as well as by local politicians and ward leaders. They said that campaign funds from the Liberal Party had flooded their areas during the 2013 elections in a magnitude they had not experienced for a mid-term poll. When they read about the DAP, they were convinced the funds came from that source. But they had no documents to back up their suspicion.

    Abad was probably emboldened to do this since he and Aquino control the country’s largest newspaper and television station. Or he thinks that Filipinos are too stupid, anyway, to evaluate data.
    Campaign funds
    But the “Detailed List of DAP” projects his department released last Friday in their propaganda blitz to brow-beat the Supreme Court to reverse its ruling provides the clear smoking-gun documentation that a huge part of the DAP had become their war chest in the last elections.

    My tally is that P14 billion from the DAP funds were used as part of their campaign funds, as these were spent mostly in the months leading to the May 13, 2013 elections. A detailed audit, though, for each of the DAP funds disbursed will lead to an even larger amount.

    The funds from the DAP that were clearly used for the 2013 elections—in effect to buy votes —were in the following forms:

    First was through money given to local political leaders in the guise of funds for their local governments’ “projects” or urgent needs of their constituents. In the DAP “detailed list,” these were in the items cloaked as “assistance to local government units.”

    These amounted to over P3.3 billion released through 337 SAROs (or Special Allotment Release Orders) in 2013.

    Apparently, Aquino’s campaign managers waited until the last minute to throw these funds, as well as an additional P11 billion for infrastructure projects described below, into the contest, as the bulk of the SAROs were released in early March 2013.

    Early March 2013 was the time they would have the most accurate update on where they were weak so they could throw campaign money to, but still be outside the Revised Election Code’s 45-day ban before election day, March 13, on the bidding for public projects and the release of government funds.

    Senate President Franklin Drilon’s home province of Iloilo was the biggest recipient of these “assistance to local government units” funds two months before the May 13 elections. It got a total of P66.2 million released through six SAROs dated March 14 up to March 22.

    The next biggest recipients of these “assistance to local government units” money in the weeks before the May 13 elections were Cebu (P55.3 million); Northern Samar (P50 million); Batangas (P30 million) and Davao City (P20 million).

    Abad, of course, wouldn’t forget his own home province, with 20 of Batanes barangays getting P100,000 each, for a total of P11.2 million. Not a bad loot at all for a province with about 5,000 voters.

    The DAP list even showed allocations of as small as P97,000 to identified barangays, for example, 34 barangays in Masbate, 31 in Albay, and 91 in Naga.

    Except for a few cases of “assistance to local government, the DBM list didn’t bother to describe even in a general sense what taxpayers’ money was funding.

    A DBM staff, probably shocked at what she was compiling, managed to put as an entry for many of these allocations in the list the following telling note:

    “The funds were released (in March 2013) to the LGU for implementation. We requested the LGU to submit a status report of the project’s implementation. As of this time (July 25, 2014), we have not received their report.

    The scandal that is the DAP has reached the grass-roots level, with town mayors and barangay chairmen now worried about news trickling down to them that funds from that program were illegal and malversation cases would be filed against Abad and Aquino after the President steps down. The big fear now is that they might be required under pain of penalty to return those funds, or even be charged with technical malversation. There is a sense of betrayal even, with one town official saying: “We were not told that the P5 million came from an illegal source.”

    Pre-election infra projects
    The second means by which the DAP funds were used in the 2013 elections were through infrastructure projects, both big and small, that were not authorized in the General Appropriations Laws of 2012 and 2013.

    These totaled P11 billion of funds released in the months to the May 13, 2013 elections.

    The use of state-funded infrastructure projects has always been a means for a party in power to influence an election. The cementing of a major arterial road in a province, the construction of farm-to-market roads, or the building of a much-needed bridge in the months to election day sends a strong message to voters affected by these infrastructure projects that the incumbent government will take care of them, and therefore, has to be re-elected.

    This certainly appears to be a motive for Aquino’s scandalous allocation of P2 billion in public works in his home-province of Tarlac. With his rift with the kingpin in the province, his uncle Jose Cojuangco, whose wife even ran as governor in the opposition camp, Aquino was afraid it would be a big embarrassment for him if his nephew running for Senate, Bam Aquino, lost there.

    The talk among businessmen in Tarlac since last year has been how much private contractors there made out of that P2 billion surge in projects, and how much they could have given to the authority who directed that much fund into the province.

