‘Aquino govt a failure’

 Jejomar Binay

Jejomar Binay

Binay says he does not back away from a fight

Vice President Jejomar Binay on Wednesday angrily lashed out at President Benigno Aquino 3rd as he declared his determination to run for President in 2016.

Binay, 73, a former staunch supporter of the Aquino family, accused the ruling administration of practicing “twisted justice” and of failing to improve life for the poor.

“This is what our people are seeking: a government that is the opposite of the callous and failing government that we have today,” Binay, who previously refrained from directly attacking Aquino, said.

Binay resigned from his Cabinet post on Monday as presidential adviser on overseas workers affairs and chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council.

His tirades comes amid efforts of the Office of the Ombudsman to charge him for corruption allegedly committed during his many years as mayor of Makati City (Metro Manila) before he became Vice President in 2010.

Binay said he is fighting for a government that would let justice and peace reign, and one that would fervently strive to create more jobs to help the needy.

He criticized the “selective justice” of the current administration, pointing out to the apparent disparity between those allied with the administration and those who are not.

There are certain privileges, Binay said, given to friends of the Aquino administration but there can be no justice for those who do not belong to the ruling Liberal Party (LP).

Morever, while he was being vilified, according to the Vice President, those allied with the ruling party who are also embroiled in controversies have gone unpunished.

Binay said that under the current administration, he was maliciously maligned, attacked and threatened with imprisonment.

He added that he believes the Aquino administration sees him as the main stumbling block to its political ambitions, especially because he is planning to run for President next year.

And while he was being persecuted, the Vice President said, the administration allowed to flourish issues such as the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), the corruption at the Metro Rail Transit 3 and the Mamasapano incident.

Binay said he was not willing to let the successful pro-poor programs he implemented in Makati City be disparaged and vilified.

He added that he accepted the offer to join the Cabinet because he wanted to repay with genuine service the trust of the public that elected him.

Binay dared his critics to face him in clean and honest elections as he thanked the people for their continued trust in him despite incessant attacks against him.

“Alam nila na marami sa kanilang kandidato ang hindi mananalo sa isang malinis at patas na halalan. kaya gagamit sila ng maruruming paraan, sukdulang sila ay magsinungaling, waldasin ang pondo ng bayan, at patuloy na labagin ang batas [They know that many of their candidates would not win in clean and fair elections, that’s why they resort to dirty tactics, they’re bare-faced liars, put public funds to waste and continue to defy the law],” he said.

The Vice President thanked those who continued to support him despite the heavy political persecution.

“Sa mga kalaban ko sa pulitika, sinasabi ko sa inyo ngayon, kung ang layunin ninyo ay paatrasin ako sa pagtakbo bilang pangulo sa 2016, nagkakamali kayo. Hindi ako umaatras sa laban [To my political foes, I’m telling you now, if your objective is to make me back out from the presidential contest in 2016, you’re wrong. I do not run from a fight],” Binay said.

He described the charges against him as politically motivated to keep him from running in the 2016 presidential elections.

Despite the charges against him, surveys have shown that Binay enjoys high approval ratings and comes at or near the top of potential presidential winners in next year’s polls.

Aquino, who is barred by law from running for another term, is widely expected to endorse a successor from his own Liberal Party in 2016.
Binay is not a member of that party.

He assailed Aquino’s record, saying only a small elite of Aquino’s allies had benefited from the economic growth and policies under the President.

“This is the twisted justice of the administration today,” Binay said.
Addressing the public, he promised: “I will be with you through thick and thin but now, as the leader of the opposition.”

Malacanang spokesman Edwin Lacierda noted that during Binay’s five years in the Aquino Cabinet, the Vice President had never criticized the administration’s policies.

“He has made the unfortunate choice to commence his presidential run with statements that he could have otherwise discussed with the President as a Cabinet member but chose not to,” Lacierda said in a statement.

He added that Binay’s speech “will define himself not only as an official but also as a person.”


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  1. You have to back up and prepare for your defense on plunder case. You will put to jail you break the law MR BINAY. This case is different when you will jailed during martial law. The evidence of nakaw sa yaman nang bayan Is strong no bail and you will die in jail.


