• Aquino government’s distortion of history begins now


    In most countries and governments, historical revisionism (the reexamination, rewriting, or distortion of the historical record) normally takes place after a decent time interval, or after there is a change of regimes or governments.

    In the case of the government of President Benigno Aquino III, it is doing something unprecedented and bizarre, which not even Nazi Germany and Military-Dictatorship Japan ventured to do during their heyday. It seeks to revise and distort the historical record of the Aquino presidency while it is still in office. It does not want to leave to historians, librarians and archivists the task of keeping for posterity the records, documents and accounts of events during the Aquino regime. It is denying with a straight face what has been retold over and over.

    With still 11 months to go before the curtain falls on the regime, this revisionist project is being implemented by Aquino functionaries, propagandists and bureaucrats. It is manifest in two key chapters of the Aquino years that have been marked by policy failures and administrative breakdown. These two chapters are:

    (a) The Supertyphoon Yolanda/Haiyan diasaster on November 8, 2013 – covering not just what happened on that fateful day, but also the massive failures in the rescue, relief, recovery and rehabilitation effort that persist nearly two years later.

    (b) The massacre in Mamasapano of 44 Special Action Force Commandos on January 25, 2015 – encompassing the decisions that led to the massacre and the massive effort to cover up presidential accountability for the operation and presidential failure to order rescue operations that could have saved SAF lives

    Before discussing the specific distortions that are currently being done, let’s get a grip on the meaning of historical revisionism, and the various forms that it can take.

    Revisionism, what it is and why it sucks
    Historical revisionism is essentially the re-examination, reinterpretation, denial or distortion of well-established historical facts.

    Revisionism can take either of two forms: (1) the legitimate scholastic re-examination of existing knowledge about a historical event, or (2) the illegitimate distortion of the historical record. The latter, which sometimes involves the denial of historical crimes, is also sometimes called negationism.

    Notable examples of negationism include the denial of the Holocaust in World War II, Soviet historiography, and the controversial program of the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform.

    Distortion of Yolanda disaster
    As the response of the Aquino government to the Yolanda disaster has been adjudged as incompetent, inadequate and insensitive by Filipino and international organizations, the administration has labored hard to produce a substitute narrative about its work on the disaster.

    It has tried to document its efforts to move resources and personnel for the recovery and rehabilitation effort. But recent assessments by the United Nations, Social Watch Philippines and international air organizations have belied the claims. It has engaged in blatant denial and dishonesty about the real situation and the real status of projects and funding.

    One dubious revisionist effort of the government is the barefaced denial by President Aquino that he admonished a Chinese-Filipino businessman, Kenneth Yu Uy, who claimed to have been shot at by looters, and who urged the president to declare martial law in Tacloban because of the rampant looting and violence.

    The President allegedly told Uy, “Buhay ka pa naman, di ba (You’re still alive, aren’t you)?”

    Nearly two years after Yolanda’s landfall, Palace propagandists claim that in the transcript of Aquino’s meeting with disaster management and local officials, there is no record of the President having addressed Uy during the meeting.

    But official claims notwithstanding, the quote has posterized the President as inept and insensitive. It became emblematic of the many shortcomings of the government in the relief, recovery and rehabilitation effort.

    Until the challenge of rebuilding lives and communities is fully met, there will be no success in rewriting the history of Typhoon Yolanda and East Visayas. Realities will undo the revisitionist effort.

    Distortion of Mamasapano massacre
    Typhoon Yolanda is clearly the biggest humanitarian and management challenge to face the Aquino administration.

    But in some ways, the massacre of elite police commandos in Mamasapano has become an even bigger public relations disaster for the Aquino presidency. Aquino’s accountability is written on the tragedy from start to finish.

    Consequently, government propagandists have exerted a lot of effort to rewrite the Mamasapano massacre in a way that would not portray the president as having sent the SAF 44 to their deaths and having failed to order a rescue operation to save them.

    Here again, public perception have hardened in a way that defies revisionism.

    To counter this perception, Palace communicators have lately issued statements and press releases to show that the administration has not been remiss in its responsibilities to the slain commandos and their families.

    Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. of the Presidential Communications Operations Office has resorted to straight-face lying about the president’s actions and shortcomings.

