• Aquino damaged, prostituted our democratic institutions


    STRIP Benigno S. Aquino 3rd of his daang-matuwid rhetoric, and he emerges as the worst president, along with the dictator Marcos. Both captured or tried to capture our democratic institutions. Both had rhetorical skills and catchy slogans: “This nation will be great again” for Marcos; “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” for Aquino.

    Marcos abolished or lorded over our democratic institutions when he imposed his one-man rule in 1972, when the Philippines was touted as the exemplar of democracy in Southeast Asia.

    Aquino attacked or prostituted our democratic institutions, which his mother Cory Aquino restored after Marcos fell in 1986 when the Philippines was touted as the exemplar for the restoration of democracy in the world.

    Unfortunately, as the histories of most countries in the world have shown, it is the strength of these democratic institutions that are crucial for a nation’s long-term growth and prosperity.

    In our own case, the dictatorship at first resulted in a phenomenal economic growth, a sustained 6 percent growth every year from 1972 to 1979.

    Without the type of checks and balances of a democracy though, Marcos’ economic-policy errors were not corrected, cronyism worsened, and by 1981, he was on a survival mode that he lost control of the economy, which then became too weak to survive the 1982-83 debt crisis and the political turmoil in the wake of the senior Aquino’s assassination in 1981.

    Marcos and Aquino: Both hijacked our democratic institutions.

    Marcos and Aquino: Both hijacked our democratic institutions.

    The collapse of the economy in 1985 and 1986, which contracted 7 percent for each of those years, meant a return to the economy’s size in 1979.

    Partly because of his remarkable myth-driven popular support and the public sympathy for the death of his mother when he assumed power in 2010, and partly because of his gargantuan slush fund amassed through the grossly misnamed Disbursement Acceleration Program, President Aquino didn’t need martial law.

    He damaged the Supreme Court, and has controlled the other key institutions of a democratic republican system: the Congress, the Commission on Audit, the Ombudsman, and media.

    He has also prostituted a crucial executive agency that was traditionally a bastion of justice administration, supposedly above the fray of politics, the Department of Justice. He has made the DOJ as his own political assassin and legal persecutor. Even the Bureau of Internal Revenue has been transformed by Aquino into one of his hit men.

    We are lucky, though, that Aquino has only two years left to continue damaging our institutions, and the Supreme Court has survived his attacks, that it has fought back as the last bastion of democracy in our country. I will discuss the first set of institutions Aquino damaged or wrecked, while the rest would be for my column on Friday.

    (1) The Supreme Court
    Aquino browbeat and assaulted the Supreme Court when he undertook a conspiracy to remove the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice. In a last-resort move to have the Tribunal order P10 billion paid to his clan’s Hacienda Luisita instead of just P460 million as it had decided on, Chief Justice Corona was removed.

    Corona was impeached not for any case of graft or incompetence, but by failing to declare his dollar accounts in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN), of which the legally prescribed remedy is simply to file another SALN.

    As a result, the High Court had become a damaged institution. In his wish to control it, Aquino threw into the dustbin long-cherished notions that the highest court of the land should be manned not only by the best legal minds in the country, but by the most experienced.

    Aquino’s college classmate, whose career as an academic had been mediocre, was appointed to replace Corona. After that, he appointed to the court the weird college dean, Marivic Leonen, who should be disbarred from the practice of law for formulating an agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) that is patently unconstitutional.

    What was Leonen’s qualification? The fact that he did Aquino’s bidding to come up with that agreement with the MILF wherein they could have their own state and claim “peace” so that Aquino could be nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

    Even Marcos, with his dictatorial powers, didn’t have the gall to appoint legal lightweights to the court, as Aquino did on the basis entirely of his thinking that they would do his bidding.

    While the image of Enrique Fernando, chief justice from 1979-1985, holding an umbrella for Imelda Marcos, has been iconic purportedly symbolizing the Marcos dictatorship’s hold on the court, the strongman appointed respected and independent chief and associate justices to the high tribunal, legal luminaries the likes of Querube Makalintal, Felix Macasiar and Claudio Teehankee. No one among the justices Marcos appointed to the Supreme Court then was in the junior league of now Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno and Associate Justice Leonen.

    We are fortunate, though, that the Supreme Court has weathered its decapitation, and appears even to have grown stronger, perhaps because of its realization that it has become the last barrier to a de facto Aquino dictatorship.

    It has ruled as unconstitutional Aquino’s Disbursement Acceleration Plan, his grand scheme that hijacked the budget to use it at his whim. The bully has been in tantrums, claiming the Court has gone “personal” against him. The worst isn’t over for him. The Court will most likely rule unconstitutional his pact with the MILF, as well as his military pact with the US.

    (2) Congress
    It is no longer rumor but established fact that Aquino bribed the House of Representatives to file the impeachment complaint against Corona, with the Senate equally bribed to find him guilty. This was through P13 billion in funds he hijacked from the budget and cloaked as his “Disbursement Acceleration Fund.” The Senators who voted to convict Corona are, in fact, now in the annals of our legal history, as the Court decision on the DAP listed them together with amounts each received from that fund, shortly after their “decision.”

