Aquino defies SC, insists DAP legal

In his speech at Malacañang on Monday, President Benigno Aquino 3rd warned of a collision between the Executive and the Judiciary.  Photo By Melyn Acosta

In his speech at Malacañang on Monday, President Benigno Aquino 3rd warned of a collision between the Executive and the Judiciary.
Photo By Melyn Acosta

President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Monday openly criticized the Supreme Court (SC) for its ruling that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is unconstitutional.

To dramatize his defiance, Aquino warned that the issue may cause a head-on collision between the executive and the judiciary.

“There are those who say that this decision might be a personal vendetta against me, that I am being dared to act in the same vindictive manner against them. All I can say, as the President, as the father of this country, is that we need temperance and forbearance, we must comply with due process,” he stressed.

“My message to the Supreme Court: We do not want two equal branches of government to go head to head, needing a third branch to step in to intervene. We find it difficult to understand your decision,” Aquino said.

He noted that this was not the first time that the SC did something that displeased him, alluding to his past disagreements with the court.

“You had done something similar in the past, and you tried to do it again, there are even those of the opinion that what you attempted to commit was far graver.

Abiding by the principle of ‘presumption of regularity,’ we assumed that you did the right thing, after all, you are the ones who should ostensibly have a better understanding of the law. And now, when we use the same mechanism, which, you yourselves have admitted, benefit our countrymen, why is it then that we are wrong?” the President asked.

He then urged the SC magistrates who “want only the best for the Filipino people” to “help us help our countrymen.”

“We ask that you review your decision, this time taking into consideration the points I have raised tonight. The nation hopes for your careful deliberation and response. And I hope that once you’ve examined the arguments I will submit, regarding the law and about our economy, solidarity will ensue, thus strengthening the entire government’s capability to push for the interests of the nation,’ Aquino said.

He maintained that the executive branch did not violate the law in implementing the acceleration program, and openly attacked the tribunal for striking out his project.

“It is clear that the Supreme Court has much to consider that they may better clarify their decision regarding the DAP, perhaps they can even identify the DAP’s negative effect on the country,” Aquino said.

The President insisted that the program was necessary to speed up priority projects and to pump-prime the economy.

“Without doubt, any good leader would want to implement projects that benefit the public at the soonest possible time. I do not see any reason to delay benefits for our countrymen, especially because we have the wherewithal to alleviate their plight. It is clear that if you delay the benefits due them, you prolong the suffering of the Filipino people,” he said.

Aquino added that the government will appeal the SC ruling and called on the justices to see DAP his way.

“We know that the system we inherited was one that did not help, or did not do enough to help, our countrymen. We are now righting the wrongs in the system, so that it may work toward this goal: To uphold the interests of the people, our bosses who handed us our mandate. Thus, to the Supreme Court, our message: Do not bar us from doing what we swore to do. Shouldn’t you be siding with us in pushing for reform? Let us, therefore, end this vicious cycle that has taken our people hostage,” he said.

The DAP allowed Malacanang to juggle savings, unprogrammed funds and allocations for slow-moving projects to priority projects. The SC ruled that the Palace usurped the power of Congress in implementing the program.

Aquino said DAP funds are not the same as the pork barrel funds, and there is nothing wrong and illegal with their use.

Records show that P137.3 billion has been released through the DAP as of October 1 last year. The amount included P82.5 billion in disbursements in 2011 and another P54.8 billion in 2012.

At least 91 percent of the DAP releases for 2011 and 2012 were channeled to projects of various government agencies and local government units.

The President denied stealing from public coffers through the DAP.

“The DAP is good. Our intentions, our processes, and the results were correct. Bosses, I promise you: I will not allow your suffering to be prolonged, especially if we could do what we can as early as now,” Aquino said.

DAP list released
Also on Monday night, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) released a complete list of 116 projects under the controversial disbursement program.

Barely an hour after the President’s national address on the DAP, the department sent Palace reporters a 19-page detailed report containing the names of projects and amounts released through the acceleration program.

On the first page of the document, it said, “List of DAP-identified projects as of July 14, 2014.” The time of the document’s release was also noted at “4:30 p.m..”
Assistant Director Amanella Arevalo of the DBM’s Budget and Technical Service prepared and signed the report, which was also noted by Budget Secretary Florencio Abad.

