• Aquino: Grace Poe not my secret bet


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd has dismissed speculations that he was secretly supporting Sen. Grace Poe in the May 2016 presidential elections.

    In a media interview during his recent working visit to Los Angeles, California, the President said he has no reason to hide his support for a candidate he likes.

    “Kung naniniwala ako sa kaniya, bakit pa ako magse-secret secret? Ikampanya ko na. Kung palagay ko ito talaga ang pinakamagaling na kandidato, iyon ang kampanya ko [If I believe in that candidate, why would I keep that secret? I will campaign for that candidate. If I believe this is the best candidate, that would be my campaign],” Aquino told reporters.`

    He has endorsed the candidacies of Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd and his running mate Leni Robredo but rumors that he might be backing Poe surfaced again after she attended his birthday party also recently.

    The President said he was pushing for Roxas and Robredo, as well as the LP’s senatorial slate.

    “Kailan pa ako hindi mapagkakatiwalaan sa binitawan kong salita? Kailan ba ako may ipapakita na ang gagawin kabaligtaran? Hindi ba? Iyon ang paninindigan ko [When have I not been trusted to keep my word? When have I shown something opposite to what I’ve said? That is my principle],” he pointed out.

    Explaining Poe’s presence at his birthday party, Aquino said the senator had sent him a birthday greeting via text message.

    As far as he remembers, according to the President , the senator was jokingly asking if she was invited to his birthday dinner.

    “Sinagot ko, ika ko [I told her], ‘if you are comfortable, of course, you are invited,’” Aquino said.

    He added that Poe replied that she cannot just show up because her presence might become an issue, but thanked him for considering her as a friend and inviting her.

    Aquino said he then replied that they could see each other next time.

    “But she changed her mind and showed up at the party. She stayed for a few minutes, not that long,” he added.

    The President said Poe came as his friend. “So palagay ko naman [In my view], I’d like to think she went there as a friend wanting to help me celebrate my birthday, okay,” Aquino said.

    Poe is running for President as an independent candidate.


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    1. shallow reasons that deserve to be dissected more closely. In the political world of liars and lies and corrupt people, who could we believe? secret interests? pinoy making sure of his safety post elections? cannot just dump mar? well well, the public has many opinions, like what is poe doing campaigning when the SC has not given her the final decision? who is behind the keen interest of the chief justice on foundlings disregarding the constitution she is supposed to uphold? Lies and liars, what else?

    2. Aquino lied about his buddy not being involved in the SAF 44 on televison, Aquino has no problem lying whenever it suits him and it’s amazing how the people let him.

      Only in the Philippines will a president lie on television, get caught then pretend he never lied and the people just let it go.

    3. Pnoy, tanong lang: 1) Why did DOJ and Malacanang allowed the SOLGEN to be one of the lawyers of Sen. Mary Grace Natividad Poe Llamanzares when the case against her in the SET was personal and not related to the Senate? 2) It was a coincidence that the vote of your cousin, Sen. Bam Aquino, who is the LP campaign manager of Leni Robredo, made Sen. Mary Grace Natividad won the SET. 3) Why is it after winning the SET, the next day Sen. Poe went to Malacanang to thank you for your help? 4) Why are all your appointees in the Supreme Court favoring Sen. Mary Grace Natividad Poe Lllamanzres in their arguments in the Supreme Court? Are all these a COINCIDENCE?
      Then Sir, Who is your ” Secret Candidate “? SI MAR ROXAS BA? DI BA SIR KAYA TAWAG AY ” SECRET CANDIDATE” AY SECRET KASI?

      • Even a blind man could see that Aquino is backing her but the massive amount of people that have no education thanks to a government that allocates as little as possible to education seem to have no clue.