Aquino failed to implement and fund P1-B civil defense law


No wonder the Aquino administration failed to alert sufficiently and early enough Tacloban and other Leyte-Samar areas that Super Typhoon Yolanda would create a horrific tsunami-like storm surge that would drown thousands of Filipinos in minutes.

No wonder that its response to the disaster was so feeble that even four days after Yolanda struck—and this is according to he official website of the Armed Forces of the Philippines—only 1,000 troops from its 525th Engineering Battalion and 1st Special Forces Battalion were in Tacloban to collect the corpses, rescue those buried in collapsed houses, provide relief goods, and maintain order.

The Tacloban horror. Insert, the universal logo of civil defense, which was absent anywhere in disaster-stricken areas.

The Tacloban horror. Insert, the universal logo of civil defense, which was absent anywhere in disaster-stricken areas.

No wonder CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper, days after the worst calamity to hit the country, reported out of Tacloban: “There is no leader, no government, no civil defense in the Philippines.”

Aquino failed to implement law
President Aquino failed to implement crucial provisions of R.A. 10121, or the National Disaster and Risk Management System law, which former president Gloria Arroyo pushed into law and enacted May 27, 2010 in the wake of the destruction wrought by Typhoon Pepeng in 2009.

A crucial part of the law was the strengthening of the Department of National Defense’s Office of Civil Defense as the government’s lead agency for disaster risk and management program.

The law made the OCD the workhorse of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council. That Council was really more of a consultative body, consisting of 28 heads of departments and other government agencies as well as ten other members that included local government representatives and even the private sector.  To ensure the close coordination of the OCD and the NDRRMC, the OCD Administrator was designated as the Council’s Executive Director, and its chairman the defense secretary.

The law actually sought to upgrade the OCD along the global practice that a well-funded, -staffed and -equipped organization—separate from the military—is essential to save the lives of a nation’s citizens in cases of attack and disasters.

For instance, in the US, its Office of Civilian Defense which had been under its military for decades was converted into the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 1978, put later under the Department of Homeland Security after the 9/11 attack.   Many countries have its independent civil defense organizations, for instance Russia’s Civil Defense Troops, Singapore, its Civil Defense Force.

Distinctive sign of civil defense
There is even an international distinctive sign of civil defense, defined by International
Humanitarian Law, and used as a protective sign. It is these civil defense agencies that has the primary responsibility of preparing for and responding to major disasters, and not, as Aquino insists,  local governments that do not have the expertise for doing so.

For its new, vastly upgraded role, the law ordered that the OCD be allocated immediately when it took effect a P1 billion revolving fund.

Three years after the law was enacted, the Aquino regime with its tight control of Congress did not provide the OCD such a P1 billion fund, and instead merely maintained the level of operations budget—about P100 million—it had been receiving before the law was enacted.

The fact that no fund was allocated to the OCD as the law ordered was however concealed by the Aquino administration’s new procedure of including as part of the agency’s budget its share out of the Calamity Funds, termed as its Quick Response Fund.  These QRF allocations though were even smaller than those the Department of Social Welfare and Development received. The office of the secretary of national defense was even allocated its own QRFs, amounting to P353 million annually for 2012 and 2013.

Under the law, the OCD was clearly the agency in charge of planning for and dealing with disasters anywhere in the country, with the NDRRMC and its counterparts in the local levels as consultative bodies to ensure the coordination of efforts of the various government agencies.

Contrary to Mr. Aquino’s claims that local governments are in charge of disaster preparedness and relief operations, it is the OCD which has such main responsibility under R.A. 1012.   Under section 9, paragraph (e), it is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plans.

More importantly, the law’s section 10 stipulates: “The civil defense officers of the OCD who are or may be designated as Regional Directors of the OCD shall serve as chairpersons of the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council,” or the next level of responsibility after the NDRRMC.

Was there even an RDRRMC for Eastern Visayas led by the OCD’s regional director? If there was, it has been invisible during the biggest disaster to hit the region, and the country.

Pittance civil defense budget
With its meager budget, the OCD couldn’t afford specialized staff or consultants to really understand the impact of an impending national disaster such as super typhoon Yolanda.

It was only in its “Advisory” issued Nov. 7, 11 a.m. that it had a note that hardly raised a real warning: “Likewise, those living in coastal areas under signal #3 and #2 are alerted against storm surges which may reach up to a 7-meter wave height”.   It didn’t even call Yolanda a super-typhoon, or even the strongest that would ever hit the country, but just another typhoon.

