Aquino can’t wait to leave office – Palace


PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd has no plans of extending his term even by a day thus a “No-El” or no elections scenario would be farfetched, Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda on Monday.

In fact, Lacierda said Aquino is counting the days until he steps down.

“It’s 206 days left. So we would like to hand over the government to the next administration, whoever the people choose to succeed President Aquino,” he told reporters.

“We are counting the number of days left. How many days do we have? We have 206 days left and we cannot wait to leave–for the President to take his long-delayed break,” Lacierda said.

The Palace official said the remarks of Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Andres Bautista about the possible postponement of the elections should not be the subject of speculation or apprehension.

Bautista warned of a possible postponement of the May 2016 polls if the Supreme Court (SC) will not lift the temporary restraining order (TRO) on the “No Bio, No Boto” policy of the poll body.

The Comelec chair said they will send their answer to the SC this week hopefully for the tribunal to immediately decide on it.

Lacierda said he believes that the parties involved in the case, including the SC itself, would like the elections to continue.

“We will defer to the Supreme Court… Our only position is we would like the elections to push through as mandated by the Constitution. So, all the parties whether the Comelec, whether the Supreme Court, all of them, certainly, will have that interest in mind, that elections must push through and as mandated under the 1987 Constitution,” he explained.

Lacierda emphasized that despite some glitches, the Palace is confident that the elections will push through.

“This is something that people are looking forward to in May of 2016. So we would certainly like the elections to push through,” he pointed out.


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  1. Yup the Filipinos are also counting the days. we are so excited that abnoy will answer all the cases to be filed to him…… much excited wowwwww

    • Would be nice but if we are counting on Aquino appointee’s to the enforcement agencies to go after him for the pork barrel, Dap fund, SAF 44, Typhoon Yolanda fund then we are probably going to be disappointed when none of the agencies lift a finger against him.

      When all the enforcement agencies are corrupt and the heads are friends and family then what will be the result ?

  2. President BS Aquino 3rd cannot wait to spend all the Billions of pesos he stole during his presidency. That’s why he cannot wait to go on a long holiday to the US of A where his masters reside !!! He plans to escape jail by escaping and beating all the charges against him for corruption. This abnormal president still has some lucid intervals left in him to plan an escape. He will probably fly away to the USA before his presidency
    ends !!!

  3. Looking forward to the Aquino trial where he can finally answer for the SAF 44 deaths ,the pork barrel gifts and the DAP fund.

    Should be good for a laugh.

  4. BSAquino must step down from Presidency , not even for a second late.
    Law abiding Filipino citizens patience is running out on him .

    He has done so much damage to this country . Zero votes to his anointed Roxas should be the First step to move this country forward!