• Aquino, Binay trust ratings dip


    THE overall trust and approval ratings of President Benigno Aquino 3rd and Vice President Jejomar Binay fell below the 50 percent mark in January, based on the latest Pulse Asia survey.

    Although the President remains the most trusted official, Aquino’s rating dropped by 6 percentage points to 49 percent in January from 55 percent in December. On the other hand, Binay’s rating declined 5 percentage points to 47 percent from December’s 52 percent.

    Across geographic areas and socio-economic groupings, approval for the President’s work eased in Class E (-15 percentage points) while Vice President Binay’s approval scores dropped in the Visayas, Mindanao, and Class E (-11 to -12 percentage points), Pulse Asia President Ronald D. Holmes said.

    The result of the survey released on Friday also indicated that Senate President Franklin Drilon, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. and Supreme Court Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno gained majority approval from the 1,800 respondents interviewed from January 24 to 28.

    However, Drilon’s rating dropped by 7 percentage points to 44 percent in the January survey while Sereno suffered a 4-percentage point cut to 25 percent from 29 percent in December and Belmonte, the “least trusted” among the five officials, got 24 percent, 5 points lower than his 29 percent rating in December.

    By socioeconomic classes, only those belonging to Class ABC gave higher approval ratings to the officials, except Sereno. Aquino got 51 percent from the group, up by 7 percentage points; Binay, 36 percent from 30 percent; Drilon, 57 percent from 45 percent and Belmonte, 40 percent from 35 percent.

    Holmes explained that at the national level, only Binay, the United Nationalist Alliance standard bearer, had a marked improvement in terms of public indecision on performance. From only 25 percent, his rating rose by 8 percentage points. The same held true in Visayas, Mindanao, and Classes D and E (+6 to +15 percentage points).

    The President’s trust ratings fell by 8 to 9 percentage points in all geographical locations. Aquino’s ratings declined by 7 and 16 percentage points, respectively, among Classes D (44 percent from 51 percent) and E (64 percent from 48 percent).

    Aquino’s distrust rating was highest in Metro Manila, where it rose by 14 percentage points, to a steep 41 percent from 27 percent last December.

    Several issues that may have caused the drop in Aquino’s trust ratings include his veto of the bill granting a P2,000 hike in Social Security System pension and the reopening of the Mamasapano tragedy investigation on January 27.

    For Binay, the conclusion of the Senate probe on various allegations of graft may have affected his standing.

    Last month, the SC upheld the constitutionality of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, causing a slide in the trust ratings of Sereno. Another issue that may have caused the dent on the officials’ grades are the disqualification cases against Sen. Grace Poe, which were largely blamed on the Administration.


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    1. Who told you that Pnoy still trusted by the Filipinos??? Maybe only his relatives, classmates, and his friends in business. But for the majority of the Filipino people no way.. He is negative over all in all…

    2. Now with the small sampling of voters, you can now feel the effect on the SSS veto by president Aquino. The next polling of voters, you will see the effect on Mar Roxas and the rest of the Liberal Party candidates. Even the votes for Senator Drilon will be affected. Drilon may lose the senator position next election. You guys are traitors to all SSS pensioners. Again, I will invite all SSS pensioners and your dependents not to vote for all I said ALL liberal party candidates. They are all TRAITORS to us SENIORS.