• ‘Aquino govt is most corrupt’

     Former Sen. Francisco “Kit” Tatad delivers speech during the Transformation Council Declaration held in Angeles City. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    Former Sen. Francisco “Kit” Tatad delivers speech during the Transformation Council Declaration held in Angeles City. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    Reform council launches PNoy-Resign movement

    CLARKFIELD, Pampanga: CALLS for President Benigno Aquino 3rd to step down and “peacefully relinquish” his post grew louder on Wednesday as more people joined the National Transformation Council (NTC) bandwagon for reform, including the President’s own uncle and aunt, Jose “Peping” and Margarita “Tingting” Cojuangco.

    Although Aquino’s uncle failed to attend the NTC assembly in the former US airbase due to a prior commitment, Margarita stood in for her husband and expressed support for the reforms being espoused by the NTC.

    Former senator Francisco Tatad, who was one of the speakers, described the Aquino Administration as the “most corrupt” in history, citing the controversies hounding the government such as the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) scams which, according to him, could reach as high as P1 trillion in terms of abused public funds.

    Tatad stressed that Aquino should step down because his government is no longer functioning as shown by reports of persistent corruption and the rising crime wave.

    Tatad said it is easy to cover up corruption because many lawmakers in the Senate and the House of Representatives are the President’s allies.

    The Manila Times interviewed the President’s uncle who confirmed that he and his wife support the NTC’s calls for reform and that he believes that a “transition government” under former Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno could work.

    “I’m not involved yet and I don’t know what they are doing right now but I believe reforms are needed in our government,” Cojuangco, a three-term congressman and now Philippine Olympic Committee president, told the Times.

    “I believe in what they [NTC] are doing and I simply like it,” he stressed.

    His remarks confirmed a Times report published on Tuesday that he had joined the clamor for the resignation of the President, along with lawyer Jose Malvar Villegas, the great grandson of Gen. Miguel Malvar. Villegas was also present during Wednesday’s gathering at Clark.

    Cautious with his statements, Cojuangco Jr. said he failed to attend the event because he was at the birthday celebration of Manila Rep. Amado Bagatsing. He added that major reforms in the government should be done for the people’s sake.

    “Everybody is disappointed with what is happening now in the country that’s why maybe there is an ongoing movement to support the President’s resignation. But again I’ll tell you I have nothing to do with that. I can’t say anything about that issue,” he emphasized.

    “In time, maybe I’ll join them.”

    Also present during the NTC assembly were former Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales, former armed forces chief Hermogenes Esperon, Davao Archbishop Emeritus Fernando Capalla and representatives of various religious organizations.

    In a separate interview, Cojuangco’s wife said the call for Aquino’s resignation depends on the Filipino people. She echoed Tatad’s assertion that many are turning their backs on the government because of the corruption that is apparently being condoned by Malacanang.

    “As a citizen and former public servant, I obey all the laws stated in our constitution, more so people in Malacañang should lead by example all citizens to obey the law and not be corrupt,” she said.

    She added that there was widespread cheating during the 2010 presidential elections when she ran and lost as a senator under the Nacionalista party, a rival of the Liberal Party.

    Mrs. Cojuangco claimed that the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines were pre-programmed in favor of candidates who offered the biggest amount to the Commission on Elections.

    “My husband [Peping] has worked with many IT [information technology]specialists and we will soon divulge the cheating they have done by using the PCOS machines,” she said.

    She was similarly cautious in answering questions related to the calls for her nephew to step down.

    “I never asked for him to step down. But the conscience of many Filipinos for the truth will be awakened and I am sure they will join this movement. Then it is up to the people of Malacañang whether they would step down,” she said.

    Villegas told The Times that the fight involves the elimination of all types of pork barrel funds such as the PDAF and DAP and that their struggle would be “non-violent.”

    “We will do our best to awaken the conscience of the President for him to decide for himself whether he will step down or not. If he does, he will leave a good legacy,” said Villegas, founding chairman of the Citizens’ Crime Watch.

