• Aquino has lost most Pinoys’ trust – Osmeña


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd has clearly lost the trust of majority of Filipinos because of the Mamasapano incident that claimed the lives of 44 police commandos and, unless the President apologized, the distrust could be permanent, a lawmaker said on Sunday.

    According to Sen. Sergio Osmeña 3rd, while he does not support calls for the President to resign, the Administration should take the matter seriously because it indicates that the people are already fed up with Aquino’s leadership.

    Osmeña said he believes that the President needs to apologize to the people on the bloody incident just like what then-President Gloria Arroyo did when she was being criticized for calling an election official during the 2004 national elections.

    Arroyo, on June 27, 2005, said sorry to the nation in connection with the “Hello Garci” scandal, which involved an alleged wiretapped phone conversation she had with then-Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Virgilio”Garci” Garcillano.

    But despite her “I am sorry” speech delivered on national television, she still drew flak and the people still continued with their demands for her resignation.

    Osmeña said apologizing to Filipinos will be a good move on the part of Aquino and he also believes that the apology will be accepted.

    “Yes, the Filipinos are very forgiving,” he noted in a radio interview, when asked if apologizing for the Mamasapano incident will be good for Aquino.

    But Osmeña said he will not support calls for the President to resign because the law provides that the President of the Philippines has a six-year term and the only way to remove him before his term ends is through impeachment.

    Those who are calling for Aquino’s resignation, according to the senator, should instead file an impeachment case because it is the only legal means to replace the incumbent leader at this point.

    Osmeña clarified that he was only stating the available process provided by the Constitution, not pushing for the impeachment of the President.

    He was among those who supported the candidacy of Aquino during the 2010 polls and he admitted that he is regretting his decision because of the now-President’s hard-headedness.

    According to the senator, running a government is a give-and-take of ideas and it involves a consultative process between the executive and the legislative and sometimes with the judiciary but that this is not happening.

    “This President has been super hard-headed and only listens to his friends, so that is not good,” Osmeña said.

    The Mamasapano (Maguindanao) incident, he added, should have made Aquino reflect on what is happening and convince him to make adjustments, but that the President is really stubborn and is not willing to concede anything.

    “That is not the way democracy really works and that is why there will be backlash like people asking for his [Aquino] resignation, which is a very serious matter,” Osmena said.

    The senator added that he considers the Mamasapano incident, a result of Oplan Exodus launched by the Philippine National Police to capture Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir, alias Marwan, as the worst security crisis the Aquino administration has faced because of the number of police officers killed.

    He said he will not allow Senate investigation of the incident to end in a whitewash because the people already know who should be held liable.

    The Senate committees on public order and dangerous drugs; peace, unification and reconciliation; and finance have finished their inquiry into the Mamasapano incident and started drafting a joint committee report.

    “We will see, because they [Aquino allies] control the Senate, so there might be a whitewash but we will look out for that and we will surely know about it,” Osmena said.

    The Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, headed by Sen. Grace Poe, will draft the report.


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    1. Ninoy’s advice to his son Pnoy. “The only advice I can give you: Live with honor and follow your conscience.

      There is no greater nation on earth than our Motherland. No greater people than our own. Serve them with all your heart, with all your might and with all your strength.

      Son, the ball is now in your hands.” I guess by now Ninoy will be scratching his head wherever he is,,,asking himself anak anung nagyari?

      At times i feel like the entire Philippines has become a giant Hacienda Luisita.Mismanaged and mistreated we keep asking for something much better but the owners just keep ignoring the people and denying them what they are entitled to have.I say it because the people of Hacienda Luisita have been denied what is rightfully theirs just like our entire nation was denied the truth and the SAF denied justice with their deaths…2 instances out of several strings of mishandled cases.The result is the same anger and outrage from the people.

      By now i realized that President Aquino is not a good listener.Not to his father and not to the people he serves.There will be a point where ignorance can be a crime and he is right there.

    2. Alejo Rosete on

      Hindi naman mag-apologized si Presidente BS Aquno eh.
      Dahil ang akala niya ay tama siya o mataas siya.

      Sino naman siya. Adda baltik sa ulo.
      Kung may baltik sa ulo – hindi maronong magsalita ng sorry
      o mag apologize.

    3. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      Senator Osmena belongs to the Liberal Party. The leader of the Liberal Party is the President. The statement of Sen. Osmena that the President has lost the trust of the majority of the Pilipino people, means the Liberal Party has lost the trust of the majority of the people. The Liberal Party chooses the Presidential candidates in the election. They chose Bengno Aquino III as their Presidential candidate in the last presidential election. Does it mean that their judgement in selecting a Presidential candidate is very poor? Do we expect to trust the liberal party? Do you Sen. Osmena, suggest that we dont support the liberal party because of their poor judgement?
      When a party member discredits its own leader, he should resign from that party and join another party.

