• Aquino and the rest are all irrelevant


    President B. S. Aquino 3rd has shot into outer space in his bid to become the greatest irrelevancy of our time. In 2010, before any cleric or electronic voting technician or analyst ever suggested he was merely a de facto president, a friend of mine made a bet, with some friends, that PNoy would promptly surpass his late mother’s record. My friend recently told me he had just paid off his losing bet. PNoy has made Gloria Macapagal Arroyo look like a candidate for sainthood; Joseph Ejercito Estrada, an intellectual and workaholic; and Cory Aquino, almost as good as gold.

    Just when we needed to unite as one people in defense of the rule of law and the family and human life, PNoy chose to take the opposite side by paying off Congress to impeach and remove a sitting Chief Justice and enact a patently offensive law on Reproductive Health. And just when we needed to stand or perish together in defense of the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of our Republic, PNoy chose to pay off Congress yet once more to railroad the creation of an Islamic enclave for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

    The MILF had earlier slaughtered 44 Special Action police commandos on a law enforcement mission to capture three international terrorists in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, in the middle of a ceasefire agreement with the Aquino government. Aquino’s reported stand-down order to the reinforcement units for the SAF has provoked outrage and cries of treason across the nation. But instead of instituting punitive action against those who were involved in the massacre, Aquino has chosen to reward them with the proposed legislation.

    PNoy’s saving grace is that he is totally unaware of his present condition. He sits on a sewer without smelling it. So he continues to bubble up with all sorts of monumental nonsense about his imagined merits. Despite plunging popularity and satisfaction ratings, which were already fudged in his favor, and the simmering discontent on the ground, his loudest humbug is that in 2016 the most favored presidential candidate would still need his personal endorsement in order to win, and whoever is finally elected would have to continue what he had begun. For now, senators who have any lingering doubts about the constitutionality, necessity or sanity of the Malaysian-inspired Bangsmoro Basic ‘law’ creating an MILF enclave should allow themselves to be talked to by him, for their sublime enlightenment.

    To this, Sen. Bongbong Marcos, who chairs the Senate committee reviewing House Bill 4494, otherwise known as the Bangsamoro Basic Bill (Bababa), has provided the most dignified reply. He said he would be quite willing to discuss with anyone, including PNoy, (who at this stage has no role in the legislative deliberations, correctly understood, the ways and means of purging the measure of all its constitutional imperfections and impurities, but would rather be counted out if the purpose of meeting with PNoy would be solely to press the Senate to enact the constitutionally infirm bill, reportedly at the cost of P200 million per docile senator.

    PNoy seems to believe that money will always prevail over morality, reason or the Constitution, especially on the eve of a national election where members of Congress would be seeking to be machine-elected by the rigged precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machine. This makes a total mockery of PNoy’s “daang matuwid,” and contributes the lion’s share in stripping down PNoy of his credentials.

    At a time when the most serious issues are threatening to sink the nation, PNoy’s only response has been to divert the people’s attention to the most absurd and inconsequential political issues that pass for entertainment. They are being asked about their choice for dog catcher in May 2016 months before there are any real candidates for dog catcher.

    Now, while PNoy holds the undisputed title of the most irrelevant national politician around, every other politician seems willing to kill for the right to join the race for the second most irrelevant. It is an open race, and they are all eminently qualified. No possibility of anyone ever being disqualified. They take no risk that any national interest would ever take precedence over their self-interests. This is why you never hear any of the presidential wannabes saying anything on the major national problems calling for urgent solutions. All you hear is each one of them saying they would like to become president, without saying why they believe they should become president.

    Consider this. These are some of the most serious problems we are facing right now:

    The threat of actual dismemberment of the country through the Bababa, and reports of actual presidential bribery of the members of Congress, coupled with the imposition of a legislative deadline on the part of Malacanang for the passage of this bill, despite its constitutional infirmities and the warnings of murder on the horizon arising from the bloody persecution of Christians and other “infidels” by the ISIS in the Middle East, from which a global Islamic caliphate is supposed to travel all the way to Southeast Asia and southern Philippines;

    (Aside from Bongbong Marcos, Miriam Defensor Santiago and Francis Chiz Escudero, no politician of national standing and galactic ambition has taken a clear and coherent position on this issue.)

