• ‘Aquino controls P1.5-trillion pork’


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd controls more than 98 percent of the country’s total pork barrel allocation, or a whopping P1.5 trillion.

    According to Tanggulang Demokrasya (TanDem), the Office of the President uses the huge amount to advance questionable objectives, among which was the impeachment of former chief justice Renato Corona. It said Aquino bribed the congressmen to file the articles of impeachment and the senators to convict the chief justice and remove him from office.

    TanDem said the impeachment violated the rules of evidence “and soaking with detestable impunity.”

    Encouraged by his success, President Aquino went on to railroad the passage of the Reproductive Health Law by “by flooding the legislators with pork”, and he did all this over the objection of the Catholic Church to which the majority of the Filipinos belong.

    Also, according to TanDem, the 2013 senatorial elections were accompanied by “deliberate and systematic cheating”, made possible by “a massive flow of money.”

    TanDem identifies itself as a network of individuals and groups fighting election frauds.

    President Aquino gave the Comelec an intelligence fund amounting to P30 million, knowing fully well that “it was morally and ethically wrong.” By conspiring with the poll body, it also said, the President ensured the victory of the majority of administration candidates.

    Election Fraud
    According to TanDem, a civil society technical team found a discernable pattern in favor of administration candidates in the recently concluded elections: 60-30-10 or 60 percent of the votes to Team PNoy, 30 percent to United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), and 10 percent to independent candidates.

    The pattern can only lead to the conclusion that the elections were predetermined.

    The group also cited columnist Jairus Bondoc’s COC expose that more than 94 million cast votes in the 2013 elections, something that is impossible since that was 42 million more than the country’s voting population.

    Also part of Bondoc’s expose was the disparity of Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares’ votes between the May 18 and June 7 reports.

    During the May 18 report, when 42 percent of the total COCs were canvassed, the top notch senator garnered 20, 147, 423 votes. On June 7, when the other 58 percent of the COCs were canvassed, she garnered additional 20, 337, 337 votes or a disparity of 189, 904 votes between 42% on May and 58% on June.

    However, if the votes were to be summed up, Sen. Poe-Llamanzares should have a total of more than 40 million votes but the final votes tallied for the Senator was only d 32,600,000.

    PCOS and late ballots
    Until now, 18,000 PCOS machines have not yet transmitted election returns, according to TanDem. It also said two months after the elections, there were reports that excess 2013 ballots were caught printed in a Quezon City printing press. They believe that these ballots were printed to support the automated election results.

    Right after the closing of precincts, the ‘Transparency’ server already registered 12 million votes for Grace Poe despite only 1,410 PCOS machines have just transmitted. Out of the supposed 40 million votes garnered by Grace Poe, 12 million or 30 percent have already been registered from 1,410 PCOS machines or 2% out of 78,000 PCOS machines nationwide.

    “That’s 30 percent output for less than 2 percent input,” it pointed out


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    1. A president is the president, the leader just like any ordinary association, club, organization, etc. He is responsible for the purse, but it needs to be audited thoroughly, and there is nothing wrong done. What will be wrong is when accountability and responsibility will not be done by the legislative arm, the check and balance mechanism of this system of government, hence, PDAF surfaces, when the check and balance guardian connives with the president on what are to be accounted. this is where the betrayal of the system and the people occurs. The constitution explicitly cited that congress is the check and balance of the executive and the judiciary, for how will this be realized when those in congress can ask concession from the other two branches of the government.

    2. If TANDEM believes and has the evidences to support their claim, about the President’s wrong doing, may be they should bring him to court, so the people will know, otherwise they may be liable for libel.

    3. All these scandals and scams will not end if the President, in fact all Presidents of this country will continue to hold the basket of Pork. Pork of any kind is evil and is destructive to ordinary folks. Pork is the main reason why our political system is in shambles, why electing good, qualified and competent legislatures is as difficult as catching a shooting star, why corruption is a way of leaving for workers in government, why we have the largest political dynasties, why political and personal enemies are being jailed and/or brought to court, why controversial laws are being passed and more so, the reason why the Philippines cannot improve its international standing as a third world country. Pork triggers all what is bad happening in this country. Pork of any kind must be abolished and let the ordinary citizens rule.