• Aquino has no conscience – bishops

    SEEING RED Members of the Buklurang Manggagawang Pilipino hold a picket rally in front of the Social Security System central office in East Avenue, Quezon City to denounce President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s veto of the bill that sought to increase pension by P2,000. Photo by Mike de Juan

    Members of the Buklurang Manggagawang Pilipino hold a picket rally in front of the Social Security System central office in East Avenue, Quezon City to denounce President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s veto of the bill that sought to increase pension by P2,000. Photo by Mike de Juan

    CATHOLIC bishops, lawmakers and workers were one in lambasting President Benigno Aquino 3rd for vetoing the proposed P2,000 across-the-board increase for pensioners of the Social Security System (SSS).

    On Friday, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said Aquino’s move showed that he has “no conscience” and has no sympathy for the poor.

    Former CBCP president and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz and Mania Auxiliary Broderick Pabillo were the most vocal in slamming the President’s decision.

    “Ang Pangulo ay walang konsensiya, walang awa sa mga taong salat sa buhay [The President has no mercy, insensitive and unmerciful to the people who have less in life],” Cruz said.

    He added that SSS pensioners are not asking any favor from the President but merely want to get the benefits they rightly deserve as taxpayers.

    The prelate said Aquino should not deny senior citizens the little increase on their monthly pensions because the money that will be used also came from the taxes paid by these pensioners when they were still gainfully employed.

    “The money of the government is the people’s money. It came from the taxes collected from the people, it’s not yours. If you give what is due to the people, you are not giving any favor but you are just returning what rightly belongs to them,” Cruz pointed out.

    Pabillo said in vetoing the SSS pension hike bill, the President showed that his program of inclusive growth is a mere rhetoric.

    The prelate, chairman of the CBCP’s Committee on Public Affairs, noted that it is not the first time that Aquino has shown his anti-poor policy, having vetoed the proposed Magna Carta for the Poor in 2013.

    “Do we vote [for]those who will continue this anti-poor policy?” Pabillo asked in his Twitter account.

    The Magna Carta for the Poor was aimed to protect the rights of the poor by giving them equal access to basic rights and government services.

    But the President rejected it on the ground that some of the provisions of the bill were unrealistic, specifically the provision that seeks to provide shelter to the poor that would need P2.31 trillion to implement.

    Former Rep. Renato Magtubo, chairman of Partido Manggagawa (PM), said Aquino can still redeem himself by approving the pension hike.

    Magtubo added the President, instead of rejecting the bill, should have instructed SSS officials to improve their collection and lessen their unnecessary expenses including the granting of huge bonuses.

    He said Aquino’s decision only showed his “cruelty and insensitivity to the old workers of the country.”

    Julius Cainglet, vice president of the Federation of Free Workers (FFW), said Aquino’s decision proves that the President is “inconsiderate and heartless.”

    FFW president Sonny Matula debunked Aquino’s claim that granting the pension hike will bleed the SSS dry.

    Matula, also a veteran labor lawyer, said, “Pensioners who are now in the twilight of their life will live only for the next 5 to 10 years.”

    “They are in a dire need to be satisfied by our social insurance institution. Our pensioners are now on a hand to mouth existence,” he added.


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    1. What in the world the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) doing, getting involved in politics? What happened to the “separation of religion and state “? Are these bishops pay taxes too? Taxpayers have all the rights to demonstrate / disagree with the government because they (the taxpayers) are the ones paying their salaries. Maybe, COA starts auditing these churches and slap them with corporate flat tax rate.

    2. . . we knew him when his days are already numbered. . that his mind is not fitted for the job…nxt time, can the public have prior information as to the capability of a presidential candidate”?…we should not repeat this again. . namatay lang ang nanay na popular (but incompetent also). .we binoto natin ang anak na me sakit sa ulo. .parang ang pagka-presidente e pampremyo lang. . pampapalubag loob…dami tuloy namatay sa Mamasapano-SAF. .sa Luneta massacre. . ngayong mga SSS pensionner na man ang pinapatay. . matatanda na sila . . walang income. . pun. .tang Liberal Party yan. . na sumusuporta sa kanya. . Co-junagco (not Aquino) family na nagpapa-ikot sa kanya. . ginagamit lang siya para sa business interest nila. . hindi para sa kaunlaran ng bansa o ng mga nakakaraming Pilipino. …kawawa ang bansa nating. . me tumatayong Presidente pero ung mga sipsip na nakapaligid ang dumidikta. . siya walang isip to make a right decision. . kawawa naman ang bansa natin. . .

    3. Kaya nga malapit nang maging senior citizen wala pa rin asawa o gf man Lang Dahll he does not know what love is.

    4. Edwin Subijano on

      President BS Aquino 3rd is abnormal !!! He is mentally retarded !!!
      I have said that over and over again !!! Nobody seems to be listening !!!
      He only does what people around him tells him to do !!!
      He cannot think or decide for himself !!!

    5. Aquino has no conscience
      That is not exactly news is it ?
      Figured that out for myself a long time ago when the SAF 44 were abandoned.
      Aquino skipping the arrival honors of slain SAF choosing to attend Mitsubishi Motors plant opening.

      4 years of house arrest for past president GMA.

      After Typhoon Yolanda smashed Tacloban.

      Aquino laughs off any negative reports while having no problem lying or sending his paid liars out to share his latest delusion.

      Remember when Aquino lied 3 days after the SAF 44 massacre on Jan 28th when he said Purisima was only involved up until his suspension and not after ?

      “If you lie to the government it’s a felony but if the government lies to us ?

    6. Before the anti P-noy catholic clergy opens their mouth to criticize they should let their staff study first SSS account figure why SSS will be endangered in the long term..from the figures they got, they can counter attack if the President is wrong..as simple as that to regain priesthood credibility..

    7. .Pensioners live like rats. The best for them is Dora but for executive, they get bonuses in millions including Director’s fees

    8. Again Pinoy shows his staborness to the people He even dare to questions the SSS Directors, Presidents, consultants and employees the truth of why SSS will be drain of money if he will approved the pensions. What happened to the investment they had put while the money are not used and were are these now. Before the SSS directors, Presidents and consultant says they had to invest the SSS money they had collected so that the SSS will increase its money and to sustain the need of SSS Members. And worst the president is so strong that SSS need to increase the SSS monthly contributions so that they can increased the SSS pensions and sustain the need of its members. An now here were are again the president made deeper computation why he veto the recommendations of the senators. To My all dear senators I do hope they too had their jobs accordingly and not politically motivated. Is their recommendations are with full supporting documents that this recommendations are valid.

    9. I hope the President can instruct the SSS executives to explain it to the people including the Senators? Please provide a power point presentation. Prove them wrong and embarrass the Senators if you can who made these kind of proposals of not thinking and use their brain first before they use their mouth.

      The corrupt politicians are to dubious to propose a bill that can resonate to the greedy people minds. This is to sow discontent against the government. It is time for the good mind of the SSS to provide explanation why P 2000 is not acceptable. Please make a counter proposal increase of the current pensions too that way everyone is a winner.

    10. This is what the Bobotantes got from voting an inutile president.. Hope this coming election will be an eye opener for all of us.. No to the yellow cult and the Lapiang Pork..