    After so many years of being a member of the Aquino Cabinet, this Binay remained
    loyal. He did not say nor exposed anything against Aquino. If what he is saying is
    true, why did he stayed in the Aquino cabinet that long? Why it took him after 5 long
    years to speak up? This is BALIMBING. Kapag wala na siyang kailangang doon lang siya lulutang-lutang at puputakputak..If this Binay is clean, why don/t he answer the
    charges against him? Rather he continues to ignore them and hide from flimsy reasons saying that these charges are mere partisan politics. IF THERE IS SMOKE
    THERE IS FIRE. These allegations of Binay now cannot be dignified and are not worth
    their salt. Had he done this before, then he should be believed. Para siya yong police na at the thick of the fight, he hid himself, does not do anything and nowhere to be found. But when the fight is over and the dust settles up, this kind of person in the likes
    of Binay surfaces na puputak-putak, This is likened to Binay. As a Filipino I cannot
    dignify this person for he is not worth the pants that he is wearing.

  3. It’s getting interesting! Democracy is alive in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the mudslinging has boomeranged to VP. For the sake of our country please retire and look after your family.

  4. christinetan on

    Binay says he does not back away from a fight…only from the Senate investigation on corruption issue against him and his family and friends.

  5. Why ask Binay why he did not quit? Why not ask Aquino why he did not let him go? There is more that meets he eye.

  6. I will vote for an aspirant of RP Pres who is better than the las RP Presidents…that is how RP will evolve..a new mind better than previous never minds. Those with minds (referring to the better use of that gray matter) are JPE, Maid Mirriam and Ernie Maceda, but these great user of gray matter are not aspiring for RP Pres (as of this writing). I hope they will…as of this currenr aspirants I say OOH NEVER MIND.

  7. I will declare that Pnoy Administration is TOTALLY FAILURE, including Mr. Binay himself
    Tell us, what he has done during his 5 years in this corrupt administration. He is nothing. I cant see any future from him if he became a President of the Phils. they were the same feathers of yellow cult zombie origins from MAKATI. ANTI-POOR people.. Di sana nuon pa niya ginawa kung pro poor siya. ASSHOLE..

  8. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

    Binay is a confirmed traitor and Liar. Aquino put his Daang Matuwid in questiion when he kept Binay in his Cabinet despite all the strong allegations of corruption.Binay even said that he will support and continue the daang Matuwid of the President. He stayed in the cabinet for more than 5 years. If the government is a failure as he claims, he is part of it. If he really thinks his proposal ( if any) to improve the flight of the poor has been ignored by the administration, he should have resigned much earlier. No, he was hoping and waiting to be endorsed by the president. He somehow got the message that the president wont endorse him, he resigned and now attacking the administration. HE IS A TRAITOR. He said he never runs from a fight, howmany times did he run away from his challenged debate against Sen. Trillanes? Mercado? HE IS A LIAR. Pilipinos wake up, think of the future of your children.

  9. Bonifacio Claudio on

    Reading the quotation below, we come to understand VP Binay’s actions (1) while a cabinet member in the Aquino gov’t, and (2) now that he is no longer part of it.
    “If you work for a man, for heaven’s sake work him: speak well of him and stand by the institution he represents. Remember, an ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness. If you must growl, condemn, and eternally find fault, why not resign your position? And when you are on the outside damn to your heart’s content, but as long as you are part of the institution, do not condemn it; if you do the first high wind that comes along will blow you away and you will never know why.”
    by Elbert Hubbard. END QUOTE

  10. Mr.13%VP Binay talk about a lot of things but never mention clean government that is the king of magnanakaw scamming everybody that he is the messiah but actually Mr.13% is the modern day version of Judas.

  11. Braincleaner on

    Pare-pareho kayong mga inutil at traydor sa bayan! Binay-Aquino-Roxas-Poe-Escudero-Lacson-Duterte-Marcos-Cayetano-Trillanes! Magkakasama sa krimen, protektor nang isat-isa habang nakikinabang sa isat-isa, nagpapartihan, naggigirian, at nagaagawan sa karne at dugo ng bayan, para sa sariling kapakanan, para sa mga dayuhan at para sa iilang mayayaman!