    Have you heard of any commentator or member of Congress now praising that saga as a victory to cleanse the Court of corruption?

    The Court’s decision on July 1 on the DAP was that Aquino, in effect, disregarded Congress by commandeering funds, whose allocation had been determined by the body through the Appropriation laws it passes each year.

    Here is one branch of government, the Judiciary, defending the second branch, the Legislature, from being lorded over, politically raped by the third, the Executive branch.

    Yet, Congress is even applauding Aquino’s DAP. Worse, one of Aquino’s lackeys in the House of Representatives, Rep. Niel Tupas, who was the chief prosecutor in Corona’s impeachment, is childishly bullying the Supreme Court to reverse its decision by calling for an investigation of its own funds.

    Aquino, in effect, screwed them by throwing to the dustbin the budget laws, which Congress is the prime author of. Yet, Senate President Franklin Drilon and House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte were applauding Aquino’s state-of-the-nation speech yesterday. They should have asked Congress to protest its political rape by refusing to have Aquino speak before them.

    Belmonte didn’t even bother to undertake the kind of moro-moro hearing on the DAP in the Senate. Belmonte’s minions investigate the alleged sex tapes illegally released by a doctor, yet didn’t lift a finger to investigate how DAP politically raped the Congress.

    Never since the restoration of democracy do we have the likes of Drilon and Belmonte that are so servile to the President. Think of Drilon and how he “lawyered” for Abad in the hearing on the DAP last week: He shames the office that luminaries like Jovito Salonga (who defied Cory’s wish to retain the US military bases), Neptali Gonzales, Marcelo Fernan, and Blas Ople, had held. Belmonte is without doubt the most spineless Speaker the House has ever had.

    (3) The Commission on Audit
    No president, not even Marcos before, ever recruited the COA to participate in its conspiracies, as they understood that it was vital to the nation that his institution remains above politics. The framers of the Constitution in their wisdom made the COA an independent body with the sole authority to audit every single centavo of taxpayers’ money.

    Yet, Aquino appointed Grace Pulido-Tan COA as chair, whose career as finance undersecretary had been unremarkable, with her main qualification being as a rabid Aquino supporter. Aquino appointed as member of the three-man commission Heidi Mendoza, who had retired 10 years ago from the COA and had been going around in NGO circles as a self-proclaimed anti-graft crusader.

    More importantly for Aquino perhaps, Mendoza had for years been probing the alleged corruption of vice-president Jejomar Binay, now the shoo-in for the presidency after Aquino. Mendoza’s dossier on Binay, my sources claimed, will be Aquino and his candidate Mar Roxas’ propaganda artillery in 2016.

    Mendoza early on proved her value to Aquino’s schemes, when she deliberately misinterpreted Corona’s dollar bank accounts and gave this to Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales. She then with a dramatic flair waved the bank documents in the air, claiming it shows the Chief Justice had $10 million in his dollar bank accounts. (He didn’t, as Mendoza counted flows, not stock, so that Corona’s $1 million became $10 million.)

    COA’s report on the use of pork-barrel funds covered only mostly those of opposition senators and congressmen. The excuse it gave was that Budget Secretary Abad refused to release all documents it requested. But was this really the case, or did the COA actually connive with Abad to use the special audit process to file charges against opposition senators, especially Enrile, Estrada, and Revilla? To this day, how senators and congressmen disbursed their PDAF has been kept secret.

    Despite demands by the opposition, why has COA chairman Grace Pulido-Tan not issued an order auditing the pork barrel funds of all legislators during Aquino’s administration, and the much bigger P167 billion DAP funds?

    Why did it, instead, put as a priority for special audit the P900 million Malampaya funds, which seem to provide more proof against the jailed opposition senators?

    This is the real state of the nation four years with Aquino in control. Our most important democratic institutions have been damaged or prostituted.

    Continued on Friday.

    FB: Rigoberto Tiglao


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    1. jake ferolin on

      conspiracy fueled opinion, completely screwed otherwise. if you really want to get pnoy impeached. go thought the proper channels. im pretty sure if it sticks any educated Filipino will back whatever the out come is. due process actually works nowadays if persistence and patience is added. but to make this comparison its just BS. your just part of the demolition crew.

    2. Ricky Estrada on

      What a far fetched comparison! Marcos was a dictator for 20+ years. You obviously belong to the wrecking ball crew.