The advisory was feeble and vague.  First, issued less than 24 hours before Yolanda struck, it didn’t give local governments especially in Tacloban the time to evacuate their threatened residents. Second, it merely “alerted” them, and didn’t warn them that the storm surge could result in horrific casualties.   Contrast that to the orders of the Vietnamese government to immediately evacuate the coastal areas that were on the path of the super typhoon.  Thirdly, it didn’t explain how far inland the storm surge could reach.

And lastly, what the hell was a  “storm surge”? Did NDRRMC Administrator Eduardo del Rosario who signed the advisory understand what the term meant?

I myself could have simply thought it was a huge wave you see in movies and documentaries reaching even ten-meters high but only off-shore, and which you could even watch safely from shore.

The NDRRMC law of 2010 also stipulated a creation of a Congressional Oversight Committee to monitor and oversee the implementation of its provisions, which could save thousands of lives of Filipinos caught in a disaster. It was a 12-member committee consisting of members of both houses of Congress.

Are they afraid of Aquino?
Has that committee met at all? Its chair is Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th.   Do we need to tell him that after this worst disaster to hit our nation, and with government showing its incompetence in its response, that committee must investigate what happened so we could reduce the number of Filipinos dying in the next natural disaster?

Or are Trillanes and the other committee members so afraid of Aquino that its investigation will show that a student-council kind of government was so incompetent in preparing for and responding to Super Typhoon Yolanda.

There is a detail that only emphasizes that government either practically ignored the NDRRMC law or doesn’t recognize the role of the OCD in responding to disasters.   Under the law the OCD administrator also concurrently the NDRRMC executive director) has a rank of undersecretary.   Media and even the OCD website indeed refers to the agency’s administrator as Undersecretary Eduardo del Rosario.

However, the DND website and especially the Official Directory of which is the definitive roster of all government officials identify del Rosario as a minor official having the rank only of Director IV, or even below the Assistant Secretary rank.  Did Aquino forget to appoint del Rosario defense undersecretary?

DOWNLOAD R.A. 10121 here and


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  1. >> Marami ng nagdaan araw makalipas ang super typhoon Yolanda, halos araw-araw ang balita ay tungkol sa pamamahagi ng mga donation from local and foreign countries. Pero hindi malinaw sa mga taong bayan ang mga sumusunod na tanong>
    1) Saan o anong govt agency ang naatasang tumanggap ng mga relief goods at monetary assistance from USA, Britain, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, etc?
    2) Bakit wala o hindi pa nagsisimulang magtayo o ng temporary shelters, clinics, comfort rooms /shower rooms for typhoon victims? Where are those called Engineering Brigade of AFP, that’s shall be their first and top priorities in this period.


      hindi ang kredibilidad o reputasyon ng mga tao o bansang tumutulong ang binibigyang-diin ng pagche-check ng expiration ng relief goods kundi ang masiguro ang kaligtasan ng mga tatanggap ng mga ito…upang makaiwas sa dagdag pang problema…minsan sana ay esep-esep lang kung may time…

  2. The Philippine authorities have done a tremendous job in extremely difficult circumstances,” said Martin Nesirky, the United Nations spokesperson for the Secretary-General.

    And from Kala Pulido-Constantino: “We also need to recognize that government capacity is stretched because of back to back disasters [notably Typhoon Santi and other early typhoons and floodings, Zamboanga siege and Bohol earthquake]; local government officials in devastated areas have been affected too; and many roads remain impassable hindering delivery of relief from airports and seaports.”

    Finally, a rejuvenated Rick Bella posts: “I just woke up rejuvenated and inspired, leading me to a precious epiphany. I have changed my mind. I will not be hushed by trolls, ranters and haters. I will speak my mind, whether you like it or not. This is a government that I support and believe in, the only one we have right now and we either sink or swim, float or drown together. I choose to swim, float and survive—hopefully help others do the same in the process. Now if you have lost your faith, then that is your problem and not mine, you infidel! Get out of my way, there is work to be done!”

    And my own take: Shhhhhh Tumulong ka na lang. (Hush, just help!)

