Aquino had list of ‘drug’mayors



    FORMER President Benigno Aquino 3rd knew of the 23 mayors who protected illegal drug syndicates but the government lost the case filed against these officials, Dionisio Santiago, former director general of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), said on Monday.

    Santiago, who also served as chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, said Aquino and his executive secretary, Paquito Ochoa Jr., were given a list of local government officials linked to the illegal drug trade. Aquino named Ochoa as head of the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission.

    The same list is now in the hands of President Rodrigo Duterte.

    Duterte had said that he will name these mayors in due time.

    “They [Aquino and Ochoa] knew these individuals. We provided them with the list like Amante, Alcala, Asistio, Ablan, Cuenca and Soon,” Santiago told The Manila Times at the sidelines of a news conference held at Aristocrat Restaurant in Manila.

    He did not give the first names of the local officials, saying Duterte will identify them soon.

    Santiago, who also headed the Bureau of Corrections that has jurisdiction over the New Bilibid Prisons and other national prison facilities, said his agency filed charges against some of the local officials but all the cases were dismissed either by the prosecutor or the judge.

    “We simply lost the cases. After we were able to arrest their people who implicated them, we could not do anything when the case had been dumped,” he noted.

    If these mayors were identified, charges would be filed against them first at the Department of Interior and Local Government. If they are found guilty, they can be dismissed from their posts and drug charges will be filed against them in court.

    Santiago said a former head of the National Youth Commission is also a protector of illegal drug rings.

    “We did not talk to this person when he went to Davao,” he added, without giving a hint as to the identity of the official. He also did not say if the person is still in government service.
    To ensure that drug cases will be resolved quickly, Santiago proposed the creation of special drug courts.

    He said the PDEA should be disbanded so that the task of going after people involved in illegal drugs will be the sole responsibility of the Philippine National Police.

    “We copied this PDEA thing from the United States. In some countries like Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, only their police agenc[ies]are handling the anti-drug operations and they are successful,” Santiago added.

    Duterte had identified five police generals who he claimed were involved in the illegal drug trade.

    They are retired deputy director general Marcelo Garbo Jr., former National Capital Region Police Office director Chief Supt. Joel Pagdilao, former Quezon City Police District director Chief Supt. Edgardo Tinio, former Western Visayas police head Chief Supt. Bernardo Diaz and Vic Loot, who is now mayor of Daanbantayan, Cebu

    Chinese hand
    Santiago said anti-drug operatives also suspect that the Chinese government may be behind the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country.

    One proof, he added, is the fact that shabu or methamphetamine hydrochloride is being imported from China and the chemists are solely Chinese.

    “Ephedrine, one of the major chemical components of shabu, is imported from China,” Santiago said.

    This was confirmed by Chief Inspector Kim Molitas, spokesman for the National Capital Region Police Office, who said that not a single Filipino chemist has been arrested.

    “Only Chinese and Taiwanese chemists were arrested in various shabu laboratories,” she told reporters.

    Santiago said the influx of shabu into the country could be attributed to the open border visa policy, lax officials at the Bureau of Customs and long coast line.

    Molitas said 92 percent of barangay (villages) are facing serious problems on illegal drugs and the remaining eight percent are not totally free of such drugs.

    In Metro Manila alone, from July 1 to 5, a total of 2,6921 drug addicts surrendered to the police.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Benny Vicente of the National Center for Mental Health, said their clinic has helped 3,500 drug dependents.

    Actor Rex Cortes, who admitted that he once was addicted to marijuana, said many show business people are into illegal drugs.

    As to why the trail of drug money is difficult to trace, Max Edralin, a consultant at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, said the Anti-Money Laundering Council has to ask the Court of Appeals every time a suspicious account has to be investigated.

    Another problem, he added, is that banks are not honest enough to report the actual deposits of their clients, especially those who have P500,000 or more savings.


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    1. What the Aquino goverment is lacking was the political will… He had the intelligence ring in his hands which is budgeted by millions.. How come those judges was not found to be corrupt? You are the President you must found out that this syndicate of drugs was including the judges too it was just like Mexico and Columbia … If it was not stop our whole goverment will be run by the Cartels and the bottom line is the people of the Philippines will suffer which may be the victory for China who is the main source of these evils…!