    3. Since the beginning of Republic of the Phil. there’s always problem due too much politics that the leadership always favor the partymates & supporters. The phil. economy grew as the populations grow, the living conditions always differ. Pres. Magsaysay started it good but killed in plane crash. Pres. Garcia made austerity measures for the country but still has enemies even he did’nt develop Bohol to avoid issue. Pres. D. Macapagal followed with good intentions to employ people for the countrys development using manual work with his EEA. Then Pres. Marcos with technocrats to develop the country, rural electrifications, dams,hydro-electric, roads & bridges, hospitals and so many others with loans from outside if there are slippage on money, the opposing party knows. I think there’s no comparison Pres. Marcos & Noynoy Aquino as Marcos is brilliant while Noynoy has only kickers on his side. In the Phil. corruptions is deeply rooted in the system and it is becoming worst everybody wants change but how when most people wants change favorable to them, the change should be for the good of the country & the people. Walang mahirap pagwalang corrupt but corruptions exist now with gov’t office even janitors, clerks, computers, collectors & almost all in offices as everyone needs money. We Filipinos should change from the top to the bottom. The gap between the have & the havenots are very wide so criminality rises because for some it is in nothing that the impossible becomes possible. It is true that everything is temporary so it is said “While we breath we hope”.

    4. I think our country will not progress if we keep bringing down the entire country with our complaining. Have we ever been happy with our past presidents? I’m not pro PNOY but I think this should stop and we should start supporting our leaders. The lives of our poor countrymen are at stake if we don’t get our acts together. We need teamwork to win. I’m not saying we should not criticize because it is healthy but I think we should balance it so as not destroy what we have already gained. Filipinos let’s do our share and eventually the leader we need will rise among our countrymen. While we are waiting for that leader, just make sure we vote properly, follow the law (traffic, dispose our garbage properly, etc.), teach our children proper values and start loving our country.

    5. This piece reminds me of one those YouTube videos where a building is dynamited to a pile of rubble within a few seconds. That’s how long it takes for readers to see the pair of well-chosen photographs, a dictator and the current president, same clothes, same hand gestures. The message: “They’re the same.”

      (Nice photo-bite, never mind the words.)

      Another similarity to building demolition is the collateral damage. It is so misleading to compare newly-appointed SC justices to long-ago, Marcos-era “luminaries.” He names 3, were the rest not so luminarious? But mainly, WHO is Tiglao to say how Sereno, Leonen, Reyes and Perlas-Bernabe will turn out?

      More collateral damage: the leaders of both houses of Congress and two of three COA commissioners. At least the Comelec, CHR and CSC didn’t get hit!

      The message, “The president is evil, therefore his appointees must all be evil, too.” Really?

    6. The President’s supporters always keeps saying “kayo nalang maging presidente”, “what have you done for your country”, asking the author or fellow citizens kung may nagawa ba sila, sa totoo lang, mga nagsasabi niyan, kayo ang di nakakatulong sa pag unlad ng bansa, di ba sa mga establishments, may customer service, same as in goverment, how can we correct the mistakes if there are people who don’t want everyone to express their views and opinions, they say keep supporting the president, yes a president who is stubborn enough and thinks he’s above the law and continues to divide the nation with his yellow beliefs, on filipinos not satisfied on whoever sits in malacanang, people will continue to complain and unless mabago ang sistema, which is already a cancer, politicians gagamitin ang mga mahihirap to gain votes every election day, di matitigil yan for suceeding presidents and so forth, we should live by the words the government should be afraid of their people and not the other way around, regarding on Philippine history, yellowtards or noytards as they referred to, often counter-argued that read, read, magbasa ng history, well, open-minded people does read, analyzed, had a transparent-thinking while the supporters of the yellow president reads, ignored what they see, can’t handle the truth and will moved heaven and earth to defend their beloved president even if it means their countrymen will suffer from the government’s wrongdoings, there lies the difference.

      • I remember Marcos saying in a speech at the Manila Hotel: ” ALL LOOKS YELLOW TO THE JAUNDICED EYE!” All we could do is complain. What we see is what we get from the harbingers of the government. The end of all these perhaps lies mainly on the hands of the people we elected to man our nation. Not any one of us can do it. We have voted for them to work for us, for our convenience. But look, what we gained from them are but rhetoric. WE Filipinos indeed are fond of battle cries which turn out to be hollow for out of those sweet nothings came the rape of our dear populace? Had we not blinded by the color of our eyes, we may perhaps be in a better position. Had we, tried further a parliamentary system and earnestly practiced it as had been taught in schools during the Marcos era, we may probably as stable as other countries now. The Presidential system may not be the best fitted for our country. With majority under duress of poverty, corruption cannot be eliminated. Politics is all about people, mobilizing them and controlling them to submission. And money is all that is loud and clear. With lesser partisan exercises in a parliamentary system and a more convenient mode to unseat leaders, our nation will establish its own confidence and stability in due time. Why don’t we consider it as an option now that our institutions are in doldrums.???

    7. Huwag kayong masyadong magpaka “intelektwal” Si Bobi Tiglao ay mas ginawang aktibong pagkilos para sa tunay na ” Tuwid na Daan”

      Gutierrez resigned.
      Corona impeached.
      GMA in jail.
      Ampatuan on trial.
      Reyes brothers on the run.
      Enrile, Jinggoy, Revilla in jail.
      and more to follow … to Muntinlupa.

