• Aquino does not know what he doesn’t know


    AND it’s costly and dangerous for the nation.

    The statement is tautological, but it’s an increasingly popular idea in leadership and management studies. And it may help explain why, four years into his term, President Benigno Aquino 3rd is stumbling all over the place without solving one serious problem of national life.

    Like the classic Socratic admonition, “know thyself.” the idea of being aware of what you do not know is considered important by philosophers, psychologists and leadership gurus.

    Not knowing can be a sign not only of ignorance, but of incompetence.

    Knowledge gaps and problem solving
    In an article for the Harvard Business Review, “Do you know what you don’t know?”, the psychology teacher Art Markman explained the subject as follows:

    “You probably don’t know as much as you think you do. When put to the test, most people find they can’t explain the workings of everyday things they think they understand.

    “Don’t believe me? Find an object you use daily (a zipper, a toilet, a stereo speaker) and try to describe the particulars of how it works. You’re likely to discover unexpected gaps in your knowledge. In psychology, we call this cognitive barrier the illusion of explanatory depth. It means you think you fully understand something that you actually don’t.

    “An upsetting instance of knowledge gaps in the last decade was the profound misunderstanding of complex financial products that contributed to the market collapse of 2007. Investment banks were unable to protect themselves from exposure to these products, because only a few people (either buyers or sellers) understood exactly what was being sold. Those individuals who did comprehend these product structures ultimately made huge bets against the market using credit-default swaps. The willingness of companies like AIG to sell large quantities of credit-default swaps reflected a gap in their knowledge about the riskiness of products they were insuring.”

    Markman goes on to offer practical tips on how to overcome explanatory gaps.

    1. No matter the scale, discovering your explanatory gaps is essential. An undiagnosed gap in knowledge means you might not fully understand a problem. That can hinder innovative solutions.

    2. Explain concepts to yourself as you learn them. Get in the habit of self-teaching. Your explanations will reveal your own knowledge gaps and identify words and concepts whose meanings aren’t clear.

    3. Engage others in collaborative learning. Help identify the knowledge gaps of the people around you. Ask them to explain difficult concepts, even if you think everyone understands them. Not only will this help you to work through new ideas, it will occasionally uncover places where your colleagues don’t understand critical aspects of an explanation.

    4. When you do uncover these knowledge gaps, treat them as learning opportunities, not signs of weakness. After all, successful innovation rests on the assumption that you and the people around you have a high-quality understanding of the problem.

    Three exhibits of Aquino knowledge gaps
    In four years with him at the helm of our republic, it’s only to be expected that some or many of the failures and shortcomings of the Aquino administration can be attributed to knowledge gaps on the part of the chief executive and commander in chief.

    He entered the presidency with the barest credentials ever in national history. Although he served three terms in the House and one term in the Senate, he came away with no legislative accomplishment or notable achievement. And he never served in an executive capacity in either the public or private sector.

    From his very first fiasco, the Manila hostage crisis of August 2010, to his biggest and current setback, the voiding by the Supreme Court of his Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), the pervasive belief is that he was done in by his own ignorance.

    Over this past year, I can think of three clear instances where Aquino‘s lack of awareness of his knowledge gaps has proved detrimental to the nation and to his presidency.

    Exhibit 1: Bernas on Aquino’s ignorance of the law
    I refer here to his lack of understanding of the DAP, which his Budget Secretary Butch Abad invented and which the President authorized and repeatedly validated by signing every fund release.

    Constitutional commission delegate and constitutional law authority Fr. Joaquin Bernas, SJ, ascribes Aquino’s lapses with the DAP to ignorance of the law.

    Bernas believes the president cannot be held liable for culpable violation of the Constitution because the violation has to be intentional. But he adds that Aquino was likely ignorant of the law because of wrong advice from his legal team. Ignorance is not a ground for impeachment.

    “They didn’t know what they were doing, they thought that they were doing the right thing. After his term, you can go after him,” Bernas says.

    But presidential ignorance here could not be more costly. Because of it, P172 billion of taxpayers’ money went into the DAP, and will probably never be seen again.

    Exhibit 2: Aquino clueless in Japan
    A second vivid example of an Aquino knowledge gap occurred during his recent one-day visit to Japan.

