• Another People Power looms

    Aquino exit plan bared

    ALL EARS  President Benigno Aquino 3rd chats with relatives of some of the policemen killed in Mamasapano. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd chats with relatives of some of the policemen killed in Mamasapano. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

    AS reports of a coup d’etat continue to swirl amid looming massive protest rallies to pressure President Benigno Aquino 3rd into resigning, Malacañang has allegedly drafted an exit plan for the Chief Executive should these demonstrations gather strength, a highly placed source said.

    The source on Thursday claimed that a Palace insider showed a draft of the exit plan to leaders of groups calling for Aquino’s resignation.

    “In the midst of our conversation she showed us the documents supposedly containing the exit plan,” the source said.

    “She showed us the copy of the alleged draft exit plan. We played this down since we did not know her intentions in showing us the document,” said.

    “Apparently, the Palace is already feeling the heat,” the source added.

    Some political observers and experts, however, believe Aquino will not step down.
    The chairman emeritus of The Manila Times, Dante Ang Sr., said any such exit plan should not include the President’s resignation but should only involve securing his safety.

    Ang recalled his own experience when former President Joseph Estrada attempted to do “Edsa Tres” against then-President Gloria Arroyo, the latter’s closest aides devised an escape plan for her if the protesters entered Malacanang.

    Ang, however, said Arroyo would have rejected the escape plan and would have insisted on staying in Malacañang.

    He added that if Aquino needed to go, his exit plan would be to set up a fortress in Hacienda Luisita where he could be protected by his own army.

    “In Hacienda Luisita, he could also have the protection of his friends, Archbishop Villegas and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines [CBCP] and rule as
    President more honestly until the end of his term,” he said.

    Ang was apparently referring to Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas, also president of the CBCP.

    Public outrage had grown since the killing of the 44 police commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, on Jan 25 by combined forces of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and Bangsamaro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).

    Calls for the President to step down snowballed after the now-suspended head of the Special Action Force (SAF), Getulio Napeñas, admitted that the President knew about the top-secret mission to capture two top terrorists and that he allowed Alan Purisima to run the operation despite Purisima’s suspension as Philippine National Police (PNP) chief by the Sandiganbayan for graft.

    The source refused to disclose details of the exit plan.

    He, however, said part of the plan was for Aquino to consider resigning if protests turn into a People Power uprising and the military and police withdrew their support for the President.

    Another option would be the establishment of a military junta and Aquino being allowed to stay on in the Palace, but under such plan he would be reduced to a lame duck leader as the government would be governed by a joint council.

    The militant Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) also on Thursday confirmed that another People Power is in the works.

    Former Rep. Teodoro Casino, now the spokesman for Bayan, said the planned nationwide protests that will start on February 22 are not part of a coup plot.

    “It’s not a coup d’ etat nor an armed revolt. It’s People Power,” Casino pointed out, referring to activities and protests that various groups would mount in wake of the Mamasapano tragedy.

    “Clearly the buck stops with the President. Many think part of the solution is removing him from office. But the bigger challenge is ensuring that the resulting government—whatever it is and whoever leads it—sustains the momentum to change the system. People Power should not end with Aquino’s ouster but continue until the necessary political, economic and social reforms for our people are in place,” he said.

    Casiño revealed that many cause-oriented groups, civil society organizations, political leaders, religious, laity and concerned individuals have been meeting and discussing ways on how to remove Aquino in the light of his latest “blunder”—the death of 44 police SAF commandos in Mamasapano town in Maguindanao province.

    “The growing consensus is that this is just the latest in a string of blunders by the Aquino government and a reflection of the systemic flaws in our political system.

    Mamasapano was a fatal result of US intervention mixed with Aquino’s incompetence and lack of leadership. Many have expressed equal frustration over the administration’s failure to make a dent in the fight against bureaucratic corruption, cronyism, political patronage and criminality, not to mention the equally grave problems of chronic poverty and underdevelopment,” the Bayan spokesman said.

    He called on the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), PNP and local authorities “not to prevent people from coming out in the streets to express their demand for change.”