      Bangsamoro has hope for settlement.
      Memorial protest against China’s 9-dash line submitted.
      Whereas GMA’s JMSU accommodated the Chinese to encroach RP’s EEZ.
      EDCA is in NOW place to forestall further Chinese reef-grabbing.
      NPA and Misuari’s MNLF are losing clout.
      Racket of corrupt judges exposed.
      Customs smuggling on the wane.

      And how is it that:
      The Philippines is now above investment grade?
      The collections from BIR and Customs are breaking records?
      The RH bill was passed despite obstructions from the Church for the past 14 years.
      The SIN tax was passed despite an effective lobby that lasted 15 years.
      Record infrastructures and long-term solution to the perennial flood problem.
      The AFP, PNP and Coast Guard are on the way to respectable modernization – to better address the external and internal threats.
      The DEC has caught up with the perennial backlogs in school buildings, books and teachers.

      WHEN PNOY took on more and more CHALLENGING OBSTACLES… those who benefited from previous corrupt practices FOUND COMMON GROUND with the rearguards of the PREVIOUS REGIMES and the ENEMIES OF THE STATE.
      … That explains all the noise around the pork barrel and DAP …. as if PNoy or anyone of his cabinet or family made money.
      … Let’s wait how the Supreme Court respond to the Memo for Reconsideration.
      … BTW expect that the Second Batch to be indicted in the Napoles Scam and the Mampalaya Batch would be charged by the Ombudsman by that time.
      To the enemies of PNoy’s Tuwid nad Daan: Desperate times … desperate measures.

      • yes he does that. so are you JUST going to tolerate what wrong doing he did? bilib namn aq sa mga pag iisip nyu. akala q ba walang sasantoin.. ah cguru except sya. para ring ky marcos db?

      • jake ferolin on

        if you really want to get pnoy impeached. go thought the proper channels. im pretty sure if it sticks any educated Filipino will back whatever the out come is. due process actually works nowadays if persistence and patience is added. but to make this comparison its just BS. your just part of the demolition crew

    9. You may be right and yet, you may be wrong, but who are we going to appoint president if not Aquino?

    10. “Ang Bagong Lipunan.” “Ang Daang Matuwid.”

      Both presidents had tried to address that which they thought the Filipino people needed during their times. Marcos thought a New Society would solve the problem. PNoy thought a Straight Path would solve the problem. But neither of these programs solved the problem. Neither of them did the Filipino people good. Guess what. Both of them, with the power vested in them, had been trying to railroad the nation with their personal opinions. By forcing their opinions down our throats.

      The Filipino is inherently stubborn. On one hand, I can name several countries whose citizens enjoy their citizenship. On the other hand, the Filipino will always complain.

      Go figure.

    11. i no longer mind Pnoy’s state of the nation adress, i’m more concerned and it should be deemed to address his state of mind

    12. Agree on the prostituted! In other words, Penoy told the Senate and Congress to bend over, f_d their a__s off to bleed and after that? all chorused they’re enjoying it. But again, how did these prostitutes arrive where they are? The foolish and dumber people who voted them in office.

    13. Mr Tiglao, let’s face it. Unfortunately all PH presidents in varying degrees, including your beloved President Arroyo – the Mistress you so avidly served – have prostituted this country’s democratic institutions and sold the Filipino people down the river. Not a single one is blameless. By serving her, you also prostituted this country’s democratic institutions. So get off your high horse!

    14. Para sa akin ang article na ito ay hindi basura. Napaka-informative para sa akin. I am learning sa pamamagitan nito. Salamat dahil may “The Manila Times” dahil kung wala, lahat ng tao ay magiging “inosente” sa mga tunay na nangyayari sa kaniyang sariling bayan. Think of it…. kung ang media na pro-Aquino lamang ang nababasa’t napapakinggan hinding-hindi mo malalaman ang katotohanan. ‘Di mo alam niluluto ka na pala ng buhay. Ngayon na nga lang na marami na ring media na hindi “bias” ang report muntik pang maitago ang DAP. Kaya for me… Mr. Tiglao, I encourage you po IPAGPATULOY po ninyo para sa aming mga mamamayan. Ito ang nagagawa po ninyo.

    15. Dear Bert, dont mind the above yellow turds. Only two or three columnist intersted most, you, Yen and Ninez of Ttribune. Nice and factual commentary man. Excellent!

    16. Benigno KUHA-KO AKIN-NA on

      Why compare. At least Marcos is an honest and intelligent dictator. While fishmongerer PeeNOY is chronic liar.

    17. Ronnie Atienza on

      How could this author compare Aquino to Marcos? I will make deal before I read all your fancy article.

      *Help the Filipinos get back the ill-gotten wealth that the Marcoses had stolen and I will read your article.

      * Help the martial law victims get compensation and I will read your article.

      * Help irresponsible jounalist like you to change for better and I will read your article.