    In its banner story on Tuesday, the Times reported that former congressman Cojuangco had joined a movement to establish a “transition government” that will be headed by Puno to support the call of the NTC for the country’s incumbent president to step down.

    The group of Villegas intends to gather 10 million signatures nationwide to support the call for the President’s resignation.

    Cojuangco is the older brother of late former President Corazon “Cory” Cojuangco Aquino, the mother of Benigno 3rd and wife to assassinated former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.

    In August this year, Arguelles hosted the Lipa assembly and called on Aquino to quit immediately.

    Another assembly was held in Cebu on October 1, and this time, a statement was issued urging the NTC to pursue “all necessary and available lawful means” to compel the President to step down at the soonest possible time and to “immediately organize an alternative government, consisting of men and women of integrity and proven worth.”


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    1. ilan na ba ang namuno sa pilipinas? ilan ba sa kanila ang matino na pinuno? ilan ba ang kurakot? gano ba katagal linisin ang napakalawak at napakaruming bakuran nang iisang tao lang? kung bawat isa sa mga nasa pwesto sa gobyerno ay tutulong magagawa natin. kung puro kayo puna sa mga natitirang dumi na naiwan sa bakuran hindi malilinis iyan. kayong mga pumupuna ay dapat tumulong sa paglinis! o baka kayo din ang gustong magiwan ng dumi sa bakuran… walang naging matino sa mata ng mga tao na ang nais ay may hangaring hindi kanaisnais para sa ikakaunlad ng bayan. ang nasa isip nila ay ang kanilang sarili lamang! ang isang taong hinirang ng karamihan ay hindi hinirang nang iilan kaya dapat natin siyang suportahan para sa ikauunlad nang mamamayan…….

    2. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      The corruption in the Philippines started long ago during the time of President Quirino, and President Magsaysay. As a young boy then I ve heard this slogan ” Lagay is my Guy”,and “What are we in power for”.
      The corruption grew and grew as the years went on. I believe that it was the time of Marcos that corruption became worse and became worst at the term of Gloria M. Arroyo. In this term of President Aquino, all these corruption cases became exposed, and the on line news, the corruption information spread. The opposition are now saying that corruption is very rampant during the time of Pres aquino.
      To me Pres. Aquinos daang matuwid is not really true for not urging his allies whose allegations of corruptions are strong to resign and for the courts to expedite the investigation and trials to resolve these corruption cases.
      But I am not in favor for him to step down, as the Presidency goes to Binay, who cannot defend himself of the cdorruption allegations against him.
      It is better to wait for the term of Pres. Aquino to be over.
      A warning to Pres. Aquino. Any untoward incident that happens to Pres. Aquino, Binay becomes the President.

      • Ang corruption sa Pilipinas ay parang sakit na “CANCER” kahit sino pang Presidente ang ipalit mo kay PiNOY ay wala din mangyayari. Weather weather lang!! yon ang kasibihan. Para sa akin, ang may kasalanan ay hindi ang politiko kon di tayo ang dapat sisihin bakit nagkaganon sila. Kong mangyayari lang na walang tatanggap nang pira tuwing election, mare-realize nang candidato na hindi pira ang kailangan nang tao sa kanila kon hindi ang serbisyo. At walang silang dapat babawiin nila na gasto through corruption. Sana na man hindi tayo hihingi ng tulong financial sa kanila para hindi naman nila magagamit ang kanilang personal na pira. Dapat meron isang NGO na kikilos para sa information desimination, at ang priority ay ang mga tao sa malalayo na barangays at ang mga depress area sa communidad. At kong manyayari pa rin ang pangnanakaw sa pira ng bayan, ang penalty ay B I T A Y. . . . . .

    3. and if he steps down, who will take his place? Binay of course. Are you kidding? Put this man who is so possessed of becoming president that he campaigning even now, a clear contravention of election laws, and you will see what corruption is really like.

    4. These are all Binay’s friends gathering to save him, turn the table around and make Pinoy more corrupt, the most corrupt! Corruption in government? Nothing new, it’s Business As Usual!