    2. death penalty TO THE DRUG USER TOO !!!!

      LIKE di : makakasweldo, nood ng sine, kain sa McDo, Jollibee, bili ng load, internet, bili bigas, shopping….. kung walang drug free certificate.!!! o ano may bibili pa ng drugs nyan?!!! o di taub na kaagad ang mga drug factories.

    3. These drug lord and drug protector has no respect to humanity… Kaya dapat sa kanila ay gamitan ng kamay na bakal dapat lahat ng drug lord and codlers ay bigyan ng warrant of arrest ng pag arestuhin at lumaban ay patayin na agad mas maige ang mamatay sila kesa mabuhay at mabili nila ang kanilang kalayaan.. Kamatayan din sa mga judge na tumatangap ng bayad sa mga drug lord. Sa ganitong paraan ay unti unting mapuksa ang mga salot sa lipunan….

    4. Jaime Pilapil is not a credible reporter, Noli De Castro interviewed the Gen.Santiago yesterday over the radio, and scolded this certain Pilapil as malicious coz eventhough he gave him facts and data he still twisted and give wrong data..for example name that given in the news are not all Mayors not even public officials!

    5. …and damn Chinese executed pinoys carrying small amount of illegal drugs, small as compared to their countrymen/cohorts caught red-handed! Time to return the favor, execute damn Chinese drug smugglers with style (Duterte-style).

    6. vagoneto rieles on

      Santiago had his chance to ‘show up’. He did not. Now he should just ‘shut up’.

    7. Obviously Chinoy Aquino and his Chinky Cabinet Secretaries are Triad members.

    8. Mr. General, refrain from suggesting anything to the new administration. You had your time and chance, but remained part of the problem until now. You have no credibility, and no moral authority to join the drive against criminality. If you keep on talking, people might think you are just diverting the ongoing investigations, or possibly covering up some tracks.

      Alam namin super-galing mo, but not in what you’re talking about.

    9. Kevin J Radaza on

      If the cases were dismissed in court the judges handling these cases probably took bribe in favor of these mayors, in caraga region alone I know of a judge who takes bribe so that drug cases will be dismissed…judicial system sucks right

    10. Consider:

      1) “UN drug report: Philippines has highest rate of shabu use in East Asia”
      By: Jerry E. Esplanada; Philippine Daily Inquirer; 06:41 PM March 27th, 2012

      2) “Philippines has highest shabu abuse rate in East Asia – UN”
      By: Abigail Kwok; InterAksyon; March 28, 2012 6:47 PM

      3) “Pinoys top shabu users in East Asia”
      Headlines; Philippine Star; April 1st, 2012

      4) “In East Asia, illicit manufacture of ATS [Amphetamine Type Stimulants, encompass some of the most common, well known and used drugs including Ecstasy, Speed and Base, Ice and Methamphetamine] was concentrated in Japan in the 1940s and 1950s, but subsequently moved to the Republic of Korea, Taiwan Province of China and Thailand. Nowadays, ATS manufacture is concentrated mainly in China, Myanmar and the Philippines”
      — United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC): UN World Drug Report 2012, p. 90

      Between the time of the said UN report and today, it is obvious that the illegal drugs problem has not been reduced to a non-alarming level, if at all it was reduced, and therefore begs the question, “Why not?”, considering all the resources at the previous admin’s disposal.

    11. PNoy is not stupid, He filed a xase but it was dismissed. Actually he’s more decent, he did not name those Mayors unless priven guilty so their integrity is still intact. No trial by publicity. He’s prodessional in handling this case.

      • Filing a case against suspected drug personalities was merely for show so that once dismissed, they can use that as valid excuse for not being charged again in the future. So how does that make the Yellow ex-President professional? Some people are just more stupid than that BS Aquino III!

      • Look how yellow minions are thinking?gosh!hell stupid!professional your ass!you think filing a case would ease the problem just like that!Your bloody beloved yellow has no balls to fight the drug syndicate that already destroyed our country! Is this much you are Naive? blind? or you are just plain stupid!seriously, I guess you are out of your mind!