      * Ask yourself, what have you done to your country lately?

      • …how about you..what have u done for the country lately..mr. tiglao is saying facts and figures if you can say these are lies and support your claims that will be fine…

      • When we compare corn to rice, we don’t compare how the leaves look like, how the grains look like, we may compare how they grow, how much fertilizer each requires, or how much returns we get from each crop. When the author compared Aquino to marcos, he did not say they are the same. he compared some traits that are similar. He even said that Aquino does not have to declare martial law, he just had the DAP to enrich himself, meaning, they have their own style of cheating the country.What you enumerated in your comment is far from the comparison the author did. I know you must have hate marcos, most of us do. However, you are blaming the author for being an irresponsible journalist. You told him to change for the better. He is doing better things instead of sitting down he does his research and fight with his pen. That is how journalists help us fight, they expose, they spread the word, and we the public can interpret the article in many ways. It depends on what set of mind we are in while reading it. And that is what journalists do to help their country. During martial law, some of them were put in jail because they fought with their pens. Most of them had to get out of the country and hide for fear of their own lives. What we must do is, instead of asking people what they did for their country, we ask ourselves maybe? Because we can control the things we do.
        We cannot control things other people do. We can not even control the lives of our own brothers, or children. So we do what we think is best, and in doing so, maybe we can recruit other people to do the same. It is not the journalist’s duty to get back the ill gotten wealth. It is not the journalist’s duty to compensate the victims of martial law. Cory Aquino was the president who appointed people to do that task. It was her responsibility as the president post marcos. I am saddened that the victims of marcos are still victims if they had not received compensation for the atrocities done to them. Thank you.

    18. If Pres. Aquino is as worse as Pres. Marcos, could you have said even half of your criticisms here during the time of Marcos?

    19. “In our own case, the dictatorship at first resulted in a phenomenal economic growth, a sustained 6 percent growth every year from 1972 to 1979.”

      The growth was not because of the Dictatorship, but because of FDI and the fact that the country did not yet have a protectionist 60/40 provision in it the Constitution.

    20. part 1)
      Dear Juan Ponce Enrile
      I hope that after your conviction, all those you intimidated and harmed before, during, and after martial law will find the courage to tell their stories. I hope that you live to hear those stories.
      Sylvia Estrada Claudio
      Published 10:30 AM, Jul 21, 2014
      Updated 11:57 AM, Jul 21, 2014

      Last year, the 41st the anniversary of the declaration of martial law, I wrote a long post about you ending with, “Old as you are, you may never be brought to justice. And I doubt your conscience bothers you, enamored as you seem by unearned wealth and the pomp of your dishonorably gained positions. But I remember and will remember, with the hope that history will, like me, condemn.”
      How much has changed in less than a year.

      And now, as you, a 90-year-old, are confined to a hospital under arrest, let me charge you with what has been in my heart all these years. Because I do accuse you. And not just with the plunder charges the government has filed against you.
      I accuse……

      I accuse you of torture and murder. Not just of people unknown to me, but also of my friends. I accuse you of having committed the crime of plunder long before you stole your PDAF as a senator.

      I do this not out of vindictiveness, but out of a need for healing that you owe me and all those who passed through martial law. I do not do this in anger, but in order to share with those who did not go through those years. They need to understand why you and those like you should never ever be allowed to have power again.

      Now is a good time. If we did not learn our lesson then, it is time to look back now – time to realize that those who betray the nation are likely to betray it again. As you have done after martial law.

      Ah, what catharsis to write this! What a relief to be able to call you names. I remember how you would punish people who criticized you, Marcos, and your cabal. This is what you did to my friend and former Philippine Collegian editor, Abraham…

    21. part 2) Detention, torture during martial law
      And I, like many who lived through those years, knew of your evil as a daily reality. My first job as a young doctor was with a health and human rights organization. I worked with those who had been tortured. Those days, detention and torture were almost a sure-fire combination. So I and a couple of colleagues would make the rounds of the detention centers with every new report of an arrest, hoping that, with a quick response, people would be tortured less, not killed.

      We would present ourselves at the detention centers to any officer who would see us. (They never had a real system for us. That would mean some form of accountability.) We had to be brave because we knew at once this marked us as communist enemies. But they also had to have a semblance of regularity. So our requests would be considered. If the officer was a tough psychopath, he would just say “no” outright. But this would give us ammunition to go squealing to international human rights groups.

      So we would often have to wait for hours for someone from the Judge Advocate General’s Office (JAGO) to make a decision. I never met anyone from JAGO then. I did often get turned away by that office. If the JAGO turned us away, we would write you. Very rarely, for reasons unknown, you or JAGO would agree to our visit, often after weeks of delay. We always thought the delay was to ensure the torture would continue. Marcos, you and your military believed in torture as an investigation technique. After the torture, you would have us wait a few more days until the physical evidence of torture had disappeared. If there was enough international pressure; if you wanted us off your backs; if our seeing the detainees would not cause you any harm, you let us see them.