    “There is nothing to fear from People Power . . . It’s not a coup d’ etat or an armed revolt,” the former lawmaker said.

    “We are not calling for a coup d’ etat. We want the President to be held accountable for his many failures. Most people are demanding for truth and accountability on the Mamasapano incident. Many are also calling on President Aquino to step down for this and his many other failures. These are legitimate grievances and demands and the government should not prevent people from expressing their sentiments whether in social media or in the streets,” he added.

    On Feb 25, exactly one month after the Mamasapano incident, and on the anniversary of EDSA 1, these groups will converge in an inter-faith prayer and form a symbolic human chain from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. starting at the Camp Crame EDSA gate stretching all the way to the EDSA Shrine on Ortigas Avenue.


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    1. Ang ayaw ko lang talaga sa gagawin ni pnoy ay ang ibigay ang mindanao sa mga rebelde…. Para narin kasing sumuko/nabading siya sa mga nangyayari tsaka habang nag SSONA pa siya tungkol dun sa nangyari sa maguindanao, nakaka irita ang mukha niyang parang natutuwa pa…. Mali talaga ang binotong na presidente ng ibang pilipino, kung di lamang nagpadala sa kanyang pagiging Aquino…. Hay paliit ng paliit na talaga teritoryo ng Pilipinans, kahit nga Spratly’s makukuha na ng Tsina idadagdag pa ang Mindanao na posibleng maging sarili nilang bansa? Naging mas maganda ko tuloy ang plano ni dating Presidente J. Estrada na tugisin ang mga rebelde as in wala talagang matira, kahit papano AFP na kumpleto sa kagamitan pang bakbakan kesa sa mga Pulis ang tutugis….

    2. Pony’s. behavior should his psychological disorder that is triggered by traumatic events like Luneta hostage, Yolanda typhoon disaster and now Mamasapano Brave 44 massacre. Pnoy suffers a deep depression that prevents him from thinking clear, assessing the situation and making good judgement call. This events drove him to isolation for days and takes his depressant medications prescribed by his psychiatrist. In the process Pnoy got confused, light-headed and mentally imbalance so that he can not speak with clarity and self-conscious of bring blamed. As a result, Pnoy does not accept responsibilities, lie big time and blame others and shield himself from culpability out of fear of prosecution, which are qualities of a wesk and stupid leader! Pnoy says thru Coloma that he will reveal the truth only ” at the right time” and that is when everything gets quiet and the media does not haunt him. But Pnoy as usual, will just deny, blame and twist facts without accepting responsibilities as Commander-in-Thief!

    3. No matter what statements, alibis and lies, the Binays do, majority of the Filipinos don’t believe in them. It is now a common knowledge how corrupt the Binays are. With those billions of pesos that they stole from the government, we Filipinos pray that the Binays be given the punishment based on the wrath of the Filipino people that they should suffer the same sufferings as those who are sick of cancer. Good that Remulla is no longer within the circle of the Binays to protect him. For this Lenten season, let us all pray to God to save the Philippines from the Binays.

    4. oo nandoon na tayo masakit mawalan ng mahal sa buhay. pero diba trabaho nila yan makipagbakbakan maghanap ng masasama at lumaban. hindi man sila doon na matay alam na alam natin once pumasok ka diyan sa trabaho na yan 99% alam na alam nila at pamilya nila kung anong pwedeng abutin ng mahal nila sa buhay. na pansin lamang ito dahil marami sila pero kung 1 – 2 namatay ganyan din ba ginagawa ng mga tao. isisi sa isang tao lamang hindi solution ang pag resign. kanina nakikinig ako sa news sabi isa sa mga asawa ng saf na interview ang tagal nila inintay si Pnoy doon diba nga gulat kayo bigla siya dumating sa pulong niyo. halatang turuan na kayo e. kung gusto natin magkaroon ng hustisya mag tulungan ang lahat.hindi yung isis sa isang tao. sa tingin niyo ba kung mapatalsik niyo si pnoy gaganda na ang pinas mabibigyan ng hustisya pagkamatay ng SAF. lagay na natin may mali sila. wala naman taong perfect diba . siguro naman may natutunan sila at para hindi na mangyari pa ulit.

