Aquino at WEF: A lying credit grabber


What a lying, credit grabber we have for a President. I was stunned when in his speech at the recent World Economic Form on East Asia, he said:

“Dismantling the culture of corruption was a promise we made to the people . . . Our efforts were not limited to those in the highest positions; we want to institute integrity throughout the bureaucracy. This is why, through programs called Revenue Integrity Protection Services (RIPS), Run After The Smugglers (RATS), and Run After Tax Evaders (RATE), we have filed a total of 487 cases against those who allegedly committed offenses as of April 15, 2014.”

If I were there when he made the speech, I’m not sure I could stop myself from throwing a shoe at him, and shouting “Liar”! Read on to understand why I’m angry.


All of these programs, which Aquino claimed for himself, were in fact all set up and institutionalized (through executive and administrative orders) by his predecessor Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. He has contributed nothing to their effectiveness since he assumed power:

  • The RIPS program under the department of finance was set up under Executive Order No. 259, issued Dec. 17, 2003 by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo;
  • The RATS program under the Customs Bureau was  set up through Customs Special Order No. 24 2005 issued in May 2005; and
  • The RATE Program was set up under the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s Revenue Memorandum Order NO. 24-2008,  in order to bring to the bureau level the RIPS and its focus on smugglers.

Arroyo’s top priority

The former president made the organization of these bodies her top priority until they worked effectively and became the institutionalized programs that they are today.

What was also crucial was that she secured a $20.7 million grant from the United States Agency for International Aid for the government’s overall anti-corruption campaign, with $9.4 million allotted for the RATE program and $3.1 million for RATS.

That is the biggest special funding ever made for an anti-corruption drive in our post-war history—in peso terms, it amounted to P1 billion.

The grant’s title explains its purpose: “Strategic Objective Grant Agreement Between the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines to Strengthen and Enforce Anti-Corruption Measures.” The funds were also used to strengthen other government anti-corruption agencies, especially the Ombudsman and including the Presidential Anti-Graft Commission.

Has Aquino done anything to strengthen these entities? Did he give them additional funds, even from his illegal Disbursement Acceleration Fund, or through an increase in their budgets? None. Zero. Zilch.

Much of the successes of these agencies in fact were the result of their work during the past administration.

“We have filed a total of 487 cases against those who allegedly committed offenses as of April 15, 2014,” Aquino claimed in his speech.

The figures, I was told by my sources, show that 300 or two-thirds of these (which include the cases filed in or by the Ombudsman) were investigations started or filed, by the previous administration.

While I will be reporting more detailed information on these in succeeding columns, the credit grabbing is obvious in the case of the Department of Finance’s (DOF) RIPS.

In fact, to bolster Aquino’s tall tales, Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima ordered his staff in the past weeks to go on a media blitz. They wanted to paint a rosy image of his boss’s anti-corruption campaign, but their campaign was so amateurish that the lies are too obvious.

In the finance department’s press releases on May 21 (timed just before the start of the WEF), it claimed that RIPS filed graft cases against 207 government staff.

But in the same press release (and in its website), it says that this number  is the total number of  cases filed since since 2003, or when RIPS was created by Arroyo. So how many officials were charged during Aquino’s term? A lot, the release boasted: 94.

The idiots at the DOF didn’t even bother to use their calculators. That means there were more officials—113—who were charged by RIPS during Arroyo’s watch.

Charges filed years ago

In the same press release, and to bolster its false boast, the DOF claimed:

“Zenaida Chang, BIR assistant commissioner of Financial and Administrative Services, was relieved of her post on orders of the Office of the Ombudsman. She was found guilty of Serious Dishonesty and Gross Neglect of Duty. The Ombudsman also ordered the filing of forfeiture proceedings to recover her ill-gotten assets.”

When was the case filed? Back in Dec. 4, 2009—yep, during Arroyo’s administration. It was the Ombudsman, which issued the decision. The present RIPS didn’t have to do anything with it.

Did they bother to mention that  this victory should be at least shared with the previous by the previous administration? Of course not, it would destroy the Yellow Cult’s “good versus evil” narrative.

In the same press release intended to fool gullible reporters to write puff-pieces for Aquino during the WEF meeting, the DOF claimed that among RIPS’ outstanding accomplishments were the dismissal of a BIR couple, a jail-term meted on a retired Customs examiner, and the three-month suspension of a BIR assistant regional director for not including her properties in her Statements of Assets and Liabilities.