    12. that is the reason why PAOCC is very silence during Aquino watch, we never heard of any operation done by the commission unlike in the previous administration..simply because the commission was headed by the drug lord protector…

    13. We are a nation of thieves and drug addicts. Do not expect any good thing to happen in this country. Do you not get it ? It is the people that has a problem. Extreme poverty and extreme greed. Imagine 2 consecutive presidents and another one ,, Pnoy is charge with graft and corruption. If the leaders are rotten , what do you expect with the Pilipino people ?

    14. kontra kabulukan on

      Kill the judges who let go of drug lords. They are the main reason why drugs never stop aside from the drug protectors who do it in exchange of big amount of money.

    15. in other words, WALANG POLITICAL WILL si AQUINO na maresolbahan ang kaso sa mga droga. ang sa kanya ay basta nakasuhan (para walang masabi ang mga mamamayan sa kanya) then talo ang kaso…hanggang dun na lang ang kaya niyang gawin. tama nga sila…INUTIL SIYA …

    16. Evil society who earned dirty money( from drugs) can not defeat them by playing saint or applying laws, and also preachers can not win them. To defeat them “DO DIRTY TOO…!”

    17. I hope they run after the real rats very soon…..these Filipino drug lords and Chinese drug syndicates. Baka sila pa nga yung mga Intsik na kunwaring nagi-invest sa bansa at mga naglalaro sa casino dito. Yun pala sine-set-up lang ang operasyon dito.

    18. The only reason why the illegal drugs business proliferate is that they have protectors in the government. Now that they have been identified time to move on to the next phase until finally they are all in the slammers.

    19. Francisco Constantino on

      What in heaven’s name did noynoy do about it? Anak mayaman kasi.

      • The report said the Aquino Government filed cases against these personalities but the cases were dismissed by the judges who heard the cases. Iyan yung sinasabi ng mga Mambabatas na hindi maayos ang judicial system. May mga Hurado talagang madaling pakiusapan o sadyang duwag.

      • Evidence must hold in court. Hearsays (including investigation reports official or not) are not enough to indict them. An evidence should without reasonable doubt pinpoints direct to the accused. This case is capital crime therefore it needs solid evidence to prove guilt.

    20. Pat Limcauco Jr on

      Rez Cortez marijuana is not addicting, it has no habit forming substance like cigarettes.

    21. The big question is what was your biggest accomplishment as chief of PDEA? Why drugs were allowed to be cooked/distributed/sold inside the Bureau of Penal Colony (Bilibid) prison during your term? It’s either you were incompetent of your job or part of the drug syndicate. Perhaps more true on the latter.

      • Have you learned that general santiago’s pdea group captured the rich kids drug pushers aka alabang boys? And later released because of family influence to top officials…in short general santiago is competent with integrity…however, the problem is he doesnt receieved support from his superior who happened also to be a drug protector. He also dumped top drug lord and sent peter go to far away province jail…however the convicted druglord have government protector and money and was sent back to bilibid prison. It is disgusting isn’t it. I am not relative of gen santiago but his history and lifestyle couls be a clear evidence of his integrity. I hope you will not loss your mind, not be blinded and love the truth. To God Be The Glory!

    22. All those public officials who have condoned the use of illegal drugs and chemicals must be put to shame and prosecuted, according to the law of the land. All illegal users, those who possess and everyone protecting them must be dealt with the same way. They all must be on the wanted list, apprehended, charged, arranged, tried and sentenced, in accordance to the law. Justice must swift – never to be allowed to be dragged on in our court system.

    23. jeff jaramillo on

      Benigno Aquino 3rd should be tested for drug addiction. He might be using shabu to cure his mental illness,

      • Seriously, I think the rumor about his mental illness is true. One of the telling sign is his extreme apathy, which is a common symptom of several types of mental illness.

    24. girlie bebbeb on

      Not surprising if the Chinese government are behind the drug trades in the Philippines. The Philippine government should really look into these Chinese nationals coming in the country and of these people who are already living in the country. The Chinese government have a lot of money from their drug trades to go around and buy other countries favor for them.

    25. This shows how deeply embedded the drug cartel in country is and pres duterte is right on course of breaking the backbone of this criminals. He should be given a free hand in the crackdown at all cost by all means to save the country and the youth.

    26. Kill those Chinese drug makers and drug lords, without going through court. And those chinese drug lords who are in jail should be executed by offering convicts with money and freedom.

    27. Drastic approach are needed to end this menace. You cannot expect courts or the current system to work since they are paid by drug money.