    5. simula ng si panot ang naging presidente, lalong lumala ang droga at mga kawatan dito samin at patayan..putris ka pinoy ano na ang pinag gagagwa mo wala ka ng ginawa kundi pilit ipakulong si arroyo na nagpaganda at kaayosan ng kabuhayan namin dito.. isa kang spoiled brat na anak mayamang mangmang! lumayas nawa si satanas sayong katauhan! dahil ang kagustohan ni satanas ay lalong mag hirap ang sanlibotan upang lalong lumala ang kasamaan!

    6. I am disappointed with the Manila Times. Nothing has been written about the Federalism Forum done in Davao City early this month.

    7. National Transformation Council. Just by the name, the name sounds self- righteous and pompous. It implies being the epitome of integrity. That it alone has the capability of changing the Philippine condition, her saviour. If the often quoted expression, “politically motivated” meaning self interest or hidden agenda, this is one is. Check the timeline. Project the immediate consequences.

    8. Pnot is never been serious in his campaign for graft and corruption. para siyang ngongo na lalabanan ang katiwalian sa kanyang administration. ang daming involve sa kanyang mga opisyales sa pagnanakaw ng kaban ng bayan including the malampaya funds, na ipinamahagi din niya sa kanyang mga kapartido na hindi dapat.
      bakit hindi niya maipaimbistigahan?? di pa man sasabihin nya walang kasalanan ang kanyang mga kaalyado..higit lalo si panot.. pirma siyan ng pirma ng hindi niya binabasa ang saligang batas kung may paglabag siya sa batas……besides wala man lang kaming nakitang proyekto ni panot na ang nakinabang ay ang mamayang filipino. saan ang bilyones na pera para sa mga proyekto??? brown out will be worsen next year 2015 at tataasan na nmn ng meralco ang kanilang fees dahil sa generator na gagamitin na kumukunsumo ng diesel at sa mga consumers ipapataw ang kabayaran.. kundi hayop….itong si panot..

    9. daniel a. gomez on

      What a spin for news Manila Times! . . . I am apolitical (though a Filipino by birth) I earn my keep working for an international development organization since graduating from the University; the efforts of the Aquino administration to fight corruption is notable . . . the corruption cases unearthed are historical in nature and it is only now that these were exposed . . . so what gives? . . . I wonder how talks of these news sources land like a screaming headline . . . goodness, Manila Times . . . the efforts of the Aquino administration breaks up the political structure of corruption, besieging the senate and congress long known to be a pantheon of corrupt practices– thus, a Marcosian interregnum abridged legislative power in state organ . . . (others would have a dichotomous view on this) . . but then, (missing and paging sir Doronila) Manila Times should be circumspect in info-gathering for news writing . . . unless, desperation necessitates high paper sells (even) on spin-oriented news.

    10. This whole exercises is nonsense. Under PNoy’s watch the country received a credit upgrade for an unprecedented 9 times, a significant rise in competitiveness, governance, transparency rankings, OECD projections that the Philippines will be the fastest growing country in Asia in the medium term, praises from the World Bank on this administration’s efforts against corruption. Apparently this article is a reflection of the egregious morality of the writers who make up this daily. No wonder its circulation is so poor.

    11. There are billions of pesos still unaccounted for to date. Addict sa PORK ang mga kapartido ni Pnoy. Na KINONSENTE naman niya.

    12. Kudos to PNoy! Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon, sa ilalim ng kanyang panunungkulan maraming kawatan sa pamahalaan ang dinampot sa kangkungan. Marami pa ang susunod. Pero, para sa makabuluhan, malawakan at pangmatagalang pagbabago, BAYANIHAN po tayo sa pagpaira ng JURY JUSTICE SYSTEM. Ito ang bukod-tanging lunas sa malala na na kanser ng lipunan.

      Samahan po ninyo kami sa FB group: Philippine Trial by Jury Movement.