The list indicated that from the P167 billion proposed funding for the DAP, only P144 billion have so far been released, leaving a balance of P13.6 billion.

It showed that the DAP came in six stages beginning in 2011. All the stages were approved by the Office of the President.

The DBM report said the first DAP stage was approved on October 12, 2011; second, on December 21, 2011; third, on June 27, 2012; fourth, on September 5, 2012; fifth, on December 21, 2012; and sixth, on June 14, 2013.

The President’s speech on Monday night was reminiscent of his public outbursts against the high tribunal during the time of then-Chief Justice Renato Corona.

“The DAP is not a project, it is an efficient way of spending the budget, it follows the law and adheres to the mandate granted to the executive branch. We did this to properly allocate funds, and by so doing maximize the benefits that the people may receive,” he said.

Later in his speech, Aquino sounded more confrontational, addressing the SC directly and rebuking it for supposedly not siding with the people.

“The Supreme Court’s decision questions our use of savings, and raises concerns on when we can use unprogrammed funds. They want savings declared only at the 31st of December of each year. If that were the case, when would the government be free to utilize these funds? Following their logic on savings, projects that could have been funded in the middle of the current year would have to be delayed until the following year,” he said.

Since he assumed office, Aquino has been at loggerheads with the SC, first when the Corona court shot down the Truth Commission, which would have investigated alleged corruption committed by the past administration of former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo.

Not long after, the SC under Corona ruled to distribute more than 4,000 hectares of sugar lands in the Cojuangco-Aquino-owned Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac province. After this ruling, Aquino heightened his attacks on the SC, eventually leading to the impeachment of Corona in 2012.

The impeachment by the House of Representatives was affirmed by the Senate that sat as an impeachment court in May 2012. Most senators voted to convict Corona.


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  1. I would not jump to conclusion who’s right and who’s wrong on DAP. I will not resort to calling names. I would leave the arguments to SC and the lawyers of the government. It appears that SC is also politicized and clearly polarized. I would like to know who PNoy accused of attacking him personally.

    Inspite of the attack, I would like to commend our President for getting a good words and praise from the World Bank President. This matters since we need support from the world bank. Kim said that the Philippines has made “notable gains” which the World Bank can share with the rest of the world so they can learn vital lessons of the Aquino administration.

    So boys and girls, let’s keep calm and leave these issue on DAP to the experts.

    • The Philippines has improved thanks to the many OFWs who suffer and took chances with their lives overseas just to remit money to our country. It has improved a lot due to the enhancement of BPO and IT which I heard first heard from the hated GMA SONAs, hated as she is…the Philippines has improved because of the resilience of the people to bear hardships that can not be tolerated by any other race. The Philippine will continue to thrive because of our sense of humor to accept our fate that graft and corruption will exist no matter who is in power

  2. i guess the biggest mistake is they named PNoy after his dad thinking he will be as smart as he was. i guess not. i hope there wont be a another Benigno Aquino IV.

  3. The Judiciary is a CO-EQUAL branch (in tagalog: PANTAY or KATUMBAS) of our government. The Supreme Court has already made its decision on DAP.

    Now he wants SC to follow him? This is ABSURD!

    • I agree with this.

      I think he is trying all his powers to make SC respect his reign. With their lands being freely distributed before, he shows Corona who is the boss. Maybe he can do it for the second time.

      Anyway he is under the protection of two most influential killing clans.

  4. Jacinto Decena Jr. on

    Where are those great soldiers that we have, those who are always fighting the previous administration. Where are trillanes, lim and others. Why are they not revolting at this goverment. People of the Philippines are waiting for you if you are a soldier of the Phillipines. Or maybe you are a soldier of Pnoy.

  5. Aquino defies SC, insists DAP is legal:

    After hearing Pnoy speech yesterday… I think of the rationale out of it. This comes to my mind… What is constitution for? It is a written guideline to shield the people from evil intentions. It should be a win-win situation for the benefit of the people. When it will be unconstitutional… if something done was against the benefit of the people. If I will say… if Pnoy really pocketed the DAP money.. that is unconstitutional. If I say Pnoy with good faith and good intention used the DAP money for the benefit of the it not indirectly called constitutional? Whether written or not.. if it is for the benefit of the people… I don’t see it to be called unconstitutional.