    5. Jaime Hernandez on

      ‘at the right time’ is a delaying tactic. Pnoy is running out of plausible options. Quit now

    6. Jaime Sandoval on

      Our Constitution prescribes the Vice President shall be Acting President if the incumbent President resigns or removed from office.

      SIMPLE, PEACEFUL, & LEGAL TURNOVER OF PRESIDENTIAL .OFFICE & AUTHORITY upon vacancy of the Office of the President.

      Other means won’t be respected by the international community and that person so enthrone will be considered illegitimate.

      Removal from office by impeachment by Congress or by a lawsuit in the Supreme Court is viable in view of:

      1) Aquino, as commander-in-chief deserted his own army leaving them killed in the battlefield by his denial of requested reinforcement while on a military mission authorized by himself.

      2) Wilfully circumvented the Constitution by usurping the authority wholly vested on the Legislative Branch of the Philippine Government.

      3) Gross incompetence in supporting and upholding the Constitution.

      4) Full endorsement & support of surrendering portions of the Philippine National Territory and patrimony of Filipino People to a renegade group of Muslim militants and revolutionary enemies of the Republic.

      5. Assaulted the Sovereignty of the Philippines
      by allowing the MILF killing 44 SAF MEN unpunished and dismissal of the deaths of 44 SAF Protectors of the Filipino Nation as merely a military accident brought about by miscommunication.

      6. Lost the trust of the Filipino people who elected Aquino as the servant of the public servants of the people borne by the written & duly signrd
      ned c of trying “RRSOGN”

    7. dapat panagutan ni abnoy Aquino ang kanyang sala sa bayan. Marami siyang sala na dapat harapin sa korte isa na rito ang kamatayan ng 44 SAF men at marami pang iba. Death to Pnoy.

    8. That’s always the problem in any government, organization, clubs and etc., if the leader selected only depends on the opinion of a kickers, groups, friends, &/or consultants, it will surely fail. Sailing the boat, driving a vehicle even piloting an aircraft needs proper thinking, experiences in trouble shooting, running a government with vast populations of different likes and dislikes is very difficult. We need a leader with a brain like Pres. Ferdinand Marcos or similar is enough.

      • Yeah!!!, Prsdnt. Marcos did alot to develop our country…. He did lots of projects that are not SUBSTANDARD I mean they don’t break for just a year or two…. He also made our country during his reign one of the TOP in the world…. All PRIMARY GOODS were properly controlled with their price unlike nowadays, each week/month they increase prices ridiculously or absurdly…. And yeah, he may somewhat be corrupt aswell but what politician isnt? Atleast he did alot for our country before his own wellbeing…. I really hoped his postponed Nuclear Powerplant project wasn’t halted, cause it really really wouldve helped half of the country’s power deficiency and ofcourse it will never be SUBSTANDARD…. After his reign, everything went to sh1t, privatization/selling of government owned corporations just shows that they are being lazy….

    9. Let PNoy destroy himself. What he is doing obviously is digging his own grave. There will be more incompetent and catastrophic actions PNoy will exhibit. That is him and he does not have any control about what he is doing. He is a delusional psychopath.

    10. May suggestion to pinoy is call for constitutional amendment to the present system to federal system and from presidential to parliamentary form of government. After the amendment have a good and credible election. Sikat pa si pinoy with this legacy.Di pa naman huli may 1-1/2 year pa siya.

      • tama iyan, at iyan lang din ang pinaka the best na dapat gawin ni Pnoy, dahil siya mismo ang nag taksil sa mga boss nya, at wala ng tiwala sa kanya ang majority sa mga sinasabi nyang boss nya. para naman sa MILF, si Pnoy ang dapat sisihin nila kung sakaling hindi ma aprobahan ang BBL, dahil kung hindi dahil kay Pnoy, eh wala sanang ganitong problema.