      But they would tell us their stories. A detainee was lucky if all he or she got was getting beaten within an inch of their life. (I guess they left that for the amateurs called fraternity boys.)…

    22. james gutierrez on

      Mr Tiglao I agree with you. The Aquino administration has no regard of the other institution of the government. No one is above the law, let alone the president. The bottom line is the filipino people will suffer, the people in the bottom of the economy will never have the opportunity to rise if the elected leaders are there to enrich themselves rather serving the people to improve everyone life. Much as we compare Marcos & Aquino both leaders never achieve the ultimate goal of improving the lives of the people in the bottom of the economy.

    23. I agree with your analysis Mr. Tiglao that only the SC is not under the power of Pnoy, DAP really made these men and women in the Senate, Congress, Dept of Justice and COA obey Pnoy like a zombie, their food is not human flesh , it is the DAP fund which were given in every corrupt government officials in millions of pesos. Belmonte will not be a spineless speaker if he is not getting anything from Pnoy , the same as Drilon who acted as lawyer of Abad, so disgusting seeing the senate pres convincing people that Abad is clean. They all become brain dead when they smell the scent of million of pesos of peoples money funnelled to their bank accounts. Unfortunately we, the Filipino taxpayers will have to blindly give to these buwayas and baboys our income taxes until 2016.

      • That’s it. Same feathers flock together. They are being bribed unknowingly. Now, they have no choice but to agree with the president or else, they will be disclosed…..

      • Nestor Baylan on

        That is not new to anyone. In a democratic government, the majority imposes its will on the people; the minority suffers. The truth of the matter is that no one checks the judiciary because they have been given tenure. They could not be sued. Some people hate the idea that someone is courageous enough to crticize supreme court decisions. These men in black robes are not infallible or omnicent either. In all branches of government the judges and justices are worst than dictators. They are more corrupt than a traffic enforcer on the streets.

    24. nod if you agree on

      Sir, another great article.

      But I need to ask the question though, when you stated in the beginning of your article
      “Both had rhetorical skills and catchy slogans:”…
      B.S. Aquino “the TURD” had rhetorical skills?

      Apologies but it really bothered me to the point that I had to ask.

      • In the first place, you need to quantify if PNoy is better than Arroyo. Second, Tiglao is writing about PNoy, so if you believe his narrative is wrong, why dont you write your contradictions. Or maybe you do not have enough between your ears hence you follow the yellow line of argument.

      • Lolita marquez on

        GMA may have been corrupt but like Marcos she did not corrupt the BIR and the COA . She spared them. So with GMA the word compromised is very applicable but with Pnoy, prostituted is the term. Prostituted it is.

      • GMA and CJ Renato Corona became this current President personal enemy and the CJ Renato Corona because both refused to be influenced by Cory Aquno, on SC ruling on Hacienda Luisita,

    25. Well-said, I agree on Belmonte as speaker of the house, he was really a shame that Neptali Gonzales, Marcelo Fernan and Blas Ople must be turning their heads in their graves, and Drilon who keeps kissing PNoy’s ass, I do remember his facial expression years back in one of GMA’s SONA.

    26. A great piece . Easily understandable. To those who say that we the citizens should be ones offering how this country would run, I believe that we are not in a position to do so. How then we can contribute? by merely stating what we felt is NOT right on how things are being run. The Executive can take a cue from it. Alas, the so-called people’s representatives are not doing their job and instead putting their own political interests above the real hard core interests. Which makes me thing that Congress is slowly becoming irrelevant.

    27. Migs Doromal on

      The Greatest of Ironies?

      “Ang Bagong Lipunan” (ni Apo Ferdie) sa “Ang Daang Matuwid” (ni Boy Sisi.)

      The Strongman vs. The Lanky and Balding.

      The Bar Topnotcher vs. The “C” Student.

      One loves women. The other – does it matter?

      And they are both gun enthusiasts.

      Hat’s off to Boy Sisi The C Student!

      The moral lesson is ONE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A GENIUS TO SYSTEMATICALLY CORRUPT A NATION’s democratic institutions and plunder its peoples monies!

      Misdirection. After all, politics is a game of perception and the current tenant in the palace by the river holds a Master’s Degree in Public Deception.


    28. Julio Mercado on

      Please do not write against Marcos. Just concentrate with the current president because a lot of Filipinos nowadays have not been born yet when Marcos was president. Let history itself judge his presidency. It’s better for the nation if your column only scrutinize the current government because you are not competent yet as a historian. If you do, you will help convert Filipinos to become political atheists for the good of our republic.

      • I think every Filipino has the right to know their history especially during marcos’ time. For one, that was the first martial law of the land. For one, there were lots of arrests. Then a lot of people were NPA. The staged drama of enrile as a prelude to martial law. Oh, the so many things that happened behind closed doors, the plans, the schemes, the what ifs and what next. This should be written in every history book and should be taught to our children. After all this is Filipino history.