    Dahil sa inyong lahat, dahil sa mga batas na inyong ginawa at sinuportahan, at dahil sa inyong pagtangkilik sa mga kakulay at katulad ninyong hungkag na lider sa pulitika – ang bansa ngayon ay mistulang basahan, walang dangal na kinikilala nang buong daigdig, naghihikahos at walang magandang kinabukasan sa hinaharap! Naghihikahos habang kayong lahat ay nagpapasasa at patuloy na nagsisiyaman!

    At “Honorables” pa ang gusto ninyong itawag sa inyo ng taongbayan! Ang kakapal!

  12. Binay must go to jail if all the allegations were proven true by the proper court. All the proceeds of the alleged corruption must be reverted back to where these were stolen, which in this case may be mostly from Makati’s coffers. But more than this, we must run after and put to jail who stole from the national coffers which is substantially more than what was taken from Makati. And even more than this, we must put to “hard labor” those who coveted the resources that rightfully belonged to the Filipino people even before these were collected and placed in the national coffers. This is perhaps more than 10 times the money taken from the treasury. Influence peddlers, rent-seekers and those who have been involved in “regulatory capture” and certainly those who made sure that commissions, both in cash and long term equity interests were given before any PPP or other large service contracts were signed. In the case of the latter, when proven to be anomalous, the same must be sequestered in favor of the people.

  13. Vic PenetranteVic on

    First order of the day for Binay as VP was to renovate Coconut Palace for him to live and hold office there. Second was to become the next president. Third was to oblige the wishes of Aquino, so that he won’t go back to protest on the streets like VP Guingona.

  14. Nothing is new nor revealing with these statements, for the last 5 years, people who had been critical with BS Cojuangco Aquino III and his administration, had already been aware of his inability to effect real change on the society.

    Binay is still issuing motherhood statements, and not really focusing on critical issues of the day, if he is to make a difference, he should speak out about the BBL and the Spratly Islands issues, rather than just defending his personal position and views, Philippines is in need of a leader whose interest does not encompass personal grudges, but someone whose stand bares on our national interest.

    We need a tangible platform and roadmap moving forward on governance, economy, justice, law and order and most important of all our sovereignty.

  15. Won’t support political dynasties, Binay needs to make a statement that if he wins he will support the 1987 Constitution and his will resign from the senate and house of rep’s.

    Too many of these family dynasties corrupting the government.

    84% of the Senate belong to political dynasties.
    90% of the House belong to political dynasties.

    Binay needs to overhaul the Justice Dept and declare that all the Pork barrel and Dap fund thieves prosecuted.

    Binay needs to declare that the government will stop using the public’s tax money for reelection campaigns.

    If he did those 3 things he would be a huge improvement over Aquino.

  16. Pnoy and BINAY as VP are both failure since they did not uplift the economic condition of the poor people who are the majority populace suffering from high prices, high fuel and energy cost and food prices. Pnoy only made the members of Congress multi-millionaires while the masses remain wallowing in poverty!

  17. VP Binay lost all moral ground to speak on the administration. He is right . The speech defined him as a person. He is part of the elite that has amassed enormous wealth. The difference is that he earned it under dubious means while others earned their’s through hard work.

  18. Ang number one na failure ay si Vice Binay, He took advantage of the Aquino administration campaigning to be president using the peoples resources but did not do anything in the cabinet. He is the dammest INGRATE !!!!!

  19. mikhail hieronymus on

    Mr. Edwin Lacierda: Where have you been? Binay as a member of the Aquino cabinet then, can not and should not say anything against the Aquino administration. This is but proper and logical. But now that he is out of the Aquino cabinet, he can say whatever he want as a free man. Do you get that?

  20. louie moreno on


  21. P.Akialamiro on

    Sir, you were part of the government of PNoy; you, too, are a failure! (“Tell me who your friends are (were), I will tell you who you are”.)