‘Aquino failed to stop corruption’

 Bayan Automotive Industries Corp. President and CEO George Chua. PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

Bayan Automotive Industries Corp. President and CEO George Chua. PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

An outspoken businessman on Tuesday said President Benigno Aquino 3rd failed to address the needs of Filipinos because of corruption.

George Chua, president and CEO of the BAIC) group in the Philippines, described  Aquino’s straight-path mantra as a big lie and anti-poor.

“Our poverty rate has not improved, [it]has actually deteriorated. The underemployment and unemployment rates have [also]not improved,” Chua told a roundtable with reporters and editors of The Manila Times.

He said the government has failed to address housing needs of the poor.

Aquino, according to Chua, is good at flaunting his achievements but his ”sincerity” in easing the plight of the masses is doubtful.

He said despite Aquino’s mantra, corruption in the government continues.

The BAIC head noted that the President has not been listening to his “bosses”–supposedly the people–because he has not provided for their needs.

“[My feeling is that we are not the bosses, we are the slaves],” he said.

Chua lashed out at the Aquino Administration also for its failure to resolve port congestion in two major ports in Manila.

He said some of the group’s cars that are to be displayed at the 5th Philippine International Motor Show at the World Trade Center in Pasay City (Metro Manila) are still at the ports.

Chua  noted that businessmen have incurred losses due to the port congestion.

“It has caused delays in the entry of vehicles and spare parts, delayed exports and imports, docking charges have doubled,” he complained.

Chua  said the effects of the lifting of the truck ban will only be felt after a long “recovery period.”

He suggested that the government should boost the manufacturing industry so that it could attract more investors who would eventually generate jobs.

The businessman said instead of doling out money to the poor, the government should provide them jobs.

Chua pointed out that even  if the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector is booming in the Philippines, it has had no multiplier effect in terms of employment.

Claiming that the country under Aquino is on a “downward spiral,” he said,
“Sana ay huwag nang magpatuloy si Pnoy sa kanyang pagnanais na magkaroon pa ng second term, maawa na siya sa mga bosses niya [I hope President Aquino would stop wishing for a second term, he should have pity on his bosses].”


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  1. His anti-corruption gimmick is nothing but a propaganda. If we can read Arroyo’s mind right now, she is probably saying “Been there. Done that. Now what?”

  2. Impeach Impeach Impeach him now, like he impeached Justice Corona. Impeach him for wanting a second term. This is the only Supreme Court in the world that does not have the last say. DAP was declared illegal but paDAPuDAPu pa rin ang pagmimigay ng pera ng mga Bossing nya.

  3. Rey P. Alcalde on

    It’s very sad that after four years, President Aquino has very little to show that his anti-corruption drive worked. If so much corruption is evident in Metro Manila like the flooding problem that gets worse every time it rains, the MRT that always makes headlines, the hold-up and killings that got worse with the involvement of police officers and the Purisima scandal, my goodness, PNoy should be ashamed. As if the SC decision declaring his DAP unconstitutional is not enough, he is even toying of charter change and having a second term.
    The Senate investigations on the alleged Binay’s overpriced Makati parking lot is not helping PNoy get the support of the people as the Senators spearheading the hearings are lacking of trustworthiness and have blatant personal agendas of their own.
    The failure of De Lima to come out with the second and third batches of politicians involved in the Napoles scam had farther distanced the people from PNoy.

  4. Problema kay aquino bawas kita dahil isip nya parati mamamayan

    Pati hindi na pwede lagay sa gobyerno para madaya business mo

    Isa pa problema yumayaman pinoy dahil sa bpo di pwede yun dapat ako lang mayaman dito aa pilipinas

  5. Corruption is in its all time high during his term. This is the most corrupt administration that the Philippines ever experienced, and worst, di nahihiya kahit sinabi na ng supreme court na unconstitutional ang DAP, dinipensahan pa at tinuloy pa rin.

  6. Salamat po Gerge Chua. Hope the people who have the power to change our society speak up and band together.

    We are all in this together. The masses are living wretched lives.

    As a supposedly Catholic nation, don’t we really practice what we preach?

    Let this Insanity under BS Aquino end once and for all.

  7. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

    I dont reacall any past government has so much government officials under investigation due to corruption. Corruption that has been going on even the time of president Quirino ( although much smaller scale) can not be wiped ou in 4 years of the incumbent President. If the powerful senators can be proven corrupt and sentenced accordingly this will deter some of the government officials of coing corrupt activities.Still it will never stop. It can only be reduced.
    Unemployment will continue to be high as long as population is getting bigger. Singapore was sucessfull in stopping population growth by the campaign for families to stop at 2.
    They were able to provide jobs by good government that encourage foreign investors to me to Singapore.
    Traffic will continue to worsen as long as there is no program to stop the growth of vehicles on the roads.
    Housing is a failure in the Philippines. There is no comprehensive study on how to to provide subsuidised housing for the poor Filipinos.

  8. Living abroad and seeing the Philippines from the outside, so very sadly corruption is rife and rampant even in the very smallest kind in certain particular quarters of the industry.

    PNoy may be opting a drive for anti-corruption campaign by implementing Transparency. Despite that there also should be Accountability to hopefully make the system work properly.

    A stringent system should be implemented whereby individuals are accountable for their actions and held immediately liable for the consequences of the pitfalls when caught …. with no questions ask!!!

    The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer! The former taking advantage of the latter and use and abuse their desperation to maintain a job, utterly disregarding the human element that they have families too.

  9. richard abadilla on

    From a business point of view, his people at Trade (DTI) are also to blame as they are corrupt and inept, especially this new guy called Manalo who claims that he is better than anyone else (except GLD) in making business decisions. This guy is also corrupt, using government funds to fund his penchant for overseas travels. Sayang talaga ang DTI which is now a main contributor to government’s inefficiency.

