Aquino blows top, walks out of disaster meeting


President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Sunday blew his top and walked out of a disaster meeting when told of the massive devastation in Tacloban City.

The President blamed local officials for the high death toll in the city, saying the local government did not prepare enough for the monster typhoon.

DzMM radio reported that the President lost his temper and walked out of the briefing.

Aquino was also dismayed with the reports by National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) head Eduardo del Rosario.

Del Rosario reported that Tacloban is 95 percent devastated. The President questioned the figures and asked del Rosario to double-check.

The dzMM reported that Aquino appeared annoyed when a local businessman asked him to declare martial law in the city to stop widespread looting.

The President said he will look into the proposal considering that it is not in the Constitution.

After 10 minutes, the President returned to the briefing, dzMM said.

In an earlier media briefing, the President took a swipe at local officials in Tacloban for being unprepared for the typhoon.

”I hate to say it but it seems it was not very prepared compared to other areas,” he said.

Aquino noted that in most hard-hit areas the casualty count was low.
He said the local officials will “have to explain” the high number of deaths. “Any casualty is an issue with me,” he said.

The President visited typhoon-ravaged Tacloban and Roxas cities with Cabinet members including Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla, Public Works Secretary Rogelio Singson, Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya, and Secretary to the Cabinet Jose Rene Almendras.

Aquino earlier assured the government has enough funds to address the needs of the victims, including relief goods and restoration of communication lines in badly hit areas.

Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon urged Aquino to stop blaming local officials because everybody in Tacloban is a victim of the disaster.

“At a time when our people have barely recovered from the devastation wreaked by Super Typhoon Yolanda, it is simply in bad taste to blame the extent of the damages and casualties to the locality which suffered the most,” Ridon said in a statement.

Ridon said the national government should rethink its disaster preparedness plan.

Disaster preparedness must start with pre-disaster activities and infrastructure like typhoon drills, pre-positioned relief goods, proactive warning systems, and a nationwide emergency response system, he said.


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  1. Typical Filipino nonsense..

    The President of the county cannot get off his butt to send troops and organization, while some comments here are still patting him on the back more or less saying, “He’s our President so leave him alone”

    Anderson Cooper will probably be black-listed and not allowed back in the country. That’s how the Philippines deals with those who have anything negative to say.

    Nobody is EVER wrong in PI

  2. clearwater5000 on

    After the storm, comes the calm.As far as I can remember, no one nation, big or small, rich or poor , can take the brute force of nature. It humbled us and and strenthens your resolute as a leader, peoples faith in god. This is your desperate moment of despair but, for sure not defeat. The world is with you. Even in pitch darkness light persist for those who believe. We share your sorrow and pain. God bless. Have faith in the philipines people. KUNA, PENANG, MALAYSIA.

  3. to all against aquino u better put yourself in his shoes before speaking or giving stupid comments of things u think u know or read in the tabloids. Pinoy is not perfect but atleast he is doing something for the country . Good reputation he got from other country for being an admirable president counts for something! He has the right to blow up and blame the local officials coz that is their resposibilities thats what they are for thats for these reason why they entered positions! Everything falls on the presidents shoulders and he has to fix everything that is messed up in the philippines! Yes he may have favoritism on his administration cause those are the people whom he can trust! All others eho tries to put him down are the one who pretends to be for the people which in reality the have millions in theri bank account and the only reason why they entered politics in the first place! Not to help the filipino people but just to get whealthy from the peoples money! senators who wants to ban pdaf are stupid ! Pdaf is specialy used for this kind of disasters ! Pdaf is not the problem the lawmakers who abused the pdaf are the problem! Let me tell you our president is a good and wise man he knows how to handle his own pdaf those trilllions of millions will just be in good use now. just imagine if he didnt had that ?? Even if you say other countries gave donation it wont still be enough to cover all the damages. Kya magpasalamat tau at marunong ang atin presidente!

    • im hoping she does. @mebm.

      its a disaster meeting, how could a president walk-out in that meeting? everyone needs him you know. oh yeah, the president holds/controls all the departments. if the departments failed, he failed too.

      and may i ask, now where is the money from the pdaf? not even the people from tacloban are feeling it now.

  4. Chris in China on

    I am from the US, love the Philippines, am generally a fan of P-Noy, and know very little about Philippine politics overall.

    With that said, I am surprised and curious that the president would lose his top. Even I know firstly that Tacloban and Leyte generally would have been one of the first places to take the impact of the storm, given the geography. So they may very well have had it the worst there, and deserve sympathy for that. There are reports that the terminal buildings of the Tacloban airport are largely destroyed; I have not heard of other airports around the country being damaged to that extent (perhaps I’m uninformed). To me, that indicates just how powerful the storm was when it passed through that city. If it can destroy the airport, then how is anyone surprised that the whole city took a wallop? Why blame the local government, especially at this time? There’s time to do fact finding probes later to see if a local government was inept leading up to the storm, but at this time I think P-Noy should be showing more Statesman like leadership. How does it help to point fingers right now? I would also be curious how he could be so decisive in knowing that the local leadership deserves blame for not being prepared. Again I am a novice at Philippine politics, but it surprises me that he could make that determination so quickly.