    The threat of war with China, in the face of Beijing’s illegal reclamation activities on several land features in the disputed areas of the West Philippine/South China sea; Aquino’s worse-than-poor handling of the country’s diplomacy; the escalating word war between the US and China, and the various concrete actions being undertaken by both parties to strengthen their respective military and naval positions in the area;

    The threat of holding another automated presidential election in May 2016, using the same PCOS machines, which had been divested of all security features and accuracy mechanisms, without any of the urgently needed electoral campaign and voting reforms, and without resolving the complaints that had been filed before the Supreme Court, on the validity of the elections themselves, and before the Ombudsman, against the criminal conduct of the members of the Commission on Elections who rigged the 2010 and 2013 elections;

    (The voters’ list must be thoroughly cleaned up, secret voting but public counting must ensure the integrity of the ballot. This could mean a shift to manual voting and counting, and electronic transmission of verified and verifiable results. Campaign expenses by candidates should be limited to the equivalent of what a candidate would earn legally from the office he seeks, if elected. Political advertising should be limited to what the Comelec would pay for and allocate equally among the candidates.

    There should be a clear definition of the campaign period, outside of which no premature campaigning should be allowed. The anti-dynasty provision in the Constitution should be initially enforced by prohibiting any two members of the same family to sit simultaneously in the Senate or in any local government unit. The election law should be so strengthened that anyone who violates any of its provisions should be disqualified for life from running for public office.)

    The destruction of organized labor through the virtual abolition of labor unions and the right of workers to any kind of security of tenure. Despite the economic boom claimed by the service sector, which is shown by the proliferation of malls everywhere, we have millions of young workers whose right to work is good only for a continuous stretch of five months, and no more. This violates the moral and constitutional precept which guarantees the right to full employment, and the right to living family wage for every breadwinner.

    The urban decay characterized by homelessness, urban congestion, squalor, pollution, and the utter lack of basic transport services to move people and goods at a reasonable rate and pace in the cities and countryside;

    The scandalous situation of farmers who, instead of being protected by government, must protect themselves from the unjust acts and policies of government, including its failure to control smuggling, which seeks to kill agricultural production. In the case of the coconut farmers, they must be protected from the imminent plunder of the coco levy funds worth at least P80 billion in hard cash, and about P200 billion in assets;

    The eminent total recolonization of the Philippine economy, through a resolution adopted by the House of Representatives proposing an amendment to the Philippine Constitution (through Congress), which would allow 100-percent foreign ownership of land, mines and mineral resources, etc., while millions of Filipinos have no access to these resources;

    The verified plunder of the nation’s resources though the pork barrel system, which the Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional, and for which the Court has ordered the criminal prosecution of all those involved in the manipulation and misuse of the same, but which order the Executive Department has failed or refused to comply with;

    The alarming decline of the educational system and the lack of a thoughtful response from the government, even as the rest of the world tries to mobilize all its resources to strengthen the society’s capability to adapt to the advance of technology, and to innovate.

    This enumeration is haphazard and merely illustrative. But each item provides an entry point for sober discussion of what can be done, and should be done, to elevate the national discourse and move the country forward under the next leadership. But we have yet to hear from anyone among those being touted by their media propagandists as “presidential wannabes” on anything of substance and relevant to the nation’s needs.

    We have yet to hear one of these wannabes say that he wants to become president because, like my six-year-old grandson, he would like to fix the traffic. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao says he would like to break the bones of all the criminals and would like to see a federal parliamentary form of government. I am afraid the Human Rights Commission will want to be heard on the first; as for the second part, I am not sure it would even qualify as a joke. I myself favor the federal parliamentary system, but this can be achieved only through a change of the Constitution, not by electing a Mindanaoan as president.

    Some other wannabes want to be president because they continue to rate high in the paid propaganda surveys. These surveys are commercial enterprises used to promote the cause of those who pay for them; they are seldom real or honest. Mar Roxas used to rate high in these surveys in 2010 but ultimately lost to Jojo Binay, who was rating very badly then. The DILG Secretary has been rating poorly since, but he wants to run because he says “he is ready” to be anointed by PNoy to continue his “daang matuwid.”

