‘Aquino biggest problem of 2013’


The administration of President Benigno Aquino 3rd was a very disturbing year brought about by the issues he has not resolved, not only in the political arena, but also in natural disasters said retired Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz who sees the President as “the biggest problem of 2013.”

Cruz, who is dissatisfied with Aquino’s administration, sees a brighter 2014 if Aquino will resign for the sake of the Filipino people who suffered a lot because of his leadership since he was elected as the president of Philippines three years ago.

“I believe if he will resign although he [Aquino] will not do it and it will not happen, everything in this country will change. A brighter 2014,” Cruz said.

Reacting to the recent survey to the people’s dissatisfaction of Aquino’s leadership, the prelate noted that the people can’t be fooled anymore by Aquino and his cabinet secretaries.

Cruz added that Aquino had a problematic leadership in 2013.

“Mr. Aquino had a problematic leadership in 2013, because if we look at the feedback of the tri-media especially in social media, the people who are not satisfied with his leadership are increasing,” he said.

The prelate backs Aquino though, saying that the Philippines would become a boring country if he had not encountered problems.

However, Cruz lambasted the president, saying that he was the biggest problem of 2013.

“Sometimes I am thinking of Aquino . . . those people who are writing for Aquino’s speeches. It is true that the Philippines will be a boring country if there is no problem, but to tell you, Aquino was the biggest problem of the year,” he said.

For Cruz, the Aquino administration was like a “big joke.”

“First, he does not know how to lead. He is not capable of leading. Second, the country had become more problematic when he became the president,” he said.

“I’m sorry, I hope I was, but I am not,” the bishop said when asked if he was satisfied of Aquino’s presidency.

Robertzon F. Ramirez


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