• Aquino faces ouster over DAP


    (Llanesca T. Panti, Jomar Canlas and Joel M. Sy Egco, Headline, November 6, 2013 )
    Impeachment is not a solution, Why? because Pnoy holds the neck of most the high n low branches of this government. the best solution here is people power.

    From the very start we know how incompetent he is to lead a country but most still voted for him because of his mom/dad. “Hindi ako magnanakaw, Hindi ako corrupt” yes he is pertaining to GMA. Poor GMA, every problem that rises are her fault.

    We’ll if others are being blinded with our PERFECT President and MOST EFFECTIVE president then no wonder our country is falling. we need to fight for our rights.. we are not complaining but we are fighting for our money and for our country.
    Vince, vince123@yahoo.com

    Maki sino mailagay dyan. walang pagkakaiba!
    Gando Capibara, gandocapibara@yahoo.com

    Yes, this must be the only way the “matuwid na daan” has to go, if indeed DAP is declared illegal by the Supreme Court. Impeached or resigned, only the Vice President (Atty. Jejomar Binay, in this case) is the legal successor should worse comes to worst.
    Jae Dee Cruze, checkthisoutyk20@yahoo.com.ph

    This “Napoles” case vis-a-vis the PDAF AND THE DAP,has already become the Media’s SMORGASBORD!Enough of its malicious repercussions on the lives and reputations of the innocents.Let us all support the PEOPLES INITIATIVE that our brilliant professor SJ PUNO is spearheading!While we also hopefully wait for the wisdom of our JUDGES and JUSTICES,SECRETARIE’S AND MAGISTRATES in their noble quest for Justice!
    Ariel C.M., manipulaw@yahoo.com


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