• Aquino behind hate campaign – Marcos

    Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. mingles with Tondo residents.

    Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. mingles with Tondo residents.

    Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Tuesday accused President Benigno Aquino 3rd of masterminding a hate campaign against him and his family to derail his vice presidential bid.

    “[This hate campaign] is led by the President. It was the content of his speech in EDSA 1 [30th anniversary last February 25] and was repeated during the graduation ceremony of the Philippine Military Academy last week,” the senator said after a road sortie in Tondo and Binondo districts in Manila.

    EDSA 1, a people power revolt in 1986, toppled then-President Ferdinand Marcos.

    “They will not choose any event, moment or occasion. They will do it repeatedly,” Marcos said.

    The people, according to the senator, are not asking him to apologize for the “sins” of his father.

    “That’s not the issue. They keep on reviving that. On the contrary, we have been hearing different things during our sorties. The issues are the spiraling cost of utilities like water and power, the lack of infrastructure projects, the sorry condition of hospitals, traffic everywhere, dilapidated airports and proliferation of illegal drugs,” Marcos told a forum sponsored by the United Filipino Consumers and Commuters-Water for Refund Movement (UFCC-WARM) led by Rodolfo Javellana Jr. in Manila.

    On Monday night, he urged political leaders to set aside political colors for the good of the country.

    In an interview after the Go Negosyo Talks series, the senator said past administrations were not able to unite Filipinos and instead sowed divisiveness.

    “Ang mga lider natin, pinag-aaway-away tayo sa halip na pagkaisahin kaya hindi tayo umasenso. Hindi na dapat ito. Dapat bumalik ang ating mga lider sa kung ano dapat ang kanilang tungkulin ay iyon ay tumulong kahit na anong kulay ng kanilang politika, kahit hindi kakampi. Dapat ang pagtulong ay pantay-pantay para sa lahat [Our leaders pit us against each other, that is the reason why we have not progressed. Our leaders should give help no matter what their political color],” he pointed out.

    Marcos’ Unity Caravan on Tuesday passed through the streets of Tondo and Malate districts.

    People from all walks of life lined up the streets and flashed the peace sign to show their support to his candidacy.

    “Like in all the places that I have visited when I started this campaign, I feel I’m very much welcomed here in Manila especially here in Tondo. I am very thankful to the people of Tondo for allowing me to bring my message of national unity right at their doorsteps,” the senator said.

    Marcos vowed to find solutions to the problems confronting ordinary Filipinos like cramped railways.

    “The problems started after the government failed to renew the contract of the maintenance firm. We will review the reasons for this. But it is clear that the management of [Metro Rail Transit 3] is a failure. Compared to the Light Rail Transit [Lines 1 and 2], MRT 3 has more problems,” he said.

    “Our main goal is to provide affordable, efficient and affordable public transport so as to discourage people from buying cars and avoid clogging of cars on major streets,” Marcos added.

    The senator suggested building of classrooms that are climate-change tolerant.

    He said utility services should be reviewed.

    “There is this trend for the government to privatize almost everything. It is better for the government to run utility firms that are not earning rather than allow a private company take advantage of the consumers,” Marcos pointed out.

    He said basic services must be handled by the government and not be left to private firms. “We want to lift the welfare of the public, particularly the poor who are mostly denied basic services.”


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    1. Don’t mind the negativity Mr. VP, Just concentrate on your platforms of government you wish to offer to the people. We’re behind of you…

    2. Go go go go BBM for Vice President. Mr. Pinokyo, for your information, nagising na ang mga mamayan sa inyong kasinungalingan na mga dilawan culto, sa inyong pagpapahirap sa ating mamayan. Salot kayo sa bayan na dilawan at na kumokontrol ng economy na bansang Pilipinas. Its now about time to STOP your crooks , vindictive mind…esp to your opponents.. CRACK MIND…

    3. Fred Pescador on

      Good thinking…don’t let “BS” Aquino be an obstacle to your candidacy as a VP. Win,win,win BBM…

    4. Too bad Bong Bong should run for president & had a very good chance of being elected. What he did was wait for his turn so he’s a shoo-in to be our next VP! Truly, PNoy is a very vindictive president & human being. He thinks only the AQUINOS are the best people in the world! He could have learned a LESSON FROM HIS MOM when she apologized to ERAP for making a mistake in agreeing for Erap to go! In this year if Jubilee of Mercy, he’s never merciful to the Marcoses! He hates their guts because they’re still well -loved by majority of the people. He wants to jail them but is IGNORANT of the law! Ignore PNoy’s comments these days! He’s not trustworthy! Go Bong Bong Go!

      • This is the best part and I quote “He thinks only the AQUINOS are the best people in the world. In addition, the AQUINOS are abusing the tolerance of the Filipinos. We tried CORY AQUINO, but she failed. Hindi pa tayo nadala, we tried again PNOY, but again he miserably failed. Look what is happening now in our country. Kung sino ang close sa mga AQUINO sure yun ang yayaman.

    5. The fact that PNoy always wears that annoying yellow ribbon in his lapel instead of the Philippine Flag, speaks volumes of who he is loyal to- the Yellows and not to the Republic. I think when PNoy was talking about like-father-like son he is talking about himself but this time it’s a notch further: ” like-grandfather-like-father-like son”- all traitors!

    6. Jerome Suarez on

      The Yellow Government is attacking Bongbong in order to cover up some of PNOY’s failures and some of his officials’ corruption.

      The Yellow Group always say Marcos is a thief, Marcos is a thief but after toppling the so called dictator, our country did not prosper but instead more thieves came to rule our government and they are also part of the Yellow Group of the Aquinos like Purisima, Ruffy Biazon, Joel Villanueva, Mar Roxas, Jojo Binay, FVR etc.

    7. Aquino is behind every scandal that plagues the country, he controls every agency even the supreme court. About time the people knew that and did something about it.

      Time to stop pretending that this country is a democracy and take back the country from these dynasty families.