• ‘Aquino hampered rescue operation’

    GO NOW Members of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers call on President Benigno Aquino 3rd to resign during a press briefing at the University of the Philippines in Quezon City. The group said the President should not wash his hands off the deadly incident in Maguindanao where 44 policemen were massacred. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    GO NOW Members of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers call on President Benigno Aquino 3rd to resign during a press briefing at the University of the Philippines in Quezon City. The group said the President should not wash his hands off the deadly incident in Maguindanao where 44 policemen were massacred. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    Lawmaker says PNoy ordered half-hearted mission to help SAF


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd hampered the Armed Forces’ efforts to rescue the Special Action Force (SAF) members who were pinned down by Muslim rebels in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, on January 25.

    Alliance of Concerned Teachers party-list Rep. Antonio Tinio made the accusation in light of the admission of Western Mindanao Command Lt. Gen. Rustico Guerrero that he sent text messages to 6th Infantry Division Commander Gen. Eduardo Pangilinan asking the Armed Forces how it can carry out a rescue mission for the embattled SAF commandos as instructed by the President.

    Guerrero’s first text message to Pangilinan read: [Rescue them in] best effort without endangering our reinforcing troops per guidance from President. Ensure no friendly fires since it is night time. If we can resupply them with ammo and food, how?

    The second text message added: “Give me your con ops on how to rescue or resupply the SAF platoon. The President wants it tonight.”

    “The instruction was clear: Best without endangering our reinforcing troops per guidance of the President. How do you understand this? I would say the President is saying, rescue them, but actually, he tied their hands because the instruction was best effort and don’t endanger the rescuers,” Tinio pointed out.

    “This is very different if the President would say rescue them at all cost,” he said.

    Guerrero, however, maintained that the President genuinely wanted to rescue the SAF, considering that eight commandos were already dead, 11 others were wounded and 17 were unarmed when the SAF appealed for help.

    “We were thinking at [the]time that all of them [SAF commandos] could be killed so the mission of the Sixth Infantry was to rescue them, with a link-up to the division commander, the President and the Cabinet members in Zamboanga City, your honor,” the military official said.

    He added that Aquino was in Zamboanga City with Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd, Armed Forces chief Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr. and Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin when the SAF commandos were fighting Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) members.

    Guerrero made the admission during intense grilling from Tinio, who wanted to know the extent of the President’s involvement in the sending of reinforcement teams to rescue the SAF commandos.

    He said Aquino and the other officials were monitoring the fighting in Mamasapano.
    “So malinaw po lumalabas na alam ni President Aquino at sinusubaybayan niya ang rescue operations, tama po ba [So it is clear that the President knew about and was monitoring the rescue operations, is that correct]?” Tinio said.

    “We were in Zamboanga with the President. We were briefing him about (the) Zamboanga City blast and so during that time when reports were coming [in], we were together, the chief of staff, secretary of Defense and secretary of the Interior, they were being updated from time to time and so when we were updating the President, he asked me how we (can) rescue the 84th SAF (members),” Guerero said.

    “I was ordered to give him an update and how do we do the rescue so I asked the 6th Infantry Division commander how he’s going to do that,” he added.

    “So napapapasama niyo si Presidente sa Zamboanga habang nagaganap ‘yung mga pangyayari sa Mamasapano [So you were with the President in Zamboanga while the fighting in Mamasapano was going on]?” Tinio asked.

    Guerrero answered yes, explaining that they were with the President from around 10 a.m. until he left Zamboanga City at about 8 p.m.

    Tinio later moved that Aquino be invited to the House inquiry into the Mamasapano incident.

    The Manila Times’ Chairman Emeritus Dr. Dante Ang earlier reported that Aquino, together with suspended Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima, was in the US Drone base facility in Zamboanga monitoring the encounter between the members of the elite SAF and MILF and BIFF fighters.

    The media were told that Aquino had flown to Zamboanga on that Sunday morning ostensibly to inspect the site of a car bombing in the city.