    Even the supreme court leave an argument from their decision because whether it is written or not… if it is for the good of the people… It is still constitutional!

    That’s the reason why Pnoy with His intention to improve Filipino lives will not stop to pursue His “Tuwid na Daan”! He will fight what He started that provides positive results in the lives of the Filipinos. It is His power and right to continue the program of DAP which even the supreme court admitted it indeed benefited the Filipino people!

  6. eltee mulawin on

    >>>Nguyngoy Cojuangco-Aquino3rd had difficulty to understand Supreme Court decision. His government will appeal the SC ruling and called on the justices to see DAP his way.


    This President shows himself a BOBO and in reality of being empty head or AMPAW in the world. He wanted the Supreme Court to rule in accordance to what he wanted to do. HE SHOULD ABOLISH THE SYSTEM, THE CONSTITUTION, AND THE FORM OF GOVERNMENT. IN SHORT HE SHOULD DO TWO THINGS TO JUSTIFY ALL THINGS HE WANTED TO.
    1ST… He should change the form of government into PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM.
    2nd …Or Declare Martial Law in his own format and character ways and means.
    But if not…He is the very first thing among the Filipino people SHOULD RESPECT THE RULE OF LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION….most of all the Supreme Court.

    Another thing I noticed…he said ““What happened to the principle of “innocent until proven guilty?,”
    >>> ALAM DIN PALA NIYA NIYA ANG PANGUNGUSAP NA ITO. Dahil siya ang nasa kumunoy ng kahihiyan at kapalpakan. Pero sa mga kalaban niya walang ganoon kaisipan siya naalala.

    >>> I dont know if this President is an Attorney, if he is, his brain was became an ash or ABU and that is why his mentality became GAGO. That makes himself an ABUGAGO.

    >>>Then if he is a tunay na Abugado at may pinag-aralan sa Law, he should know these phrase….IT IS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW THAT TO BE PROVEN IN THE COURT !!!!


  7. A head on collision between the executive branch & the Judiciary …… well this must be a good bout …… so let us sit back & relax and begin the ………… RUMBLE ……. GOD Bless the PHILIPPINES ….

  8. It’s not Pnoy speaking yesterday. He’s just standing there, opening his mouth, like munching food continuously but with words.. words that belong to Sec. Coloma in his fighting stance! It’s intimidation as they always do!

  9. How many bills/law has he passed to school the Supreme Court magistrates on constitution and law?

  10. Grabe na talaga itong Abn0y na presidente, mukhang sinapian na ng demonyo. Ayaw ng makinig gusto siya ang masusunod at para sa kanya wala ng batas2. Hindi na tama yun at yun ay tinatawag na TREASON!
    Hoy AFP, PNP at mga rebeldeng Komunista, ano pa hinihintay nyo dyan, SUHOL, DATONG o ABULOY?!? Gumalaw naman kayo dyan sayang lang ang sinumpaan nyong tungkulin eh yung boss nyong may Saltik ay sumusuway na sa Constitution dapat dyan kaladkarin, sipain at tadyakan sa bunbunan! Sobra na Tama na SIPAIN na yan palabas!

  11. Masyadong nang mayabang yang si Pnoy, akala nya kaya na nyang hawakan sa leeg ang Supreme Court, dahil nakaya nyang patalstkin sa Supreme Court alinmang sa mahistrado ng Supreme Court, gaya nang ginawa nya kay Chief Justice Corona. Kaawa-awa naman itong Supreme Court, binu-bully ni Pnoy. Kapag di nasaway yang kahambugan ni Pnoy, tiyak magkakagulo ang Pilipinas.

  12. Gusto nitong si Pnoy na siya ang magaling at lahat ay susunud sa gusto nya.Walang Diyos ang taong ito. Siya ay kampon ng kadiliman. Ano pa ba ang ginagawa natin? Cardinal Tagle, mga obispo nasan na kayo.Dapat na kayong manguna sa lansangan.Kawawa na ang bayan pag ganito ang mga namumuno sa atin.Mas grabe ang ginagawa nila kaysa noong panahon ng mga ibang administrasyon.Mga sa militar manguna na kayo kung ayaw ng simbhang Katoliko.