    Despite all of Aquino’s claims of reforms, the age-old system of corruption in public works, especially in provincial settings, still remain: Biddings are rigged so that conniving contractors simply take turns who takes on this or that overpriced road work. Political incumbents get their kickbacks from the profits of these conniving contractors, which he could use to buy votes.

    Without the DAP, or through the usual process that creates the budget laws each year, infrastructure projects are distributed throughout the country, and the result of horse-trading among members of Congress.

    In the case of DAP, though, it has been solely Aquino who determined where and how P11 billion in infrastructure funds were directed in the months right before the May elections.

    The DAP list indicates that they threw infra funds also into areas such as the Ilocos provinces and Pangasinan, known to be hostile to Aquino, in order to buy their support. While they were buying votes, these politicians were also making money for themselves: Do you think they are so clean that they will not accept a big fat suitcase (perhaps like the one Ruby Tuason used) from the contractors?

    Abad has been repeating, following Hitler’s propaganda trick, the gargantuan lie that the DAP stimulated the economy, and was undertaken in good faith. Senators Aquino, Sonny Angara, and Antonio Trillanes in last Friday’s Senate hearing especially acted as a choir backing up Abad’s hymn to DAP.

    The following two statements are not claims or theories. They are established facts:

    • Through the DAP, Aquino raised P13 billion additional pork barrel funds given to congressmen and senators to take out Chief Justice Renato Corona; and

    • Through the DAP, Aquino hijacked P14 billion he used to support the electoral bid of his minions in the Senate and Congress.

    Third use of DAP pre-empted
    If the DAP had not been unearthed —accidentally by Senator Jinggoy Estrada and by Abad himself in his clumsiness in trying to refute him —and if it had not been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, there would have been a third and probably the most important use of the DAP, using the 2013 template:

    To raise the biggest campaign war chest ever in our history under Aquino for the 2016 presidential elections, for his gang of four—with Roxas, Drilon and Abad—to continue their yellow rule.

    And there was the gravy of course, as it was so easy for this gang to skim from the DAP funds since nobody really knew, until now and only partially, where the money went.

    FB: Rigoberto D. Tiglao


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    1. juan liwanag on

      Kapak ng mga mukha
      Benigno Aquinoiii Dap Drilon Abadbad Faith.
      The more justification they move the more stupid they look
      Drilon wants to pass law to make DAP legal. Tupaz to abolish judiciary allowance. Crazy vindictive politicians and lap dogs

    2. Who cares. They will suffer the consequences of using the Holy Name of God when they stole money from us and will suffer more if they continue to use His Holy Name to lie and deny they all did. Too bad. GOD IS REALLY ANGRY AT aquino who used God’s Holy Name in all his anomalous activities.

    3. Alejo Rosete on

      The Expose’ of Ambassador Tiglao is well documented. If these expose’ are not true – let those who disagree refute them.

      Mabuhay Ambassador – please continue your fight against corruption.
      No one is above the law – not even President BS Aquino.

    4. Hector Brigade on

      As long as the government can deliver for the people, I don’t care about the DAP.

    5. “to continue their yellow rule”….That is one point I certainly agree with the writer. The yellow hypocrites will hold on to power at any and all costs.

    6. Thank you, Mr. Tiglao, for this master class in how an incumbent administration can influence elections. The timing of the identified P14 billion is indeed,close to the deadline.

      Would it be possible, for comparison’s sake, to estimate how much election funds were estimated to be misused from the NG budget for the 2010, 2007, 2004, 2001, etc. elections? As surely as we were not born yesterday, these tricks were not invented last year?

    7. I fully agree with your write up! Here in the city of San Fernando, Pampanga the former mayor then who run for congressman and a close allay of Sec. Abad was the recipient of millions of pesos coming from the DAP that were released weeks before the local elections of 2013. The DAP were not only used to bribe the senators and congressmen but also to buy votes. These is the daan matuwid mga BOSS!

    8. Mr. Tiglao, you have regularly rendered opinions against this administration. Innuendoes have become accusations, and accusations have become the shrill shouts of a man with unclear heart agenda. As a responsible newspaperman, more is expected of you. Professionalism, adherence to facts, commitment to truth and a balanced view, selflessness, and the promotion of the wellbeing of the greater majority. Thirst for sensationalism, the fomenting of unthinking mob reaction to national issues daily are sins that will catch up with you, and unfortunately not with far-reaching consequences against this country. I can only wish that your write ups are more factual, more responsible in point of view, more balanced in the manner you handle issues.