    According to the flight logbook, the presidential plane left Villamor Air Base at 9:15 a.m. and arrived in the Edwin Andrews Airbase shortly thereafter. Media were also told that Aquino left for Manila in the afternoon of Sunday.

    Dr. Ang’s source said Aquino and the officials with him froze upon witnessing the bloody turn of events.

    “Pati mga commander nag-freeze [even the commanders froze],” the source said.

    “It was not clear from our source who radioed the Drone command center and addressed words to his superiors, saying, “Sir, papasok na kami [Sir, we will now go in].” To which the President allegedly responded, “Negative, negative. Stand down,” Dr. Ang said in his report.

    In Wednesday’s hearing, Purisima refused to disclose details of his communication with Aquino regarding the Mamasapano operation that left 44 SAF members dead.

    He was asked by Rep. Terry Ridon of Kabataan party-list on the President’s role in the Mamasapano operation.

    The resigned PNP chief said he would have to get clearance from the President.

    “Your honor, even in executive session, we will still have to get clearance from the President if we can answer your questions regarding that communication between me and the President,” Purisima replied when House Committee on Public Order and Safety Chairman Rep. Jeffrey Ferrer asked if the former PNP chief was asking for an executive session.

    Misamis Occidental Rep. Henry Oaminal pointed out that executive privilege can only be invoked by the President.

    In the end, Purisima was given time to answer the question on Tuesday.


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    1. Ito bang nanyareng ito at nangyayare pa na gustong gawing substate ang Mindanao ng dahil sa malaysia at Milf makatarungan ba ito at hindi hayagang pagtataksil sa bansang Pilipinas. Na kahit alam nilang labag sa batas ang gustuhin nila ang nasusunod…

    2. Magkano kaya ang presyo ng mga bintahang larong ito? Parang mas pabor pa si Pnoy sa mga MILF kaysa mga alagad ng batas ng ating gobyerno. JUNK BBL!

    3. Wala tayong aasahan kay PNoy, matuto na tayong mga Pilipino sa mga pangyayari sa Masasapano!

    4. Talaga namang dapat, itong si PresiNoynoy. Kaya sa 2016 elections, NO MORE!!! Huwag i-re-elek si Noynoy, iba naman.

      • Marlene Parane on

        Wala naman re election ng President Kasi one term lang magbasa ka nag constitution. ang sabihin mo stepped down o kaya paalisin sa pwesto hintayin pa ba ang 2016. ang dami niyang hindi naayos na ganyan una yong hostage sa manila yong nangyari sa Yolanda victim, tapos ito na naman… napa incompetent na presidente

    5. armando flores on

      Aquino disposition is to surrender mindanao to the terrorist MILF/BIFF under the BBL in disguise of achieving peace. That is a gross mistake. Those terrorists want the whole country to become an islamic state. Getting mindanao as its initial territory is just the initial step. Aquino and his regime is selling out and endangering the safety and security of the country. As the MILF/BIFF grows in the coming years, it will soon devour in whole this nation. Our demoralized police and military would soon be no match against those terrorists. There is no guarantee that peace will be achieved once Philippine security forces surrender to the MILF/BIFF either. The islamists are beheading infidels — those that would not embrace islam as their religion.

    6. Napaka BOBO mo Tinio, syempre kaialangan maensure ang safety ng rescuer. The purpose of the rescuer is to ensure that he will not become a victim, you imbecile fool. Kailangan ensure ang safety nila para hindi madagdagan ang casualty like what happened sa Lone Survivor and Black Hawk Down idiot. When you are rescuing a drowning victim, you must ensure that you will not drown you fucking idiot Tinio. Bobo, Tarantado, Ulol. Fuck you you fucking cock sucker!

      • baka gusto lang.. makapasok sa Malakanyang bilis-bilisan si Bise, ayaw lang derechohin ni Party-lister Tinio.