      • The estimate for this massive People Power demonstration by Bagong Alsong Makabayan… that it will not be massive. Won’t even reach a billion, heh heh heh. Maybe cause 2 hours perwisyo traffic jam on the streets, but that would be it. Pustahan… maraming plakard na pa-Ingles-Ingles pa para magka-Kodakan makita ng mga nag-a-ambag kay you-know-who sa Netherlands.

    11. Bilang na oras mo, P-noy. Retribution should not end with your resignation. You should suffer more than the tribulations and embarassment your wanton display of arrogance and vicdictiveness have wrought upon your enemies.

    12. How stupid can Pnoy and Coloma get! Pnoy will reveal whatever info he’s got “at the right time”. Whatever the information Pnoy will reveal must be those details of the Oplan Exodus he knew, his participation or order on eve of the launch and during the launch (Jan 25th) morning, and time he knew the massacre and his order to military and SAF forces to stand down on reinforcing the extraction of the besieged troops. Pnoy was in Zamboanga City with the Amercan Drone Center monitoring the operation but flew back to Manila without clear order of reaction to the massacre. Pnoy was so overwhelmed and confused of his role in the operation that hid himself and came out 2 days after or on Jan 27th, and came out blaming the SAF Head Napenas for having nothing to say to justify his silence on the plan. Worst stupidity was when failed to attend the arrivals of the fallen troops at the Villamor Airbase and instead went to the opening of a car plant of Mitsubishi in Sta Rosa, Calamba. Pnoy showed his usual uncaring attitude towards the victims families like his behavior towards the Yolanda victims and as usual blaming the local responders of the local government. Pnoy just confirmed his mental incapacity to make normal acceptable judgment on matters of national concern. Pnoy is so incompetent amounting to mentally imbalance condition that it is so dangerous to put the Philippine fate and destiny into his hands. Pnoy’s behavior is one of being slick deemed as lying and finger-pointing amounting to evasion of big responsibilities belonging to a leader of the country, of which he is not and should have been not elected as President.

      • Hindi ko makita ang sapat na dahilan upang hangarin ng iba nating kababayan na magbitiw sa tungkulin si Presidente Aquino. Wala rin akong nalalamang tao na maaring pumalit sa kanya sa ngayon na makagagawa ng tulad o higit pa sa kanya. Ang mga tao o grupo na nagsasabi magbitiw si Pangulong Aquino sa pagka Presidente dahil siya umano ay naglamali o nagpabaya sa kanyang tungkulin bilang Pangulo ng bansa ay walang karapatan na ituran o naisin iyon dahil ang Kongreso lamang ang maaring magalis sa Presidente sa pamamagitan ng impeachment at maging ang Korte Suprema ay walang kapangyarihan na tanggalin siya. Ang Presidente po ay hinalal ng higit nakakaraming tao upang maging pinuno ng bansa. Ang Presidente po lamang ang may lubos na kapangyarihan na ipatupad ang lahat ng batas sangayon sa ating Konstitusyon at mga batas na pinagtibay ng ating Kongreso. Ang Presidente po lamang ang may lubos na kapangyarihan na kumatawan para sa ating bansa sa lahat ng pulong, piging, at kasunduan sa buong mundo na inaakala niyang makakabuti sa ating bansa.
        Sakali mang iniutos niya ang operasyon ng PNP-SAF na hulihin si Marwan sa Mamasapano noong Enero 25 iyon ay kapangyarihan niya at hindi siya maaring sisihin sa kinahinatnan. Ang pagkamatay ng 44 na PNP-SAF ay hindi inaasahang mangyayari. Ang PNP at AFP ay mayroong mga patakaran at alituntunin tungkol sa ganitong mga situasyon at ang Presidente ay hindi kailangang malaman pa o iutos ang mga ito.
        Tutuong malaki ang puhunan upang makamtan ang kapayapaan. Masuwerte nga tayo dahil hindi pa natin nasaksihan at naranasan ang malagasan ng daang libong mga kalahi dahil sa paghahangad na makamtan ang kapayapaan. Halos lahat ng bansa sa mundo ay naranasan ang ganitong trahedya bago nila nakamtan ang kapayapaan,
        Dapat po ay magkaisa tayong lahat at ipanalangin natin na Diyos na magkaroon ng kapayapaan at kaunlaran sa Mindanao at mga karatig nitong pulo sa lalong medaling panahon para naman ang mga kapatid nating naninirahan doon ay maranasan ang mga biyaya na ating tinatamasa sa ating mga lugar sa kasalukuyan.
        Pedro Albea

      • adrian feliciano on

        This is it. The true state of what is going on with this abnormal administration. President’s mental incapacity, depraved and corrupt subordinates, incompetent military managers etc…..