      • Benigno KUHA-KO AKIN-NA on

        You can’t blame Mr. Tiglao for his tirades against unpresidential, fishmonger “President” only of yellow zombies.

      • Do you have fact/s contrary to Tiglao’s column? If not then you are one of ’em.

    9. james gutierrez on

      you cannot use the funds of government without proper appropriation laws that congress had passed. No one is above the law. what is the point of having the executive branch, legislative & judiciary if the executive wants to exercise the legislative power. That is the reason why corruption exist in our government.

    10. what wrong with it,money were use for projects for public use.maybe you are confuse Tiglao you are talking about your former boss,madam corrupt GMA who use the filtilizer scam for election.you should stop drinking unfiltered water it cloud your brain.

      • Where have you been? your yellow brigade will no longer succeed with your “Daang Tuwid’ you’ve been exposed by Benhur luy, We would rather believe Mr Tiglao reports for a better Philippines.

      • hanggang ngayon si GMA parin ang most corrupt para sa iyo. Talagang dilaw ang buto mo heto, naglalabasan na ang scandalong multi billiong pesos ang ninakaw direct sa mamayan si GMA parin ang topic mo ulol ka tlaga.

      • What is wrong is that these projects funded by DAP were not part of GAA approved by congress..these projects were not carefully studied because if it was, then by all means it should have been included on their proposed yearly budget, hence, there was a clear bad faith in the implementation of this program.

    11. The days of Abnoy, Abad, Drilon, Ochoa, Tupakz are aready numbered, they can do all their best to depend DAP but in the end the TRUTH will expose them of all their wrongs “aka” tuwid na daan my foot.

    12. RIGOBERTO TIGLAO is the whipping boy of Madam Gloria Arroyo… so why all these crap… DAP maybe held unconstitutional by the Supreme Court but it does not follow that the persons implementing it maybe held criminally liable…. Contrary to that of PDAP that people’s money where really wasted hence implementing personalities can be held criminally liable.

      • What and which law are you thinking about, Brod? Please enlighten the readers like me. Where in the law books are you basing your comments.

      • ryan rogelio on

        Early July The supreme court affirmed the decision of a lower court finding a municipal mayor guilty of technical malverization using municipal fund of P3,500.00 to buy foods for the calamity victims of his jurisdiction. He used the money in good faith… he used it for his constituents… he did not use for his personal use but he was convicted. The law is harsh but that is the law. ano ang pagkakaiba dahil ba si noy noy ang gumamit ok lang paano na kung iba na ang Prsidente?

    13. Sir Tiglao in Iloilo alone we know for a fact how Drilon, Roxas and the big political families allied w the admin namelu Tupas, Defensor & Garin had connived to manipulate the 2013 elections. They wiped out almost all the opposition candidates w the promise of having their share of projects and money coming frm DAP & the Jalaur Dam that costs 600M. Though protests were filed efforts were useless bec they also prepared for this. We hope that this revelation on DAP will also expose the biggest election fraud committed through PCOS machines. If not they will continue through 2016 & the ff elections. They robbed off the rights of the ppl from voting & choosing our leaders. Pnoy, Drilon, Roxas, Abad etal should pay for this.

    14. It would be very easy for the Bureau of Internal Revenue to examine the income tax return of all the contractors that implemented the projects as BIR is doing to all those enemies of The Aquino Gov’t, all the powers of Malacanang are thrown against them. Check also the project estimates whether these are overpriced or not.

      • Good suggestion, those contractors and all Congressmen and Senators who connived with those contractors should be BIR priority to audit, but instead Kim Henares conducted an investigation of all doctors in the Philippines so it will not be obviously selective as BIR targets ( esp. Dr Castillo , son-in-law of CJ Corona )

