• ‘Aquino controls P1.5-trillion pork’


    A president is the president, the leader just like any ordinary association, club, organization, etc. He is responsible for the purse, but it needs to be audited thoroughly, and there is nothing wrong done. What will be wrong is when accountability and responsibility will not be done by the legislative arm, the check and balance mechanism of this system of government, hence, PDAF surfaces, when the check and balance guardian connives with the president on what are to be accounted. This is where the betrayal of the system and the people occurs. The constitution explicitly cited that congress is the check and balance of the executive and the judiciary, for how will this be realized when those in congress can ask concession from the other two branches of the government.
    Raul Loreto, rauloreto@yahoo.com


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    1. Pres PNoy may not be directly responsible, to some extent, in the careless and wasteful release of funds to bogus and/or inexistent foundations, but for sure he must be held accountable for his negligence or laxity in not ordering his men to scrutinize the legal status and/or credibility of the companies (alleged foundations, civic/non-profit orgs, etc.) to which the funds that belong to the people have been released to… He can be faulted also for closing his eyes to some degree because some of the big names surfacing are his friends or party-mates…Mr. President, you can not just be partial to your friends and waste the people’s money; your credibility too is at stake and can get corrupted in the long run if not handled well..