    7. Investigation in the senate,congress and according to De Limaw, the DOJ will join the investigation too, after she watched the video. I do apologize to my kapwa Pilipino, bakit ba ang tatanga natin, what they are trying to do is to confuse us, I won’t be surprised if one of this day something is gonna happen to divert our attention. I would guess it’s gonna a bomb that will explode someplace.

    8. Please mga imbestigador(senador / congressmen) this tragedy can happen to you /your children or any of your loved one’s … GIVE JUSTICE TO THE FALLEN SAFF.. Who cares if you give favors to aquino or whatever personal motive u may have …BUT PLEASE NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF ANYBODY ESP. THE FALLEN 44 AND THEIR FAMILY / LOVE ONES . i do not know anyone of them but I still feel the pain…May their souls rest in PEACE … Si marcos lang yata ang sincere na nagtatanong (i’m not a fan of marcos)

    9. The mystery still is why the remaining 300 SAF commandos not ordered to help their beleaguered comrades. What is the rationale of having 392 commandos to accomplish the mission and then when the fighting started more that 75% of them was not utilized at all? Are these the troopers that were told to “stand down’ by the President?

      • Talaga ka ? Sa toto-o lang. eh di history repeats itself sa pamilya aquino.
        d ba kaya nagalit si Marcos noon sa tatay nya because pinamassacre nya mga sundalo sa Jabida . Question..bakit ba naturingang hero yung tatay nya eh puro radical at rebelyon ang inatupag during his time

    10. Whatever is discussed in the senate or house of represident, the buttom line always regards the Chain of Command!!! From the Comander-in-Chief and down or vice versa. This must always be the reference base-line. And even if it was a successful operation or not, this Chain of Command is always in the picture.

      In the SAF44 operation it is very clear Gen Napenas broke the Chain of Command cause he did not inform Gen Espina. For reasons, only known to Napenas, whatever it is, he made a wrong moved in not informing Gen Espina and Gen Catapang for support. He followed a suspended Chief Purisima. In all of this, where is the President. He is still in the Chain of Comand whether he likes it or not or whatever denials he makes. He is always in the picture. He is also in the Constitution as President of the republic and Comander-in-Chief as far as the Military and Police are concerned.. If you don’t see this, you in the Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen, YOU ARE NOT HELPING FILIPINOS!!!

      • AAAHHh!!! Now i knowwww kaya pala pinili ni aquino sina dilemna ; dilis donkey soliman at iba pa na kagaya nya mag rarason saan kaya sila kumukuha nang mga mukha nla . civilian emplyee ako but the principle of the CHAIN OF COMMAND IS ALWAYS PRESENT AND MUST BE PRACTICED by any civilized person educated or not, professional or not otherwise that org. will be in A TOTAL MESS , COMPLETE DISSARRAY , AND PEOPLE IN THAT ORG. WILL DO WHATEVER HE WANTS TO DO TO PLEASE HIMSELF. Many a times ms. Dilemna TALKS SO CARELESSLY . hawak nya sensitive position huwag cya padalusdalus ,kakahya

    11. Dont ask panot to resign dalawang kawatan waiting on the wings.lets just ignore his remaining days,no computerized elections,dadayain tayo.lahat ng altdo nyo wag iboto.or else let us march again.wag magbayad ng tax

      • ANO KA BA !!! ano’ng ilang araw na lang nattra sa presidente mo’ng walang kaparis , ila’ng oras lang ba inslaughter yo’ng mga 44-saf !! NAKU PO! NAKU PO! Ayaw ko pa mamatay lalo na sa kamay ng mga animal na yan . Mabuti kung suwertehin at yo’ng lahat kaalyado at sinumang nag cocover-up sa presidente mong ewan ang pulgasin ng mga traydor na milsum na yan . bakit ? prublema ba paplalit IBALIK SI MARCOS

    12. this student president sacrificed the lives of SAF44, now he is sacrificing the officers and whole organization of PNP and AFP so that he could get off the hook…OMG!