    29. Johnny Ramos on

      Pnoy made mockery of the government system because of his popularity that lead to his ultimate control of both houses. During his term he was able to appoint all commissioners of COA and Comelec. No one cam stop this guy unless we move fast to unseat him. Pnoy will definitely do everything to have his liberal party win in 2016.

    30. Wow konting hiya sa sarili! I’m not a pro-PNoy but mas gusto ko na siya kesa sa dati mong Boss. At least kahit moro moro lang yun mga nakasuhan sa pork barrel eh may nakulong pa rin. I lost faith in you kasi dati bulag ka sa mga kalokohan ng Amo mo pero ngayon mukhang pinaoperahan ka para makita lang yun mali ng administration. Minsan naman yun magandang mga nagawa o kaya pangyayari sa ating bansa ang topic mo para di magmukhang basura yun article mo.

      • A good challenge to you. Will you write down what good things PNoy has done, meaning concrete accomplishments, no motherhoods an we will compare it with what Mrs. Arroyo have accomplished. Let us just limit it to Gloria Arroyo’s tenure versus PNoy. Be sure your data is accurate, not follow the false accomplishment he is being fed by his allies.

      • Para sa akin ang article na ito ay hindi basura. Napaka-informative para sa akin. I am learning sa pamamagitan nito. Salamat dahil may “The Manila Times” dahil kung wala, lahat ng tao ay magiging “inosente” sa mga tunay na nangyayari sa kaniyang sariling bayan. Think of it…. kung ang media na pro-Aquino lamang ang nababasa’t napapakinggan hinding-hindi mo malalaman ang katotohanan. ‘Di mo alam niluluto ka na pala ng buhay. Ngayon na nga lang na marami na ring media na hindi “bias” ang report muntik pang maitago ang DAP. Kaya for me… Mr. Tiglao, I encourage you po IPAGPATULOY po ninyo para sa aming mga mamamayan. Ito ang nagagawa po ninyo.

      • It all depends which side of the fence you are in. If you are outside, you look at the inside between the slots of the fence hence you don’t see everything. If you are inside, you can. Sometimes a person whom you think is the worst kind of person turns out to be the nice one. I don’t condemn politicians unless there are solid proofs. What happened to Arroyo was a black propaganda in full force against her. About the husband? I don’t know him really but Gloria was an iron fisted woman who ruled with a whip and of course people did not like it. If someone is strict but is fair, would it be better than a nice easy going person who is biased in his decisions? She was in jail not because of corruption per se, but because pinoy wanted her head on a silver platter. you go against him, you are dead.

    31. jose hernani m. parco on

      “the enemies of the people are CRIMINALS and GOVERNMENT, so let us tie down the second with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalised version of the first”! _ _ Thomas Jeffersion

      • Reminds me of the legalized stealing these “geniuses” A bad and P-noy concocted and implemented successfully till the “angels” Janet and Luy intervened.

    32. Do you remember the armed forces over budgeting personnel and then spending this savings? Then every year, the Senate prez taking the Senate’s savings and giving it to Senate members who played ball? Every department or GOC had been making savings and spending it as they wish. So Pnoy and a bad increase in the budgets allowed for even bigger savings to happen. Then the big took the savings from the smaller crooks and made it their own. What is going on? The administration prevented the smaller crooks from stealing by taking those savings. That was good. But then the big crook spent the money instead of returning it. Aquino further damaged government by organizing the crooks.

    33. Oldandcurious on

      “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” – Pnoy simply stated a fact.

      Sarcasm on.

      He did not say, “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap, kaya ipinapangako ko, sa ngalan ng aking mga magulang at sa ngalan ni Kris, tutugisin natin ang lahat ng corrupt.”

      Ergo, on this particular instance, Pnoy did not break a promise.

      Since he never did set a vision, so if we are still wandering and wondering where this country is heading to, hindi din kasalanan ni Pnoy.

      Sarcasm off.

    34. Sana sa 2016 si noynoy,abad,drilon at si Neil tupak at mga congressman at senator nakasabwat ni abnoy,lalo na ang impaktita na sina De lima,coa-tan,Mendoza at Morales ay maipakulong sa ginawa nilang panloloko sa sabayanang pilipinas!!

    35. Mr Tiglao, you have consistently been biased against this administration. I am not sure what your reasons are but your bias shows every time you use supposed data and figures that cannot be definitively taken one way or the other. Except that you consistently choose to read these your biased way.
      Wittingly or unwittingly, you are promoting negativism, unpatriotism and even rebellion against those in authority. I call you to be more circumspect in the manner you write. I hope that we will never see our country go down the drain of utter chaos and violence. But if that happens, you will know how you have contributed to that yourself. So, I pray that we will all be more truly factual now in the way report and discuss issues. For the sake of our country and our future.

      • Lolita marquez on

        All you need to do is to check the veracity of Mr. Tiglao’s biases. If you can prove that his biases have no basis, write it on.