    In Tokyo, Aquino openly endorsed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s move to amend Japan’s 67-year-old pacifist Constitution, “reinterpret” its anti-war provision, and adopt the “right to collective self-defense.”

    This has raised many eyebrows here at home, none higher than those of former senator Kit Tatad, who wrote a scathing column in the Standard. Kit commented:

    “Amending Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution would most certainly impact Japan’s security ties with its neighbors, and there is no room at this time for a foreign head of state to comment publicly on the ongoing process.

    “Despite this obvious red line, Aquino gleefully declaimed on the virtues of the Japanese exercise, with no inhibitions. He said:

    “We believe that nations of goodwill can benefit only if the Japanese government is empowered to assist others and is allowed to come to the aid of those in need, especially in the area of collective self-defense.”

    “We…do not view with alarm any proposal to revisit the Japanese constitution if the Japanese people so desire, especially if this enhances Japan’s ability to address its international obligations and brings us closer to our shared goals of peace, stability and mutual prosperity,” he added.

    Tatad concluded: “With a small pinch of knowledge of international relations and statecraft, Aquino could have avoided making that completely avoidable statement in Japan.”

    Exhibit 3: Aquino’s defense of DAP
    Without getting an expert legal briefing, the President sallied forth in October last year to adamantly defend the DAP and threatened to barnstorm the country and shame its critics.

    He declared on live TV: “The Disbursement Allocation Program is not pork barrel. Spending through DAP is clearly allowed by the Constitution and by other laws. DAP is only a name for a process in which government can spend both savings and new and additional revenues.

    “The issue here is theft. I did not steal.

    “Those who have been accused of stealing are those who are sowing confusion; they want to dismantle all that we have worked so hard to achieve on the straight path. We were stolen from, we were deceived–and now we are the ones being asked to explain? I have pursued truth and justice, and have been dismantling the systems that breed the abuse of power–and yet I am the one now being called the Pork Barrel King?”

    At the time, Aquino clearly did not know the legal intricacies of the DAP or understand the controversy it triggered.

    He doesn’t know how our govt works
    Now that the program has been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, he probably understands even less the reason why he lost so spectacularly in the legal battle before the High Court, and in the court of public opinion.

    I am convinced that throughout the period when the DAP was hatched and when he was signing all those documents facilitating it, Aquino never once paused to ask Abad whether the DAP was legal and constitutional. He does not know how our government works.

    He doesn’t have a notion of what governing or running a government is all about. The only thing he tries to grasp is power, the powers of his office. But not how power is supposed to be used to solve national problems.

    From ignorance to arrogance
    For any leader with gravitas, these lapses of judgment and understanding would be mortifying. Yet Aquino’s attitude has been the opposite.

    Instead of being humbled, he becomes arrogant, probably amused by the thought that ignorance rhymes with arrogance.

    He repeatedly dares his opponents and critics to impeach him, completely confident that Congress, which he thoroughly corrupted with the DAP and PDAF, would never impeach him.

    On this point, he again shows that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.

    He probably doesn’t remember that President Joseph Estrada was impeached by the House on the sly. The impeachment complaint against Erap did not pass the chamber through the normal process; then speaker Manuel Villar smuggled it out, thinking of profiting politically from it. It would not have passed otherwise.

    If there’s one truth that Aquino ought to learn by heart, it’s the fact that politics is the art of the possible. Things change.

    For all he knows, some members of Congress could develop a conscience. And some may already have shifted their allegiance to the people.



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    1. Mr Joros.. I don’t care if Pnoy et al goes to jail. Im not affiliated to Pnoy cause I’m OFW. What I care most that He had done something better to our government and our system. Maalala mo ilang pangulo ang lumipas… di mabilang na protesta sa kalye ang ginawa para pigilan ang PDAF. May nangyari ba? Kung gugustuhin ng presidente may paraan.. kung ayaw maraming dahilan! Eh kay Pnoy, nabigla na lang ang lahat wala na ang PDAF pati DAP. Walang martsa sa daan ang nangyari pero pinagbigyan pa rin tayo. Hindi ba ito tungo sa “tuwid na daan”?

