Aquino got mad, panicked and closed his eyes to reality


The Senate hearings on the Mamasapano massacre have revealed how huge a threat to the Republic the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has become, and how the establishment of a Bangsamoro (Moro Nation-State) in Mindanao could dismember this nation.

As important at this time for our nation is that the testimonies on what happened that tragic day have also portrayed a President who may have a psychological disorder, serious enough to hamper “the discharge of the powers and duties of his office.”

Consider the facts.

Suspended police chief Alan Purisima sent President Aquino at 5:45 a.m. his first text message on the commando operation the two had been planning for months—that international terrorist Zulkifli Abdhir aka “Marwan” was killed.

Most probably since he was still soundly asleep at that time —even if he was briefed that the time on target would be 2:30 a.m.—Aquino replied only two hours later, 7:36 a.m., eager to know if the operation was a complete success. “The other two targets?” he texted Purisima.

The exchange of messages between Aquino and Purisima (see attached transcript) show a President angry that the other two targets had escaped, and that the Special Action Force (SAF) troopers were engaged in a firefight, most likely with the MILF. Three hours later, at 10:16 a.m., Aquino sent the message to Purisima, an angry order: “Basit [Usman, the second target of the operation] should not get away. “

Aquino in Zamboanga on Jan 25, being briefed about an earlier bombing in the area, while SAF troops in Mamasapano were trapped.

Aquino in Zamboanga on Jan 25, being briefed about an earlier bombing in the area, while SAF troops in Mamasapano were trapped.

He obviously didn’t care how the SAF troopers were, as he didn’t even ask if they got the Army support Purisima said they would in his early messages.

That was the last message Purisima received from Aquino. The President didn’t even acknowledge receiving his messages sent 11:36 a.m. and then 6:20 p.m.

He may even have turned off his cell phone to get the botched operation off his mind, just as he would turn off a bad computer war game.



Purisima’s transcript of text messages between him and Aquino.

Aquino’s messages early in the morning clearly show he was privy to the operation, knowing such details as the number of SAF troopers directly involved (160), the kind of terrain the troops would encounter (“flat and clear”), and three targets. His text messages clearly show that he was treating Purisima as if he was the operation’s overall commander despite the fact that he had been suspended by the Ombudsman in December.
Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and even AFP Chief of Staff Gregorio Catapang—his top security officials—were with him starting 9 a.m., after his exchange of texts with Purisima, when they were at the VIP departure lounge of Villamor Airfield before they boarded the plane to Zamboanga City.

Not even in chitchat
Did Aquino relay to them the reports he got from Purisima, even just for chitchat as they waited for the plane? No.

Interior Secretary Mar Roxas testified that he sent the President a message at 8 a.m. informing him of the SAF operation and the emerging problem of the commando’s escape. And ‘what was the President’s reply?,’ Senator Nancy Binay asked.

“Thank you,” Roxas said. Nothing else.

Did the President, while they were in Zamboanga, ask them for advice on how to rescue the trapped commandos? No, his three top security officials testified under oath.

This strange behavior of Aquino in a period of crisis could only mean one thing:

After being informed that only one terrorist was killed, with the other two targets escaping, and that Muslim insurgents had pinned down the SAF troopers, the commander-in-chief got mad and berated Purisima.

He realized that there was a high probability that police commandos would be killed, and that his dream of taking out international terrorists had turned into a nightmare.

He panicked, and then went on a reality-denial mode. He froze, and couldn’t even ask his closest officials what to do.

He went around Zamboanga City the whole day as if nothing was happening in Maguindano just 40 kilometers away.

It would only be late in the day, at 5 p.m., after 44 SAF troopers lay dead in a cornfield, with Muslim insurgents looting their corpses and reports of the casualties coming in, that he was forced to ask his officials explain to him what the hell happened. Gazmin, Roxas and the other generals couldn’t even testify in the Senate hearing what orders the President issued.

Because there were none.

The President’s very strange behavior during a life-and-death crisis, for him to pretend nothing was happening indicates a psychological disorder, reality-denial, or denialism, an unconscious defense mechanism to deal with emotional pain when things don’t go as imagined.

Our constitution has foreseen such a rare situation, when the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. The Mamasapano massacre is proof he is unable to discharge his powers and duties, most likely because of a psychological disorder.

Article VII, Section 11 of the Constitutions provides a most peaceful way of preventing another massacre:

“Whenever a majority of all the Members of the Cabinet transmit to the President of the Senate and to the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice-President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”
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  1. And of course you have the proper qualifications to say that someone as a psychological disorder, even if that person has led this country to economic stardom in the region.