  13. Keep it up Mr. President. Do what you think is righteous to us. God will guide and protect you from evil minds. God Bless you.

    • Who do you think has displayed arrogance and evil will since day one in office, its’ this President, using taxpayers money for his personal vendetta vs GMA CJ Corona because of Hacienda Luisita .

    • Samuel Santos on

      Yes Lord, enlighten PNoy, so he will not lead the entire country to perdition.

    • I have your full support Mr. President! The Filipino people is started to be awaken from reality of the past!

    • righteous, you think? where did the money go? how was it spent? why instead of giving accounting to the people about the DAP, he instead attacked the SC?

  14. people, i say, when push comes to shove, we have to take sides. this is no longer good when the abnoy in malacanang starts threatening the SC. in effect is also threatening the people and the constitution. he will soon order his impeachment boys to oust the SC members from their jobs. we know that so be very very prepared for this. if this happens again, there will be real trouble ahead.

  15. relly rivera on

    just one question, if one branch challenged another branch of the land, will these not weaken the foundations the president swore to uphold?

  16. I was against our president at first, but when I saw how he handled Graft and Corruption that has been plaguing our country, I saluted him with all my heart. His advisers are very much informed of what we are and our politicians. We should focus as a matter of most important our unsolvable corruption problem. Money in the hands and disposal of crooks in our society used in paying demonstrations and influencing the Judiciary has been very much understood by this administration. Let us hail Secretary Leila De Lima for a brilliant handling her office. Our president in his fight against Graft and Corruption, started from the highest and going down. We should all rally with him on this and be careful of the money influence of the rich politicians now that the ball is rolling against them.

    • Manila Times is up to date with all the vital information of what has been going on to our Mother country, the Philippines for all Filipinos to read and I would encourage you to read also other Phil newspaper so you wont be behind . Good luck.

    • hay ka eli, that is a good suggestion for you, to read news and
      watch and listen on, and commentaries.
      Have you not heard or read that Penot gave
      a reward to the Congressmen and Senators who
      impeached and gave guilty verdict on Corona. If thats
      not a wholesale corruptions in the highest degree I don’t
      know what you may call it. Who corrupted them? it was
      your idol, Pls lang review mo muna ang facts mo.

  17. Who judges when savings are actually savings. If my agency has its budget planned our for the year & suddenly at half way through the year the government want that money they class it as savings, is that right, if thats what they are saying they are doing its wrong. If you have a yearly budget then you should be able to spend that budget throughout the year & who is to tell you you you are wrong in not using it straight away. If that is the case then when you give them their budget tell them if its not used in 6months it will be taken back by the government, but then it has to be declared legal by the supreme court. If pnoy doesnt trust the supreme court & he thinks they are doing this to get at him then this country has a huge problem.I have no idea how to solve that problem.

  18. Instead of shooting blanks using ‘ad hominems’, critics must read and counter the arguments raised by Raissa Robles in her article, “And why there are grounds for Supreme Court to review its decision on DAP”…. (July 8, 2014 / Rappler).
    When they have read this article, their relevant relevant question is why would Senator Rene Saguisag, one of Pres. Cory’s presidential legal counsel then, agree with Robles’ argument that the Administrative Order of 1987 (February), which preceded the Constitution of 1987 (July), but affirmed by the Constitution to be valid and consistent with it, gives PNoy the constitutional mandate and authority to undertake the DAP?
    It is clear that under Administrative Code Section 49, specifically Articles 9 and 10, such funds when transferred to other departments, i.e. cross-border, and upon the approval by the President could be spent for:
    … (9) Priority activities that will promote the economic well-being of the nation, including food production, agrarian reform, energy development, disaster relief, and rehabilitation.
    … (10) Repair, improvement and renovation of government buildings and infrastructure and other capital assets damaged by natural calamities;
    Since the 116 projects undertaken by the DAP are in line with the Admin. Code, critics should instead raise criminal charges at the trial courts if there are irregularities found in any of them.
    Barring an efficient manager from performing his mandate by technicalities is counter productive and will not benefit the people at all, especially if that manager is trying to rectify and alleviate the damage inflicted for nine years by the previous manager.