      • Tumpak ka sa toto-o lang baka mamaya mo eh ipalapa na naman tayo sa kung sinong ka sekreto nya ,EH NATUTULALA PA NAMAN CYA … STAND DOWN DAW , D LANG NAKAKATAKOT … KAKAHIYA .Huwag na patagalin … PALISIN NA !!! NOW NA!!! at kayung mga senador at congressmen huwag ninyo kami isakripisyu … D NAMIN KAYU BINOTO PARA PABAYAAN KAY precy aquino …PLEEEAAASEEEE PARA NA NINYU AWA !!! gusto ko pa mabuhay marami pa ako magaganda ambisyun sa buhay … I WISH PANAGINIP LANG ITONG MGA PANGYAYARI

    13. Leodegardo Pruna on

      The Filipinos have a proud, arrogant and no caring president. The Filipinos were made to believe that they were the president’s bosses. Is it? He has no boss but himself. Can the Filipinos choose a good leader in the 2016 election with the hocus-PCOS machine of the brilliant and greedy retired official of the Comelec. The Filipinos beware of what is forthcoming. God have mercy on and bless the Philippines.

      • oooohhhh!!! so you’re one of those na na-uto nya when he said “kayo po ang bos ko”… Sa lahat ng sinabi nya doon cya di nagsinungaling o nagkamali.hiniling nya votes for prez. but niliwanag nga naman nya from day one na ikaw ang bos nya so, anong pinagrereklamo mo ngayon eh ikaw daw ang boss nya d ikaw dapat namuno sa masasapano ..he.he.he KORNY BA? UNANG SPEECH PA LANG NI PENOY IBBONG LOUSY NA ,

    14. For wanting to save the BBL and be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, this incompetent, naive BS Aquino let our 44 police officers be finished off by MILF gunmen as they laid wounded in the battlefield. His stupidity resulted in our fighting men being massacred.

      The Philippines should stop negotiating with the terrorist group MILF, and if it does not surrender, it should be eliminated. The US, Israel, Canada, UK, France, etc. do not negotiate with ISIS; they bomb and degrade it. The Philippines should do the same. If the members of MILF want a country governed under Sharia Law, they should move to Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia where they will feel at home.

      This MILF wants nothing short of getting an independent Bangsamoro Republic. Once it gains its autonomous territory under BBL, it will declare independence; and it will get immediate supports from Muslim Malaysia, Indonesia and oil-rich Middle East countries. There would not be peace in Mindanao unless these terrorist groups MILF, BIFF, Abu Sayyap are eliminated.

      Say NO to BBL. Mindanao belongs to the Philippines and to all Filipinos regardless of their religious beliefs. ONE COUNTRY, ONE FLAG!

      • TUMPAK KA !!! Hopeless case kahit pa tapusin yang BBL na yan with flying colors, oras na they don’t get what they want, they kill you in a minute at papatayin lahat ang hindi muslim sa pilipinas dahil to them , hindi sila kasali sa batas . Notice, kahit saang part of the world kung saan may ganito’ng klaseng tao, may endless war for main reason that they cannot help their envy and hatred sa civilized people

    15. Let’s forget all investigations. We all already know that the President was monitoring the SAF mission from the start to end. He is not concerned of the lives of his SAF troopers but to monitor about our Army not violating the ceasefire agreement with the MILF. That’s why when the Army was told to rescue SAF blocking force from 6:00 am, all the Army could say was, they are still verifying the positions of the friendly forces and the enemies who are were already busy firing from different directions. What is that? From 6am to afternoon all the Army could do is verifying text messages only? Well, it is very obvious that the President indeed gave instruction to the Army to stand down because of the peace process and to hell with those killed just like they are sacrificial lambs and collateral damage only and the President’s agenda is really to push through with the peace pact with these terrorists coddling fellow terrorists as his legacy. We are being fooled only by these rebel leaders and they are very many of them. How can there be lasting peace with them? We had already one with Misuari under the ARMM. Now with Murad under BAngsamoro. Next with Kato with BIFF? And next Abu Sayaf also? And than to NPAs also? Please Noynoy learn from what Sri Lankan government did with their insurgents. Simple di ba?