    13. Let the psychiatrist advice PANUT ABNOY PINOY AQUINO 3rd to ask the physician for a dosage of medicine to better make him eat all his own shit. There would be no more than that is the new way of reforms for this sick government and I can be able to see if a lot of changes.. Yeheeeeeeyyy!!!!

      • sino kaya ang mas abnoy sa inyo ni Pnoy sa ugali mong yan hindi ka lang abnoy wala pang pinagaralan bastos ganyan ka pinalaki ng magulang mo kung makapag salita ka sa iba akala mo kung sino ka. goodluck sa mga magiging anak mo kung ganyan ugali mo

    14. We do have a failed government. EDSA got rid of a dictator and put a president in place. She in turn established a constitution loosely based on the US Constitution but heavily Filipino changed. It created a strong presidency and took control away from the people. It concentrated power in Manila by making the Senators elected at large with the President and VP. That guarantees the president will have a majority in the senate. There are two things we have to fix. Aquino must be removed for his idiotic actions. The Senators must be elected from each province. One province elects one Senator. Then we must give the provinces the power to determine all things inside their province. The federal government should only deal with laws that cross over into multiple provinces and our AFP.

      This time, let’s change it correctly.

    15. mikhail hieronymus on

      If aqiuino had an escape plan, it must be by the Pasig River. All they have to do is watch the activities along the side of Malacanang dock. Either that or he will take an unmarked car or SUV or an Army truck and proceed to wherever he is planning to stay. Good riddance Pnot/Pnoy!

    16. Francisca F.Aguilar on

      Why make someone from the govt a casualty again?What is the main cause of the operation?Is it not bec of the presence of Marwan,a suspected terrorist?Who killed the 44? Are those not the extremists?How about they rally for the capture of the direct culprits and terrorists? Why blaming our own? If Aquino resigns,can it solve the root cause? Can those convenors stop the culprits?

      • if Aquino resigns, it will solve a lot of things. How can he continue? he can’t even fix the MRT.

      • look at the big picture and think outside of the box, do not confine your thinking inside the square of the inside the box. Nothing is what they seem. Analyze, think, and scrutinize. Question the facts not defend the lies.

    17. Claro Apolinar on

      If the Times’ Chairman Emeritus is correct that Aquino will escape to Hacienda Luisita and rule from there, then there will be a full-scale civil war (if he needs to run to the place where his father arranged for Joma and Commander Dante to meet and form the New People’s Army because majority of the police forces and the soldiery in the different branches of the AFP are with the reform and transformation movement).

      The best thing that can happen is still the miracle you described in your editorial he other day. For BS Aquino to step down but continue being president and making the National Transformation Council, which includes Cardinal Vidal and Bishop Arguelles, and possible Aquino’s friend Archbishop Villegas and Muslim and Protestant leaders as well as people of probity from all sectors, Left, Right and Center.

      BS Aquino must now step down and let a council of patriots and moral leaders. the NTC, rule in his name so that there will be no constitutional crisis. He will sign all orders and issuances of the executive branch of the central government. The Legislative and Judicial branches will remain as they are.

      May Almighty God have mercy on us Filipinos and our Republic. May all these developments lead to the installation of a fraud-free, transparent, Smartmatic-PCOS machine-free elections in 2016. And of course the true transformation of our political and social system.

    18. People who are already against him are exploiting the incident. Let’s see the incremental crowd who will join in the protest. The noises are made by the same people who are from the start against Pnoy. The country in general? I doubt it. People were mobilized against unbridled corruption as what happened to Estrada and Arroyo. Against incompetence? People can tolerate it. The saving grace of Pnoy is: he has not been linked to personally enriching himself. People give premium to this fact.