Of course, it didn’t mention that the charges against them were filed at the Ombudsman in 2005 and 2006, with the difficult, rigorous investigations to compile evidence done in 2003 to 2005.

The list of such misleading press releases goes on and on.

Did I spend a lot of time to do research to uncover and expose Aquino’s lies regarding his anti-corruption reforms?

Not really, since I was participant in and eyewitness to Arroyo’s anti-corruption campaign then, and this leads to why I said I probably would have shouted “Sinungaling” at Aquino as he was giving his speech.

The Transparency Group

As Presidential Chief of Staff, upon Arroyo’s instructions to jump-start her anti-corruption campaign and overcome the inertia of the bureaucracy, I organized in 2002 in our office what we underplayed as the “Transparency Group.”

The group, which included veteran investigators from the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police, began the lifestyle checks on officials in agencies notorious for graft, which led to several convictions by the Ombudsman. Those lifestyle checks have become the template for those undertaken since then and being undertaken by the RIPS and by the Ombudsman.

A more permanent, and “embedded” unit a year after was set up in the DOF to take over the Transparency Group’s work in  checking  graft in the Bureau of Internal Revenue and in the Bureau of Customs.

That permanent unit that was created during Arroyo’s time is the RIPS, with RATE and RATS following that template. The Transparency Group was dissolved. We were actually happy of being relieved of that task, since we, especially its head who is now with Aquino’s government, were getting death threats.

Whether these were serious or just empty bluffs, having to look over your shoulders constantly and having armed bodyguards wherever you go isn’t a comfortable lifestyle.

You understand now why I’m so pissed off by Aquino’s lies? And the delusion persists that Aquino launched the campaign against corruption? On Wednesday, I will explain with facts and figures why corruption in fact has worsened.
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  1. Thank you very much Mr. Tiglao for a valuable information… sana marami pang kabalkkyuntan ni bs Aquino ang mabunyag sa bayan.. LETS OUST BS AQUINO AND HI COHORTS IN DOWNFALLING THE FAILIPPINES!

  2. Roberto B. Magtanum on

    Kung lahat kayoy magaling, bakit karamihan ay tinatago ang pangalan niyo sa publico?
    May tinatago din ba kayo? O nasagasaan lang ang mga baboy ninyo?

    Salamat sa mga dunong ninyo Sir.

  3. Marckeey Lomibao on

    Even the part where he claimed about education being more accommodating since he took office is bull. Since he took office, the educational system’s characteristic as colonial, feudal, commercialized, and fascist has become more rampant. There are 75 private schools in NCR alone that are approved to implement tuition and other fee increase. His statement saying that those who could not afford being in a private school should transfer to public schools. This is outrageous. The current state of our State and local Universities and colleges are terrible as they are under-budget and over populated. Just this April 2014, 35 students from Eulogio “Amang” Institute of Science and Technology are banned from enrolling because they are student activist and they have successfully contributed for the removal of the illegal collection of developmental fee in their university. This is the current state of our State University and Colleges. This just shows how incapable he is in accomodating the basic needs of his people. Education is a right and that is the law. Noynoy Aquino should be convicted for criminal negligence.

  4. Well there is some what truth in his statement. “My” because in his world achievements done in the past are now his. In his mind the country is his own playground, like a spoiled brat in the sand box. In his mind he is perfect, his perspective – there are minor problems in his government. In his world all big problems are from his predecessors and people’s fault, never his.

  5. sinungaling naman talaga yang si BS Aquino….nabuhay at tumanda sa pulitika….at mabuti na lang may mga pahayagan pa na sinisikap na ilathala ang katotohanan di tulad ng PDI at Philstar na mukhang extension ng office of press secretary ni BS Aquino the SOB(son of Benigno).

  6. Even if GMA has established all anti corruption measures, she wont be successful if no one is implementing them. As if everyone has closed their eyes while others are stealing massive amounts of people’s money. It might true that pnoy didnt established those rats,rips etc. but it is under his watch were prosecutions were made. If the old ombudsman is still there i doubt if there will be any progress at all.
    remember the general who committed suicide mr tiglao? Why do you think he did that to himself?