  3. We Filipinos constantly disregard the best practices of the previous government because our President PNoy does not recognize the benefits but rather would like to do it his own way. Let us count on the number of blunders this administration have. First the Hongkong hostage taking which resulted to death of the captives. Second the DAP and PDAF which was found to be ilegal. Third the disaster of typhoon Yoland. What would be next to our MANUNUHOL PRESIDENT. Strike three na siya. Plus his interview with CNN he showed to a passive President. Waiting for foreign aid first. I pity our people from this regime. God save the Philippines.

  4. If only we knew what “storm surge” really meant, the flaws in the implementation of the relevant laws pertaining to disaster mitigation and etc. wouldn’t have been exposed. Perhaps we did not fully appreciate its would be impact. If PAGASA or whoever crier giving the warning simply said its a tidal wave that can get inland for possibly x meters with a height of y meters, parang “tsunami”, we could have reacted appropriately despite what’s written as law. I grew up in a coastal town and a tidal wave plunged part of our house into the sand so as I kid I learned that tidal wave is bad. Storm surge? Never really heard much about it. Thus, here we are in the blame game. Nonetheless, I appreciate Mr. Tiglao’s last two articles about the OCD’s role and the relevant law. Regrettably, in my opinion, there’s just too much unnecessary politics in ground zero. Perhaps, I’ve expected more from the leaders of this country even in the aftermath of such horrific calamity.

  5. this is an arroyo law mr tiglao kaya di pinatupad ni pnoy. masama lahat na galing kay gloria. yan ang nasa isip ni abnoy.

    • LOL
      Kinda LIKE MOTHER LIKE SON huh! Ayaw payagan ni Former Pres C. Aquino ang paggamit sa BNPP dahil maalala lang daw ng mga tao si Former Pres Marcos (eh kahit matagal ng patay, naaalala pa rin siya ke mabuti o masama), ngayon naman Arroyo law…kaya ayaw ipatupad ni Pres Panotsky!
      What a funny gov’t leader the Philippines has!!!Cartoons!!!!!!

  6. Now that the PDAP was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, what
    happen now to these who disbursed the money without following the rule of law?
    Is their no punishment at all for these people responsible for not following the law? If an ordinary government employee did this, would you ever think that he/she will
    go scot free with a pat in the back? Or will she only be told not to do it again?
    The law is not fair in this country. Puro palakasan. Kaya dapat something must
    be done to these responsible like Abnoy, Baboy Drilon, Belmonte, Abad and all
    these who partook of these taxpayer monies. Ma-consciensiya at mahiya naman
    kayo sa mga pobreng mamayang Pilipino. Ang kakapal ang mga pagmumukha

  7. Senator Antonio Trillianes will not launch an investigation of the Aquino Administration because of what may come out of it – and it is not going to be pretty. But not launching one adds to people’s doubts about the status quo. If it is not done and culpability is established, President Aquino will continue to demonize his political opponents in order to cover his own shortcomings.

  8. After typhoon Yolanda left, the City of Tacloban is “virtually” clear; so ‘clear’ that one can even say, politics played it’s unwelcomed role. What a sad state of affair!

  9. All I can say is you all cannot agree to disagree. Wait and see lalabas na “Kasalanang lahat ni Gloria ito.”

  10. In the US, the local governments (governors, mayors) are responsible for local preparations, not the federal government. For example, in Florida all the local officials have to do is to broadcast on radio and TV a hurricane warning and locals leave the area on thier own. The police and paramedics are the only ones who remain in the danger area. If anyone is expecting a national official, like a President to take charge of every detail,, they are asking for a chaotic disaster. Look for the locals officials for incompetence, not the national government. The national government is there to provide relief and troops if requested by local governments. If local governments cannot do thier jobs, then eliminate them since they are not neccessary.

    • Your comments do not address the issue of failure in implementing the law which means it belongs in some other page. It is quite obvious that it was not implemented simply because its a Gloria passed law.

  11. Now this clueless Pnoy got the nerve to ask that LGU of Tacloban be investigated.How about him and Mar’s grp who were already in Tacloban Ano ang ginawa ng mga lintik na ito.Ginutom ang tao.From private sector pa ang nanguna sa pag bigay ng relief.Nakakayamot,nakakainis sila dapat ang kasuhan.Do u think Sen.Santiago can start an investigation if this present gov’t has neglected or they are incompetent and their is a case that can be filed against them

  12. Pnoy, you’re the man! We, who belong to the majority, support you all the way! Continue to inspire us and lead us to progress! Thank you for making the supreme sacrifice! We know you should have opted to live a quiet and pompous life as a Senator but instead, offered unselfishly yourself to lead us!