    • Even if simyon sleeps for a year, the economy will continue to be supported with the USD22Billion yearly remittance of our OFWs and another USD25Billion yearly earnings of our BPO industry. You know who put the structural reforms to allow our BPO industry to grow – it was Ms. Gloria. The “growth” that you are saying are is more of a confluence of external factors (eg. recession in Europe; weak US Currency) that was favorable to the local economy. There were no structural reforms that simyon ever introduced that could have allowed the local economy to become more robust. Please don’t tell me that his anti-corruption measures made the dent because corruption became more prevalent now – what with his legal plunder of PP160 Billion of PDAF/DAP funds.

  2. Well said. That surely explains why this president goes into disappearing act in many critical situtations when his presence and urgent actions are needed. He hurries like a rat to his shithole at the slightest sign of danger, popping every now and then to see when he can safely re-appear.

  3. The inutile retarded president goes to congress to talk them not for his accountability on the mamasapano massacre but for the passage of the bbl. And now congress is saying they will pass the bbl and will soon be submitted to congress. Me think… how much each tongressman and senatongs will receive??? bribe… bribe… bribe…
    For sure baboy drillon will have the share. Everybody happy again… di ba????

  4. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Much has been said about the Mamasapano event. The Senate Committee hearing heard the position of the MILF which revealed that there are four factions in their community and that it has no control over its members. True peace cannot be realized under this condition. The rest of the pack will definitely look for their own day to do what the MILF is doing. God bless the Philippines.

  5. You want to solve the Moro problem? Do it the American way during their pacification campaign of Mindanao on the early years of their occupation, very effective. Someone from RP government should study this phase of American campaign in PI (RP). You leave it to Deles & Ferrer, don’t be surprised that in 6 months from now RP will only be composed of Luzon, Visayas & a little portion of Mindanao.

    • You mean you want to massacre the Moros in the southern Philippines?
      If that is so, then you have mind of a fascist like Adolf Hitler !!!

  6. Melchor Vergara on

    some of those SMS messages between the BS and purisima appears quite “long”… did they really have time to punch out those words in the height of the Mamasapano event?
    any hacker can mess with phone settings and create an SMS exchange, unless those transcripts came from the telcos themselves

    • try nyo move back mo date ng fone mo, say jan 25, 6:00 a.m. and let a friend text you….retrieve the text message it will have the date print of jan 25 6:01 if the message arrived 6:01 in your phone. move back your fone date to the present Feb 23 and at 7:50 pm…you will find that the time stamp of your friend a while ago still remains at jan 25 6:01. So those buffoons who are presenting their text messages as proofs are all cerebral liars.
      get a court order for service providers to supply trasncripts of what transpired during the day of saf operations.

  7. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greatest liar among them?

    Pinoy – ” I think I was not only misled. I was told lies,” (referring to Purisima, one of Pinoy’s favorite barkada)
    “The one at fault is really Napeñas, who ordered them to go there even if
    he knew it was dangerous.” (from Napenas’ commander-in-chief himself who has fed him to the dogs. Poor Napeñas!)

    Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II – “There was no pressure from President Aquino to pass the BBL. He merely reminded us of the timeline,” (one of Pinoy’s lap dog in congress )

    Roxas – “If I may, I have been and always will tell the truth. I did not at any time commit what you’re implying in your statement, madam senator.” (favorite driver of Boy Sisi)

    Congressmen summoned to meet with Aquino in Malacanang – “President Benigno Aquino III felt betrayed and lied to by then-suspended Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima during the Mamasapano operation that cost the lives of 44 police commandos. (call that the “DAP Ripple Effect”)

    Purisima – ”I did not give any order to any PNP official or personnel regarding the Oplan Exodus. But if ever I uttered words to that effect, it was in the form of advice, not as directive or order,” (a four-star verbal contortionist)

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      But Gonzales is a tuta of P-Noy. What can we expect of him but to cover up especially 2016 is coming soon.

    • purisima said it was a form of advice? then how come he was privy to the operation which even noy’s top security officials knew nothing about? hmm…

  8. Correction the distance of zamboanga city to maguindanao by land travel is 630 kilometers not 40 kilometers as stated!