    But there is no such thing as a PNoy “daang matuwid,” there never was. PNoy is now the nation’s biggest calamity: he is politically bankrupt, and has no political capital to pass on to anybody, least of all to Roxas. Until 2013, PNoy had the “hocus PCOS.” But this time, he shall not pass.



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    1. What is just hard to imagine is how can Messrs Coloma, Lacierda, as well as the other few level-headed President’s men stand him? Does he have the magnetism or is he equipped with some hypnotic ability that they stay stuck with Abnoy? Doubt it or not, it is simply incredible – like Kris’ Darla staying stuck, bearing the unbearable thoughts of the taklesa sibling (of abnoy). Is it the rewards, the promise of money and power? I cannot understand it all.Perhaps, the Parliamentary system is not for the Filipinos, for if there is a grievous fault and you do not enjoy the support, resigning is honorable.

    2. I can’t help wondering who is or are the advisers of pnoy when confronted with a situation demanding a presidential decision. During the SAF debacle for instance pnoy should have ordered reinforcement to help the beleaguered commandos but he ordered a “stand down” instead purportedly because he did not want to upset the MILF and the on going BBL negotiation. This is a crucial decision where pnoy had to balance the effect of upsetting the BBL schedule and thereby putting into jeopardy his grand posture during his last SONA and a possible award of a Nobel prize vs. saving the lives of some commandos. We now know what happened the SAF 44 were butchered and the rest is history. Now it would be too much to grant that pnoy was by his lonesome while he mulled on this matter so who is or are his advisers when this happened I would really want to know. This isn’t to exonerate pnoy from such a disastrous decision because it was his to make as president regardless of who was beside him at that time. I am truly alarmed now with the escalating tension between America and China that we cannot afford mistakes and stupid decisions that will drag our country into a war that will mean horrible consequences to all of us. I am really disgusted with the dumb and dumber gang of pnoy with his presumably close advisers like del Rosario, catapang, de lima, including coloma and deles and throw in the thieves in congress. They are either just sip-sip and nod their heads to everything this moronic head of state says or they are just as clueless when giving advise. God help our country.

    3. We do not want to be led by an UTO-UTOng Presidente in the person of Mar Roxas aka Boy Pickup, Boy Semplang, Boy Silya, Boy Tanga, atbp. Initsa puwera na eh, sige pa din ang himod sa wetpak ni Boy Stand Down. WALANG RESPETO SA SARILI KUN GANUN. Kung sa sarili niya walang respeto ano pa sa taumbayan na handa nya kunong paglingkuran. Balooney!!!


      NOW, something is definitely not right in all Filipinos. Something is amiss.

      Something needs to be done URGENTLY about the APATHY that is currently plaguing Philippine society, because it is spreading very fast and infecting everyone (rich & poor, young & old) and I don’t know what to make of it. But I’m definitely sure it is NOT GOOD for the Philippines and it will create a BAD future for all.

      Is this the Philippines that we live in now? with a handful of people (corrupt politicians & oligarchy) have made it their business to loot public resources at the expense of 100 millions of Filipinos, while 100 millions of Filipinos watch it happen right in front of their eyes. Rather than make noise, protest and take action, why do Filipinos simply accept?
      1. unknowingly or ignorant.
      2. blinded or brainwashed.
      3. pretends it not happening.
      4. know but don’t care.
      5. influence by religion.

      It is so common to see comments on social media asking writers or bloggers @ GetReal Philippines, BayanKo, CoRRECT movement, Filipino Scribe, etc. (Ilda, Bening0, Grimwald, Orion Perez, Carmen Pedrosa, Jerry Ocampo, Flippinflips, Mark Madrona et. al.) to do something about an issue.

      Doesn’t this country belong to every Filipinos?

      It takes great effort & courage to write or voice out big issues concerning our nation problems and reveal anomalies, corruption, fraud, lies, deception and wrong doings by our leaders and government officials.