      Mr bernard.. I prefer DAP to call it unconstitutional rather than PDAF which the congress and senate wholeheartedly called it “legal” and even made national budget appropriations, illegal din pala! So kasuhan din ang mga nagdaang presidente kasi pumirma din sila! Ngayon sino ang mas bobo??? Si Pnoy o yong mahigit isang daang tongressmen at iilang senatongs na nag-usap pa sa mababa at mataas na kapulungan kung paano gastusin ang pera ng bayan, eh illegal din pala. So sino ang malinis dito? Sino ang mas nanloko sa publiko? Sino ang matagal nang nanloloko sa publiko?
      Kaya sa aking pananaw, wala akong pakialam kung wala sa kunstitusyon ang DAP o PDAF. Mas importante sa akin kung saan ito ginamit.
      Maraming nagawa si Pnoy sa pagbabago. Halibawa ang AFP modernization, pagbuwag ng DAP o PDAF. Kung gusto nyong kasuhan si Pnoy go ahead. Pero manghihinayang ako na mawala lahat ng nasimulan niyang pagbabago dahil lang sa matatamis na salita ng gustong magpatumba sa kanya!

    2. Dolly Dela Cruz on

      Friends only few of us can determine who is qualified to the position of presidency. Majority of the Filipino people are ignorant judging from the top 3 2010 presidential candidates. Among the 3, the 2nd is the worst and influential among the blind ignorant voters. Without our present president, he will become our president and bringing this country into chaotic situation again (no strong foundation, no platforms, no legacy, no achievement, etc). Pnoy is the least answer to my answered prayers. God cannot remedy ignorant voters but showed us popularity voters can beat another popularity voters. Let’s be thankful for that.

      Let’s not memorize the weak leadership of our president but support him instead. DAP in definition is correct. It is an emergency fund that should be used immediately according to our country’s situation without any further delay but it is being spent not in calamity but to the expense of our senators who did NOT rejected it OR remind our president that they or their offices are not under calamity. I recommend DAP to be used not only in calamity but also to buy navy ship to replace SIERRA MADRE in Ayungin shaol. See how I get frustrated when I gaze this ship while the DAP is accepted by ignorant senators.

      IMPEACHMENT IS NOT A SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM. For our beloved president, don’t get affected with this late criticism. You are now experiencing the distraction that your predecessor had experienced. There are too much work to do according to her to listen to criticism. Hurry up! Leave the PDAP issue to de Lima and start work with the defense secretary. Japan has made a big decision. What is yours.

    3. Dolly Dela Cruz on

      Friends only few of us can determine who is qualified to the position of presidency. Majority of the Filipino people are ignorant judging from the top 3 2010 presidential candidates. Among the 3, the 2nd is the worst and influential among the blind ignorant voters. Without our present president, he will become our president and bringing this country into chaotic situation again (no strong foundation, no platforms, no legacy, no achievement, etc). Pnoy is the least answer to my answered prayers. God cannot remedy ignorant voters but showed us popularity voters can beat another popularity voters. Let’s be thankful for that.

      Let’s not memorize the weak leadership of our president but support him instead. DAP in definition is correct. It is an emergency fund that should be used immediately according to our country’s situation without any further delay but it is being spent not in calamity but to the expense of our senators who did rejected it remind our president that they or their offices are not under calamity. I recommend DAP to be used not only in calamity but also to buy navy ship to replace SIERRA MADRE in Ayungin shaol. See how I get frustrated when I gaze this ship while the DAP is accepted by ignorant senators.

    4. But you failed to mention that the Supreme Court acknowledged the implementation of the DAP yielded undeniably positive results that enhanced the economic welfare of the country.

    5. When all the smoke have settled on the unconstitutional DAP, it will turn out that Penoy was not “ignorant” of the illegality of their acts. A little investigative journalism will reveal the extent of his knowledge of the illegality as well as the intent to cheat the people of their money just to serve political agenda.

    6. Roger Marcelo on

      I remember the old proverb:
      “He who knows not and knows not he knows not , is a fool”.