    15. When Aquino and company went to a “retreat” to ask for the “blessing and sign from god”, whether he should run or not, those were the days when they cooked out the plans for not only the DAP but also how to satisfy Aquino’s wish to put arroyo in jail by any means, and to oust corona. Those were the days when the “company” licked Aquino’s ass well and good, cleaned it up so well that he was emboldened to run for president even if he knew that he couldn’t handle the job. After all, they already have the master plan, go out with a motto “matuwid na daan, no wangwang”, and the people swallowed it hook line and sinker. But along with that motto was the more important ones, the plans on how to amass wealth and share it among themselves, the people are stupid anyway, just give them a serious face, bring out your mother and father’s names, throw the blame at the other party, and their plan to cleanse the next elections would be on course. Pulido Tan must have been a part of that plan, to coax her to do the audit for just a certain period, release the expose, and the president will be behind her. Pulido Tan wouldnt have the guts to stand up and make the expose on these powerful people had she not have someone more powerful behind her. However, Aquino made a mistake. He never expected that Estrada will fight back and expose him. OH, the gall of this guy to expose him, oh how he must have hated him! Look at abad, his face is just like a fish, fishy all the way. He appeared so innocent and when a person looks too innocent, beware! And to bring a group of clappers for him, why? because he needed the moral support of the people who are within that circle. All for one, and one for all, He must be the artemis of the group! pinoy could be d’artagnan. This is such a comedy and to think that they think that the pinoys are all stupid? No mr. president. the youth is getting more and more intellectual everyday, and getting bolder by the minute. Beware!

      • Abnoy always using her mother and father image again to cover up his backward administration. Cory is also a pure politician (not ina ng democrasya). Hanggang ngayon ang hacienda ay nasa kanila pa,tagal naman .

    16. P. Akialamiro on

      After reading all about the DAP for the past few months, particularly the decision of the SC, declaring portions of it unsconstitutional, this question comes to mind: Could it be possiible that Sec. “A-bad” had given oral or ‘indirect’ unwritten rinstructions to the different cabinet members to allocate a certain percentage of their approved budget, for the DAP, which was ‘schemed’ by him? This, of course, was with the blessings of Pres. BS Aquino. In effect, these allocated percentages of the different departments’ budget were made to appear as “savings” (still unconstitutional) when, in reality, they were not. The end result: Pres. BS Aquino had ample funds to ‘juggle’ and, therefore, had the “power of the purse” which he is now ‘lawyering’ himself to retain, by hook or by crook.

      This reminds me of the saying: “One who acts as a lawyer for himself, has a fool for a client”!

    17. gabriela silang on

      they made a fool of us for quite sometime. unfortunately for them dap was accidentally unmasked exposing their wicked ways, the charlatans that they are. yet again, they’re trying to deceive us once more fully convinced of our gullibility. to the pres. and his ilk, you can lie to us all you want but please don’t take us for a fool!


      In the interest of truth, I encourage the Filipino people to read and analyze this
      column of Mr. Tiglao. And, after going through with it, what can you say about
      about this corrupt president. Filipino people the ball is now in your hands, the
      facts are outlined clearly for all to know. Clearly, the taxpayers money were
      used for their own benefits. Clearly, as the Supreme Court said, they violated
      the constitution. Drilon for instance used more P600M for his pet projects in
      Iloilo just before the 2013 elections. Is this daang matuwid? Certainly Drilon
      was the kind of anak ng Diyos. What has he, that the rest of the country does not
      have for enjoying such big largesse from this administration. Very obvious , the
      other day he acted as the lawyer of Abad in that zarzuela senate hearing. Ngayon
      lumalabas na ang katotohanan. This tupas or tupak too. Retaliating against
      the supreme court by filing a bill to remove their justices allowances. Is this not
      vindictiveness. What kind of public officials do we have now? Tupak talaga at
      hindi na nahiya sa sarili niya.

      • Bonifacio Claudio on

        Ipatikim mo rin sa kanila ang battle cry kuno nila sa “Daang Matuwid”: SAAN KAYO KUMUKUHA NG KAPAL NG MGA MUKHA NINYO…

        Lahat ng mga KAWALANGHIYAAN na ipinupukol nila sa sumasalungat ay nagbu-boomerang sa sarili nila… “Mga Boss” ang tawag niya pero sa katunayan ay kanyang BINUBUSA-BOSS pala…

        Aber, ungkatin nga nila ang nagawa nila na nagbabadyang sila’y “heroes”? Nasaan ba sila ang Aquinos sa Phil. History? Yung totoo lang po… Nandiyan pa rin naman si Enrile at Ramos, eh itanong nga ninyo sa kanila yung mga nalathala noon sa mga pahayagan kung sinong kasa-kasama ng mg NPA na siyang armadong lakas ng KUMUNISTA ng Pinas… Demokrasya ba yun ganun? Nagtatanong lang po… Bayan ko mangatwiran ka…