    13. crisostomo ibarra on

      it is a waste of time what this ntc is clamoring. .you cant fool majority of filipinos this time…look at personalities behind this charade…self serving people who doest care about the welfare of the poor …tatad..cojuancos..remnants of gma including those who collude from the cbcp

    14. The Philippine Constitution provides that if the sitting President would vacate the PRESIDENCY for some reason or reasons , the VICE PRESIDENT would become the PRESIDENT AUTOMATICALLY !!!

      Do the people want a Vice President , who has not cleared his name yet … from the ALLEGATIONS OF CORRUPTION and HIDDEN WEALTH against him … to become the PRESIDENT ???


    15. m2wid n daan ang laging pinaglalaban n PNoy… ehhh tlgang gustong ituwid n ung kamalian, ktiwalian at iban pang kotongan s gobyerno ggwin ng tuwid jejeje… m2wid n daan … pero grabe naman… lubak lubak ung daan n m2wid …”@#**** @# ya…

    16. Civilian government is a failure due to corruptions,wheel of justice is slow and corrupt.We should try a civilian/military junta to cleanse the government for a few years,then start fresh with a clean election and new form of government.

    17. How can Aquino justify the additional 1 trillion increase in just 5 years of his term. In 2009 the budget of Gloria was at P1.6 trilion, now 5 years later (2015) it ballooned to 2.6 trillion pesos! What’s the use of saying that our GNP went up to 7.5% when the tax payers are being required to put up even higher taxes. Wala nang katapusan ang pag bayad ng tax direct and indirect. Now, I am asking the government, what happen to the Malampay funds, what happen to the sin tax, why is that that our government hospitals are given away to cronies of PNoy? What happen to the road users tax. Billions lahat yan. Yet, PNoy prioritize the P2.6 trillion pesos considering that people could hardly make both ends meet because of financial constrain! Hayop!

    18. He he he. Hindi umobra ang project ng taga Ateneo. Buking! One after another, these corruption committed by Cabinet Secretaries of PNoy are coming out in the open. Hndi kasi nila alam or they are not aware of the power of Information Technology. Gagawin mo pa lang, alam na ng mga bloggers, and it becomes viral by the millions.

    19. Where were they when Erap and GMA corrupted the government? It is only.now that they are making these noise because PNoy anti corruption
      campaign has already reached their pockets.

    20. The Philippines society and political landscape had been forged with alliances of treachery, over a piece of real estate that should be lawfully under the hands of tenant farmers – Hda. Luisita, for if only the government was not under the influence of one oligarchical family, none of these peninsulares, criolos and mestizos collectvism would exist and divide our society today.

      Philippines is a country where people’s mentality remain in the colonial times, a mentality of peninsulares and indios, rooted with a firm belief that ‘faith’ would set us free, a society where ‘fear’ can cause people to blindly believe that ‘chosing lesser evil’ is a better choice – not even thinking of the circumstances of making a deal with the devil will not bring about good, for all intentions will still remain ill and evil.

      And just like education, it does not produce literacy among us, if it is not re-inforced with critical thinking, to see through possibilities and impossibilities, and then to understand how thoughts can be influenced and manipulated by those who wish to weld absolute power.

      The move initiated by former CJ Puno and his group is commendable, (sans meddling of people whose aim is to remain in control and partake in the spoils of victory), it must not be wasted and must be pursued for the better end of the country and the Filipinos.

    21. What a paradox or dueling of policy. Straight path as anti-corruption policy of governance of Pnoy is diametrically in contradiction to what Pnoy is doing and continue to do via pork barrel incentives to lawmakers. Pnoy in effect feeds corruption by bribing lawmakers with pork barrels funds in a different nomenclature (Grassroots Budgeting, Savings, etc.) which the lawmakers wallows in pleasurable monetary enrichment, as Pnoy’s way of controlling them as a political strategy in getting what he wants. Pnoy government is governing by corruption of lawmakers that begets billions in corruption that makes the poor poorer. This is not what his slogan claims…”Kung walang kurap walang mahirap”. This slogan should be changed to..” Kurapin Ang Congreso para tumakbo ang gobierno ko at lalong humirap ang Tao”

    22. Vicente Penetrante on

      Twas the battlecry of election to oust the past administration,
      To be president of the nation: the right path is to fight corruption.
      In my head I can hear the drumming, the rhythm that keeps on repeating:
      The past administration’s to blame, fighting corruption is our aim.