    To your diehard critics who want you to fail from Day 1, I am very sorry for you! Try not to remain bitter until 2016, three years are too long to be in that situation!

    Filipinos are resilient and we will overcome these challenges! I wish we are all mature and really intelligent!

    Little knowledge about something is a dangerous thing, don’t act as if you know everything! Try to weigh the issues on hand and act intelligently!

    Ang gagaling nyong magpuna, nagsilbi na ba kayo sa bayan nyo o kahit man lang sa kapwa ninyo? Puro puna, puro paninira kaya walang mangyari sa ating bansa.

    Tuwang-tuwa ang mga kalaban ng administrasyon na ito kasi napakadaling gatungan ng ating mga kababayan. Puro naman ningas kugon, madaling magalit, madali namang makalimot kaya talamak na nagbalikan ang mga pulitikong isinuka na ng lipunan.

    Mabuhay si Pnoy! Mabuhay ang ating bayan!

    • There will always be people like you who just won’t listen to counsel or understand what they read.

    • Get off the BLINDERS from your eyes! People have died esp after the typhoon bec of lack of proper response! And you who are so blinded by the yellow ribbons have blood in your hands

    • so sad there r some people like you who is so blinded by these corrupt administration. how many more tragedies you ought to see before these sleazy govt act accordingly. many people have died , suffered n continue to suffer because of his incompetencies. and d best thing he good give is pointing fingers n blaming others. open your eyes and look around you!

  13. Itong si Camacho defensive agad, halata bayarin ng mga dilaw. Basahin at intindihin mo ang article ni Mr Tiglao, gago ka lalabas mo yong nakaraan hindi naman yon ang pinag uusapan. Katulad ka ng mga kaalyados mo malayo ang sagot. Di ba sabi ni CJ Corona bakit di nyo ilabas ang SALN ninyo din? Ano ang sagot ng kaalyados mo, di naman kami ang linilitis…Mga gungong tulad mo..

    • eduardo nufable on

      Kung agad na ipinadala ni Pi-Noy and libong sundalo duon sa Tacloban (na akala ng tagha media ay siya lamang parte ng Pilipinas na nawasak) nangangahulugan ito ng dagdag na libo ring pakainin at magiging isyu na naman na martial law na ang namamayani. Sa tutoo lang, ang isyu sa buong pangyayaring kalamidad at sa hakbang na ginawa o hindi ginawa ng pamahalaan ay na depende kung saan nakakabig ang nagbigay ng opinyon kaya naging personalan na at lumulihis na sa tutoong isyu.Dapat ay tumulong na lang sana tayo at huwag ng gatungan pa ang mga tinamaan ngh kalamidad.

  14. President Pnoy, you are still our president and you have the unwavering full support of the majority of Filipinos. Ignore these losers a.k.a. hecklers!

    They will remain bitter until 2016!

    • For God’s sake! Please open your jaundiced mind! He is supposed to be the leader but is he acting as one?

    • IT is not bitterness. The only losers are the poor victims who were neglected by inept/corrupt Pnoy region. BTW what you’ve just heckled yourself.

    • @Filipina. For God sake, what more do you want from Pnoy. Ibinigay na niya ang lahat kulang na lang ang dugo niya. Open your eyes, you are maligning a President na hindi nagnanakaw mula sa taong bayan which is a very unique quality in the history of the Philippine Presidency.

  15. mga igan di magcomment si trillanes kasi malaki utang nya kay presidente. pero tama kau siya dapat mgsimula imbestigasyon. un law during time of pgma naipass before she left malcanang kaya lang as you say ayaw implement ni panoy kasi ayaw nya madinig o gamitin ano mang law ni pggma kaya ayan problema ang nangyari s aph my plove ph. sana magtulungan na lang kalimutan na muna ang turuan help one another