      • I disagree about your comments about Liberal Party. Liberal Party has become a pioneer here in the Philippines having lots of politicians join them for their quests for leading this country and I don’t think the party deserves to be criticized because of what our president is doing right now.

        PS: not a PNoy supporter.

      • P. P. Campos on

        Mr Tenza,

        Please check your facts. Senator Osmena is NOT a member of the Liberal Party or any political party for that matter. He is an independent. He may have assisted PNOY briefly during the 2010 campaign, he ran as an independent for senator.

      • Pnoy is not the leader or the presi of Liberal Party. It’s Mar Roxas. he’s just a puppet. Check it out.

    4. Kaya ganito ang Pinas na walang pag asa. Makikitid ang mga pag iisip. Pinoys are one track minded. Pinoys really can’t understand a lot of situations. That’s the main reason everything that they do is a failure. Whether it’s the government, transportation, telecommunication, internet, utilities and the lists goes on….Although it’s sad that 44 SAF’s died, that was their duty & somehow there was miscommunications of the low IQ’s officials. Marwan alone killed more than 300 innocent children, men & women & could have killed thousands more if not killed..

    5. We lost trust to him as a President of the Philippines. He favor malaysian government to interfere our internal problems. Why in malaysia. ?? He wants again to sell part of mindanao to malaysian government.. No way.. Philippines is for the Filipino people. If our people from Mindanao is not Filipino ,then they can leave our country alone. We dont need any country to interfere our internal problems. But because of this Stupid , lunatic president, he give way to the malaysian government to get along with it. maybe this lunatic president has some business in malaysia and he connives with malaysian governmentjust like his father, the traitor of our country. Get lost of our native land, malaysian people. You dont belong to Filipino people..and we dont need you..asshole..

    6. P-NOY abandoned and betrayed the Fallen 44 in favor of the stupid BBL that will never work and to appease the enemy of the state P-NOYs friend the MILF.There will never be forgiveness to what he did it is treason and criminal.

    7. Surely, Sen. Osmena. While there is an impeachment provision in our constitution, do you think it would prosper given the fact that the entire legislative branch of government is under the control of Malacanang? Who are you fooling?! Impeachment is a political process and all of you have no credibility.

      • apolonio reyes on

        Tama ka Chocolate, wala sa vocabulary ng Pilipino ang salitang ” RESIGN “, kay Pnoy pa? Wala din sa vocabulary ni Commander-in- Chief at CEO Pnoy na MAGSABI ” I AM SORRY ” kundi ang mag CC dito at mag CC duon maliban sa kanya at BFF ang CCSIHIN. Di ba SirP ? Sa tutoo lang, sa akin at 100M Filipino alam kung sino ang dapat CChin at may kasalanan sa pagkamatay ng 44 SAF FALLEN HEROES MALIBAN SA ISANG TAO NA NAKAUPO SA MALASCANANG. DI BA Chocolate?

    8. You lost your trust to a President that is just doing his job trying to protect Filipinos from terrorist by going after them but you still trust a Vice President who we know plundered millions of peso supposedly for all Filipinos to enriched himself and his family …and also It is like you are saying, you trust other people advice than your Parents or siblings…of course he will trust his circle of friends that he thought could give Filipinos a better life and honest government than a Senate and Congress that he and we all know their purpose is only politics and self interest. The mamamasapano carnage is part of the war, get over it, move on, stop the blame game. Who do you think will win the war against terror if you keep on blaming each other..Just get those terrorist bastards… GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES

      • Saan pumasok sa article si VP? Lagi na lang nababanggit. Mag comment kayo sa merit or demerit ng article.

    9. Samuel Santos on

      PNoy will never “do an Arroyo.” PNoy does not have the sincerity and humility that GMA has. It’s all about proper parental upbringing, perhaps.

    10. the president has too much pride to apologize. as far as the president is concerned, he did nothing wrong. pnoy is pnoy. there’s no way you nor us all can change that.

      what and how about your mr. osmena? have you lost trust in pnoy?

    11. Sen. Serge Osmena displays a lot of sense in his statements. Who knows, the public will forgive PNoy the mischievous because unlike in Mrs. Arroyo’s case where there were already a strong propaganda against her for a much smaller mistake compared to PNoy, the propagandists existing at present are all pro-PNoy.

      • People, just so you know. Arroyo said sorry on a widely televised speech and the public forgave her or shall I say, most Filipinos didn’t care if she’s guilty or not because at the end of the day, it is still our routinary jobs that should matter.

        It wasn’t the Filipino masses who put her in jail. It was Pnoy and his cohorts. Look what happened, were there any on-going cases? Most of those cases were already dropped due to insufficient proofs. The noynoying style of his people is displayed. Ex-president Arroyo is already considered illegally detained.