    • Read the article written by Yen Makabenta so you will understand the whole argument the SC has explained why they declared DAP as ” unconstitutional. Anyone who wish to circumvent the law and who thinks he is above the law will always find it hard to comply with the law and will always believe he is right. .

    • nod if you agree on

      “(9) Priority activities that will promote the economic well-being of the nation, including food production, agrarian reform, energy development, disaster relief, and rehabilitation.”

      Let me ask you good sir, where is the proof of this? Well being of the Nation? Food production? Agrarian reform? damn! Energy development, disaster relief, and rehabilitation?

      Your B.S. Aquino and his advisers had 2 weeks (since the Supreme Court declared that DAP was unconstitutional) to prepare documents that would prove that DAP was what or did what they claim it did.
      And they came up with was last night’s speech.

    • Pepe G. Poculan on

      If they really think/believe that DAP is legal, why is it that it is hidden since 2011, and only after the privilege speech of Sen. Jingoy Estrada that it came to the open? as confirmed by Butch Abad…If the purpose is to stimulate the economy, why they did not include it in the proposed national budget every year? and if they forgot,, I think they can always ask for a supplemental budget from congress so that everything is legal..

    • The Administrative Order is NOTHING. What will prevail is the Constitution. All orders and laws of the Philippines MUST adhere to the Philippine Constitution which is the HIGHEST LAW.

  19. Show to the public and the courts the records on how you spent the DAP Funds, where it went, and who the recipients and the beneficiaries were..Was there transparency, accountability and audit involved in the process or was it used to peddle influence .If it was used in the lets make a deal game , then this is an impeachable offense. Pork barrels and DAP are the main cause of corruption in our country and I am relieved that our Supreme Court is finally becoming more vigilant and it is about time.they make a stand.
    I believe that without these unregulated and discretionary funds, we can see more focus on national projects like the creation of a Universal Healthcare System so nobody will die because of poverty, a massive relocation and resettlement program to get rid of our slums and create jobs for the hopeless, a real comprehensive agrarian reform that will include the creation of a national cooperative system that will provide and assist our farmers to compete in crop and food production in the world,assistance to our local fisherman and fisheries and protect them from China’s aggressive incursions in our own backyard,
    A National Student Educational Loan Program so our youths can pursue their dreams and have equal opportunity to succeed.We need a Marshall Plan or a Blue Print for the next ten years for our nations infrastructure. We need to fund our military and train them to be the top notch first responders in our frequent calamities. and disasters.With respect to our economy, make the Philippines an open market for international corporations and investors as long as they do not enslave our people, not harm our environment and natural resources. Let us emulate the success of other countries like Singapore’s strict rules on almost everything from cleanliness to every facet in business and daily life. Israel’s system of settlements and kibbutzim to solve our homelessness, slums,agrarian assistance and give people jobs whatever odd the may be. Invite Europe to help us with our infrastructure projects.Expand the National Bureau of Investigation and create more secret service and investigative agencies to audit , investigate and make it hard for thieves to plunder our treasury and economy.

    • Sen. Grace Poe… take note of this comment…This could be a your winning platform in the 2016 presidential elections. We need to focus on these issues if we have to move our country forward. We need a clear and a positive vision for our country instead of being stuck in the mud because of massive corruption.Your sponsorship of the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION BILL is one of the most important tool in transparency. A strong investigative and independent agency free from political and partisan maneuvering like the National Bureau of Investigation and the creation of more secret service agencies that will insulate and protect our institutions from crooks, manipulators and thieves.A built in system or protocol of Transparency, Accountability, Audit and Responsibility should be implemented into law.

  20. Ibang klase itong si penoy dapat igalang nya ang decision ng SC di dapat naging presidente ito ng atin bansa.Siya pa ang nagbubuyo baka magbanggaan ang executibo at Supreme Court.Wala tayong asenso kapag ganyan ang ugali atin ihahalal sa susunod na eleksiyon.

