Aquino defies doctor, refuses weeklong rest


AGAINST the advice of his physicians, President Benigno Aquino 3rd has refused to have a weeklong rest and instead would take a three-day break beginning Friday, Palace deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said.

Valte, in a press briefing also on Friday, said a long rest “is a luxury that the President does not have.”

“So, he will be okay with three days,” she said.

Health Secretary Enrique Ona has insisted that Aquino take at least a week of rest every quarter.

“That advice has always been given by Secretary Ona. From what I understand, from a long time ago from our discussions, he’s always been saying that it would be ideal,” Valte said.

While on leave, the President will still take calls and receive updates on the exodus of people to the provinces during the holiday break.

“Knowing the President, he will take advantage of the fact that he has some peace and quiet but he will still take calls, of course. He will insist on continuing to get updates, especially after the break. We’re expecting the exodus for the New Year weekend beginning later this afternoon and another on January 1, beginning in the morning. So knowing the President, he will insist on continuing to get updates,” she added.
Besides Ona, President Aquino has another physician looking after him, which Valte decline to identify.

Aquino’s break will end on Sunday, after which he will resume his duties for Rizal Day.

Normally, the President takes his break at the Mansion House in Baguio City, during which he usually gets medical check-up.


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  1. Conrado Espenilla on

    Guys, we might not getting the right info about the President! Valte is telling us that the President refused to have a week long leave because the way I understood that he likes to work! What happened to that Zamnoanga seiged that he disappeared from the public for one week? What happened after the Yolanda disaster that the CNN anchor Anderson telling that seem the national government was not in control of the situation at ground zero in Tacloban, etc.? Tell the truth about the President, please!

  2. The president has been working too hard. He needs rest to energize his body and mind. The daunting task of solving so many problems of our country will certainly take their toll on his body. He must listen to his medical team. Mr. President, you will always be in our prayers.

  3. Franklin gujol on

    Mr. president, I know you want to work so hard for your bosses but you have to take care of yourself because there are wolves and serpents ready to devour the country if something happens to you. Your health is very important to your bosses.

  4. Roldan Guerrero on

    A Head of State who does his job very well is never compromised of any question concerning his tasks but a lazy one will always be in trouble everytime he moves.In Japan, where the truth always prevails, public service is a sacred undertaking and this is the reason why Japanese people live a comfortable and peaceful life, who are fully served by both elective and appointive government officials. Performance is very critical in this country such that government officials whenever subjected to minimal sort of criticism, they resign voluntarily and surrender their post to a more competent ones. PM Abe is a very good example, he resigned in his first term as a result of inefficiency performed by one of his cabinet ministers. He accepted the blame and gave up his position. Since then Japan experienced an economic turmoil and succession of atleast five PMs happened. Because the Japanese People believed that only one person could make an economic turn-around in the person of Abe, he decided to accept once again the offer so Japan will remain the next economic giant with America still no.1 Mr. Aquino should do an Abe act. He should get out of living a life of hypocricy and accept that he can never make a good president and embrace once and for all that the Philippines is now a failed state since the Aquinos entered Philippine politics.

  5. Kayo ang Boss Ko! on

    Another gimmick ng administration! Wag ninyo nga kaming paandaran! Walang ginawa yang presidente ninyo kundi: pumirma, maghusga, manisi, manigarilyo, maglaro sa computer ng mga games, magpaimbestiga sa mga kalaban (ng walang kalaban laban)…yun lang, tapos na! Busy bang matatawag yun?

  6. Pinoy Makabayan on

    Galing ng spin…mas lalong nakakainis! Shut up and just take a vacation…you deserve it just like any worker! Just stop treating us like we’re all stupid!