  10. i used to called aquino a half baked president BUT i realize he is a simpleton and a liar. he call himself as anti-corruption but actually it is just a gimmick to hide his administration corruption. he called us his boss but many of his boss are suffering.

  11. All of these talk does not help the people and the country. Instead, just get a firearm and shoot him like a mad dog that he is. Nag-aksaya lang kayo nang laway ninyo sa mga salitang walang kabuluhan. It is time for action …..enough of the talking.

  12. Corruption has not only continued. Aquino has magnified it into unimaginable proportions and still unabated because he has to fed his alligator supporters in Congress and Senate.

  13. Bobski Natividad on

    RA 9485 ARTA LAW is anti corruption law which is not respected by both local and national goverment agencies, which causes delays to applicants that can help solve unemployment, just imagine applications takes 2 or more years to be approve due to RED TAPES imposed by different agencies , one can wonder is there a ” daan matuwid” or only “daan makitid” Mr. President please wake up?

  14. Wala naman alam yan si abnoy kung di dahil sa mga magulang niya hindi sana naging pangulo yan.Tapos gusto pa niya nang isang termino mga mangmang lang ang gusto sa kanya magpatuloy pa na maging pangulo siya.Ang alam lang niyan ay manisi sa nakaraan administration.Dapat sa mga problema natin gumawa siya ng mga solusyon.

  15. “Sana ay huwag nang magpatuloy si Pnoy sa kanyang pagnanais na magkaroon pa ng second term, maawa na siya sa mga bosses niya” – George Chua

    At sana mag-2016 na para lumayas na yang BS na yan sa Malacanang.

  16. I dont think anyone believes corruption on the scale the philippines has can be resolved in one presidency. It will take generations as its endemic in this country. Its normal life. People want & expect it. Its how you get good contracts. If you are a legitimate businessman you wont ever get to be a big player if you dont pay bribes. Driving anywhere & getting stopped for a violation almost every person to a t will rather pay a P200 bribe to the cop or traffic enforcer to let them off instead of getting a P5,000 fine plus a days loss of earnings to attend court. So corruption is accepted at that level as the filipino wants to dive like an idiot. You know every word i said is true as as soon as i get in my car & have driven to the main road outside my subdivision i will have already seen the idiotic ways of the filipino driver.

  17. mikhail hironymus on

    You said it right Mr. George Chua. bs Aquino should not even be saying things that are not true about his achievements. He does not have any concrete proof that he helped the poor. On the contrary, he is helping all his “kaibigan” at the spend of the poor people.

    Why can’t the other politicians speak like you, Mr. Chua. Why can’t they speak and tell the truth about Pnoy and his web of lies? Is it because those politicians are in the pocket of president aquino?

  18. I agree. Tuwid na daan is only a political gimmick. Kumita na.Kung may mahirap may corrupt. Kay PeNoy nanggaling yan at obvoius na marami at dumarami pang mahirap. Patunay na may corruption pa at alam ng lahat at nababalitaan natin ang corrutption at selective prosecution ng mga corrupt sa ating gobierno. Do you honestly believe walang corrutption si PeNoy? Wait after his administration finished and Ochoa remits the fruits of their corruption. What about aBAD’s holDAP? Drooling drilon’s percentage at the DAP funded Iloilo convention center,paBAYA’s MRT maintenance percentage, Alcala’s many corruption and many more of his kaklase, kaibigan at kabarilan. PeNoy is a hoax. A political mischief, a nowhere man, a mapagkunwaring hard headed president that the Philippines has ever had! Bye bye Philippines under Him.

  19. The analysis can never be more so right! It is an insult that he even has the audacity to crow about his ‘achievement’. Even without bragging, one can naturally feel the improvement, if there is any. On the economy, the trickle down is not even down enought to reach the bottom, but shoots up instead to the oligarch level. This sitting president should come down to earth reality that what he claims to be his achievements are all ‘mirages’. His ‘tuwid na daan’ is non-existent, but full of vindictiveness, insincerity and biased.

  20. Of course BS Aquino has not stopped corruption. In fact, as the abominable Pork King, he exacerbated corruption by doling out unaudited billions of pesos of PDAF and DAP to gain the lawmakers’ loyalty and to pursue his personal vendetta against CJ Renato Corona. Oh yeah, he had put three of his political enemies in detention, but at the same time shielded his many equally corrupt political allies in a stinking display of selective justice. He further worsened corruption by turning a blind-eye on the thievery and incompetence of his KKK cronies by keeping them instead of giving them the boot.

    Contrary to his overused mantra “straight path”, his crooked path had been one from hell. Instead of helping out the poor, he made millions more Filipinos poorer, hungry and jobless, without access to even basic healthcare.

    Mr. George Chua is right when he labelled Aquino’s “straight path” mantra as nothing but a big lie. Likewise, his overused “the people are my bosses” is just a meaningless election campaign slogan that only the naive among Filipinos will believe. The inept and corrupt BS Aquino – this guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth, is anti-poor character who treats the people as his slaves.

  21. George Chua’s comments are right on the money. Mr. Chua should be congratulated for his candidness in telling us that mischievous PNoy is really an anomaly in governance, a product only in propaganda, without nothing to offer. Mr. Chua should add that PNoy did not only stop corruption in the Philippines, he is the one responsible that corruption is flourishing in the Philippines and more public money is wasted to make certain sectors in government and society are making more corrupted money due to bribery. There should be more George Chua’s who will be candid enough to tell the truth rather than continuously singing song of praises to PNoy for accomplishments where there are non.

    • By the way, I hope PNoy’s men and women in the BIR, BOC, DOJ, DOTC and other government agencies will not start running after Mr. George Chua and his companies for being candid and telling the truth.