  16. Nov. 20, 2013
    Mr. Tiglao,
    Napaka liwanag na ang nag patupad ng civil defense sa Leyte ay ang makabagong 3 stooges ng Gobyerno ng Pilipinas kaya lang si Curly ang mataas na Leader sa ngayon, Curly-Panot, Moe-Mar, Larry “puti Buhok” Gazmin, Kitang kita sa pinag gagawa nila sa unang 5 araw, at hangga ngayon na wala silang tamang paghahanda, at puro kaguluhan, at pagtuturuan. Matapos iannounce ng magiting na si Panot-Curly sa broadcast telibisyon ang babala sa pagdating ng
    Napakalakas na Bagyong Yolanda, ipinaabot niya ng buong Pagmamalaki
    ang kahandaan ng Magiting na Administrasyong Panotsa ang Kahandaan
    ng 3 stooges, si Larry daw ang subok na sa pangunguna sa nakahandang
    mga tao na naka himpil na malapit sa daraanan ng Bagyo, kasama ang
    na rin sa ipinagmalaki niya ang mga naka handang kagamitan tulad ng
    3-C130’s, huey helicopters, 30 barko ng Navy at iba pang kagamitang pang sagip
    buhay. May mga nakahanda naring mga naka impakeng tulong inihanda ng
    kilalang si Pinky “buhok” Soliman, pagkain at tubig. Mga Sundalong ng Civil
    defense na pangunguna kung mayroon dapat iligtas at marami pang iba.
    Kung pagmamasdan si Larry-Panot ay may pagmamalaking pinangungunahan
    niya ang paghahanda ng buong pamahalaan at walang dapat alalahanin. Ang
    Ginamit niyang salita na ka “STANDBY” lang ang tulong at madaliang ihahatid
    sa nanga-ngailangan.
    Napakalungkot na ang Humarap pala sa Taong Bayan sa Telebisyon broadcast
    nung gabing yun ay ang 3 stoogest, kasama si Pinky. Nakitang ng buong
    Pilipinas ang katatawanang dulot nila at kahihiyan. Buti na lang dumating
    ang CNN, BBC, Al jazerra at marami pang iba, para sabihin ang katotohanan.
    Umepal naman si Korina at pilit na ipinagtatangol ang kaniyang kabiyak na si
    MOE-MAR, huli na alam na ng buong mundo ang kagalingan nila sa pagpapatawa.

    Mr. Tiglao baka pwedeng masabi sa 3 stoogest na magbalik aral sila sa BOYSCOUT para sa basic ng pagiging LAGING HANDA para sa tamang pagsagip
    at pagtulong sa Tao para wala ng Gastos ang Gobyerno.

    Sa palagay ko kaya hindi ginamit ni Curly ang Batas sa Civil defense dahil ayaw
    gumamit ng batas ng kagalit niyang si GMA kahit itoy’ makakabuti.

    Isa pang character ng Looney cartoons na usec sa ilalim ni SND Larry si del rosario
    ng ndrrmc na kaya daw nila di ginamit ang mga sundalo sa pagtulong kasi
    makaka-agaw sa pagkaing at tubig ng mga nasalanta, kasi daw di pa sapat
    ang training ng mga tiga civil defense sa pagiging AZKAL. Kita narin natin
    ang galing ni SND Larry sa Zamboanga milf encounter, ipinadala niya ang
    kasundaluhan sa larangan ng pakikibaka na tulad ng mga AZKAL, walang
    pagkain, sapatos na butas. Parte ng pagsasanany ng ating kasundaluhan
    sa pagka Azkal na humarap sa labanan na walang kainan at bahala ng DIYOS.
    Sana mapag isipan ni Direktor Peque na gawan ng pelikula ang Pilipino
    Stooges Curly-panot, Moe-mar, Larry-Gazmin, kasama sina Pinky Soliman, Pork
    Drillon, Korina, Baboy Belmonte. at tiyak malilimutan ng bayan ang katakot
    takot na problemang sinapit ng Bansa at para na rin magsilbing Aral sa hinaharap.

    • in short, they don’t have love for the country n its people. because if they do they would invest more on civil defense to protect our country but instead they corrupted the money out of greediness. I hope not only LGU r to be investigated but of course the president itself should be made liable. no position should be spared.


  18. It was shocking when BS Aquino said on TV that the local officials are the ones responsible for the rescue operations in their locality – especially to what happened in Tacloban City. It is just common sense, how can the local officials help their people effectively since they themselves are victims to the disastrous Yolanda typhoon. What he said is very stupid and very irresponsible of a President of the PHL, so much so that he even walked out from the meeting with his “BOSS” who are badly in need of rescue from a deadly typhoon. He just went back to Manila without doing anything at all. WITH THIS KIND OF MENTALITY, HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE A PHILIPPINES PRESIDENT. FROM YOUR BOSS: YOU ARE FIRED BS AQUINO !!!!!!! GGR GRRRR;,\,\./?>>>>)_+&^%$?