    • Roldan Guerrero on

      Aerial vehicles travel i straight trajectory so 40 kms may be accurate. PAF has helicopters and combat planes that should have been used for critical operation had there been proper command implementation. Laoag City, the northernmost city covers 458 kms going to Manila. Do you mean to say Zamboangga to Mamasapano if farther?

  9. I was about to like this article until i read the last line. A clear indication of a pro-binay article.
    Not a hater or an activist, just a concerned citizen who doesn’t like to be ruled by those two.

    • Noted that “Acting President” words too, but not necessarily VP Binay in a post-PNoy scenario. The National Transformation Council (of which the Catholic bishops are aligned) are said to be ready to form a transition govt while elections are going to be held. This is, hopefully, of a new order that will see us through finally … my 2-cents’ worth…

    • forget Binay, he’s not even part of this whole mess. Just focus on the gist of the article. You’re easily distracted.

    • The author was talking about the president’s possible incapacity, and in relation to that, had to cite the applicable provision in the Constitution on what happens if the president is declared incapable of discharging his duties. What would you rather have the author do, skip mentioning this provision so as not to ruffle the feathers of those whohave a dislike for the designated successor?

  10. Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) freezes when faced with a crisis like the Luneta hostage, Yolanda disaster and of late the Mamasapano massacre, in his decision-making and isolates himself from the public. This is a brain aberration that is a psychological disorder which makes him mentally depressed. In his convoluted mind he sees LIES as TRUTH and vice vera. Pnoy has this contorted brains and atypical mind-set. We are so unfortunate to have this kind of President whose mind is so sick that he cannot think clear and straight which will lead us to national catastrophe!
    Pnoy mental disorder would prevent him from thinking clear, digest information in his brains, fail to seek advice due to stubborn attitude, thus prone to make bad judgment call on the crisis gripping him at the moment! In his mind Pnoy is thinking of violating the ceasefire when the firefight/encounter occurred though there was already massacre
    and the devision of whether to order military assault/extraction but instead chose military standown! Pnoy did not care for SAF onslaught but only for the accusation of ceasefire violation by MILF peace negotiators. This was an incompetent very bad decision of Pnoy that cost the lives of 44 SAF forces! With this ineptness, Pnoy, after 2 days, pinned the blame to SAF Head Napenas for lack of coordination with the military! It is only now that he included Purisima in the blame-game equation. This mental disorder as shown from Pnoy’s actions, and strange, weird behavior during the past events (Luneta hostage taking, Yolanda disaster relief to victims, PDAF and DAP funds bribery, hatred for Corona, GMA, ENRILE, and now the Mamasapano massacre) is tantamount to an “illness that incapacitated Pnoy to discharge his duties and responsibilities ” in a sane and healthy manner for which an “Executive Caretaker” must take his place via his voluntary appointment thru Exevutive Order. The Executive Caretaker must be deemed the Head of Cabinet who run the government on a day-to-day basis and control and supervises all Executive departments. Pnoy will act as figurehead only to receive and entertain Heads of State, nothing more, until the end of his term in June, 2016. This will also prevent the VP BINAY and Drilon to claim succession since these two are perceived to divert in walking the straight path for alleged corruption.

    • No wonder one of these days Noynoy will have a nervous breakdown and shoot himself in the head because of His Ineptness.

  11. This psychology impaired president is so OBSESSED about BBL, I wonder why? Is it because consideration from the
    USA and Malaysia, aside from a delusion of getting a Nobel peace award. He must be hallucinating.

    • wala lang….gusto nya lang kasi inumpisahan na ng tatay nya so tatapusin nya….yung tatay nya na gsutong mag grandstanding to the detriment of the country,

  12. The actions and words coming out from PNOY is a concrete example as to why late Cory Aquino was never in favor of his son PNOY to run for the presidential office… Mother knows best…..