  21. rosendo bagtas on

    masyado na talaga itong si Abnoy, who from today I shall call Ignoy for being ignominious. mahirap talaga at di lubos maisip na pag ang tao ay ‘locked-head’ gaya ng magkaroon ng ‘locked-jaw’ ay wala ng ibang maisip kundi ang kung ano ang makakabut sa kanyang sariling-physical at interest. instead of upholding the constitution, which his late mother pushed so much to restore order, rule of law, true democracy, and justice amidst the martial law era of that time, her son is now showing magnanimity by posturing himself as a would-be dictator, far worse than the late President Ferdinand Marcos. PNoy, in the entire world, is the first head of government who has threatened and challenged the Supreme Court’s mandate as the sole interpreter of our laws. What a shameful and arrogant act!

  22. Edgar G. Festin on

    So where can I see the list of DAP projects that you say Pres BS Aquino’s DBM released pm of Monday?

  23. Edgar G. Festin on

    From the way this report is written, it appears that President Aquino is threatening the Supreme Court justices to be with him or else. But ithe report also quotes him calling on the magistrates to observe due process, But he does say he doesn’t want the conflict between him the Executive and the Migsitrates to reach that point when a third branch has to intervene.The ABSCBN network appears to also see Pres. Aquino’s speech the way I have described it above.
    What can Pres. B Aquino the 3rd do to impose his and Sec. Abad’s viewpoint? Have all the justices arrested for “going against the public interest”? Then get his overwhelming majority in the House to impeach them all and have his majority in the Senate find them guilty?
    That will take the Philippines down the road of S. Korea and Taiwan–and back to the road that Ferdinand Marcos, JP Enrile, et al. took. That path could be the Tuwid na Daan he has always been talking about.
    You had an editorial some months ago expressing the possibility that Pres. Aquino would declare martial law or emergency rule and get the support he needs from his overwhelming majority in Congress and possibly the support also of the Supreme Court.
    The Philippines has reached a definitive fork in its journey to disintegration that it has been taken by Pres Aquino since Day One of his presidency. This is the biggest problem Mr. Aquino and his Gang of Five have created, which Mr. Yen Makabenta missed to mention in his column today “The perversion of governance: Creating problems to profit from solving them.”
    But this could be the chance to make our country the Great Nation, State and Republic that Filipinos thought it would become when Marcos, Enrile, Fidel Ramos, Romulo, Ople, Ongpin, Cojuangco et al. declared martial law four decades ago.

  24. Samuel Santos on

    After PNoy’s Monday evening address delivered via television, can we now expect a battle royal between the Executive and Judicial branches of the government? What a waste this would bring to the nation!

  25. Alejo Rosete on

    The President is so scared that he is now “Singing in the dark”. Like a dog running around with his tale between his two legs. A great pretender – thinking ay matatacot niya ang Supreme Court at ang taong bayan. Ang Pilipinas ay hindi “Hacienda Luista”.
    Noong Panahon ng Happon hindi Umorong o Sumuko ang mga Pilipino – ngayon pa.

    Where is Sereno? Defend the institution – It is under attack.

  26. Manny F. Reyes on

    Attaboy Pinoy!

    SC, shove your legal mumble jumbles to your ears. Give the Executive more latitude to flexibly and quickly react to a fast moving local and global economy in this electronic age. You senators. Do not sleep on the job. Ratify all Executive actions on an on-going basis.

    • muriel magtanggol on

      Attaboy Pnoy, squander Mr. Reyes’ tax contribution all you want. You have his cheers and loud hurrah!

    • Buti kung taxpayer si mr reyes eh mukhang yellow
      troll lang siya kaya same level sila ni Homer simpson
      aka. BSA3rd, hopefully the last.

  27. he he he, ayon na ang magaling, siya na Presidente, sya rin ang Lehislatura. at ngayon gusto na nya mag SC justice. Delikado baka magdeklara ito ng diktadorya.

  28. people being used by corrupt politician to ignite chaos . the problem of DAP those who recieved the money should be audited and show the project document where the money list congressman lied that they did not know the DAP money they recieved ignoramus . my question to all corrupt officials of the three branches of the government
    your personal interest first before the people not the people you serve . Government official with dirty hand if found guilty life imprisonment for life without parole judgement and a deterrent to learned if you steal peoples money you go jail for life .

