• ‘Aquino blames his hair loss, earthquake on Arroyo’


    That’s just one example how sarcasm and biting, even cruel humor the postings of netizens in cyberspace have been in reaction President Aquino’s most recent gaffe blaming his predecessor for his falling popularity ratings. Other such examples I’m afraid would be too vulgar to see print.

    There has been a tsunami of infuriation against Aquino that has reached that watershed level of ridicule in cyberspace. Social media has become a powerful alternative media challenging the reportage of mainstream media, which the president in his first three years kept under his thumb.

    Even Aquino has realized its power. His appellation now as “Pork Barrel King,” which he vociferously protested to had never been used in the print or broadcast media, even in newspapers opinion pages. It had become viral though in the Internet as the caption for a cartoon image of him (see accompanying photo.)

    Netizens in fact have been, as it were, invading mainstream press, practically hijacking the original message of their reportage.

    For instance, the Philippine Daily Inquirer had an October 15 article “Aquino blames Arroyo again for dip in satisfaction rating” of 300 words. Netizens, however, posted over 400 comments on its feedback section (including the title of this column), totaling about 4,000 words—nearly all of which were vitriol against the president.

    The viral image in cyberspace that got Aquino’s goat.

    The viral image in cyberspace that got Aquino’s goat.

    I used to have a column at the Inquirer, during which I closely monitored feedback comments on my column to compare these in other articles, including straight news articles.

    I can say with confidence that more than 50 feedback on an article or a column indicates that it is widely being read and shared, and has touched a raw nerve, in most instances, of such anger that a reader would take the time to first register in order for his column to be posted and then write his column.

    I suspect that Malacañang’s internet team—which was so active before that its trolls crowded the Inquirer’s feedback sections especially those in my columns—have even given up, as I no longer see the fictitious names I had exposed before as being used by Palace operatives. Most of the feedback on my columns criticizing this administration have been supportive of my views, and no longer do I get those ad hominem comments.

    Aquino’s rent-a-mob NGOs such as the Akbayan Party and the Black and White Movement have become so suddenly missing both in street protests and in cyberspace. The raging pork-barrel issue has certainly unveiled their true nature as Aquino’s mercenaries.

    The famous “Mosquito Press” with minuscule circulations of 2,000 during the last years of martial law multiplied their reach through Xerox copies handed from one person to another, and to some extent, through fax machines.

    Now, the equivalent of the “Mosquito Press”—small newspapers like The Manila Times, Manila Standard, and the Daily Tribune which hadn’t fallen under the spell of the Yellow Prince as well as websites and Facebook accounts set up by fellow travelers —are tapping into a vast distribution system: Filipinos’ 30.2 million Facebook accounts, and 36 million accessing the Internet and using e-mails.

    Going by postings in email groups and in Facebook accounts there is another People Power movement going on.

    I receive in my FB account, not only so many anti-Aquino opinion pieces from columnists writing in printed newspapers but those written in websites and FB accounts. To cite a few examples of these:

    GetRealPhilippines.com, Showbiz Government, Benigomo Aquino, Expose Graft and Corruption in Government, President Noynoy Aquino Resign Alliance, Philippine Government Under Scrutiny, Wang Boo (with Aquino’s unflattering photo as its FB photo profile), Mosquito Press, Juan Kawawa, Daang Matuwid (which ridicules Aquino’s slogan), Noynoy Abnoy Aquino, Bangag na Pangulo, Kultong Dilaw, Oust Aquino.

    There are many FB accounts of individuals, whose “profile” photos” are cartoons of Aquino as a “pork-barrel pig” or his photos in unflattering poses as a mentally challenged person with his mouth agape.

    The equivalent of effigies in the current cyber-revolt are photo-shopped images distributed in cyberspace. The most popular now being photos of Aquino, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, and Senate President Drilon digitally transmogrified as pigs.

    While social media have proven to be powerful movements that energized, and even initiated the revolts of the so-called Arab Spring, its power however remains to be seen in our country.

    One criticism of our netizens’ world is that is populated by “galit sa mundo” teen-aged or barely-out-of teens Filipinos who vent their personal anger in cyberspace, with Aquino now just being part of the establishment they are raging against.

    The criticism is that many such netizens are active only in the Internet, and not in the streets or in more concrete forms of political action. One assessment of netizens is that many of them are actually abroad as migrants or contract workers, who therefore will not be able to undertake real political action in the country.