    No, to a special law (BBL) or Contitutonal Amendment that will grant special treatment and status to Maguindanao region just because most residents have different religious beliefs (Muslims/Koran). It is unconstitutional under the “Equal Protection Clause” of the Constitution, which provides that all citizens must have the same basic rights, duties and obligation and equally protected by the Constitution and the laws enacted thereunder. To surrender some governmental powers like police, military, national security, taxation, judicial system, trade and foreign policies to the Maguindanao autonomous region is tantamount to yielding the philippine Sovereignty which will territorially dismember the country for creating a separate and independent State of Islamic Maguindanao! In fact, even without BBL the MILF is already claiming “prior consent and permission” by MILF to all police or military operations in their alleged autonomous area of jurisdiction, like the PNP launch of Marwan and Usman operation to serve arrests warrants. It is ok to coordinate with MILF to prevent friction from the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement but the secrecy of police action need not be coordinated with them as the PNP is a national force that is over and above the MILF forces. In the first place the MILF should not maintain ARMED forces of whatever type as they are not legally so authorized. Further the PNP is there to serve and protect ALL people in the region regardless of religion. We embrace all our MUSLIM brothers not because we are Christians or Catholic but because we are PILIPINOS and they too are! And the Constitution and the National laws (like the Local Government Units under the Local Administrative Law) that apply to us must also apply to them as we are all PILIPINOS! Hence, No Need for Special law (BBL). What is needed is love, harmony and trust to have PEACE!
    The National Governance from President, members of Congress and Judiciary must recognize promote and serve the social, economic and political welfare of the region under the existing Constitution and laws, not by amending the Constitution or Comprehensive autonomous laws for the region.
    The National leadership must continue to maintain a sincere and honest dialogue with MILF or MNLF to pursue the full development of the Mindanao regions economy and its social and religious freedom to attain the elusive peahce that has evaded the region for centuries!
    Jun Adan

  14. Are some of you guys reading between the lines as purisma told him nothing of the demise of the troopers. His indications were they were in control. he didnt tell them there were overwhelming forces fighting them. In fact he was told the opposite they had PDG Purisma they are presently in contact with reinforing elements from biff. The containment forces are the ones in contact right now. They are supported by mechanised & artillery support sir.
    It doesnt say anything about them being overwhelmed or needing more help. If that message had been sent to you you wouldnt know the danger the troops were in. Purisma deliberately misled pnoy.
    All this was happening in the morning from about 4 or 5 am. & it wasnt until 6.20 pm that purisma finally told pnoy of the heavy casualties they had suffered. So how could pnoy have been able to do anything to help the saf guys. This is all down to purisma & napenas. They were the 2 guys running this operation & they cocked up big time which cost 44 good guys their lives & purisma & napenas should be jointly held accountable.

    • Typical defense of Pinoy. First, he allowed a suspended PNP Chief to execute Op Exodus instead of PNP OIC. Second, he involved himself too much in the planning and execution which a President does not if he trusts his people.Third, he failed to involve the AFP in the planning and execution as Commander in Chief which indicate lack of trust again. He would not be in this predicament if he allowed professionals in the AFP and PNP did their job. Unfortunately, it is too late to realize that coordination should have been done at his level first because PNP and AFP have different chain of command and merge only in the office of the president. Too much secrecy and putting much trust to suspended PNP Chief caused all the problems our country has to suffer now. It can no longer be changed much to our regret.

    • That’s because the text msgs do not cover everything. Do you think they’ll admit Pnoy knowing about the dead 44. Of course he knew, he was the only highest ranking official who knew. Why did he not inform Espina, Roxas and Gazmin from Jan 9 to Jan 25? 16 days passed and he told no one, he was quiet as a mouse. Had he turned over the command to Espina instead of his BFF, the 44 might still be alive today. Stop covering up for Pnot. He should be jailed asap,

    • It would be incredibly naive of anyone to take the sms transcript provided as gospel truth. The transcript made available just serves to provide cover for their commander in chief. I find it extremely hard to believe that the principal mode of communication in a police or military operation is thru text messaging. One other small detail, upon reading the so-called transcript, did anyone notice any misspelled words? …just asking…

  15. Pnoy must have known that purisma was acting as the top man in this operation even thought he was suspended & told to hand over the operation to, sorry i cant remember his name. But i wonder why pnoy didnt contact the new guy in charge, it can only be because he knew he wasnt in charge & knew nothing about it.
    But to me why is pnoy even in contact with anyone when an operation is ongoing, he isnt a military man, he should be leaving that side of operations to them & then get told when its sorted. If you had competent people in charge it would have been very easy, but it seems those in charge were totally incompetent. The first thing that should happen to both purisma & napenas is they should be sacked & forfit all benefits from service for total incompetence.
    I cant imagine anything like this happening to a properly run armed force, i would expect a shambles like that to be run by the insurgents not a special forces unit.
    This is about delegation & command. The people delegated to run operations were incompetent & how they got to such high office is incomprehensible.
    If you made a movie of this without people knowing its true it would be so clear to all watching that the powers that be done have a clue. They would see it as a spoof movie. It reminds me a little of the key stone cops silent movies, but this is real life & a real 44 deaths.

