• Aquino condoned usurpation – priest



    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd could be held liable for abetting, condoning and allowing the usurpation of public office because he allowed a suspended police chief to take control of a mission to capture two terrorists in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, on January 25, Father Ranhilio Aquino, dean of San Beda College of Law Graduate School, said on Monday.

    Former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima had been under suspension by the Sandiganbayan at the time of the police operation in Mamasapano.

    “Not only is he abetting, condoning and allowing the usurpation of public office. One can even say that the usurpation could not have taken place had it not been for the President because how can a suspended PNP chief give orders unless he does so by authority of his superior who is the President himself?” Aquino said in an interview aired over dzMM.

    The priest was reacting to a video that went viral on various social media sites showing suspended Special Action Force commander Getulio Napeñas briefing top defense and police officials on January 26, 2015, a day after 44 SAF troops were killed by rebels from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) in Mamasapano.

    “My first reaction [after watching the video]was my goodness this opens a whole can of worms at dapat ito’y pinakinggan sa Senado [and the Senate should have listened to it]and before the other investigating bodies because it says a lot,” he said.

    Aquino said the leaked video also showed Napeñas’ attempt to shield high-ranking officials, citing leading questions asked by Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd during a briefing held at the headquarters of the Army’s 6th Infantry Division.

    “Very important he [Napeñas] said we briefed the President. He went on to say ‘My advice to the President was that we let the AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines] know at time on target.’ In other words, it is very clear that the President was briefed, that he knew what was happening and that he agreed that the AFP would be informed at the time Napeñas said they would be informed so I don’t think in the light of what Napeñas now said the President cannot claim na hindi nya alam kung ano ang nangyayari [that he did not know what was happening],” the priest added.

    He urged the several panels investigating the massacre of the 44 SAF commandos to consider watching the video and include it in their probe.

    “In fact, the Senate and the [House] should pay attention to it because this is a smoking gun at kung hindi nila i-consider ito [and if they do not consider this], then it would be very clear that there is willful omission of necessary evidence,” Aquino pointed out.

    The priest said Napeñas admitted in the same video that he was taking orders from Purisima.

    “Kung ikaw ba naman ay subordinate officer at alam mo kung kanino nanggagaling ang [If you are a subordinate officer and you know where the command is coming from] command why do you take an order from a suspended official? There is only one answer for that. Kaya ka tumatanggap ng mga utos ng isang suspendidong opisyal kasi alam mo ang nasa likod niya ang ultimate commander [You accept orders from a suspended official because you know that behind him is the ultimate commander, the President],” Aquino added.

    The priest maintained that the President was telling half-truths when he addressed the nation for the second time last month. He cited in particular Mr. Aquino’s question: “Bakit itinuloy ang misyon gayong napakalihis na nito sa orihinal na plano, at napakalaking peligro na ang kinakaharap ng ating mga tropa [Why was the mission carried out despite its deviation from the original plan, and our troops faced great danger]?”he said

    “That is a half-truth because kung pakinggan mo yun [because if you listen to it, it is as if he does not know what is happening. But this video makes it very clear na alam niya [that he knows],” he said.

    Aquino added that the President should apologize to the nation “out of decency” and own up to his responsibility.

    He also appealed to the Senate and other investigating bodies to come up with a credible and transparent public report on the Mamasapano tragedy.

    Almost done
    The Board of Inquiry (BOI) formed by the PNP to probe the Mamasapano incident is wrapping up its work, according to PNP spokesman and Chief Supt. Genereso Cerbo Jr.

    Cerbo said members of the panel led by Director Benjamin Magalon had just returned from Maguindanao where they gathered statements of personalities who were involved or had any knowledge about the incident.

    The BOI, Cerbo said, is completing its report. He added that Purisima had submitted his sworn statement while Roxas has expressed his willingness to cooperate in the investigation.

    The Department of Justice (DOJ) said also on Monday that it has gathered the statements and affidavits of several witnesses.

    Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, however, refused to disclose the identities of the witnesses.



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    1. Rocky Coronel on

      Fr. Aquino has solid reputation with regard to law and jurisprudence. His views are well founded and he could be right for this particular opinion. Much has been said about the supposed mistake PNoy has committed. This is aggravated by his stubborn stance and I also have lost admiration for him. However, to call for his resignation would result for a gibber problem, Binay and this kind of opinion from a very refutable person would only help to detonate the already brewing public anger which may not be good for the nation. Like Gloria Arroyo, we hold him accountable when his term is over.

      • That is your opinion and you will also be held accountable once he was removed from power and his seat was taken over by corrupt power grabber who is thirsty for the position…

        Mabuhay ang mga Priest sana sila na lang sa gobyerno at ang mga pulitiko ang sa simabahan…

      • One very good reason na mas madami na ang ayaw mag attend ng mass sa church kasi mas masarap pa ang manuod ng tv kaysa makinig ng mga sinasabi ng mga pari sa simbahan.