      • I read a lot of other articles not by Mr Tiglao who also exposes the current administration. It is a fact even without reading his writings. It is in the supreme court, it is the talk of the town, it is the cause of rebellion among our people. YOu don’t have to read Mr Tiglaos article to know these things. there are so many of them and that is their job, to write everything good and bad about our officials. It just so happens that there is nothing good to write about this president. from the very start, his tunnel vision is focused on arroyo and corona. take the hint.

    36. “Democratic institution….Supreme Court, the last bastion of democracy in our country…..” WOW, I didn’t think we followed anything DEMOcratic in this country!

      Mr. Tiglao, do you have anything positive to offer or suggest as to how our government should be run amidst all the gloom and doom that had already existed?? Just curious.

    37. Dear Mr. Ambassador,

      There were money paid by Department of Agriculture to the Asienda Luisita. Please look for the check, make a copy and show it in your column. The source of the funds was DAP. I think it is a DBP check.

      That is one of the reason why Alcala is still in his job. Look also why the International Airport remain as it is. Its manager is the son of Alice Aquino, cousin of Ninoy. The funds of the Aiport including those for its maintenance goes to DAP.

      It was at that time when Habias Corpus was suspended brought about by the rising unrest and Communist in the Philippines. Taruc, Capadocia, Baking leading the rebels,
      the Philippine Army assigned Captain Honrado to Concepcion Tarlac, the father of the Airport Manager and who comes from Los Banos met Alice Aquino

    38. Mabuhay mr. R. Tiglao on your article against pinoy and the DAP. Keep up with the good work. I am surprized why Abad was not yet fired by pinoy up to this date. Makapal ang mukha ni abad.

    39. What democratic institutions are Rigoberto Tiglao referring to? Is there any democratic institution in the republic that has not been tainted, “damaged”, and “prostituted” with corruption, nepotism, cronyism, bribery, ad nauseam since the nation’s independence from Spain? Pres Aquino is not the culprit. He represents the nation which is sick and decaying from various social malaise and diseases brought on by the “democratic” system it has adapted from the Americans.

      • For those who attacked Arroyo, can we say the same thing then? that it was a decaying condition of the Philippines that caused all the Pdap and the Dap to be misspent? After all, the country is already corrupted so, what else is new? of course they will all become corrupt because ofr the existing conditions. I have a problem with that because it means there is no hope at all for our country. While there are the youth who are becoming bolder and smarter everyday, while there are people who may be honest and can lead the way. your idea closes up everything.

    40. Yes, he may prove to be the worst president for transgressing our valued and guiding light the CONSTITUTION. THIS IS WORST THAN PLUNDERS. He may not plunder, but he abetted and enabling plunders and corruptions.

    41. Alejo Rosete on

      Very well said/explained- Mabuhay ka!. More powerto you, Ambassador Tiglao.
      Your articles/column is very inspiring to read.
      Your column is worth reading.

      With these expose’ – very well said and documented, you deserved to be nominated
      for a “Nobel Prize”.

      Mabuhay ang “Manila Times – very much alive again”

    42. Good job Mr Tiglao. GO and Tell the people the agenda of this administration and the LP. Politika lang lahat ang dahilan at Hacienda Luisita.

    43. Roldan Guerrero on

      Were it a boxing match, I would not compare Marcos to Aquino as it will be a no contest. Ferdinand Marcos is a legal genius while B. Simeon Aquino is a legal retardate. Even lowly educated filipinos understand the Constitution, being a basic law of the land written in the simplest way so that even grade school pupils will understand it fully. I dont know w/c one is correct if it is on his lawyers/advisers mistake or simply BSA do not understand the basic law which is the constitution or he intentionally did the mess so he could attract the army of balimbings to join his yellow camp. Abnormal people have their own laws, once they say it is yellow it will never turn green. Another characteristics of retardates is they become more braggart if you applaud them. The people who clapped during his SONA delivery are the people who are making him not only an OGAG dut a DAKILANG OTO_OTO who will all turn their backs on the THIEF EXECUTIVE 2 yrs from now…just like what they did to GMA.

    44. Lahat nalang na sinulat nito ay palaging contra administrasyon.. Next article, same parin.. sa picture palang ng writer alam ko na ang laman ng article.. paninira nanaman..

      • If it is based on facts, hindi paninira yon. that is the duty of a journalist pare. kinakatkat lahat para malaman ng tao. then the people can decide what they want to do. They don’t push you. they don’t tell you to do this or that. they just make an expose. and without these kinds of journalists, we could have not survived the past corruptions. We need people like this. It is for us to see if it is true, but to stop them that would be a mistake.

    45. i’m a fan of your column but this one is stretching it out too far for me. hoping to read a better piece on friday.

    46. gabriela silang on

      prostitution and rape are two beasts motherland helplessly bears. aquino prostituting legislature and solons raping us heartlessly. it bleeds to see a policeman drinking and doing hi-fives with the rapists while we are sprawled on the ground naked and beaten black and blue.