  19. Kawawa naman tayong mga
    Filipino nakakuha tayo ng Bugok
    na lider. Sa susunod ingat na tayo
    sa pagpili.

  20. santiago caisido on

    Kasi batas na ginawa ni gloria kaya ayaw pansinin ni boy sisi. Kasalanan na naman ni gloria yan ayon kay boy sisi.Kawawa talaga ang pinas. Puro kasi politika ang nasa isip ni boy sisi.

  21. Bueno c. Macatangay on

    Mr tiglao its easy to comment/ blame after the event.tell us before your solutions and lets see if your criticism of everything pres. pinoy do before the event you can recommend thr rigth solutions.

    • Are you saying that Mr. Tiglao should teach the President what to do in all future undertakings of the President?

    • If Mr. Tiglao were the President, he would know what to do. As president, Pnoy should know what he is supposed to do. Since he did not know, he should not be president.

    • Edward Oropeza on

      Tanga ka ba? Commenting yung specialty nya eh, bat mo pa ipapapalit kay Mr. Sisi, akala kasi ni Mr. Sisi ay magaling na ciang “kuan”, dapat sana katulad na lang cia ni Tiglao, na lumagapak ayon sa kanyang kaalaman….Oh, ano,gets mo na? Dapat dyan kay Mr. SIsi yan, magresign na lang yan..wala namang alam eh. kung empleyado ko lang yan….matagal ko n ang pinatalsik yan

    • @restyresty..not necessarily..maybe mr. bueno just wanted to know if mr. tiglao is also good in offering solutions because he’s very good in criticizing..

  22. If only with have a visionary President, we would have a rapid-response disaster teams composed of engineers to clear roads, restore power, and install emergency water system. We would have search and rescue personnel to search for survivors under the debris and pick up the dead. There would be emergency field hospitals to treat the sick and other personnel to run feeding centers and put up temporary shelters for the homeless. All this personnel, backed by new C-130s and 2 dozen helicopters could have been dispatched on Day One after Yolanda struck.

    But it was not to be. Five days after the super storm hit, many bodies still lie uncollected, many people have not received their food and water supplies, and sick and the homeless slept without roofs on their heads. Relief foods cannot be moved fast enough because PH only has 2 aging C-130s and few hand-me down helicopters. All because we have a corrupt and inept administration whose priorities are focused on doling out pork and DAP funds to members of Congress, instead of planning for disasters like Yolanda. Our people don’t deserve to be treated shabbily as what Abnoy just did to the hapless victims of Typoon Yolanda.

    • eduardo nufable on

      Paano mabili ang pinagsasabi mong C-130, helicopters, eh, inubos nung mga opisyal sa kapanahunan ni GMA at maging ang pag gamit ni Pi-Noy ng Malampaya fund sa pagbili ng mga gamit ng AFP ay inyong tinutuligsa, saan na kukuha ng budget para sa sinasabi mong mga gamit?

  23. Mr. Tiglao,
    a) You admit that GMA spent more than 9 years without realizing the urgency of R.A. 10121, or the National Disaster and Risk Management System law, which was enacted May 27, 2010, i.e. after Pres Aquino already won the May 10 election! Literally, GMA waited until the 11th hour to pass the urgent law. How is that, if you want to play the blame game?
    b) Second, how is it that GMA authorized the spending of P900 million from the Malampaya Fund, in October 2009, for the alleged purpose of alleviating the victims of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, instead of using that amount to fund the Office of Civil Defense? (Now we know that her man Andaya of DBM and Napoles cooked it as ‘pork ham’!)
    Mr. Tiglao you should look first at the record of GMA before you nit-pick on PNoy.
    As to Anderson Cooper’s comments, everyone knows he only wanted to report what could be sensationally exposed to a captive worldwide audience. In a disaster which was literally an “act of God” – 3.5 times the power of Katrina that cost New Orleans $65 BILLION damage, a thousand and one things go wrong! For the sheer size of the destruction, Eisenhower’s logistics preparation for D-Day would be short of the challenge!
    What you should report Mr. Tiglao, is that the Chinese are ‘unfriending’ the Filipinos because their illegal / unconstitutional Joint Maritime Seismic Understanding (JMSU) with your patron, GMA, has been scuttled by PNoy, and that we wouldn’t take anymore their bullying in the Spratlys – the reason for our recourse to international arbitration.
    That’s why the Chinese can only ‘afford’ to give $100,000 ‘palimos’. Write about that, Mr. Tiglao!