    7. …i met a guy here in mideast, he just arrived working as a janitor in a clinic earning 12k per month, including his allowance, so basically he can send 8k per mo…when i spoke to him, he cried so hard, his tears flow…he cant imagine he will leave his family…for what..TO EARN AND SEND 8K MONTH….ganun po kahirap ang bansa natin at para malaman na merong 175b sa dap…napakasakit isipin na may mga taong kayang sikmurain na paghiwalayin ang isang pamilya dahil sa 8k….IGNORANCE OF THE LAW, IN GOOD FAITH….SABIHIN YUN SA TAONG NASIRA ANG PAMILYA O SA MGA TAONG NALULUNGKOT NGAYON DAHIL SA 8K…

    8. chito feria on

      Mr. Makabenta’s last 2 statements truly sadden me…..that some of our legislators may already have developed a conscience and now have aligned themselves with the people. Circumstances would, no doubt, have been different had our politicians developed and used their consciences at the onset.

    9. Father Bernas was right on his opinion that our Philippine President who only care for the Kaibigan, kaklase, kamag-anak, kakulay, kabarkada, kapartido at marami pang KA, are doing in good faith and cannot be impeach coz he know the mental evaluation of Pres. BS during his Ateneo days.

      My only hope that some concern and nationalist brave laywer will file plunder case to Drilon, Abad and Pnoy (DAP) for using DAP fund in Corona trial to the Ombudsman, to see what will happen specially thier palusot while waiting for the 2016 GAME OVER.

    10. Impeachment is too kind to punish PNoy. VP Binay, the great hypocrite, says it is not right as it is divisive, is silently salivating. The worst and most immoral part is for the chameleon and hypocrites in both houses of Congress to impeach him go scot free and secretly stashing their PDAF and DAP loot to the banks of the oligarch bankers. For me let our people realize their grievous mistake, particularly in allowing crooks and incompetents grace the halls of Malacanang and Congress. Let these crooks and incompetents pillage this country until the social volcano will erupt and overthrow, once and for all, the ruling elite and political dynasties. EDSA 1 almost reached that point but it was scuttled and hijacked by the power-hungry oligarchs. Only then can we break ourselves from the shackles of gargantuan inequality, underdevelopment and poverty. Feudalism was uprooted in Europe as showcased by the triumph of the French serfs in the French Revolution. So, let PNoy do his thing for the remaining 2 years of presidency. Although it greatly hurt, his utterly incompetent regime might bring our society to that tipping point within this period.

    11. Good Day to all, Mr. Makabenta’s articles is right. Most of us think we know something but when we confront and face the situations impromptu we petrified and failed to make an intelligent solutions. Like what had happen to his cabinet. However, it is better that way than using your superior wits and knowledge to corrupt the peoples money outright like what the pork barrel system do. As long as his intentions is to fast track the project of the government without cuts and commission to those corrupt lawmakers. May God bless us all.

    12. Eliseo Jr. P. Tenza on

      The progress of the Philippines is lagging behind his neighbors because of corruption. Corruption is the stumbling block to progress. Funds that should go to the projects for the improvement of the Philippines goes to corrupt politicians government officials and employees. For so many years we have been complaining that our government is Corrupt.Other Presidents have said they will fight corruption. Corruption became worse. Now somebody is really doiing something against Corrution. Let us help him and help the Philippines to progress.
      If Pinoy reduce or eradicate Corruption thatwould be the biggest achivement of all.

      • Yes, indeed true. This somebody is no other than Pnoy himself. He should be careful next time in choosing his cabinet.

      • I agree! Too genius like Marcos destroyed the country and I think lawyers are bad for the government because everytime they make those chronic stealings and corruption things they can get away with it.

    13. On exhibit 1, on the thought shared by Bernas, there is this existing principle in law that must not be eluded, which says about ignorance of the law excuses no one, even when doen in ‘good faith’.

      Ignorantia juris non excusat or ignorantia legis neminem excusat (Latin for “ignorance of the law does not excuse” or “ignorance of the law excuses no one”) is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because he or she was unaware of its content.

      The general rule under common law is that “ignorance of the law or a mistake of law is no defense to criminal prosecution.”[13] [14]In some cases, courts have held if knowledge of a law, or the intent to break a law, is a material element of an offense a defendant may use ignorance as a defense to willfulness if his misunderstanding is in good faith:

      The proliferation of statutes and regulations has sometimes made it difficult for the average citizen to know and comprehend the extent of the duties and obligations imposed by the tax laws. . . . [T]he Court almost 60 years ago interpreted the statutory term “willfully” as used in federal criminal tax statutes as carving out an exception to the traditional rule.”[15].

