Aquino healthy despite coughing –Malacañang


President Benigno Aquino 3rd is in “good health” despite coughing fits during his public appearances, Malacañang said on Friday.

Palace deputy spokesperson Abigail Valte said the President was fit to work and has regular check-ups.

“The President consults his personal physicians on a very regular basis. And I was told by one of them that ‘Yes he maintains, generally, good health,’” Valte added.

The spokesperson did not give further details on the check-ups.

“I myself do not have those details owing to the fact that we respect the patient-doctor privilege that we recognize,” she said.

The coughing sometimes interrupts the President in the middle of a speech, and he has to take a sip from a glass of water.

Last year, he had to take a three-day sick leave, and Health Secretary Enrique Ona recommended that he give up smoking to improve his health.

The President, however, insists that he needs to light up to calm his nerves.

His father, Benigno Aquino Jr., had a heart attack at the age of 47 while being held as a political prisoner during the Marcos years. Aquino’s mother, former President Corazon Aquino, died of colon cancer at age 76 in 2009.

Valte said whenever the 54-year-old President feels sick, he immediately consults his doctor.

“He mentions sometimes that he tends to have some stomach pain,” she added.

Last year, Aquino’s allergic reaction to pollen from flowers sidelined him for days.

Valte said Aquino’s staff always make sure that the President is kept away from things that could trigger an allergic reaction.

Making public the presidential state of health is mandatory under Section 12 of the 1987 Constitution, which provides that the public must be informed if a President becomes too ill.

Valte said if there is a problem with the President’s health, the public will be told.

“We always inform the people if the President is unwell. Like if he has to take a day off because he has [a]flu, we do inform the public because we’re aware that it’s one of the things that we have to do,” she added.

At the same time, the President is also entitled “to that privilege of having his medical information and his medical records kept confidential unless he gives permission to divulge [them],” Valte said.


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  1. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) caused by excessive smoking is one nasty disease, not to mention lung cancer, throat cancer, tongue cancer, etc, If the addiction is not addressed, it all leads to any of these diseases. It’s really up to the individual addict. Excuses like “it calms my nerves” – “I can quit any time I want” are just that : excuses. Eventually, the disease catches up with the addict.

  2. The resident should lead by example and stop smoking, not making lame excuses.

  3. There is nothing healthy with smokers cough Ms Valte,stick to law don’t go to medicine…

  4. I think as some old timer who has gone this way before used to say, increase
    the dose of his favorite brand of cigaret red, will relax him more and it will
    be good for the country the more.

  5. I have a golf buddy who refused and continues to refused to stop smoking despite having two strokes already the second more severe than the first. Smoking is addictive and all excuses like “it calms his nerves” are just lame reasonings the truth being it is very hard indeed to quit. My golf buddy is no longer able to play golf sidelined by his coughing and whizzing that makes it dangerous for him to walk the course particularly under a blazing sun. You know what he still smokes he had to give up golf a passion he nurtured for so many years from his college days for that tobacco high that makes no sense at all. We concluded, among us who continue golfing and were once upon a time smokers and quitters, that our buddy has his priorities all jambled early on and up to now. Like pnoy our buddy is an Atenean like all of us too in the group but truly there are many failures in the Ignatian dicipline Ateneo promotes and thee two are good examples. It is not my wish that pnoy reaps the fate of smokers who suffer the lingering
    hazards of smokers, he will on his own without me or many others wishing it but like our golf buddy who now lives a lonely life by himself waiting for his death puffing tobacco, pnoy should just resign and play video games with a cigarette stuck in his mouth rather than keeping all of us in suspense when, not whether, he finally topples over.

  6. Smokers cough is a very bad sign. The King of Pork and Bribe must be careful because smokers cough is a sign of cancer. If he has nervous problems that is a sign of stress. Maybe Seroquel and Abilify is not enough for his bi-polar disorder. The Filipino people is exposed to the negative effects of PNoy’s smoking and his psychological issues. Apparently we are all victims of these issues.