    • JSMU seems to be a recourse of the Phils and China for a diplomatic solution on their contending claims on the Spratlys. It was a joint endeavor to peacefully resolve the dangerous powder keg situation that was present at that time.

      AS you have mentioned it BS Aquino scuttled it for the only reason that it was an endeavor of the previous administration even if it benefits the country. That only shows BS Aquino’s vindictiveness.

    • I agree with you mr. Camacho..never in his articles did he mention the corruption during Gloria’s time, when he himself was an official of that administration..maybe it’s a perfect administration after all.

    • Mr. Camacho, kindly re-read Mr. Tiglao’s article again.

      1. GMA did not spent 9 years to realize the urgency of RA 1021. GMA did not wait for the 11th hour to pass the law.

      It was very clear that Gloria Arroyo pushed into law and enacted RA 1021 on May 27, 2010 in the wake of the destruction wrought by Typhoon Pepeng in 2009.

      Ulitin natin for your better understanding:

      RA 1021 was pushed and enacted into law on May 27, 2010 AFTER TYPHOON PEPENG IN 2009 – it was obviously created to strengthened the OCD (OFFICE OF CIVIL DEFENSE).

      It has the primary responsibility of preparing for and responding to major disasters. (Nandyan sa article ni Mr. Tiglao yan, pakibasa ulit ha).

      Mr. Camacho. At the risks of being repetitious, FYI it was Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who pushed for RA1021 to become a law.

    • Jessie Corrales on

      Mr. Camachile ah eh Camacho pala, halatang halata naman ang pagka pro-pnoy mo. Pinipilit mo pang manalo sa argumento. Wa na, awat na, talo ka na, talo na si Pnoy. Incompetent, slow to react, vindictive and now a betrayer of the constitution. Everybody knows this. Game over. Hehe.

    •, gma is really the best president combined with her husband mike arroyo, and son Mikey…i hope they run again in the next election..very clean politicians…(puking).. :)

  24. President BS Aquino is barking at the wrong tree. He blames the Mayor of Tacloban for not preparing for “Typhoon Yolanda”.

    What a “Student Council” in Malacanang, playing video games or baril barilan? And also Senator Trillanes – why not convene his committee in “Aide of Legislation”? Another Super Super Super Typhoon might be coming again and again- so the people can prepare. Better late than never.

  25. Shameful. Pnoy aka BSAquino is a disgrace. Finally the world now knows what this idiot’s all about, which is absolutely nothing.

  26. Mr. Tiglao this article is revealing. Boy Sisi and his student council administration does not know how to read the law. Boy Sisi makes his own laws and does not care whatever happens as long as he gets what he wants. We have lawyers kuno surrounding him who are supposedly Phil Bar topnotch in the likes of Drillon, etc. ect. but cannot give him legal advice but the power of money they expect from Boy Sisi during his administration is too shiny that they also does not care as long as they get their share of the loot from peoples hard earned tax money.

  27. Yep, knew all along OCD in coordination with NDRRMC that should be on top of disaster-related calamities.

    Have since read the law that created the NDRRMC. I only have one issue with this law. I hope the name NDRRMC will be changed into something short and can be easily remembered and pronounced by Filipinos.

    NDMC. National Disaster Management Council/ or Center; or National Disaster Mitigation Council/ or Center.

    It used to be NDCC during Ate Glue’s time.

    • Saturnino R. Mendinueto, Jr. on

      Yep, I agree Migs. Dapat din ilipat ang mga malalalim na salita sa mga salitang Pilipino, Tagalog, Ilocano, Visaya, Bicolano, Cebuano, etc. para maintindihan ng lahat at ituro sa mga estudyante ng elementary ang mga salitang ” Storm Surge, Evacuation, Signal # 3-4″, etc.,para maintindihan ng lahat at hindi lang yuon mga gumawa ng batas sa kongresso na sila mismo at executive ang di sumusunod.