• Aquino defies SC, insists DAP legal


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Monday openly criticized the Supreme Court (SC) for its ruling that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) violated the Constitution.

    “We find it difficult to understand your decision,” Aquino said, referring to the High Court’s decision on July 1 declaring DAP unconstitutional.

    He maintained that the executive branch did not violate the law in implementing the program., and openly attacked the tribunal for striking out his project.

    “It is clear that the Supreme Court has much to consider that they may better clarify their decision regarding DAP; perhaps they can even identify DAP’s negative effect on the country,” Aquino said.

    “You had done something similar in the past, and you tried to do it again; there are even those of the opinion that what you attempted to commit was far graver. Abiding by the principle of ‘presumption of regularity,’ we assumed that you did the right thing; after all, you are the ones who should ostensibly have a better understanding of the law. And now, when we use the same mechanism—which, you yourselves have admitted, benefit our countrymen—why is it then that we are wrong?” he said, directly addressing the SC.

    The President maintained that DAP was necessary to speed up priority projects and to pump prime the economy.

    “Without doubt, any good leader would want to implement projects that benefit the public at the soonest possible time. I do not see any reason to delay benefits for our countrymen, especially because we have the wherewithal to alleviate their plight. It is clear that if you delay the benefits due them, you prolong the suffering of the Filipino people,” he added.

    Aquino said the government will appeal the SC ruling and called on the justices to see DAP his way.

    “We believe that the majority of you, like us, want only the best for the Filipino people. To the honorable justices of the Supreme Court: Help us help our countrymen. We ask that you review your decision, this time taking into consideration the points I have raised tonight. The nation hopes for your careful deliberation and response. And I hope that once you’ve examined the arguments I will submit, regarding the law and about our economy, solidarity will ensue—thus strengthening the entire government’s capability to push for the interests of the nation,” he said.

    “We know that the system we inherited was one that did not help, or did not do enough to help, our countrymen. We are now righting the wrongs in the system, so that it may work towards this goal: To uphold the interests of the people, our Bosses who handed us our mandate. Thus, to the Supreme Court, our message: Do not bar us from doing what we swore to do. Shouldn’t you be siding with us in pushing for reform? Let us, therefore, end this vicious cycle that has taken our people hostage,” he added.

    DAP allowed Malacanang to juggle savings, unprogrammed funds and allocations for slow moving projects to priority projects. The SC ruled that the Palace usurped the power of Congress in implementing DAP.

    Aquino insisted that DAP is not the same as the pork barrel funds, and there is nothing wrong and illegal with its use.




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    1. eltee mulawin on

      >>>Nguyngoy Cojuangco-Aquino3rd said the following:
      “We find it difficult to understand your decision,”
      His government will appeal the SC ruling and called on the justices to see DAP his way.

      This President shows himself a BOBO and reality of being empty head or AMPAW in the world. He wanted the Supreme Court to rule in accordance to what he wanted to do. HE SHOULD ABOLISH THE SYSTEM, THE CONSTITUTION, AND THE FORM OF GOVERNMENT. IN SHORT HE SHOULD DO TWO THINGS TO JUSTIFY ALL THINGS HE WANTED TO.
      1ST… He should change the form of government into PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM.
      2nd …Or Declare Martial Law in his own format and character ways and means.

      But if not…He is the very first thing among the Filipino people to RESPECT THE RULE OF LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION….most of all the Supreme Court.


      This administration argues that they used the DAP in good faith. Assuming without
      admitting that they used it as they said to stimulate the economy? Was the process
      that they used legal? THE SUPREME COURT SAID NO. This abnoy is the only
      president that I have ever know who opted to fight the Supreme Court in his
      address to the country. Isn’t that he has a solemn oath to defend and preserve the
      constitution, execute the laws and do justice to everyman. What he is doing now
      is that by hook or by crook he wants to get what he wants no matter what. That
      is what he is doing. That’s why it does no matter anymore if he violate the
      constitution if he gets what he wants. Did DAP stimulated the economy as they
      are saying? Did they really exercise good faith? Maybe only a small portion of it
      just for the sake of argument. Mr. Benjamin Diokno in his public policy memo
      reported that indeed there were disbursements namely: $750 million was given
      to the province of Quezon to settle tax liabilities of the NPC. And, 10billion plus
      another 20billion were given to the BSP. Then again these funds that were
      given to these senators and congressmen who voted for the impeachment of
      corona? Are these funds as this abnoy say that it stimulated the economy. Were
      there jobs created? NO. What was accomplished? Because of the P100 mllion
      given to Drilon & Enrile, P99million to Escudero and the rest is P50million each
      for the rest of senators who voted to impeach. What happened to these who
      did not succumbed to the whims of abnoy and did not vote for the impeachment
      like Marcos, Santiago and Arroyo. They did not receive anything, repeat, they
      did not receive anything. So, it is very very clear that this DAP stimulated NOT
      the economy but it clearly stimulated the impeachment of corona. So, Filipino
      people the facts are there. This abnoy want quick disbursing, short cut and violate
      existing laws and if discovered, he will quickly reason out as good faith. He is
      the president and supposed to be the example of the people in obeying the laws and
      not a violator. For no matter how noble the purpose assuming, if you violate the
      law in the process, the perpetrator still remains a criminal.

    3. Delikado ang utak na lumalabas sa isipan nitong si noynoy,walang-batas sa kanya dahil walang ibang tama kung hindi siya lamang,lalong lumalala ang sakit nito sa isip,kailangan na maihanda na ang mental hospital!!

    4. teresa mallari on

      Where do I begin..Temerity does not even paint the whole picture. To impose his agenda for the nation and to actually challenge the SC to do the same. It ia beyond really. SC interpreted the law according to limits set by our Constitution devoid of any personal bias of the justices because that is their mandate. To address them directly to reverse their ruling based on his “solidarity of the nation” agenda will in effect be asking them to act unconstitutionally in utter disregard of the principles of separation of powers and checks and
      balances, the very same democratic principles that our country stands on and has fought for. He has really gone way out of line. I can’t wait for Sirs Tiglao and Makabenta’s stand on this one.

    5. You are a true leader! Mabuhay ka Pnoy! Pinaglalaban mo mga ang karapatan naming mga mahihirap!

    6. wala na. this is short of saying “war” tayo. expect the lapdog tongressmen to say amen and start impeachment proceedings for all SC members. the public has to take sides now. we have an evil genius in the palace. the people now has to protect by all means the integrity of the SC. if the SC goes because of the this war freak president, we all go. he is treating the magistrates as dota characters he can easily whip off with a big stick.

    7. Pnoy. You are wrong. DAP IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It negates other administrative laws. The UNCONSTITUTIONALITY of DAP MUST PREVAILS.

    8. Anong mandate ang sinasabi mo kung hindi mo pa dinaya kasama ang mga yellow people ay hindi ka sana nanalo noong 2010.