    2. Marami nang mga filipino ang nasisiraan nang utak. Kong kailan pa nagkaroon ng
      mabuti, marangal honestong presidente gustong paalisin.
      Tumigil nga kayo mga INUTIL walang silbi sa bansa.

    3. Alan Perasima on

      It was an outrageous usurpation of executive authority and a mockery of the values on which this nation was founded. Aquino and PERAsima este Purisima shall be liable for the Mamasapano massacre and they shall be prosecuted. When that happens, I still say, I’m proud to be a Filipino not Pnoy.

    4. Ranhilio Aquino on

      WHEN ONE SAYS I’m Sorry

      I do not think I was understood well when I was quoted by the ABSCBN evening news as well as on The World Tonight. Earlier, Ted Failon asked me why I thought the President refused to apologize, and I answered that it was partly because of the sad experience under the GMA presidency. When she went on national TV to say “I’m sorry” for having made an improvident and ill-advised call to then COMELEC Com. Garcillano, instead of healing wounds, her apology became the object of spite, ridicule and epithets. My point is that if, as a nation we want our national officials to own up to their responsibilities, then we must be willing to accept apologies with a willingness to forgive and a capacity to overcome our own disappointment and frustration.

      Next, the sad news about displaced families and wounded persons because of hostilities between the BFF and our armed forces only brings into clearer focus the crucial problem with BBL, and the antecedent Comprehensive Framework Agreement. This was a settlement with MILF, and apparently, other sectors of Muslim Mindanao, as well as the indigenous peoples have other ideas. So, shall we establish entities sui generis to accommodate each griping sector? And if we are not willing to do this — as it is patently absurd — then why the accommodation extended to MILF?

    5. Mr E. De Leon, I share the same observations regarding Mr. Saguisag. I still don’t understand why he is still writing for Manila Times. His principles do not jibe with the principles of this newspaper. I consider reading Saguisag’s column a great waste of time.

      • Another example of “you can put the good men down by offering him huge amount” as simple as that after all it’s all that matters…

    6. All acts committed by PNoy related to the death of SAF44 and all others such as the PDAF & DAP scams, all boils down to one…Betrayal of Public Trust.

    7. Antonio kho, at Ruben Garzon.
      You’re out of topic.
      Father R. Aquino is not involved in any way of child molestation.
      You sound like another yellow blinded subordinate of the this lunatic illegal president.

    8. PNoy is not just guilty of usurpation with reference to Purissima. List is long on usurpation of powr such as DAP, PDAF and the shrugging off corruption allegation on his cabinet member, especially ADAB, Alcala, etc…

    9. What is so abnormal here is that Purisima was talking with AFP Generals and they never questioned how could he be involved when he was suspended. It seems like they all dealt with him as though there was no suspension.

    10. Eddie de Leon on

      Magaling talaga si Dean Ranhillo Aquino ng San Beda. Sayang umalis siya pagak columista nga Manila Times. Ibang-iba siya samisang taong hinahangan ko rin, si former senator Rene Saguisag. Masyadong loyal na loyal si Mr. Saguisag sa nanay ni Abnoy kaya maski dapat niyang batikusin sa column niya ang mga kasamaang ginagawa ni Abnoy, tinutukugan pa niyang manatili sa pwesto si Abnoy.
      Pati Smartmatic at PCOS machine ay pinupuri na ni Mr. Saguisag. Huwag po naman ninyo tulungang mawala na ang halaga ng pagboto na bawa’t tao, Mr. Saguisag/ ..

      • iyan ang tao kapag di pabor saiyo ang nababasa mo hindi na magaling ang manunulat pero kapag puro pabor sa kakampi magaling na tunay ang sasabihin mo sa manunulat. my piece of advise basahin mo na lang lahat ng mga sinulat at isusulat pa ni kit tatad at tiglao para happy ka…

    11. Napenas was forced to head the Mamasapano operation because it was ordered to him by the President through his BFF Purisima. It is a secret mission because they excluded the top brass of the DILG and the AFP in the planning and execution. It was in the mind of the President to only get Marwan and Usman to help his US friends and at the same time careful not to make war with his MILF friends also, that explains why there was no rescue ordered to the WESMINCOM. The result? Marwan was killed and Usman hurt but escaped and the SAF troopers massacred because the President kept his promise not to hurt his MILF friends so he could get his Peace Pact legacy and be nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize award.

    12. Would it also be fair for Priests to apologize for condoning the sexual abuses of fellow priests on minors out of decency? Just asking.

      • Yan ang taman tanong sa mga priests na mahilig maki-alam sa gawain ng gobyerno. They should just talk about Church issues, period !!!

    13. Ruben Garzon on

      Alam po ninyo, hindi mas meron sanang kahulugan ang boses ng mga pare kung hindi sira ang reputation nila, tulad ng mga molestation charges. Sabi nga ni Jesus sino man sa inyo ang walang kasalanan, siyang unang bumato.