• Aquino to appoint Garin as health chief


    ROMBLON, Romblon: President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Friday said he plans to appoint Health Undersecretary Janette Garin as head of the Department of Health (DOH.)

    “I am very satisfied with Secretary Garin. We will be putting in another undersecretary to help her,” Aquino told reporters

    “Of course this [appointment]is subject to confirmation by the Commission on Appointments,” he said.

    The President added that Garin’s appointment would be in order after Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines next week.

    Garin was named officer in charge of the DOH after Secretary Enrique Ona went on leave late last year.

    Ona resigned on December 19 after his leave was indefinitely extended by the President.

    Garin, a doctor by profession, was a principal mover of the Reproductive Health Care and Cheaper Medicines laws.


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    1. Garin is a political whore no less. Remember how cozy she was with GMA of yore and how fast she changes her allegiance when political fortunes shifted. She is eyeing a senatorial seat according to some pundits and she would do anything to achieve that end even visiting caballo island in clear violation of quarantine protocols just to earn pogi points and in the process expose the country to possible Ebola outbreack. Yet pnoy says that he is very “satisfied” with her. I shudder to think what pnoy must have meant but with his mental accumen along the level of a vice ganda mentality what can one expect really.