  7. Mr.Tiglao, its only you who have the guts to expose this liar aquino with supporting facts and datas at hand. Please continue to expose this person’ s demonic desire to grab all the credit of the former president. Shame is not enough to throw on aquino’s face for his crime to the Filipino people.

  8. Abraham V. Olaguera on

    Isang bagay na nahahasa ang atenista ay sa maayos na pabasa lalo na kung siya ay nagbibigay ng mahalagang talumpati. Pinanood ko ang iba pang video clips ni Pinoy sa world economic forum at may pangyayaring siya po ay NAUTAL sa bilis ng kanyang pagbigkas. Parang yung nadapa pagtakbo ng pababa sa burol na di na kayang pigilin. Mabuti naman at nakuha nyang humingi ng paumanhin. Gayunpaman di lang po naman ngayon lang natin ito nakita. Magmula ng una pang zona masasabi mong di nya magawang mapigilang magbasa ng mabilis. Kaya’t di nakapagtataka kung di nya na talaga nauunawaan ang kabuluhan ng kanyang sinasabi. Ginoong Pangulo, paawat naman po kayp. alang -alang sa iyong ama na isa sa mga hinahangaan kung maghain ng kanyang iniisip at pinaninindigan sa harap ng senado at taong bayan. Kulang ang eloquent dahil patii ang nillalaman ng kanyang talumpati ay pati si FM na pangulo na noon ay di napigilang siya ay patulan at debatihin. Nawa’y patunayan nyo naman po na kayo ay karapat-dapt sa tungkuling ibinigay sa inyo ng tao at sikaping mapagsanayan at maangkin ang mga kakulangang katangian. Patuloy po akong mananalangin na kayo ay kupkupin at patnubayan ng Poong Maykapal.

  9. neilmcnally on

    I do take issue with with your misquote from the opening paragraph’s quote credited to Aquino..viz..”..That is why,through programs called..etc..”..Later in the article, in very bold type,you inserted your own “my” in the sub-headline .”..through (my) Revenue Integrity protection Service….”etc!! Why did you do that? Unless you can show another Aquino quote later in his speech which definitely showed that those were his spoken words,you article can only be taken as pro-GMA propaganda,and,as propaganda,it is of a spurious nature at best.
    I look forward to your addenda..and a replacement article to right the apparent wrongs of your original.
    As far as asserting that ALL those programs were initiated in GMA’s time,when she had already cheated her way to the Presidency..well and good,who cares?
    The bottom line is..virtually none of the persons filed under those programmes have actually come to trial and been convicted or acquitted!! either president or the governments/judiciaries they were heading!
    Aquino begun a quest to clean out the corrupt..BUT it is too hard for ONE person to fight such entrenched pilipino filth..especially in such a short period! Short of a civil revolution and 1000’s of summary-executions..the fight will be ongoing for decades!
    Despite backing him personally for much of his term,I am very disappointed with his government’s lack of integrity and efficiency..e.g;the post-Yolanda fiasco..still on-going!!
    I am equally very disappointed at the huge silences from his mouth re the ongoing extrajudicial killings,lack of bringing any of the hundreds/thousands before the courts to face fair trial and the resultant consequences, making huge military-base deals without senate consultation,etc etc.Huge silences which can be interpreted as a plea..”What can I do..I am ONE-MAN-BAND?!” Why doesn’t he say that,and plead with pilipinos to take-over and sack the senate of ALL it’s senators..ALL of whom are now tainted by recent revelations.then..we can start anew..oh..what a dreamer!!

  10. wala kasi ma ipresenta kaya nag sinungaling…parang estudyante lang, kinopya lang ang report tapos inangkin, buti na lang hindi nya kinopya ang pangalan ng tunay na may-ari…kung nag kataon pati pangalan nya ay sasabihin nyang “Gloria Arroyo” bwahahahahaha

  11. Now all the lies instigated by the yellow army and the oligarchy to demonize PGMA are being exposed one by one. Pls continue your expose Mr. Tiglao to give justice to PGMA and shame this hypocrite PNoy govt…

  12. If Arroyo gets credit to all this anti corruption programs, how come she is accused of corruption herself? Ben Hur Luy should be the hero and a patriot because his Expose’ shook the whole culture of corruption in our political and governmental structures.I think he should be given a peoples choice award for his courage to come out and tell the media about how corrupt our government is.

    • benhur luy can’t be a hero, he exposed half truth and half lied. sanitized by the government.

