Aquino can stop the P8-B electricity rip-off


(By Rigoberto Tiglao, Analysis & Commentaries, December 23, 2013)
If Marcos was still President he would have threatened to sequester these monopolies unless they tow the line. Meralco was bought by the Marcos regime and the housewife president gave it back to the Lopeze’s for nothing… Now the son is propping it up. Poor Filipino people, like Rizal said the indolence of the Filipinos is now prevailing. Basket case Philippines, Notice how the rich are getting richer, and all are your Presidents cohorts. I LOVE THE PHILIPPINES AND IT’S PEOPLE BUT I HATE THIS GOVERNMENT!
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And don’t we ever forget the power plants are undergoing preventive maintenance daw(?) as it is shutdown therefore not operating but the consumers will still be paying for the undelivered electricity! (and get taxed as well, VAT for it) this is stipulated in the oppressive “eh, pera” i mean EPIRA! the creation of FVR’s gorillas!
JHM Parco,

Para may pakinabang naman kay cabalen robert eh ulit ulitin mo ang mga panlalanang ng Meralco sa taong bayan hangang Valentines 2014 at baka sakaling maibalik ang hold up na singil ng Meralco. Kaya lang I remember Meralco’s prices also increases yearly during Gloria’s time and that was 9 long years of Meralco price increases.
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  1. Selective bashing ika nga. Remember that Meralco rates jumped over 10% when FVR was president, then again with Erap’s drunken presidency, and 17% over with Macapal-Arroyo’s graft ridden leadership. At least now there are tangible accomplishments that Pnoy has done for the country, and most corrupt government officials and judiciary hoodlums are prosecuted. Even national “heroes” like Pacquiao ( I’m a big fan by the way heheh ) does not escape the wrath of justice by slapping him with tax cases. Saan ba yan sa panahon ni Glorya? Ang alam ko, pati fertilizer funds para daw sa mga magsasaka ay kinawat niya….that was worth PHP 700 million, and malampaya funds over PHP 100 Billion. Pnoy is over half his term, do you hear news that he pocketed even PHP 100 pesos? thats a big WALA!!!