  5. My friend, it is not easy to take such crisis especially if the President sincerely felt. Tama na yang mga walang modong comments panahon/oras na to kailangan nating supportahan ang Presidente para sa mga nasalanta/biktima.

    Ikaw ano ba ang ginawa mo para makatulong? puro kalang negatibong komentaryo, puro ka salita wala ka gawa.

    kung ako sa inyo (mga asong tahol ng tahol), tulongang nalang nating magdasal at manalangin sa Maykapal.


  6. Yes I agree, that what are needed following the strong typhoon that devastated Leyte, Samar and among others, are compassion, words of encouragement, rescue operation, as needed and immediate aid for the sufferings, to restore their lives and livelihood as soon as possible. Majority of the Filipinos are good, humble, resilient, God loving/fearing, but there is a breakdown in moral and spiritual leaderships among the elite and influential leaders of the country that people emulate. The danger is very real, manifested by corruption, robbery, killing, no respect for the law and their parents, among others. We need reconciliation, forgiveness, humility and love for each other. We must remember that our Heavenly Father sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to us, suffered and died, that we may have a chance for redemption. Think of all these happenings in the country as a wakeup call, that God wants us to reform and all these calamities are tests, to put us back on track because at the end of ours days, He wants His prodigal children back to Him in heaven. I hope and pray that following these cleansing devastation, will emerge a leader guided by the Holy Spirit to lead the country and people to be united for a better tomorrow. May God bless us all.

  7. The Philippines needs a communist government, they need to purge the rich, they need to put an end to Islamist extremism, and they need to use all that wealth for the people to rebuild a Philippines or it will continue to suffer this way.

    The elite are too rich to feel what the poor suffer, the poor are too poor and how do they fight back when they are not even sure of their next meal.

    The Church in the Philippines needs to support a Communist rebellion.

  8. It was reported that Pres. Aquino got very mad when he learned of the destruction caused by the natural calamity, super typhoon Yolanda. What was he trying to do. He is the President of the Philippines. And every body was expecting the typhoon before it hit the devasted area. What did he do then. Did he give instructions to his cabinet secretaries to get ready, prepare their respective departments to be able to act or provide rescue operations in the event of calamity. The local government does not have the resources to deal with such destructive typhoon. It should have the national government’s responsibility to engage all its resources to provide the necessary assistance to the people of Tacloban or the entire region facing the approaching devastation. What was he trying to show the Filipino people by blowing his top going into temper tantrum like a spoiled brat. Grow up Mr. Aquino!

  9. Ernesto LLaneza on

    May President Noy Aquino be more blessed and be guided by the Holy Spirit in his decisions and resolutions for the betterment of the Filipino people. No doubt that he is sincere and honest! May God JESUS CHRIST bless the Philippines and its people.

  10. Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon urged Aquino to stop blaming local officials because everybody in Tacloban is a victim of the disaster.

    “Everything rises and fall in leadership!” Local officials has to take responsibility.

  11. righteous indignation o ayaw niya lang masisi? He really cannot take criticism even if this is already force majeure. You did your job, you gave ample warning. Grow up Aquino. This is no one’s fault. Meron bang may gusting mamatayan?

    The best emotion to display is that of compassion and strength. First, be a positive force to the leaders whose towns were devastated. Encourage them and not put them down. Stand up like a man and lead your people. Show us that you are strong in the midst of this devastation. You should not be the first one to crack! Don’t look for people to blame. Do not act like you are scared. Do not look at yourself and what people will say about you. Look into others, their needs, your people’s needs, for once! Pick up the pieces and move on! Listen to suggestions with an open mind. You cannot let your emotions rule.

    Surely Gloria did not have anything to do with this. But – what happened to our Calamity funds is something within your control. And so, if it is still there in our coffers, it’s time to show the nation that you have managed it well and that you are prepared for any calamity. Remember, you said that the funds are there. Don’t get from DAP, because that is separate from the Calamity Funds which run in billions.

  12. kilabot ng mga balahibo on

    Maybe you should start blaming the former administration why the people of Tacloban are not prepared.

  13. A friend called me that PNoy left because he was in dire need of a smoke, that was all there is to it. No big deal pala, naninigarilyo lang.

    • To walk out in a meeting with the typhoon victims just to have a cigarette ? whoa…! Is that easy to understand ? Was there any Philippine president before him who ever acted that way during crises ? He’s really so immature and incapable of putting the needs of the people before himself. He has no compassion to the people. I can’t find the words to express my anger and disappointment to this incompetent president…

    • hahahahaha, is your friend, one of those that you can not reveal his/her name because he/she is not authorized to talk about it? Or, maybe, your very reliable source is Abigail Valte?