  13. There is a simple way to tell if a Politician is lying.

    Their lips move when they speak!

  14. kenn ronquillo on

    This is why the first thing I’d do each time I open up the internet is looking up the column of Mr. Tiglao. He’s sure to make my read worthwhile. Messrs. Tiglao, Robles, Saludo are just some of the writers who’d rescue us from this muck of surreal breast-beating that has plagued the public forum more than four years in the running. Keep the fire burning, Mr. Tiglao. You’re the spark that get’s the fire going…

  15. For wanting to look good, never mind if he is lying. He is used to it anyway. Has his conscience become callous?

  16. he has accomplished a big one PDAF remember from 7.8 b now how much 27 billion that is a big big accomplishment kaya may DAP iyan c panoy and cohorts

  17. This article should be read by the entire world. Please share it in all your social media accounts. I surely will.

  18. “…through programs called Revenue Integrity Protection Services (RIPS), Run After The Smugglers (RATS), and Run After Tax Evaders (RATE), we have filed a total of 487 cases …” – Pnoy did not claim that those programs are his creation. What he said is that he used those programs to file cases. I think that Mr. Tiglao is misrepresenting what Pnoy actually said. I am not a Pnoy apologist nor a fan, just a regular observer of Philippine politics.

    • The thing is Pinoy should have cited where those programs come from. By not giving reference it suggest to the people that he was the one who made those programs.
      Ask those people who attended the WEF. I won’t be surprise if they say those program of Aquino are great. Well, except the Americans who knew about the program with Arroy.

    • There is a French word that exactly describes the Philippine President. He is a “raté”. It means “failed” or “missed” or the word that Americans love to use “loser”.

    • Robert Reyes on

      No need to cite who’s program these comes from. What’s important is who and how these were implemented. What’s the use of these programs if no cases were filed?

      And if cases were filed, have they acted on it? I’m sure they did not. That’s the reason why only in Pnoy’s administration these cases were decided. Mr. Tiglao, please give better arguments.

  19. you could be right,Jaime…from what i notice,he is reading his speech too fast,he doesn’t have time to analyze what he’s reading about thru that monkey board.
    what he’s talking about is not from his heart nor his mind..

  20. Radito S. Mendoza on

    Dear Mr. Tiglao,
    thank you for the write-ups. your articles are factual and if not true, can be easily refuted by other people. i hope people in power, will truly work for the benefit of the people! God Bless us all, former Pres. Gloria and Pres. P-noy, especially!

  21. Let me throw back to Pnoy his fav. phrase: “Saan ka kumukuha ng kapal
    ng Mukha” para mag talumpati ng mga bagay na pawang
    kasinungalingan ang laman. But then again allow me to be
    more lenient and give him the benefit of the doubt. Lets put
    the blame on his supposed to be expert people the yellow
    army, playing game on him. His people tried hard in the past
    to portray Pnoy as a brilliant type of person while in truth he
    is a on the margin line. Yes he could read very well and act on
    what he read like a puppet on a string but he does not know
    the meaning of the material he is reading. Buti nga di niya
    binasa ang mga period, comma etc.Kung baga sa estudiyante
    nagbasa lang na parang loro at sa ganda ng mga katagang
    binabasa ang pakiramdam niya sa sarili henyo siya. Dahil
    sa modernong panahon na ngayon madaling malaman ng
    taong bayan kung tama, may katuturan at pawang katotohanan
    ang sinasaad ng mensahe. Tumingin ka lang sa paligid alam
    na ng tao na kasinungalingan ang mensahe, pero dahil ang
    bumabasa ay wala sa tamang pag iisip bagkus ginagamit lang
    ng mga tao sa kaniyang paligid hindi niya alam kung tama
    ang kaniyang mensahe at sa kaniya walang halagang alamin
    pa ang katotohanan dahil may sarili siyang mundo na pinaiiral.

  22. MelvynGonzales on

    Here in the U.S., journalists and media organizations would frequently fact-check< on-the-spot, outright lies, deceptions, pufferies and misleading claims of public officials (from lowest to the highest of ranks) who, more often than not, would be caught with their pants on fire…

  23. Avelina Penas on

    Let me join you throwing shoe at him. Mr. Tagle your such a brave and credible journalist to exposed our president’s lies. I have my request if you woul’nt mind can you interpret this in tagalog so more we can shrare this truth to all our kababayan.Thank you. God bless the Philippines!!!