      • emmanuel mallari on

        I actually disagree with Fr. Bernas. Pnoy is fully aware that DAP is illegal as he himself crafted a bill against it immediately after attending the workshop/seminar conducted by a group called SWP (Social Watch P???). Unfortunately, this bill did not pass the scrutiny of his colleagues. Knowing that there is no law against it, he proceeded and raided the coffers of the unsuspecting government agencies with the help of Abad and uses it to bribe the congressmen and senator judges to impeach the chief justice.

    14. Why we didn’t see the logic???
      How long we are fighting for abolition of PDAF? Way back since Pres. Cory Aquino the creator of PDAF. Now both PDAF and DAP is abolished and fantasies of corrupt officials is over… what we like to happen next?
      Patience mga kababayan. Hintayin natin yong next appropriation kung may lilitaw kapalit ng PDAF or DAP. Diyan na natin husgahan ang pangulo.
      Pnoy is brilliant because he was able to abolish but PDAF and DAP without hurting himself from the corrupt congressman and senators. He appointed noble Sereno and brave Morales to fight corruption. Hindi kagaya ng mga lumipas na presidente.. Puro dakdak walang nagawa!!!

      • Plain and simple ms julie ang character mo ay kasama sa ipinapaliwanag ni mr makabenta o isa kang simpleng
        miyembro Dilaw brigade at kumukulekta ng pabuya para
        dumepensa sa mga kapalpakan ng amo ninyo.
        Napaka linaw sa mga lumalabas na katibayan na
        si Penoy ay nag propose ng batas para pahigpitin pa ang
        ipinapagbawal sa saligang batas na pagsusobi ng mga guguling
        hindi pa nagamit sa ukol na proyekto para pagsamasamahin at
        gamitin sa ibang bagay na hindi aprobado sa general appropriation
        o annual budget. Samakatwid alam ni Penoy na labag sa
        constitution ang kaniyang ginawa at ayon na rin kay gng. briones
        dating natl. tresurer ng bansa si Penoy ay laging dumadalo
        sa mga pagpapaliwanagang kanilang sinasagawa sa Senado
        nuon Senador pa eto, Kaya nga pinangunahan ni Penoy
        ang pag akda ng lalong paghihigpit pa para hindi mabaliwala
        ang naturang pagbabawal ayon sa constitution.
        Pero kitang kita na naiba ang ihip ng hangin ng umupo ng
        Presidente si penoy at siya na ang nanguna sa pagbaligtad
        sa kautusang sa constitution. Kaya hindi masasabi ng mga
        taga Pagtangol ni penoy at magamit ang salitang in Good Faith
        at Ignorance of the Law, Maliban na lang kung gagamitin ninyo
        ang salitang Mental inadequacy o wala sa tamang Kaisipan,
        baka maawa pa ang bayan. Kayan ang payo ko sayo ms
        julie tumigil kana at humanap ka ng marangal na trabaho
        kaysa sumama ka sa brigada ng nanLILINLANG sa taong
        ANG GINAGAWA NINYO, matapos pagnakawan ang
        kaban ng bayan ay linlangin ang masa para hindi mag alsa.

      • Lest we forgot that PDAF was once questioned during GMA term and what was the verdict of SC? It is constitutional. That was then but not now. NOW – Only by stroke of luck when a Ben Hur came forward to reveal the “political machinery” that siphons the then “legal” PDAF. DAP was found to be illegal yes. But it was only when PDAF was found illegal first (though SC declared it constitutional beforehand). I am just grateful that a BenHur was found and maybe was forced to reveal what he knows. Aren’t you even pondering? What if there was no Ben Hur? Everyone in the Legislative Branch are getting their 70 and 200 million continuously up to now and forever stealing peoples money. I’d like to guess that even the justices in SC do not know this PDAF scheme but has an idea of the commissions of the “endorsers”. Now becoz “the beans had been spilled”. Prosecutions are happening only later. When billions had been squandered.

        I am for whatever is happening. I don’t care who is found guilty. Lets support the Ombudsman and the Sandigan Bayan that they will be guided if only we Pinoys can hope for a BETTER PHILIPPINES> This can be the only chance we have.