    However, the historic significance of the “Million People March” in Luneta in August 26 is that it is the first huge demonstration that emerged almost entirely in cyberspace, called and organized by netizens, rather than political personalities and organizations.

    One thing is indubitable though. Netizens represent the most informed and politically active part of our citizens, and they would eventually transmit their views to the rest of the population.

    In our cyber world, Aquino has already lost the war for Filipinos’ hearts and minds.

    What makes up the storm clouds at the horizon for Aquino is that going by the late-September polls of the Social Weather Station, the fall in his performance ratings was steepest (by 29 points for net satisfaction) among the “E” class or the poorest section of the population. In contrast. the fall in his ratings was by 20 points in the ABC class, and 10 point in the D class.

    But the poorest in our country are those with the least, if any, access to the Internet. This means the rage among netizens haven’t been yet captured by the SWS survey and the poor’s dissatisfaction with Aquino is due to the little information they have and to what they feel on the ground. What if the D class get the kind of information that has outraged the most informed of Filipinos, the netizens?

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    2. So what else is new? It’s GMA’s fault that Aquino was (dubiously) elected Pork Barrel King-oops President.The Despot of DAP, the Attila of PSF has been blaming GMA for everything and probably he will be doing so until he dies. If his administration will turn out to be a failure and it is looking that way, I can assure you, he will also be blamed GMA. The offshoot of this blame game of his is that nobody now believe him every time he blame GMA.

    3. Kung hindi si Pangulong Aquino ay hindi naibunyag ang matagal ng pagnanakaw ng mga senador at congressman sa kaban ng bayan, trillion ang nawaldas mula pa noon, sana makonsiyensiya ang mga tumututol sa mga magandang adhikain ng pangulong ito na mas malayong makabuluhan at maka tao kompara sa mga nagdaang presidente lalung-lalo na kay Estrada at Arroyo na napatunayang naglustay ng bilyong bilyong pera ng pamahalaan,.

    4. P-Noy decision to jail Gloria Arroyo is for the benefit of most Filipinos especially those who are underpreviledge. Pasalamat at walang bitay dahil ito ang nararapat na kaparusahan sa lahat ng magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan. Mabuhay President Aquino, ubusin na ninyo ang lahat ng magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan bago matapos ang inyong termino sa pagkapangulo,,,NOW NA!!!

    5. wag kang mainip..may kanya kanyang panahon yan matatapos din yan…wag ka lang manlait at manghusga…akoy walang pinapanigan kung alin ang totoo doon ako… nakakasawa na kasi ang mga bad word na lumalabas sa bibig natin e…bakit di nyo subukan naman ang lumabas sa bibig natin ay PAG IBIG …di nyo ba sinusunod ang utos ng panginoon…ibigin nyo ang inyong kaaway at pakainin…sa ganitong paraan baka magbago pa ang takbo ng gobyerno…kung ano ginagawa mo sa kapwa mo gayon din ang gagawin sa iyo…kaya nga kung ginagawa mo ngayon sa ating presidente…gayon din ang gagawin sa susunod na presidente..yun ba gusto nating mangyari…paulit ulit na lang …walang pagbabago sa ipina pakita nyong ganyan…may maaasahan pa ba tayong paggalang sa susunod na pangulo…ang nakataya dito ay ang susunod na henerasyon ng mga anak natin…kung ano ipinakita natin gayon din ang tutularan ng mga anak natin…kaya mamuhay tayo ng may PAG IBIG…at wag ang puro galit…panahon ngayon ng aqiuno matatapos din yan…at sa pagkakataong mag botohan kung ayaw mo sa pangulo e..di wag mong iboto doon mo maipapakita na ayaw mo sa kanya…hindi yung paninira ang aatupagin natin…dahil hindi lamang ikaw ang naapektohan kundi ang buong pilipinas…at kasiraan pa sa ibang bansa pag kanilang nalaman ang mga negative at ang susunod na pangulo ay gayon na rin ang tingin…dahil nakatatak na sa bansa natin ang kurapsion…dahil din sa ating paninira..