  14. Well of course those places couldn’t prepare for disasters. The money went to Napoles and her friends.

  15. The normal advice from Rep Ridon is but a usual reaction common to Pinoys. But if the figure is correct — almost 95% devastation and ten of thousands have lost lives — the President’s is a righteous indignation over apparent unpreparenedness of the local government. The advisory of Haiyan before becoming Yolanda is all over the Internet. In times like these, ordinary people can only turn to Government. While the National Government is solidarily liable, it is the Local Government should be asked entirely on why more lives have been lost in their preparation, if there was.

    • how could you better prepare for a typhoon with more than 250 kph sustained wind and 5 meter storm surge water? better use your feeble mind and have some imagination how devastating it was that no matter how prepared, you still have to contend the brute force of that typhoon.

      the best thing for noynoy to do is to organize the best post-disaster relief operation using all his DAP and other DAP-DAP that he is hoarding for his allies.

    • Hey if I were the President, I will also blow my top on this one. Ridon is probably unaware that the other provinces hit have a better handle of things because their governors/mayors or assigned people made it so. Mr Ridon is supposed to be one of the leaders of that place and he has failed his job. Its that simple.

    • Same can be said about how Aquino has reacted on what he did not like. Sure enough, the advisory and warnings may have been available days before in the internet, but are we to assume also that everyone had easy access to the internet? A few days will not suffice to fully prepare for this kind of disaster. The Philippines is a pathway to an average of 20 typhoons every year. And this Yolanda typhoon is the 24th. Human instincts or shall we say the Pinoy mindset of, “pare pareho lang iyan” could have played a better part in the minds of most pinoys as they become more and more accustomed to braving calamities. Preparing for a disaster like this, is like saying, God will let you know when He is coming back. What needs to be done is for the national govt. to create a manuscript for disaster preparedness, outlining not only prevention but after the fact SOPs and make implementation sharing with local govt. Because funding and logistics are better handled by the national govt. And implementation by local govt.
      FYI, “No one can ever out prepare or outdo the fury of nature”. Although, with better coordination of local and national govt., casualties and damages may be minimized. But first, create guidelines and support, from the national govt., before putting blame on the local govt. Just remember, the local officials were never exempted from the force of the calamity. They and their families and possessions were as much affected like any other inhabitant in their community.

    • JuanDelaCruzlll on

      Agree with REm RAmirez, the President had given the necessesary announcement in the air prior to this catasthrope, and I believed the people of Leyte specially Tacloban think it was just an ordinary storm.

  16. This is a disgusting habit of this administration particularly this president of pointing its finger at somebody to take the blame when something goes wrong.

  17. Our country must have a manual for Disaster Preparedness or even a checklists to be followed by every municipality. The National Govt. under NDRRMC must educate them thru training/workshop. They should be teach also on how to make Risk Assessment to identify the possible problem when calamity comes so that a possible solution can be made. The assessment can be used by the govt to come up projects that will help the people to combat the incoming disaster. Another suggestion is that our National Bldg. Code should be imposed strictly all over the country to ensure that all structures can withstand a gushing 300km/hr wind and intensity 8 earthquake.

    • Yes we do have these alraedy since the time Ramos and it was expanded during the time of Arroyo. If you notice the other provinces are prepared. You can also see that if the leadership is Weak as in Bohol and Tacloban then the disaster is amplified. The DOST has been going around the provinces & cities giving lectures and trainings to their respective disaster mgt teams. If their mayors & governors are pro-active they survive. If not and they are lazy, Napoles corrupt ones then you already have a disaster in your hands even without the natural one.

  18. Rodolfo V. Cabado on

    Brat and bully.

    A leader does not walk out on his people. Not even in frustration. He must have nerves of steel and the patience of a saint. He must have the cool and composure of a commanding general in the midst of a critical battle – rallying the troops, ordering them calmly but firmly to do what must be done according to strategy as may be modified by tactical necessities as they arise. He must be ready to accept casualties, attend to the injured and comfort those who have lost livelihoods or loved ones. A leader must be a pillar of strength, a light in the darkness, warmth in the cold, a burning flame of inspiration and encouragement to those who look up to him. He must be generous with praise for those who have done well, tireless in urging the reluctant to do more, yet careful and economical with his words for those he may need to reprimand to the end that their failures may be rectified without breaking their spirit.

    He was “dismayed”? For almost a week the whole world knew what was coming and how devastating it will be when it came! Where was he? Living in a different reality?

    Above all, a leader must lead, Mr. President – not sulk like a crybaby, nor display defeat, nor rage in tantrums against lesser mortals like some divine bully.

    Perhaps some people may have behaved badly in your presence, Mr. President. But knowing what they have been through, they have every right to feel frustrated. Not you.