      Now there is no underspending, corruption becomes very tempting,
      “Don’t worry I trust my underlings, only oppositions’ scam’ing.”
      Another year before election, no program yet for ministration,
      The past administration’s to blame, fighting corruption is our aim.

      We can do more spending to ensure we will keep on winning,
      The big budget is very tempting, blame the opposition for scam’ing.

    23. Guadalupe he is only hated more because under his watch corruption is bought to the fore. If he had ignored everything & the pork scam hadnt come to light life would have continued as always. None of you would have been any the wiser. You were all so easily fooled. It didnt just happen its been going on for ever in this country. It seems like its cursed as all politicians claim to be honest god fearing people. They arnt they are dishonest self serving people. But that is as it is with most here, its a me me me culture.

    24. It really isnt that important if this government is more corrupt than the last government, what is important is getting rid of of corruption. It will ruin this country, it is ruining this country & has always been the ruin of this country. All money stolen by these corrupt politicians & or officials is & always has contributed to ruin this country. So dont argue over who is most corrupt, just deal with it. Again the filipino is so easily distracted from the main point & goes off at a tangent. Do what liam neeson told his daughter in taken, i need you to focus. They need to focus on the issues & sort them out.

      • How can you get rid of corruption by covering up for your own appointees? You have to set the example and clean your own backyard before you accuse and persecute others whose backyard were left dirty.
        How can corrupt officials run after previous officials with the same dirt? Remove your color yellow and see the light of the day.

      • Per constitution, it is Binay who takes over if PersiNoynoy resigns or is “eliminated from the picture”. As Bise Binay would surely say…. dapat naman talaga, ako na!!!!

    25. jose btaganahan on

      While I agree that there is rampant corruption in the Aquino administration, I strongly dis-agree that it is the most corrupt. That distinction belongs to either the Marco s or the GMA administration.

    26. Dominador D. Canastra on

      May the movement to gather millions of signatures swiftly prosper.
      Down with the devil;s Smrtmatic PCOS machines.

    27. Inaasahan ninyong siya ay mag-resign…well, it’s like, “when you wish upon a star..makes no difference where you are…”

    28. The Abnoy is a confirmed goner. Before the world and our people, he has turned to be a persona-non-grata hated by even his own relatives. That much has been obvious by the declarations of both his uncle, Jose “Peping” Cojuangco and the latter’s wife, Tingting Cojuangco. This kind of news will never sit well with the international community.

      Imagine, it will be his own uncle and aunt who will expose his cheating in the 2010 elections with the proper documents. NY Times should be able to catch up with this development and write another editorial on the presidential mischief which has turned to be a consummate presidential malevolence.

      By this indications alone, it has become crystal clear that the Abnoy has become a much hated figure, worse than any presidential figure has ever been . He is not only the most corrupt. He is also now the most hated. Thanks to his cronies, and allies whom he has always protected and shielded, like Abad, Alcala, Abaya, Soliman, Drilon, Escudero, the”opportunist”, Cayetano, Trillanes, the Hyatt 10, etc. So it is best to just do himself a favor and just step down, before he is further humiliated by the exposes of his own family. It is time to lament his end.

      • The problem is who will replace PNoy if he steps down? Binay? It could be worst. The Philippines needs an interim government if PNoy steps down. An interim government must not consider Drilon.


        If there was CHEATING during the 2010 election , IS IT NOT POSSIBLE that VP Binay IS ONE OF THE BENEFICIARIES ?

        Are you in favor of VP Binay becoming President ? …[that is ASSURED by the Philippine Constitution once Pres. B. Aquino steps down from office without finishing his term] !

        I hope you don’t mind my asking you .

    29. NTC Another attack of desperate people to gain power and glory. tHE fILIPINO PEOPLE already knew your hearts.

    30. for shame what corrupt people in power will do to perserve the past and their status,
      at the price of the welfare of the ordinary citizens