      But why do majority of our people (rich or poor, young & old) simply watch it happen. Why is Filipinos watching their country being looted and saying nothing about it? At what point are we going to say enough is enough?

      If you are a concern Filipino, you need to ask yourselves some fundamental questions:

      1. Have you lost your capacity as Filipino to feel? To love? To care deeply? for our nation, our countrymen, and our surrounding and our children’s future.

      2. What kind of society have we become?

      a. Where BBL is being railroad or push to be approve despite of Mamasapano Massacre and wide public disapproval.

      b. Where public resources are looted by our politicians (PDAF & DAP scam) right in front of our eyes.

      c. Where worsening MRT, transportation and plate no. problem seems to be new norm and people experience and watch it happen again and again….

      d. Where our government makes your life worse in-order for you to leave and work overseas. And eventually you make sacrifices being away from you family, friends & loveones. Either you end up being discriminated, exploited, raped, abused, jailed, killed, executed, and permanently separated or abandoned your family. OFW=Modern Day Hero or a form of slavery.

      e. Where worsening poverty, population explosion, street children, child labor and prostitution happens do not shake the core of our humanity.

      f. Where Poor Quality Leaders produced, groomed, promoted and eventually elected due to:
      – Popularity or Name Recall
      (Showbiz/Sports/News Celebrities)
      – Sympathy Vote (popular dead relative)
      – Political Dynasties, Machinery, Traditional Politicians,
      – Money Politics (rich or endorser/sponsor)

      g. Where your government is more concern on collecting & pocketing donations (local/foreign) rather than improving Disaster Risk Prevention, Response & Preparedness against Super Typhoon, Flooding, Earthquake and Fire.

      I believe every Filipino wants to see things work and I don’t believe that our people are not moved by all of the above.

      I believe that every Filipino wants Philippines to finally progress, afford the basics: education, healthcare, food, shelter, transportation, peace & security, and a achieve better & safer future.

      Every Filipino must be determine to get out from these problems and to be determine to take back our country, and protect it for our children’s future and next generation.

      Out of the Storm of apathy, Philippines must rise again!

      • Wolfgang Struck on

        Perfectly said. One question: When will the Filipino get angry? When you step on his toes. Government does not step on his toes. Too high kasi. Rather he will just follow, fall in line as always, and suffer after paying. That includes all information, fall in line, go with the wind. Now it’s Binay Binay. What is next? Thanks for your comment. Well appreciated. WS

    5. Good to hear something like that however please make mention of the best bet for 2016… Can Binay a difference????
      It can be triple worst than situaton right now… So far financially Pinoy has been the best ever president including jumpstart the security of the Philippines.

      Media should not only publish what they think can give them personal financial gain that is oftentimes destruction to the filipino value but share what’s best for the country.

    6. rey quijada on

      All valid points and hope the successor of our incumbent set of officials will be able to address all these very important concerns. At the end of the day, the main determinant to our success as a nation is the overall will of the people not just in 2016 but in our daily living.

    7. “Nothing in all the world is more
      dangerous than sincere ignorance and
      conscientious stupidity”
      Martin Luther King, Jr.

      If ignorance is bliss, then that must explain pnoy aquino’s inane grin, and why he laughs at the misfortune of others.

    8. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Roxas who claims to believe in P-Noy’s “daan na matuwid” is simply mouthing his boss belief to get his boss proclaiming him candidate. He is bound to be disappointed because not only will his boss keep his promise if any but also he has lost whatever credibility he has by his words and acts. God bless the Philippines.

    9. Your good insight sir F. Tatad enlightens all Fils. kong may puso ka dapat labanan sng KATIWALIAN NG ADMINIDTRASYONG AQUINO! Sobra na! Nakakapagud na..

