• Aquino bet for 2016 may not be from LP

    JOLLY MOMENT President Benigno Aquino 3rd lines up at the counter of Filipino fastfood chain Jollibee in Singapore.  AFP PHOTO/STRAITS TIMES

    JOLLY MOMENT President Benigno Aquino 3rd lines up at the counter of Filipino fastfood chain Jollibee in Singapore.

    THE search for President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s replacement has begun but the hunt is not limited to the Liberal Party (LP) since it considers candidates from groups that helped him win the presidency in 2010.

    Aquino himself admitted in a brief talk with the media in Singapore on Tuesday night that “consensus-building processes are being conducted.”

    “I have been thinking about it for quite a long time and I try to build a consensus, an agreement among all groups that supported us and continue to support us,” the President said.

    He explained that it is important for all of his supporters to come up with a single candidate who will continue what he had started.

    “We like to leave everything in one piece by 2016 so that we can be sure that what we did will be continued, right?” Aquino said, adding that he does not want his reforms to be temporary and the people to revert to a “situation of hopelessness.”

    “So, to make sure, it is important to have a consensus, a common standard- bearer to represent our platform of government,” he added.

    The President, however, refused to confirm reports that his camp has been eyeing candidates from the Nacionalista Party or the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), the party of Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    He said he has been getting inputs from a number of sources.

    “I engage everybody who wants to talk to me. Even those who are fond of giving unsolicited advice. When they say something, I give my own opinion on what they are proposing,” Aquino added.

    He also admitted having discussed “politics” with Binay but that they did not tackle “who should be [my]candidate [in 2016].”

    The President said he will announce his chosen bet for 2016 at the right time.

    Binay remains the frontrunner in presidential surveys even if his ratings have dropped because of allegations of misdeeds while he was mayor of Makati City (Metro Manila).

    “In our party, it is important to have a consensus. One cannot talk without everybody agreeing. So I am not at liberty to talk on behalf of the Liberal Party, and if I talk on an individual basis. It’s like the time is not yet right,” Aquino, who heads the LP, said.

    He reiterated that he has no plans to run for a second term, explaining that he does not want the Philippines to have another Ferdinand Marcos who held on to power for about 20 years.

    “There will always be somebody who will not be able to let go of the tail of the tiger, who think they’re God’s given son to this world, and will always seek ways and means to perpetuate themselves in power to the detriment of our country,” the President said.

    Aquino also believes that an incumbent President will be able to serve the country better if he is not worrying about reelection and survey ratings.

    “If you are not looking toward reelection, then you can do the unpopular decisions when they’re needed. You’re focused to find the solutions that are in direct answer to the question rather than how will my poll numbers be affected by these,” he said.


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    1. Everything this thick faced and abnormal president
      is saying contradicts what he is doing. Ang
      Yabang may sariling opinion daw sya eh,
      Kamote naman sunod sunuran lang naman
      sya sa mga magnanakaw na alipores nya
      SHAME ON YOU BSA, bobo ka naman,
      alis na dyan puro ka yabang lang kundi sa
      mga mukhang pera at magnanakaw na.
      at sip sip na alipores mo sa sikopatik ka
      dapat presidente.

    2. Aquino should endorse whoever he likes. He will make that someone unelectable. ANy association with Aquino or the LP will brand that person as untrustworthy.

    3. This is the message of PNoy and indeed it is a very mischievous message. He will now look for the most winnable candidate to be his bet to assure that he will be protected when he leaves his post on 2016. This action will also serve as a warning to Mar Roxas that he’d better improves his chances otherwise, or else. This will also send message to the LP that PNoy is willing to abandon their party to protect his hide after his term. PNoy will do anything and everything to be in the winning side for self-protection.

    4. Even before and after 2010 election, I already wrote, in comments to newspapers, that Mar Roxas should not to defend on the support of Pnoy in the 2016 election as history might repeat itself.
      Was it not that it was Speaker Ramon Mitra who invented the infamous CWDF now PDAF and DAF that lead to political butterfly to get the support of KBL Tongreesmen winners in the election and transfer their support to Pres. Cory by offering them the Countrywide Development Fund? Who did Pres. Cory supported in 1993 election? Was it not the man who defended her in the seven coups in her administration, Gen. Fidel Ramos and not Speaker Mitra?
      I will not be surprise if Pnoy will support a family friend and not DILG and LP President (on leave) Sec. Mar Roxas. Yes, history might repeat itself this 2016 election and in politics, THERE IS NO PERMANENT FRIENDS BUT ONLY PERMANENT INTEREST.

    5. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      What are his programs to be continued? One, he must be referring to his anti-graft which, in actuality, is “anti-enemy”; a vindictive and divisive program. Another program, perhaps, is the economic program initiated by his predecessor. Lastly, he must be talking of continuing ‘Oligarchy’ in the country.

    6. What a bullshitter this guy is! What dialogue? He talks only to his supporters. He never listens to the views of those who are politically neutral much less those who criticize his policies. He does not even talk to calamity victims (like the people of Leyte) and the foreign aid donors.
      He doesn’t like talking to those cry to him about their problems. When he does because he cannot help it and is cornered, his answer is “Pero, buhay ka pa, di ba?”
      That, of course, gives hope. But it doesn’t mean the fallen will get any help from this President.

    7. butch reynaldo on

      if aquino endorses “binay”…which actually is forthcoming…it’s high time for all “ordinary filipinos” which mostly we all are… to take matters in our own hands…we can make “tuwid na daan” a reality for all of us…and not just a “slogan”…we all have to be into it…we can’t be just watching in the sideline while these oligarchs are raping the hell out of us….let’s all make our “country” and it’s citizens as comparable with our asian neighbors in livelihood and progression….we can do it….someone with these kind of thinking and mentality, if not yet “working abroad”, please come forward….and “lead” us….

      • ok go ahead and elect somebody to become the next president to release the corrupt grafters…..

        freedom of choice and that is democracy

    8. Comediante din itong si Aquino3rd! Napatawa ako sa mga pinagsasabi parang ang mga kapatid at kamag-anak at mga yellow anay ang kausap! Hahaha!
      Parang ang kausap ay mga pamangkin niya!
      Pass muna!!