    15. If only the people of this nation could read what we read right now, and if I only had the resources to re publish Mr. Yen Makabenta’s column today, I would rightly do it so that the people of the Republic of the Philippines will now that the president who was elected by PCOS machine does not know that he doesn’t know how to run the Philippine government… This self proclaimed righteous tenant in Malacañang is the greatest joke in our lives. I paid my taxes dutifully as a citizen, why oh why this vindictive individual occupied the highest position in our land, I deserve a better president a genuine president not pcos elected, don’t you too?

      • Since the Spanish era , who is the president who wants to get rid of corruptions and graft that plague the Philippines since and old folks died already waiting for these changes in their lives. The problem lies to the ignorant people whose votes are being sold and does not know the outcome of the country or they love popular people like movie stars and rich people in which they don’t know where the riches came from and they don’t know that these people doesn’t have money satisfaction and they will do anything just to have it.


      Guadalupe is right. This abnoy cannot cite ignorance as his defense because
      in 2008 he authored Senate Bill 3121 which specifically prohibit the impounding
      of funds. What a heck. Is this another palusot? This abnoy is a master of double
      standard. During the time of Arroyo he also advocated that there should be a limit
      for the reappointment of appointees who were bypassed by the CA. The same
      is true about the impoundment of funds. But when he became president, he
      reappointed De Lima, Soliman, etc 4 times. When he became president together
      with his tuta abad they invented the DAP that impounded funds. This president
      say one thing but does another.

    17. Congrats Mr. Makabenta. You’ve written an insightful article. We really cannot sit in judgment against anybody. But then when an individual has pretensions of being a leader of the people, he should be ready to submit to them for an accounting of what he had done for or against them. The trouble with Noy is that he simply cannot let go of his ego. In fact he is too full of himself, thinking that the life of this whole unfortunate nation revolves around him! He is self-deluded. He utterly lacks self-knowledge and, more important, he does not have self-awareness. That is to say, he simply cannot step back from himself and observe himself objectively. Yes, it is true indeed that he does not know that he does not know although he thinks he does! Poor soul!

    18. Those who are like Aquino, who enter politics only by virtue of their name and nothing else, should realize they are actually doing a disservice to their nation by doing so. They should emulate Dolphy, who, when pushed by political crocodiles to run refused by saying, “Ano ang gagawin ko kung manalo ako”. To me, that is the mark of a nationalistic, patriotic person. Knowing he has nothing to give, he didn’t allow himself to be used. If only for that, he will go down in history as not only one of our best actors but also one of the greatest Filipino.

      I hope Aquino develops some humility, something his family does not seem to possess.

      • Lord Chimera on

        Hope and actuality are two different things so I wouldn’t bet on BSA growing some humility…

    19. Mr. Makabenta, you are wrong. The Abnoy knew about the illegality of the DAP.

      During the time of GMA, he authored a Senate Bill (3121) prohibiting fund impoundment. This was because he knew the DAP was illegal. Hence, he cannot claim ignorance of the law nor “good faith” in escaping from his culpability on the use of DAP. The Supreme Court Justices Bersamin, Brion and Carpio emphasized this in no uncertain terms in their concurring opinions.

      • Lord Chimera on

        One cannot even claim “good faith” in doing an act that by its very nature is illegal or a crime. I’m getting tired of hearing that “good faith” BS since its like a priest or pastor doing things that no decent people should do.

    20. butch hirro on

      ignorance of the law is no excuse. when secretary coloma said that the president will not make an apology because he did nothing wrong, well it’s almost him saying that the supreme court made the mistake instead when it declared DAP as unconstitutional. regardless as to whether it was a mistake or an honest mistake, pnoy should make an apology to the people. but why would he? did he do that during the hostage crisis in 2010? the man is arrogant. he thinks he knows it all. what a shame.

    21. Alejo Rosete on

      What kind of a man elected by the people to lead this country?
      Lead the country ruin?
      And we all know we are going to that direction of “Tuwid na Daan”.

      Where are the Congressmen who loves to talk in front of the camera?
      Where are these Congressmen now? Are they now “Tong”gressman?.
      A dog with a bones in his mouth can not bark.

      And when the “SWS/Pulse Asia” survey comes out – still very popular.
      Are these surveys also DAPped?

      That PCOS machine was also DAPped? – now, burned by “Sixto-cleck”.
      During the time of President Garcia they termed it “Cosmelec” (Brother of President Garcia – Cosme, who was then the “Chair of the Commission on Elections”)

      There was a rumor about his neuro exam in the US. Why not smuggled it out to know the truth about his capacity to govern. We have a lot of smugglers here in our country any way. Any body Home?

