• Aquino is never over until it’s over


    From Cory’s mouth came these words: “Alam naman natin si Ninoy. He really wanted to be President. Everything’s just been set for 1973.”

    Cory declared the statement in a video interview that was made part of an audio visual presentation entitled Beyond Conspiracy: 25 Years After. The documentary is an effort at providing sensible insights into the protracted political skirmish between Ninoy Aquino and his nemesis, President Ferdinand E. Marcos. For Ninoy’s presidential ambition, 1973 never came; Marcos imposed martial law September 21, 1972. Evidently without the producers intending it, the presentation actually depicts Ninoy’s failure at gaining an upper hand over Marcos at any stage in their decade-long struggle – except in that fateful August 21, 1983 homecoming when from the United States Ninoy returned to the Philippines only to meet with his supposed assassination.

    But did that assassination end Ninoy’s fight with Marcos?

    On the contrary, it afforded Ninoy that one single shining moment of making true what earlier in his so-called celebrated speech in Wilshire Ebell Theater, Los Angeles, California, USA, on February 1981 he said: “And though I promised never to enter the political arena again, I swear to dedicate the last drop of my blood for the dismantlement of your (Marcos’) dictatorship.”

    That purported assassination, therefore, amounted to Ninoy’s brilliant reprise of what at the Battle of Flamborough Head during the American Revolutionary War in the late 1700s, when Captain John Paul Jones declared, answering the British who asked if he intended to surrender: “I have not yet begun to fight!”

    Beginning with Ninoy’s death, the Aquinos actually went on to build the longest dynastic rule at the Philippine presidency, interspersed only with the short-lived stint by President Joseph Ejercito Estrada, whose constitutional six-year term was aborted by the military breakaway in 2001, drawing strength from Cory’s continuing yellow political clout. Counting the Fidel V. Ramos tenure right after Cory’s own six-year administration following EDSA 1, the ascendancy of the Aquino Yellow Power in Malacañang has already taken up a total period of 26 years, necessarily including the nine-year presidency of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the beneficiary of that military breakaway who toed the Cory line through the Hyatt 10 until she thought it better and be her own person.

    By current reckoning, the Aquino dynasty has now enjoyed a lifespan six years over that of the Marcos rule which lasted 20 years, though this should discount Marcos’ non-dictatorial administration from 1965 to 1972, that period of his presidency being a legitimate one going by the 1935 Philippine Constitution. This comparison should give even less dynastic lifespan to Marcos.

    On the whole, the Aquinos have, either directly or through allies virtually acting as surrogates, ruled the Philippines the longest in history. And in this context, the question, as John Paul Jones was asked in the Battle of Flamborough Head, is evidently raised: Do they intend to give up the presidency?

    When the battle was seemingly hopeless for Ninoy to gain the Philippine presidency in 1983, he executed the greatest political sleight of hand ever performed right under the very noses of hoodwinked Filipinos: Getting himself killed, thereby throwing the country in a conflagration that ultimately propelled Cory to the presidency of the land, finally in place of Marcos. In the documentary cited above, the audio visual presentation host, Tina Munzon Palma, concluded: “In the end, Ninoy won his political chess game with Marcos by doing the unthinkable. He sacrificed the king.” Of this, in one blog, I wrote that in chess, what is being sacrificed is the Queen if it were necessary for preventing the capture of the King, which is the objective of the game. But the political genius that he was, Ninoy sacrificed the king and in so doing caused the ascension of the queen to the throne. “Good death,” I wrote in that blog. “Translation of the Greek word euthanasia.”

    The way the nation sees it now, no more Aquino is likely to rise after Benigno 3rd. The heir apparent being groomed, Manuel Roxas 2nd, has consistently been rating low in the surveys for the 2016 presidential elections. In the latest Manila surveys, Roxas scored 10.7%, just on top of Duterte, 8.6%, Miriam 7.5%, and Seneres .5%. On top of Roxas is Poe at 34.4%., up by a huge 20%.

    But what should be cause for great worry is that Vice President Jejomar C. Binay now beats Poe to the top post at 38 %, a comfortable lead of 4% and can still be counting. VP Binay has had a history of doubling up in the last stretch, which should raise that figure to the vicinity of 70% come May 2016. In fact, the objective of the Binay camp is just 65% for assurance of victory.

    But that assumes regularity in the electoral process. Will this take place?

