• Aquino finds love songs depressing


    FOR a middle-aged bachelor like President Benigno Aquino 3rd who had been in and out of love a number of times, syrupy love songs are beginning to lose their tug at the heartstrings.

    The President confessed to his fellow alumni at the Ateneo that the songs of his favorite singers such as Grammy Awards winner Adele have grown so depressing that he had to shift to classical music to help him cope with stress.

    Aquino, who had been romantically involved with a number of women such as Korina Sanchez, Bernadette Sembrano, Grace Lee and Shalani Soledad (now Romulo) said he used to listen to Adele’s songs over and over until depression took over.

    “I am sure a lot of people here have heard of Adele. Tapos siyempre, CD [compact disc]ire-repeat mo, kaya lang pag ‘yung you listen to Adele na [repeatedly]parang nakaka-depress afterwards. Parang nawawala ‘yung uplifting moments,” (Then of course, CD, you repeat after the singer, but after listening to her repeatedly, it becomes sort of depressing afterwards), Aquino told his audience during the anniversary of the Ateneo Professional Schools.

    Adele, or Adele Laurie Blue Adkins MBE, is an English singer, songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist who popularized the songs Rolling In The Deep, Someone Like You and Lovesong, among others. She won several awards for her music.

    At the same gathering, Aquino admitted that to cope with stress, he relies on prayer and classical music.

    “At the end of the day, when you have a very complex problem, you know, I have to be able to satisfy myself that I did everything I could. Then, I am humble enough I hope and remember that, at the end of the day, I talk to God, pray to God and ask that we will be made instruments of His will.”

    “I am going to listen to some music before I retire. In fact, I am beginning to appreciate classical music these days,” he added.

    Day Zero
    According to Aquino, his family is very eager to arrive at “day zero” or the end of his term as President. He said one of his senior staff members is counting down the days remaining in his term.

    “The end of [each]day is marked by a joyous occasion for her [staff member], when she has to remove one more page [on the calendar]. And I look at my sisters siguro, for instance, or even if I look at my nephews and nieces. Para bang the end of my term marks the beginning of normalcy in their lives,” he said.

    He admitted that one of the challenges he faces everyday is the “cottage industry of critics,” who usually paint negative images about his administration. Aquino said, however, that answering each criticism is not among his priorities.

    “Why spend the time debating with somebody who will never have an open mind, why not just do what has to be done?” he asked.

    “I get affected by how all of these people who are really trying to do their feat in contributing to that effort in transforming society have to pay just to be able to achieve it,” he said of his Cabinet.

    The president said that even a simple meal with people close to his heart makes him happy.

    “Natuwa ka, nangiti ka. From time to time, may ability ka pa para makangiti ng konti, okay na rin,” (From time to time, you realize the ability to smile a little—that’s okay), said Aquino.


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    1. how cute! now we have an insight on a middle aged bachelor’s angst. as if any one cares! for a non-performing president, “day zero” should not be fixed in time. in this case, “day zero” should have been right after the impeachment of corona or even day after the luneta massacre. what a waste of time for the philippines.