  24. charlie chan on


    its offficial, weve been RIPped-off by the RATS at an unbelivable RATE.

    the economics teacher is better than her lying retarded student.

  25. I liked this article very much & if it is all true ( & i suspect it is ) how is pnoy allowed to get away with it. Where is the opposition in this country, what are these useless politicians doing. In my country if a politician made a lie like that every opposition politician would bring it up & the politician who told the lie would end up being forced to resign & would be a laughing stock. Her its ok to lie, other politicians say nothing. Are they incompetent, did they know this or are they corrupt in conniving with the president. Whenever i see a politician interviewed on the television i struggle to watch it as its useless. They never ever pressure them or disagree with them its like they praise their every word.

  26. Buking si Pnoy, he should be very careful in doing such speech , he should terminate his ghost writer, maybe this was intentionally done to make Pnoy to be the laughing stock of the whole world. Hope this column of Mr. Tiglao serves as an eye opener to all Pnoy fanatics who believes that Pnoy is not serious in his Tuwid na Daan. The truth is , he is arrogant and only cares for his revenge to those persons who tried to get Hacienda Luisita from the Cojuangco’s

  27. Go on Mr. Tiglao in exposing Aquino’s lies. We need exposes like this. We the people have no access to this kind of information. What are the other journalists doing, not checking the facts? Do we have many gullible “journalists” in place or are they in somebody’s payroll?

    Aquino has the gall to claim credit for Arroyo’s accomplishments! LIAR


  28. Good Sir, your use of the words “rips”, “rats” and “rate” in this article is both good and apt to me. Were Pnoy a student in my class, I would not hesitate to “rate” his performance a “dazzling” “C”!

  29. Alejo Rosete on

    Ambassador Tiglao I believe you – go on. You are a very very credible Journalist. I always read your column – worth reading.

    This reminds of the USSR Prime Minister who raised his shoes at the United Nations Conference sometimes in the 1950’s because he was insulted by the speech of the then, Senator Sumolong of the Philippines.

  30. Let me take you first Just on the Rips….. from from 2003-jun2010(117 cases filed) span of almost 7yrs?
    during 3Yrs of aquino 94 cases filed. With no additional funds as you said but with more cases filed..further analyzation of the column will give you even more abhorrence to throw not just a shoe.

  31. With an expose like this I do not know how Aquino could acquit himself as a grand liar as charged by Amb. Tiglao. This mentally deranged creature is very fond of concocting stories glorifying himself and even credit grabbing. Where does he get the gall to do this? Has he no shame?

    • I think it is in their genes. Read the column of Ms. Katrina Stuart also.

  32. Abraham V. Olaguera on

    Naalala ko nung sinulat mong paghambing sa paggasta at ginastang pera ng panunungkulan ni FM at sa panunungkulan ng 2 sumunod na administration. At binanggit mo ang mga pinagkagastahan. Sa iyong pagtingin, ang nalustay na pondo ng 2 administration ay higit pa sa hinahanap at nais nilang bawiin na kinakamdam daw ni FM. Napakahalagang malaman ng tao ang katotohanang tinatago sa kamalayan nila. Nkakahiya si Pinoy sa kanyang nilatag na mga naisagawa..Mulat ba ang kanyang mata sa nilalaman ng kanyang talumpati. Unti-unting naagnas ang kanyang kapangyarihan na patuloy mapaniwala ang mga tao sa kanyang katapatan. mabuhay ka bobi. .

  33. i have tried to support his huge fight..but he has virtually no supporters in the senate

  34. Very well said. I want to read some more. Why should one be very vindictive when you can work diligently for your own honor and dignity rather than making snide. What has the previous administration done are obfuscated. “SAYANG ANG PAGOD NILA – kawawa naman”.

    • TAMA KA rajMoon, except for GMA. Look at the KKKK’s SECXY’S Abad, Alcala and Villanueva who were even mentioned several times by Ben Hur, Suna and Janet Napoles that they were part/or mastermind of PDAF but Pnoy himself judged that they are not guilty until proven otherwise and that they have his COMPLETE TRUST and CONFIDENCE FOR THE THREE MUSKETEERS at MARAMI PANG IBA GAYA NI PADACA NA SI PNOY MISMO ANG NAGBAYAD NG BAIL. DI BA HO SIR?