• Aquino admits Mamasapano still needs closure


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd on Tuesday admitted that there was still no conclusion on the botched Mamasapano operation, which resulted in the deaths of 44 elite police commandos.

    In a media forum aired on state-run People’s Television, Aquino said he still has a lot of questions amid an ongoing probe by the National Bureau of Investigation.

    “I still have quite a number of questions… There is an alternative version of events that happened there, which is undergoing very intense scrutiny. We are looking for witnesses [who]will prove or disprove certain observations,” Aquino said.

    The President also lamented that even government investigators are having difficulty getting witnesses.

    The Department of Justice (DOJ) has in its custody a certain “Marathon,” who allegedly knows the events that led to the deaths of the 44 elite cops.

    “Certain quarters raised certain points that led to the alternate version. There is no conclusion at this point,” Aquino said.

    The President, however, refused to elaborate what the “alternate versions” were all about.

    “Don’t ask me about the specifics,” Aquino said. “I would rather not talk too deeply about the specifics because it might really hamper our efforts to get to the truth of this matter—the complete truth.”

    Meanwhile, Aquino cited that over 100 people face indictments for the Mamasapano clash.

    “There is a case being filed for the death of the members of SAF 55th (Company), well, most of those who died belong to, plus the civilians, etc. There is over a hundred, I think, that will be indicted over this. We are meeting probably by next week to get all of the specifics,” he said.

    The Department of Justice (DOJ) earlier recommended that 90 individuals be criminally charged over the bloody Mamasapano clash.

    The cases only involve the deaths of 35 members of the SAF, who belong to the 55th company, which served as a blocking force for the assault team, the 84th Seaborne, which lost nine men.

    Justice Secretary Leila de Lima had said the second part of the government probe covers the alleged involvement of elements of the US government, the alleged killing of three civilians by PO2 Christopher Lalan, as well as the killing of nine members of the 84th Seaborne.



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    1. If this moron thinks that he can wiggle himself out of the mess he created he is sorely mistaken. I have often quoted a line that says worse than being an idiot is being idiotic and this is what this moron is doing right now. He should remember the other saying that what goes around comes around and look forward to the time when he reaps his just consequences I will raise my hallelujah on that moment.

    2. Don’t ask me about the specifics,” Aquino said. “I would rather not talk too deeply about the specifics

      What a surprise Aquino doesn’t want to talk about specifics like why no reinforcements were sent while the SAF begged for help for hours.