    6. Matanong ko lng po…Anu ba ang pwede nating gawin para matapos na tong mga kabalbalan at ‘corruption’ sa bansa natin? masyado ng maraming tao ang naghihirap at patuloy pang naghihirap sa kagagawan nilang mga ‘corrupt’ na opisyal ng gobyerno ng bansa natin. Ganun naba talaga ka tanga si Pnoy para di magawan ng paraan ang talamak na ‘corruption’ at pang-aapi sa gobyerno natin. Nasaan na ang hustisya para sa mga taong namatay at naghihirap dahil sila lang ang nakikinabang sa mga pinaghihirapan ng mga manggagawa natin? Ako man ay nalulungkot sa mga nangyayari sa bansa natin. Alam ko di lang naman ang Pilipinas ang may ganitong problema. Pero habang-buhay na lang ba to na mangyayari sa bansa natin? Ano ba ang pwedeng gawin ng sambayanang Pilipino para matapos na ang mga katiwalian sa Bansa natin? We must do something…

    7. Dapat objective ang Leader. But PNOY is subjective, vindictive. He continued to blame the past administration of w/c is a NEGATIVE attitude oa a LEADER. Sobrang mapanira like what he did with CJ CORONA. D cia marunong rumespeto c karapatan ng tao. Dapat cia ang isuplong n CHR for what he has DONE to the ARROYOS AND the CORONAS. So what he shud OD 1st is to EXAMINE his conscience and recall what his PARENTS had Done for us FIlipinos na ngaun ay sinira nia.

    8. Ninoy Aquino is the only president who is against massive corruption in the government. We must be thankful to him. Viva P-Noy!!! Our president for life!!!

      • FYI, Ninoy Aquino was never elected as President of the Philippines. Pnoy authored one of the corruption in the government when he bribed the senators to empeach CJ Corona and there are still more bribery happens in Pnoy government. DOJ, CHR, COA, BIR and other concerned government agencies must do appropriate actions to address these issues. The Pnoy government have been waiting for the pork barrel issue to die to its natural death. The taxpayers are crying for JUSTICE, lets do something about this.

    9. rowena villaverde reyes on

      Kwidaw sa istilo nya ng paninisi ng lahat kay Gloria, sapagkat parang tinatanggap na lamang natin bilang isang kultura ang ginagawa nyang kapalaluan…Ang ganitong bagay ay hindi na dapat tinatawanan bagkus ay sineseryoso na at gawan ng paraan na matanggal sa kinaluluklukan ang mababang moral na presidente, sapagkat nagpapatunay lamang na tayo ay ginagawa nya nang katatawanan, ito ay nangangahulugang tinatanggap natin ang kanyang mga palusot..Ito ay hindi na katanggap tanggap….Ang mamamayang Pilipino ay deserving ng matino, may mataas na moral, hindi kailangang may mataas na pinag aralan subalit nakatutupad sa pangako at tungkuling kanyang sinumpaan. Ang pagiging presidente ay isang seryosong trabaho sapagkat nakasalalay at nakaatang sa kanyang balikat ang kinabukasan ng ating inang bayan at ng sambayanan. Ang mga ginagawa ni Pnoy ay hindi na katanggap tanggap, ito ay nakasusuka na, nakapanggagalit, at nakapandidiring tanggapin na tayo ay nagtotolerate ng isang lider na mas masahol pa sa demonyo na nagkatawang tao. Hanggang kailan natin tatawanan ang pagpapalusot nya at hanggang kailan natin papayagan na tayo ay kanyang pagtawanan sa pagpapatawa nya habang patuloy syang nangungulimbat at patuloy na isisisi kay Gloria, tayong mga Pilipino ang uuwing talunan.

      • eduardo segesmundo on

        Kung walang sisisihin ano ang ating pagbabasehan kung tama o mali ang nagawa ng ating nakaraan? Sapat bang magbulag-bulagan na lamang ang taong bayan, paano na ang ating mga kabataan kung walang pinanggalingan ang kanilang natamong kaalaman sa kanilang nakaraan? Hustisya ang sigaw ng bayan! hindi ito sisihan.

    10. The Pork Barrel King, aka Boy Sisi forgot to blame Arroyo for the recent destructive flooding of Metro Mla and Laguna caused by his scrapping of dredging project negotiated under Arroyo’s term without any alternative solution.

    11. sa simula palang ng kanyang panunungkulan ay paghihiganti laban sa dating pangulong Arroyo ang unang agenda ng pamahalaan ni PNOY kaya maging ang DOJ ay nilabag ang TRO ng Supreme Court saka fast track ang pagpalabas ng warrant of arrest laban sa dating pangulo.