    22. In short, this magnificent column of Mr Yen Makabenta only conforms and showcase that King PNoy is a no-clue, incompetent President. Period.

    23. If Pnoy does not know what he doesn’t know… I believe he was already out of the office like Joseph Estrada’s fate long time ago. Pnoy is clever. Despite of dirty politics, He was able to balance and played the congressmen and senators to pursue His “daang matuwid”. Why just now PDAF was ruled out unconstitutional despite many administration passed and it was always questioned and asked to abolish it? I think this is the end of corrupt official’s fantasy. Why only happened on Pnoy’s administration? Is it not a clear sign of “daang matuwid”? He could have influenced the judiciary in favor of DAP as we know it but He didn’t… as other presidents influenced it in the past on PDAF issue. Why He was able to stop this corrupt system if He is not clever enough to cook this corrupt congressmen and senators with their own fat even it might cause Him trouble. He need this DAP to keep him from the office after PDAF was suspended to gain power and continue His advocacy. On the contrary, He appointed Sereno et al to the SC to rule out DAP and PDAF unconstitutional. Very simple way to stop this corruption rather than to fight it in congress… Is it not a plan??? or just a coincedence…

      • No Juliet, he couldn’t influence the judiciary even if he wants to, because he has only 4 justices on his side CJ Sereno, Leonen, Reyes and Bernabe. BSA doesn’t have the numbers. If BSA has the numbers Im sure PDAF and DAF will be ruled as constitutional. Wanna bet? I hope BSA goes to jail after his term alone with Abad-boy. Looking forward to it.

      • Edith Gerona on

        Ms. Julie, Aquino could not have influenced the decision of SC to declare DAP unconstitutional even if he wanted to. Besides, the decision of the court was unanimous, meaning all of them justices, declared DAP unconstitutional, ( 9 justices appointed by Arroyo, and 4 justices appointed by Aquino ) with 1 abstention in the person of justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro. If it would only be up to Aquino, he would not go to SC to ask for its ruling on the constitutionality of DAP . Ordinary citizens filed the petitions challenging the constitutionality of DAP . Pres. Aquino, DBM sec. Abad, Executive sec. Ochoa, and members of Congress, senators and representatives are the respondents . Do not twist things around, Julie.

    24. I hope that the last paragraph – “some members of Congress could develop a conscience” would come into fruition. This will make Abnoy come to knowing what he does not know.

      • Some congressman wouldn’t have the conscious they have. All of them are power hungry and that they don’t have the guts to spill out there fellow congressman. They are full of BS just like the president and his cabinets.


      The problem in this country why it remains to be corrupt is that Filipino voters
      during elections are easily carried by emotions, popularity, and of course mone.
      As being said, in this country, what you need are the 3 G’s( Gold, Guns & Goons).
      You need not have a brain to be a president. That is exactly what is happening
      to this abnoy; Fr. Bernas went on to say that this president might not know what
      he has been doing in the case of the DAP. Isn’t it that “All people are presumed
      to know the law and ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith.”
      In his column Mr. Makabenta said because of this presidential ignorance, peoples
      money to the tune of $172 billion were lost through the DAP. As a Filipino, I cannot
      believe it that this president who is bubo if that is what he is to be called does not
      even study, verify or research before he affix his signature. If indeed that this
      president is ignorant and does not know what he has been doing, then what
      responsibility has he for the country? Just a mere rubber stanp that he is just
      there in the presidency to sign for whatever is presented to him to sign. Like
      in the case of the DAP, if we are to digest these comments that it was a mere
      presidential ignorance or he did it in good faith. Then this is by all means a very
      dangerous precedent. That in the future, if one does a crime he or she can just
      invoke what they now say as good faith and ignorance. Even the Supreme
      Court said that these officials involve could be held liable. Isn’t bribing members
      of congress a clear bad faith? Kong ganoon ang katwiran, kapag nagnakaw
      ang isang tao kapag nahuli ka ay sabihin mo lang na ignorant ka or good faith
      ang ginawa mo. Ganoon ba ang pagkaalam ng isang presidente ngayon?