    Knowing full well what had already been reported in the media and was known to the victims’ families, Coloma claimed:

    “The President did not wait long to recognize what they (the SAF44) had done for the country. The administration did everything that was needed to be done to address the needs of their families.”

    When President Aquino failed to mention the SAF 44 in his state of the nation address last July 27, and then failed to mention them also in his speech at the 114th anniversary of the Philippine National Police (PNP) last August 7, he destroyed the revisionist strategy.

    Coloma wrote the epitaph for the failed effort. When asked why Aquino did not mention the SAF 44 in his speech during the anniversary, he declared: “The President has acknowledged their sacrifices in many speeches in the past.”

    This sounded like he was denying the Holocaust ever happened.

    Scars will remain
    To successfully revise the history of the Aquino years, the Aquino revisionist project will need to cover a lot more ground and more abominations. It cannot stop at Yolanda and Mamasapano. DAP is screaming to be recognized.

    This is because the Aquino presidency has had a profound and deep impact on our country and our people – far more than most of us realize.

    This presidency will abide in our memories long after it is gone from office. The nation will bear scars that should last at least a decade.



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    1. Anong pang-lalala sa pinapalabas nila na bayani si Ninoy at Cory… Nakasaad na yan sa mga libro. Bat hinde nila isulat ang pagtatraydor ng tatay at lolo ni Ninoy pati na rin ang idea na ninakaw ng kabet at kulasi ni Antonio Luna ang pera ng himagsikan at KKK

    2. Since from the start of campaigning, Aquino swore to the Filipino People” Isinusumpa ko sa Dios at sa Bayan, Hinding Hindi ako Magnanakaw”. True, he fullfilled his promise that he will not steal from the coffers, but because he is a Master of Deceptions and Lies, he used his Filthy KKK to steal Hundreds of Billions of Pesos for him. If he can deceive God with his “pasumpa-sumpa”, he can do it more to the Filipino People.

    3. Since from the start of campaigning, Aquino swore to the Filipino People” Isinusumpa ko sa Dios at sa Bayan, Hinding Hindi ako Magnanakaw”. True, he fullfilled his promise that he will not steal from the coffers, but because he is a Master of Deceptions and Lies, he used his Filthy KKK to steal Hundreds of Billions of Pesos for him. If he can deceive God with his “pasumpa-sumpa”, he can do it more to the Filipino People. This is how we have our current president, idolized and praised by his many stupld idlot followers.

      • Aquino wanted to impeach Corona so he could get more money for Hacienda Luisita, Aquino paid P50 million to each senator that voted to impeach Corona from the DAP fund.

        Aquino also used the DAP fund to pay P471.50 million to the Aquino family for part of Hacienda Luisita which was double the value initially prescribed by the April 24, 2012 Supreme Court decision.

    4. he is insensitive and lacking of emotion, typical for bipolar syndrome patients. bps people can only think of themselves. they can never learn to feel what other people feel, their meds are only to lessen their attacks or diminish violent attacks. how he became president is the people,s fault who vote out of emotion rather than rational. and the same thing will happen next election people will go for poe, the face of the nation, artista mentality, not even rationalizing how greedy of power she is or maybe malaki ang ulo at sikat na artista ang magulang. that is not the way we should elect people in the government. we vote foe people who have a good track record, who is not afraid to implement what is right,and who will not steal the money of the people.

    5. On July 1, 2016 we will start hearing the real truth on real performance of Pnoy during his incumbency. I just hope Pnoy will not use dirty tactics so Mar Roxas can win. I bet Pnoy and the rest of his gang will face more legal suits than GMA. Even his attacked dog Trillanes will suffer the same and this dumb senator will start shouting he will be a victim of political vendetta. But it is different for Trillanes he will sued by the justices of the Court of Appeal which even he hire a battalion of the best lawyers he will definitely loose because he does not have any evidence of bribery.

    6. They are taking advantage of the gullability of the Filipino people. One simple examplewas the Jabidah massacre. They believe it yet they can’t prove it but the Mamasapano massacre which happened in their very own eyes still believes with Aquinos. Well, thanks to the modern technology. The yellowtards will try everything to erase this part of our history but all the proof are in colored pictures or videos now. Wr have to accept tge fact that when the Aquinos took the power, they unleashed the Titans that are now sowing havoc to our society.