    12. hindi pagtitipid ang ginagawa ng adminnistrasyon ito bagkus pinag kukuriputan ang serbisyo sa pilipino para me pondo na ipambabayad sa bilyong bayad na kapalit ng hacienda luisita

    13. kaya pal di tinuloy ang dredging ng laguna bay para sabihin natipid ang pondo at para me pagpartipartihanang senado at congreso at malacsnang di bale ng magbaha ang buon pilipinas

    14. Hmm.. Ask ko lang… Binoto nyo ba si aquino noong election?..kung oo.. “ayan kasi, di marunong kumilatis… And if NO, ano ang magagawa niyong paraan para mas maging kapakipakinabang kayo sa bansa.. Kayo? Ano na bang major major niyong nagawa sa Pilipinas? Magsalita lang ng magsalita gaya ko?!! Ahahaha!!” la lang.. I’m just wasting my time.. La magawa eh… Kayo din!!? Ehehehe parepareho pala tayo.. Di ko binoto si Pnoy.. At di rin ako nagsasabi ng masasama sa kanya kasi pangulo na natin sya. I am still thinking pano ko kayo matutulungan sa pagunlad ng bayan… Hay…

    15. Sad for a man who does not realize he is doing exactly what his parents fought against-tyranny in the first degree. History created a monster in Benigno Simeon Aquino.
      Sad he is stepping on toes today that might belong to his masters tomorrow
      Sad for a man who had good intentions at the beginning but who succumbed to his subconscious anger

    16. Except for Sen. Santiago, (Sen. Lacson and Arroyo of the last congress), postings in the social media show that respect to the senators is no longer there. The ‘rotten apples’ in that institution have destroyed the reputation of that chamber. Some say that the people will soon forget (as in the past), but let us not forget that we are now in a different ‘age’, with different kind of revelations done. It’s been too long suffering for the people because of ‘treachery’ by those who are supposed to help; it’s so much money involved. It’s sad; it’s a shame.

    17. The President blames anybody (Arroyo and/or Marcos specially) for his failures to govern the country. Imagine blaming President Arroyo for his low popularity rating? He jailed President Arroyo and still in jail. Why not blame his Mother for these NGO’s that was patronized by her. Why single out Arroyo? Why not include also President Ramos and President Estrada too.

      His mother restored democracy and President BS Aquino ended it and restoring “Dictatorship” instead without declaring “Martial Law”. Look what Senate President Drilon is doing also – hide the truth by not allowing Janet Napoles to testify citing the Ombudsman’s recommendation. Since when did they Senate ask the Ombudsman’s advice in doing their duty to know the truth in aide to legislation? Only now – Senate President Drilon. I suggest Senate President Drilon, please sponsor a bill creating “The Truth Commission” now to know the truth about the PDAF and DAP.

    18. Sawa na talaga ang taong bayan sa pangungulimbat sa kaban ng bayan sa pangunguna ni Pnoy,Abad,at Drilon sa pamamagitan ng PDAP at DAP,kayang kaya nilang paikutin ang utak nila Trilanes,Cayetano,Osmena, at iba pang tumanggap ng tig-100 milyong piso mula sa DAP.Pati kaluluwa ng mga politikong ito ay nakasanla na kay Pork Barrel King Pnoy, at kung bakit gusto pa nilang itago sa taong bayan ang pagkakatanggap nila ng halagang tig – 100 milyong piso, dahilan ng panduduro ni Trilanes kay Escudero, si Escudero raw ang naglabas sa media nito, pag nasupalpalan ka ng 100 milyon piso pala ang civility ay nawawala.

    19. It is surprising why PNoy is pissed when called the Pork Barrel King. He, who we all know is so enamored with power, should be very pleased to be addressed as “King.” Anyway, it is loud and clear that he really is the Pork Barrel King and we also have two (2) Pork Barrel Prince’, in the names of Butch Abad and Frank “lolong” Drillon.

    20. LOL,LOL,LOL, not oly hair loss, earthquake, soon he is going to blame Arroyo for not finding his First Lady……

      • Benny Bagamaspad on

        He must have learned the blame game from Obama, the worst president in the US history, blaming his shortcomings, dumbness, incompetence, and dishonesty to George Bush, the president 5 years ago. Obama talks like a pimp, saying one thing but doing the opposite, a faculty of a strret criminal much like Jinggoy, Enrile, Revilla, and of course, Drilon and Aquino to mention a few. For what is worth, the people have a level of blame here; not vetting the candidate before voting. Americans, and Yes, Filipinos are guilty of this.