  29. See, what I posted after learning that King of DAP PNoy was to defend his illegal and unconstitutional DAP he will lay the blame on the Supreme Court. PNoy has just declared himself a lawyer, and very smart one at that. He is now also declaring himself as one above the law. Now is the right time for the public to move. PNoy has just declared himself as dictator last night.

  30. now, talk about PNoy being stupid! how many justices did he appoint to the supreme court? did he appoint them on the premise that they will side with him come thick or thin? i thought the whole premise is these justices were chosen not to serve the interest of the one who appointed them but to serve the interests of the people. is PNoy trying to suggest that the supreme court is right in its decisions if it benefits the executive branch and then wrong if it doesn’t? how can he be so ignorant? why the hell do we even have a supreme court if its biggest failure is not to interpret the constitution as best as they could? do we want the supreme court to interpret it so as not to hurt the feelings of the one who appointed them? in this case PNoy. what a sore loser for a president.

  31. “The Supreme Court’s decision questions our use of savings, and raises concerns on when we can use unprogrammed funds. They want savings declared only at the 31st of December of each year. If that were the case, when would the government be free to utilize these funds?—Abnoynoy Aquino


    • Brod, the answer to your question is right in your post itself. Finishe the project first before declaring a savings. The DAP of PNoy and Abad does not follow this procedure, they hijack the funds and declare it as savings, so what happens, the project will never be finished. This is making DAP illegal. No hijacking please.

  32. Rogelio C. Lim on

    Sa halip na humingi ng paumanhin dahil ang DAP ni Noynoy ay nadesisyunan na unconstitutional ay lalabanan niya ang SC dahil sa desisyon na ito. Ang ibig sabihin ay patuloy niya lalabagin ang saligang batas at mga batas ng Pilipinas kung ang mga ito ay laban sa kagustuhan niya at mga kaalyado.

  33. I think the President is right to challenge SC on its ruling. We are democratic country and I like the head of our state to challenge ruling if there is unjust evaluation.

    • It is my understanding that’s why we have a SC ,the final arbiter who has the responsibility to weigh in when injustices are being done by the elected President and Congress vs the people who elected him. The judiciary as an independent body , must maintain neutrality and cannot be politically influence by other branch of the gov’t. because they are appointed preserve the law and our Constitution and to protect the peoples interest against any abuses there maybe done by our gov’t ..

    • jt. pag unanimous na ang SC that means 100% sure sila na
      palpak ang amo ninyo lalot apat sa mahistrado appointed
      pa ni Penot, Yun ang trabaho ng SC pag aralan kung
      ang galaw ng executive ay naayon sa Constitution,
      kaya kung may kunti pang laman kahit uhog ang ulo
      mo, kapag unanimous ang decision ng SC niririspeto na,
      at sinusunod na, kung hindi gugulo ang buong bansa,
      dahil niyuyurakan ni Homer Simpson aka BSA3rd, hopefully
      the last, ang katungkulan ng co-equal niya sa gobyerno.

  34. Defying the decision of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, the highest court of the land is self-delusion not shared by millions of Filipinos. Would you expect U.S. President Obama to defy/resist decisions made by U.S. Supreme Court? This arrogant personality should be impeached unless congressmen/senators are suffering from the same. During the presidential election, there was an issue about his mental condition when he was in Massachusetts. Could it be his defiance to authority related to his mental diagnosis?

  35. Alfredo a.k.a Usi Sero on

    It’s high time to rid-off the “cocolisap” occupying the palace. PNoy is defying the SC court decision insisting that DAP was good and it is obvious he’s heading towards fiscal dictatorship.

    Let’s put our differences aside with the groups that are considered left-leaning. Nothing will happen if people continue to say they won’t join because of this/that group is joining the protest. We can definitely leverage them to achieve our common goal to remove Abnoy and minimize the damage.

    Some may object VP Binay becoming the president if Boy Sisi is removed but on the positive side, the two years will provide us window if VP Binay deserves another 6 years. PNoy have been the president for 4 years and no accomplishments except using our money to achieve his personal goals…no way he’ll get better overnight.