    7. We should also consider the Luneta Massacre the unconstitutionality of DAP the Zamboanga Siege and the attempt to get the Coco Levy Fund from Coconut Farmers through EO 179 & 180 an EO could not replace PD or RA. Mabuti na lang na TRO nf Supreme Court kung nafkataon ubos ang pera ng magsasaka ng Niyog

    8. the distortion of history has been happening since the aquinos came into power but worsened during this time of idiocy.

      • not to mention the following issues and non-resolution of the following:

        (1) Sabah Stand-off
        (2) Scarborough Stand-off
        (3) Deaths of the HK hostages
        (4) Zamboanga Siege
        (5) PDAF and DAP

    9. Manola Quezon should explain why Manuel Quezon his granfather paid Macarthur with government money to save him from the advancing Japanese forces and just instructed Laurel and company to deal with the feared enemy. Duwag yung Kastilang lolo ni Manolo.

    10. I always admire your style in writing your opinion. You are well endowed in writing, same with Mr Kit Tatad. You are two reasons why this paper is worthwhile reading.

    11. Sir,
      with due respect.
      No wonder the yellowtards are still in search of deodorizers.
      Well, no ample amount of shuffling or reinventing a metaphor that can make a machines of brainwashing to fool our fellow filipinos.
      Experienced on the ground of realities can stand and in fact, it reflects the true state of PNOY and his yellowtards pychological breakdown.

    12. The two instances that the assistance of the military was withheld [ for political
      ends ], will mark this soon to end administration.

      Yolanda rehab was the first “stand down order” , as the military was nowhere to be seen
      unlike foreign assistance where they sent their own military personnel !!!

      Then they left the SAF troopers , abandoned !!

      Impunity !!!
      Sanay na kasi sa mga massacre ng mga kasamak !!!

    13. That’s some real “1984” the Aquino government has been doing to coverup all the scandals. Just send Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr out with today’s lie and that’s it, good job everyone back to the country club,the president is buying the next round.

      “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
      ― George Orwell, 1984

    14. Manolo Quezon III is mentally dishonest just like Coloma but they are being paid to lie and distort history! Pera pera lang!

      • ito yatang si manolo quezon ang may alias na joe america. nadinig ko na sinabi ni angelo palmones at nino bonito padilla ng dzrh na pareho ang isinulat ni quezon at ni joe america sa isang topic.

    15. A decade only? We should NEVER FORGET! What Aquino did and are still doing are crimes against humanity. I think he and his minions are doing much worse than Marcos ever did because the victims here did are the poor, the displaced, the grieving, the confused, the hungry (for justice), the helpless victims (& they remain so) of these 2 historical tragedies. And, they’re even covering the truth with lies painting it red with the victims’ own blood.

    16. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Except for Ninoy, mother and son cannot claim to be a full blooded Aquinos. Mother cannot be an icon of democracy as she is the author of democratizing corruption to the lowest level of the government’s hierarchy- the barangays.P-Noy, on the other hand, is a duplicate if not a multiple, of his mother with the “sobrang likong daan” which his KKK and he himself are enjoying to their heels. This administration did more harm than good to our country because the people in it are basically corrupt. God bless the Philippines.

    17. Jose A. Oliveros on

      The Yellow propagandists and paid hacks have been distorting history since the time of PeNoy’s mother. They claim that it was his mother who restored democracy and she is the icon of democracy. But democracy was restored by the combined efforts of peace-loving Filipinos who fought the dictatorship by legals means. And how can one who trashed the 1973 Constitution and all the institutions created under it and promulgated her own “Freedom Constitution” be an “icon of democracy.”

    18. aquino himself has a distorted mentallity. Laughing after the carnage of the 12 Hongkong tourists is a prelude to a more horrifying disaster of his 6 years in office. Changing and twisting the truth will only totally destroy this animal.

    19. Carl Cid Inting on

      I can see the hand of Manolo Quezon in this. Manolo is a dilettante historian, mass communicator, propagandist and an aspirant to be the Philippine version of Joseph Goebbels. Only Manolo Quezon would be capable, among Aquino’s minions, to think along the lines of perverting and remaking history in order to glorify his paymaster and gloss over Aquino’s very glaring sins against the Filipino people.

    20. not just that. revisions will start at during aguinaldo years, japanese occupation, marcos era, and the last of the aquino clan to be charge of treason.