  16. There is a possibility that this inept president in malacanang is also suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder(PTSD) if its true that he was also a victim of a deadly ambush during the inconsequential Regime of his late mother cory aquino and his survival “kuno” was due to the alert response of his close in security under the helm of now disgraced BFF former PNP chief alan purisima…..His series of strange behavior he manifests in dealing with national crises since the inception of his likewise inconsequential Regime betrays this said disorder…..++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  17. This remedy provided by our Constitution makes our position more tragic. Are there better options than VP Binay?

  18. This is it! Self-denial – “The President’s very strange behavior during a life-and-death crisis, for him to pretend nothing was happening indicates a psychological disorder, reality-denial, or denialism, an unconscious defense mechanism to deal with emotional pain when things don’t go as imagined.”

  19. I’m not tickled pink on Mr. Aquino presidency; however, I cannot blame him for the loss of 44 SAF members in a combat situation. The men of the 55th SAF Company, on its way back to join the rest of SAF forces, under fire, decided to seek cover on a corn field that did not offer much protection. Their other alternative would have been to keep moving (run if need be) towards their pick-up point. This is purely a local commander decision and nothing to do with Executive decision.

    The other local Command decision that contributed to most of the death of the SAF members was the over cautious approach the Army took. West MinCom Commander, Gen. Guerrero, after receiving a call from SAF OIC Gen. Espina, took a cavalier approach of giving “guidance” to Gen. Pangillinan to provide assistance at 6:07 a.m. that dreadful day. No wonder why help didn’t come until late in the afternoon. It seems like: YOU DIDN’T TELL US BEFORE HAND – NO PRIORITY!

    • arlene landocan on

      That’s it . It is not an executive decision but the planning came from the executive office along with its approval of its execution headed by the president and the suspended chief. Your analysis is superficial. Try to go deeper. Besides, the three chiefs ( PNP, Army, AFP) can only be coordinated by the commander in chief if there is a flaw in the operation. And as the father of our country, he should show more empathy to his men than to the MILF. But, we cannot change our fate as Filipinos, coz the filipino voted the person who brings disaster to the nation, and the mother knew that omen….

  20. Very well said/explained Ambassador.

    Psychological Disorder – the President is not fit to govern;
    hence the follow the Constitutional Mandate.

    • Jose A. Oliveros on

      Would a majority of the members of PeNoy’s Cabinet transmit such a declaration to the heads of the two Houses of Congress? Improbable given the frame of mind of PeNoy’s Cabinet members. Another pragmatic consideration to be taken into account is if the VP becomes Acting President, he can replace all members of PeNoy’s Cabinet. It is, therefore, a case of personal survival for them not to allow the VP to become Acting President.

  21. Wrote a comment yesterday and the other day that PNoy needs professional help. Psychologist or Psychiatrists should take over because PNoy might be endangering the public because of his health problem.

  22. The alleged Ateneo psychological examination and report on the candidate Aquino should have been released in the first place. What’s in that report may or may not confirm some speculations about the subject. To do so now is like putting the cart before the horse.

    Medical exams on candidates for the highest position in the land should be bared so as not to ‘shortchange’ the people and to avoid untoward speculations.

  23. The inability of BS Aquino to make a decision in time of crisis is indeed a psychological disorder. Which Commander-in-Chief will refuse reinforcements to his trapped SAF commandos, which he sent in the first place, except one who is seriously mental-deficient? Remember how slow and ineptly he reacted after Typhoon Yolanda? As many commentators before had said, he is a NOYTARD – one who does not know what to do, one who is bull-headed in the face of criticism, one who lies through his teeth, one who is in denial, one who is incapable of showing compassion for those who are suffering. We had enough of this idiot. We have to let him go.

    • What? just a distraction? The tragic death of SAF 44? Are you still sane & not out of your mind? G & C is one issue & another case to start with..

    • Claro Apolinar on

      And the biggest perpetrator of graft and corruption holding high office is BS Aquino, for bribing the Congress to get former Chief Justice Corona impached and ousted so the Aquino-Cojuangco family can continue owning Hacienda Luisita and they can go scot-free in violating the Constitution and the laws about that agrarian case as well as in having peasants massacred there!

  24. This provision was copied from the American practice, where the vice president is always a party mate of the president. BS’s (Boy Sayad) cabinet hates Binay to the bone, so this will not happen here, thank God.

    • Under the Philippine Constitution, VP Binay is the successor in case the position of the presidency will be vacated.. We must follow the highest law of the land..