      • Tama po kayo , maaring may pagkakamali nga si presidente pero malinis naman ang kanyang pagkatao. Hindi naman sya nagpapayaman sa pwesto nya. Hindi katulad ng mga sinundan nya. At kung aalis si presidente gaano tayo kasigurado na ang papalit sa kanya ay maayos, magaling at hindi corrupt. Tigilan na nga natin itong kapi people power people power na yan. Hindi na tayo umusad sa kakaganyan. Laging puro umpisa. Paano lahat nagmamarunong, lahat gusto maging presidente, lahat may pintas kung sino nakaupo. Patapusin po natin ng maayos ang term ni pinoy kesa naman po palitan sya ng isang corrupt. Yung mga salita ng salita dyan, yun yung hindi makahirit ng pabor kay pinoy kaya nag iingay. May pagkakamali si pinoy pero mabuti ang hangarin nya.

    19. Dios Mio… topics like resignation, coup de etat, gracious exit of Pnoy should not be dealt with seriously.. parang paquiao vs. gayweder lang yan, malabong mangyari.

    20. there is only one logical pathway to having peace in mindanao, provide the rebels more firearms and bullets, so they can destroy each other.

      all these past actions of disarming the rebels have failed and have resulted in a more dangerous situation. so just give the rebels all the tools to destroy each other and in less than one year, there will be complete peace because it will be situation of self destruction.

      • The government is an organization. As such, it is not perfect and prone to sometimes commit
        lapses which may be categorized as judgement call in the realm of decision making. The President as the top leader may be blamed for any unfortunate sensational event or tragedy that may occur. The criticisms are acceptable mode of warnings or alert notices in a democracy.
        Regarding the call for a president’s resignation primarily because of the “mamasapano” incident, it is unwarranted , uncalled for and unnecessary. People espousing this action must be reminded that there is already a mechanism in our constitution toward removal of an undesirable
        government official which is the impeachment process.
        Participating in mass action like a people power type of demonstration is a right. However, if this constitutional right to assemble to express redress and grievances is brought to the extreme, without any valid ground, it will cause disorder,disruptions and very annoying inconveniences. More importantly, it will reduce and decrease the many positive gains and advances the Aquino administration have done for our country.

    21. This is a big possibility. Pnoy has phobia for coup so he must be losing sleep and thinking of a People Power because of accumulated stupid mistakes.

    22. that exit plan is not the real plan. aquino will exit the country and go live in the country his family has ties with the people who helped their father got a marcial bonifacio identity.

    23. This dim-witted, psychologically- impaired aquino will not, by himself, step down. Drilon, et al (with so many skeletons in their closets) won’t let him.

      I wonder how many Risperdal capsules does this abnoy consume on a daily basis. Let us not forget, everytime there is a crisis, he insulates himself and surface only after a number of days. Depressive flares? And he is called Mr. President? So disgusting and so pathetic.

      • kung si Binay nga hindi maharap sariling problema. tingin niyo mas gaganda buhay natin sa kanya. eh di ganun din tago tago din sa dilim si B – Baluga

    24. Ooops!!! report that the senate investigating committee headed by Senator Grace Poe
      will absolve President Aquino from the debacle of the Mamasapano incident is about to take place…”ang kakambal ng kasinungaligan ay magnanakaw’..urging the senator to inhibit herself on that document because the people will not accept it. Our most respect to you…

    25. I sympathize with the families of the SAF 44. They will not be forgotten but their deaths should not be a reason for PNoy to resign and hold all these rumors of coups etc. Let him finish his term so he can explain and defend his administration for its failures and shortcomings. His blind loyalty to his men has caused his incapacity to make decisions objectively and hopefully he is sorry. Let the investigations go on and hopefully lessons will be learned from it with fixes. My ardent hope to all the militants and opponents of PNoy is for them to carry the same passion in pursuing justice for the poor people and against elected and appointed corrupt men and women of the government. Focus on that too please because aside from the SAF 44 families there are millions more suffering while the alleged corrupt men use their loot to advance their false causes even during these trying times. Do not get distracted please.