    10. Corrrect! IRRELEVANT means NOT CONNECTED, INAPPROPRIATE , NO USE, GARBAGE! Itapon na sila sa Malaysia!

    11. Allen Skeen on

      To the Author,
      Reading your take on the litany of bad decisions that has been the hallmark of this administration, I would like to alert you to the mother of all catastrophic events to be perpetrated on all Pacific Nations. The Trans Pacific Pact ( TPP) is the most insidious agreement ever conceived. Nobody can read the terms of the document except a select few, not even elected representatives or lawmakers are allowed access to the files. This conspiratorial exercise deserves your investigation and exposure as it effects all Pacific Countries

    12. CITIZEN CANED on

      What we are today is reflective of the choices people had collectively made. And since then we have been left stagnating in the race for progress and development, all we have done is wallow in this sewer of misery and grumpily curse at our chosen lot. The first curse this nation was stricken with was the blind bestowal of trust to urge PNoy to run for the presidency. The second, the Messianic Complex that instantly surged in the utter limp mind of PNoy. The third, the base gullibility of the voting masses buffered with pre-programmed PCOs machines. And since then, we have been GLADLY reaping PNoy’s plagues. And we continue to be indifferent. Yes, we too, have become callous to all the debacles that have beset our country. We are a pathetic lot because of our indifference. Hope may glimmer in the horizon. But since our vision has been haplessly impaired because of the debris left behind by this government, the real question is, will we still have the chance to find our direction towards that horizon?

      • Voters are not to be blamed. Their votes were not counted. Another culprit in our election process is the COMELEC. They are the decision makers who will be the candidates to be chosen by the voters. We have no choice. COMELEC choose for what we will elect.

    13. Carlo L. Adan on

      Some of those who respond to Mr. Tatad’s writings have brains that are childish, anti-Christian and ignorant–or are paid hacks of this evil and hypocritical administration of Aquino.
      Thyey want to silence Mr. Tatad who is one of the Philippines’ and Asia’s and the world’s sharpest and finest intellects.
      They forget–or pretend to forget–that only Mr. Tatad, not Enrile, Romulo, Tanco, Escudero, Laya, etc. resigned from the Marcos Cabinet to FIGHT Marcos during the Martial Law regime. He started fighting Marcos and the abuses of Martial Law many years before Enrile and Ramos did.
      Tatad was already in alliance with the patriotic bishops of the CBCP as early in 1980 to criticize the Marcos Martial Law abuses.
      Tatad now is not the Marcos man these agents of the corrupt hypocrites serving h the evil de facto President Noynoy are demonically trying to portray to readers in their responses to his patriotic and Christian essays.
      We who admire him rejoice that he goes to Holy Mass every day and goes to sacramental confession once a week. He and his wife are invited by pro-LIFE and pro-Family groups, authorized by the Holy See, to speak at family, pro-Life and pro-Church conferences all over the world.
      Nakakahiya kayong mga Tatad detractors na bayaran ni PNoy at mga kaanib nila.
      Mapupunta kayong lahat sa impyrno!

      • P.Akialamiro on

        It doesn’t need the wisdom and intelligence of Mr.Tatad to know all the
        “abnoy-mal” governance of this sitting president. Also, to know that we have a ‘corrupt’ congress whose members are subservient to B S Aquino.

        Malacanang and Congress acting as ‘one’ is quite alarming. We are now the laughing stock of Asia and the rest of the world.

        The only consolation is that we will all go down in history!

    14. Jose A. Oliveros on

      Former First Lady Imelda Marcos allegedly said during martial rule that “everybody has a price.” It seems to me that PeNoy believes in this and has been actually implementing it. PDAP to ensure removal of former CJ Rene Corona, 50 million reasons to ensure that the House of Representat(h)ieves special committee headed by (dis)Hon. Rufus Rodriguez would approve the Bangsamoro Basic Law draft as-is-where is, with all its patently unconstitutional provisions, etc. etc. The list is too long to enumerate here.

    15. Amado Aguila on

      Thank you. Well said and well written. Let’s keep highlighting the issues. Maybe one of these days, we’ll elect the right person for the job. No more Lito Lapid, please.

    16. Senator Tatad salamat po sa patuloy na constructive comments and ideas. Mabuhay po kayo sir. God bless you po.

    17. I Remember... on

      Its amazing to see this Pnoy still there….. population here is sleeping, useless and worst republican ever. France has shown the way… why you don’t look into this way?