Aquino: Increased compensation for the Kiram family possible


President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Monday hinted of a possible increase in the compensation the heirs to the Sultanate of Sulu receive from Malaysia.

Speaking to reporters, Aquino said that increasing Malaysia’s continuing payment of lease for Sabah is one of four avenues being eyed by the Philippine government.

The Justice Secretary was advised to explore four potential avenues, unfortunately, he said, all three of them are non-starters.

The fourth is “the compensation that might be a position that has possibility—iyong increased compensation,” he added

President Aquino, on one hand, pointed out that specifics are still being studied.

“We are not ready to release that because it is being studied by a bigger body who will review the documents both the complete documents and incomplete wordings and phrases within all of these documents,” he added

Kiram and his family, as heirs to the sultanate, still receive annual compensation from Malaysia—the equivalent of about $1,700—but he had previously said this amount was way too low.

The sultanate leased northern Borneo to Europeans in the 1870s. While the sultanate’s authority gradually faded as Western colonial powers exerted their influence over the region, it continued to receive lease payments for Sabah. CATHERINE S. VALENTE


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  1. PM Razak said Malaysia is not paying any rent fee to the Sulu Sultan, he even told that jamaul kiram is a self styled sultan of Sulu, shame! and Malaysia has arrested 8 kiram family members in Sabah and they are now in jail, a proof that Malaysia do not recognized this fraud family as royal family of Sulu but a rebel and criminal.

    This writter of this article in manila times is taking side with kiram because he/she is being paid to promote this issue. This Kiram family originally was a pirate who was againts the royal family of Sulu before and when the collapsed of the Sulu Sultan they pretended and claim the throne and befriended the American govt in Sulu to make them royal family to Sulu, the American was delighted because they can also use the kiram as a front to make it appear that the Sultanate of Sulu was not against American occupation in Sulu. see now the truth has come out.. the Sultanate of Brunei denounced this kiram family because they are fraud and scam, that is why Sultan bolkiah did not grant their request for an audience during sultan bolkiah’s visit to Manila.

    These kiram family are impostor, beware of this family because they can manipulate your minds and also Hji Buttu also manipulated the history. this kriam and haji buttu were all american appointed.

  2. The case is still being studied it didnt tell us that kirams claim over sabah is legit…the case study have to be waited first, but I am confident the study will divulge the truth that these kirams are a fake sultan and an impostor.. The real authentic royal family of Sulu are actually from Brunei.. because the last sultan of Sulu was jamalul alam grandfather of SUltan Bolkiah that is why brunei turn down Kirams request for an audience in Malcanyang on sultan’s visit in Manila earlier this year because these kirams are fake..

    Soon the truth will come out that these kirams jsut want to steal and attempt to claim wat is not theirs.

    go to Sulu Sultanate section of Brunei Museumm they have all the true records there.

    check this website, it tells that Sulu and Philippines was once dominated by the Sultan of Brunei centuries ago before Spanish invasion.

  3. Thinking to have the compensation increased means the president was fully convinced that North Borneo is rightfully owned by the Sultanate of Sulu. Maybe, Prime Minister Abdurajak has already convinced him with the idea and came up with the conspiracy called as the President and Prime Minister conspiracy. How about increasing it by 10% to make it 1,870 Ringgit per month or year. Does it sound crazy? Or only crazy people will think of it.

  4. Their claim is absolutely is now more than clearer, that, the owner has the right to claim and Malaysia must return it unconditionally to sultans of Sulu.

    • No, they are fake and pretender to the throne and Malaysian govt knows this, and how can Malaysia pay rent to the scam family when in fact all the kirams are arrested and being killed in Malaysia for violating their laws, instead of respecting them but they are being treated like pigs and the kiram family are scam, hoax family, their DNA is bad genes so beware, font get into their trap.

  5. Edward O Fernand on

    The recognition and acknowledgement to the Royal Sultan Maedzul-Lial Kiram of the Royal Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah by the Republic of the Philippines and Malaysia is paramount to the region for Peace, Unity and Prosperity. The Royal Sultanate exist in these two countries with Philippines and Malaysians Citizens.

    Percentage of the natural resources income of Sabah, Mindanao, as well as Palawan are justified shared to the Royal Sultanate of Sulu under the current Sultan His Majesty Maedzul-Lial Kiram. The Sultanate Finance shall be the sole recipient of the royalties directly from Manila and Kuala Lumpur. The royalties shall be re-evaluated every ninety nine years.

    The Royal Sultan leadership oversee the distribution of equal shares to Heads of Royal Blood Families and most important after a fixed percentage for the Royal House and Sultanate Social Programs for all the people regardless of religion.

    Manila and Kuala Lumpur owe these royalties for their own citizen in the Sultanate.
    I am very watchful to the Education and Social programs of the Royal Sultanate, the whole recipient of all these royalties shall be the Sons and Daughters of Philippines and Malaysia in the Royal Sultanate. My input for the royalties to the Sultanate.

    Thank You,

    Edward Fernand
    Datu Don Fernando II
    Royal Sultanate of Sulu
    Representative to the United States