      • Papano susugod ang army para magrescue eh , aquino already demoralizing them .. aquino killed their fighting spirits instead of supporting them with high moral support.. I would give MY MARCHING /ROARING ORDER TO RESCUE THE SAFF ADAMANTLY if only to save the remaining of my honorable men from being slaughtered by my enemies (WHO CARES IF THE CODDLERS OF THESE TERRORISTS WILL BE HIT , it’s always a part of their strategy anyway to use their own people as their shields )… Nandidiyan na yong mga saff na pinapatay tinatakot pa rin ni aquino mga rescuers na baka makatama ng kung sinon’g kaluluwa na di pa nga alam kung mayroon o wala na . Sinasabihan na si aquino na naubusan sila ng bala at pinned down na sila …oN THE contrary to what he kept saying… THERE WAS INDEED A TIMELY AND PROPER COORDINATION AS PER HIS ORDER sa kanya… aquino himself could have contacted and ordered his armed forces to rescue dahil naka monitor pala cya at c purisima but his response was unbelievable of a commander in chief … he flatly flank that acid test . Nothing should render me indecisive because I KNOW THAT I HAVE MORE MILITARILY SOPHISTICATED WELL TRAINED COMBATANTS ; MORE SOPHISTICATED COMBAT ARMS AND ESPECIALLY I AM well aware that I HAVE THE FULL BACK UP of U.S.A. if only to iradicate terrorists….BUT NO because aquino then was also thinking of his other selfish personal agenda …Anybody who lets his / her personal agenda interferes with his/her decision at anytime, the result/s is not the best , damage is most likely to happen and you become unproductive yourself .. In any dangerous mission, you do not demoralize your men by giving scary instructions but speak with courage and give them your full support ,,, There is nothing more crippling than demoralizing any fighter from tyhe beginning especially from a topmost commander

    16. This President and Commander-in-chief of the AFP who is also the topmost boss of the PNP clearly loves the MILF more our than our soldiers and policemen under him. Remember that AFP chief of staff Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang admitted to media last week and in the Senate hearing last Monday that his commanders could not fight the MILF-BIFF attackers killing our 44 Fallen PNP-SAF Heroes because they did not want to harm the peace process.

      Aquino is saying to AFP–Let’s make sure Murad and Jaafar and Iqbal are pleased by surrendering our Republic to them in the MILF.

      What kind of peace is that? It’s demonic! It dishonors all the military and police victims of the MILF since this rebel separatist band broke away from the MNLF.

      • Sobra ka naman! ‘Di rin naman “demonic peace” ang gusto ng pres. pnoy mo. “MORONIC!!!” kamo!

    17. that is why you are there, generals of mindanao command and infantry command, to execute the rescue operation at all costs or to minimize casualties, than to have done nothing…at si presidente n nman nadadamay at sisihin, ano ba nman itong mga generals na ito, gusto nyo ba si presidente mag rescue dun..

      • ikaw talaga.. dinis-organize nga ni aquino ang chain of command di pinaalam sa mga heneral na dapat makaalam . aquino , purisima at napenas nagplano all along .. nasa zamboanga c aquino mismo on that day na naka monitor …well updated sila as claimed by napenas … tapos bibigla-in na lang yon’g mga heneral / army na walang kalam alam … of course ang response / rescue will not be the best …DIYOS KO PO !!! ano kaya ang susunod na KAHINDIK HINDIK NA GAGAWIN PA NI AQUINO eh mahigit isang taon pa kung di pa cya aalis .. PATNUBAYAN MO PO ANG PILIPINAS

      • Di ba malinis, si P-noy ang nag-utos ng stand-down? Pinakita lang nyan ang tunay na kulay niyan. Walang pakialam sa buhay ng mga tauhan niya at kayang iiwan at pabayaan ang mga tao niya sa oras ng kagipitan. Ano ang tawag mo diyan?