• Aquino: Govt taking good care of workers here and abroad


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Friday said the government is taking care of Filipino workers both here and abroad.

    In his Labor Day message, Aquino noted that the government is ensuring the safety and competitiveness of Filipino workers wherever they may be.

    “Saan mang sulok ng mundo sila naroroon, sinisikap tugunan ng pamahalaan ang kanilang mga pangangailangan, lalo na sa larangan ng edukasyon, pagsasanay at agarang ayuda [Wherever in the world they may be, the government is striving to address their needs, especially in the areas of education, training and immediate assistance],” he said.

    “Pinapanday natin ang higit na matatag na ugnayan sa puwersang manggagawa upang mapakinggan ang kanilang saloobin at mabigyan ito ng karampatang aksyon [We are forging stronger coordination with the labor sector to listen to their sentiments and give the proper response],” the President added.

    Aquino’s statements on concerns of Filipino workers came after Mary Jane Veloso, who was convicted by an Indonesian court for smuggling drugs, was temporarily spared from facing a firing squad on Wednesday.

    He said the government is promoting stable employment relations in its efforts to respond to the workers’ concerns.

    The President urged cooperation of stakeholders in advancing industrial peace.

    Delivering his Labor Day address in Cebu, he once again trumpeted his administration’s efforts in successfully solving labor disputes.

    Aquino said the number of labor strikes has been significantly lower since he assumed the presidency in 2010.

    According to him, the 12 cases of labor strikes under his administration pale in comparison with the 259 strikes that were launched during the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

    In 2010, only one strike was registered, the lowest in the country’s history.

    Aquino was in Cebu to celebrate Labor Day and grace various activities, including unveiling of the New Mill Facility Marker at Cemex Philippines in Naga City, Cebu.

    He expressed concern about a strke at the power plant of the Korean Electric Power Corp.-Salcon Power Cor (Kepco-SPC), in the Naga City, saying a power crisis in the Visayas could occur if the strike pushed through.

    In a chance interview, Aquino told Cebu reporters that he wants the current labor dispute to be settled peacefully through a dialogue between the two parties.

    A group of workers from Kepco-SPC has been seeking recognition from management, as well as reinstatement of a supervisor whose services were terminated in March.

    “It should be resolved in a peaceful and not disruptive way,” Aquino said.

    The President pointed out that Kepco-SPC is a power producer.

    “Power is important for the continued growth of the economy,” he said. “Especially in Cebu.”

    If the strike pushed through, Aquino said, it will be the first in the region in the last decade.

    He, however, expressed confidence that Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz will be able to find a way to solve the labor dispute and come up with win-win solution.


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    1. jesus nazario on

      Yes, he is taking good care of the OFWs. As he takes good care also of xPGMA, the Binays, the 3 incarcerated Senators, SAF44, the Yolanda storm victims, the political oppositions, the BaBaLa opposers, the Smartmati/Comelec opposers and the like.

    2. Ikabod Bubwit on

      CS Aquino is at it again !!! In all his SONA’s of his presidency he never once uttered the letters OFW. In fact he reduced the budget of the DFA (meagre as it is) that is used to help OFWs abroad.


    3. Rosauro Feliciano on

      After the Vietnam War in 1975 understandably those who were employed in Vietnam, wanted to continue working in other countries for reasons of their own. Our government officials did not object that for reasons that our constitution guaranteed our freedom of movement and most likely that temporarily we were encouraged to do so because of unemployment problem besetting our country. Today after more than forty years later we are still encouraged to leave our country in search of work. It appears that since our remittances are one of the sources of encouraging corruptions among our lawmakers, talents of our people are not utilized in the country where we were born. We are mortal beings and cannot be re-incarnated to start all over again so after acquiring experiences outside our country, we can come back home still young and strong to apply what we have experienced that we did not learn from classrooms in schools.

      There are those who represent us OFWs but they are not dedicated to our needs although we don’t need their resources in terms of money because we are all earning and remitting part of it to the Philippines unless however, we encounter misfortune. We need laws that are helpful not only for us but for the cause of solving unemployment.

    4. Ha, ha haa! Comedy king Abnoy! Taking care of OFW all over the world. Baka naman taking the dollars of the OFWs!