      REPLY– But, Ma’am, what about the Smartmatic-PCOS machines? These have made our elections completely untransparent. Precinct elevel election results are predetermined by the internal tampering of the software of these machines sold to us Filipinos by the Venezuelan marketing company Smartmatic! If Aquino, who conspired with the corrupt Comelec to mpose these machines on our Republic, is not made to agree to removing the Smartmatic-PCOS machines control our elections, the Philippines will cease forever to be at least an electoral democracy. You make well-meaning comments, Ma’am, likes so many others without knowing the facts about the Smartmatic-PCOS machines that made a mockery of our democracy in the 2010 and 2013 elections and will again do so in 2016, unless Aquino is removed!

      • pursuing justice for the poor people…..Jean, with due respect, where did you get this idea? fed to you by pro Aquino people. We must train ourselves to identify the right from wrong even if these people are family, friends, or someone we voted for. That is our main problem. our culture tend to cover up mistakes of people we love or like. How can we correct a wrong if we are doing another wrong? never in our lifetime.

    26. We haven’t our lessons yet. Coup d’ etat as most countries who did it didn’t end well. The CBC is showing it’s ugly head, sheep in wolf’s clothing. The Bayan Muna (BAYAD MUNA?) is it’s vicious hound. They ride on the outrage from the Mamasapano debacle. These are power hungry people who can not just wait until PNoy’s term is over. THEY WANT POWER NOW. I implore the people not to be mislead. Yes, there was a HUGE MISTAKE. CAN WE SOLVE IT BY BRINGING ANOTHER DISASTER WHICH IS COUP D’ ETAT? THOSE WHO ARE BEHIND THE PLOT SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR TREASON, REGARDLESS WHO THEY ARE. THE WHOLE NATION SHOULD GO FOR PEACEFUL RESOLUTION, COME TOGETHER AND AGREE WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?

      • Tama willie nanggugulo lang yang mga yan. Nakikisakay sa issue ng mamasapano. Hindi papayag ang silentmajority na magulo na namanang bansa natin. Wala ng katapusang people power yan pag laging ganyan. Nagkamali si pinoy pero naniniwala kami na marami din syang tama at mabuting ginawa para sa ating bansa. Malinis sya, hindi sya nangurakot enough na dahilan na para sa amin para patapusin ng maayos ang term nya. GOD BLESS YOU PNOY!!!

    27. If the people will hold another people power, i hope they will do it not only for the SAF 44, but also for the victims of yolanda, journalists who were killed under Pnoy’s administration and other disenfranchised people.

    28. Magandang balita ito,sa mga asar kay Aquino!at sa mga gutom sa puesto!!isipin mo walang kahirap-hirap,makikisakay kalang at magdadagdag ng sulsol!dyadanhh!!sila ng ngayon ang papalit sa gobyerno!!hehehe!!!

    29. A new form of government is needed too. Eliminate senate. It’s not needed. Federal form of government that represent the whole country. And any candidate should have at least the know how of governing and not based upon popularity just because he is an actor or sport personality. I’m sorry but being a political leader should not just based on popularity but the ability to govern. Foremost is eliminate for the need of huge amount of money to run for office. I don’t know how but a new government has to figure out how to do it. Let’s get rid of money in politics. The wealthy industrialists and hacienderos must not dictate how people should live.

    30. It is our moral and legal duty as citizens of this nation to go out in full force and express our urgent call for the resignation of Aquino and his entire cabinet including Binay. A transitory government must be formed immediately until a new set of leaders are elected. We must not stop our nationwide synchronous street demonstrations until Aquino resigns and we must continue to remain vigilant to ensure that genuine reforms are taking place since his ouster.

    31. and the situation evolves into a vicious cycle, as the country becomes unstable,
      more people leave for foreign lands, depleting the local talents, which makes the philippines more unstable, which makes the local talent leave for foreign lands, which makes the philippines more unstable, which – well you get the point.