    Over the past year, there has been no letup in Aquino’s public damning of VP Binay, particularly in the investigation by the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee of alleged overpricing in the construction of Makati City Hall Building II and of allegations of ill-gotten wealth. The objective of this entire gargantuan exercise, as advanced by political pundits, is to discourage the vice president from pursuing the presidency, which he publicly declared as early as 2012. VP Binay has remained steadfast in that pursuit. On the same day VP Binay filed his certificate of candidacy for president, the Ombudsman released its decision finding probable cause for graft charges filed against him in that body.

    What the Ombudsman has done has no precedent in Philippine jurisprudence. The Philippine Constitution is unequivocal on the matter: the Vice President, like the President, is an impeachable official, and tradition has had it that the President is immune from suits while in office, so, too, must the Vice President be.

    But precisely, the Ombudsman has dared sail uncharted constitutional waters. There is no stopping the Sandiganbayan from hearing an indictment against a sitting vice president for the first time – and for the first time, too, render a conviction. And once that conviction is rendered, that’s it. VP Binay is committed to jail – forever disqualified from seeking public office, much more the presidency of the land.

    It offers little consolation that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales came out with a statement that indictment against VP Binay will be filed after his term ends. But VP Binay’s term ends just as his term as newly-elected president begins. Morales’ is an empty talk. The Aquino administration is on record of having dispensed with constitutional restraints on a number of critical cases, and it certainly won’t stop at nothing to make sure the scenario does not come up to a Binay win in May2016.

    Meantime, the Poe disqualification cases at the Comelec become moot and academic – that is, as a consequence of the Binay conviction. So do the presidential aspirations of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, et al. Why? Because the sure chaos to follow a Binay conviction by the Sandiganbayan shall have rendered the elections of 2016 suddenly a thing of the past.

    Moreover, the elections of 2016 are into times of heightening world conflict in general, as evidenced by the recent bombings in Paris and in Beirut, events that already give rise to talks of World War III.

    In the particular case of the Philippines, the escalation of tension in the West Philippine Sea does not quite augur for a peaceful political climate that can guarantee orderly electoral process. Between now and May 2016 is a period long enough for anything to happen that could alter the political landscape. Whatever that landscape turns out to be, Aquino stays ensconced in the presidency, wielding an enormous array of powers.

    One power which Aquino enjoys but which he has not given a try at is the power to declare martial law. Either a people’s uprising arising from VP Binay’s conviction by Sandiganbayan or an escalation of the West Philippine Sea tension to the point of a shooting war – or in the world scale, a widespread clash between the democracies and the so-called Islamist terror – gives Aquino the prerogative to declare martial law – a good excuse for not holding elections.

    Roxas need not have to win the presidency after all. Aquino stays there till kingdom come.


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    1. An uprising following a Binay conviction? This aint gonna happen except in the movies, and Im sure lalangawin ang pelikulang yun. The Erap forces unleashed EDSA 3 after his arrest, which failed because no military unit supported it, but it was the biggest of the three EDSAs and the most violent. Binay on the other hand cannot even gather enough paid demonstrators to protest his supposed excoriation in the Trillanes-led senate hearings about the still unexplained Hda. Binay and other corruption issues. As for BS staying beyond his term, anything is possible as long as the Americans are behind him. After America has been weakened by wars and the coming economic collapse what will happen to this BS and his fellow yellows? A fate worse than death i hope.

    2. DisGrace traPOE is the clone of Abnoy, another candidate that
      will replace the present Student
      Council government, if she wins.
      Oh Lord, save us from this inexperienced, arrogant and
      ambitious alien.

    3. The cursed MADONNA aquino presidencies are up to the present and perhaps to the future are afraid to know or as the case maybe reveal the whole truth on who really masterminded the assassination of the over ambitious traitor blabber ninoy aquino. There had been a clamor from the general public for the these cursed aquinos to use their powers in government to facilitate an honest to goodness investigation to know the whole truth on who really is the mastermind in the aforesaid killing…..But the call was largely ignored as they comfortably want to just sit with enjoyment on an insinuated perception planted by the allied yellow media that it is either the late Pres Marcos or his wife Imelda to be the mastermind….The aquino curse will be here to stay unless another independent charismatic leader will emerge from nowhere and exorcise the country from this curse…..

    4. Manny De Guzman on

      Kong pwede lang yong may nakakaintindi ng sitwasyon at hindi nasisilaw sa kislap ng pera ang boboto. Napakaraming botante pero hindi nauunawaan ang implekasyon kong sila ay masisilaw. Karamihan masaya na sila na may natatanggap na pera hindi iniisip ang kapalit noon ay katakotakot na paghihirap sa kanila. Karamihan sa politico kilala kayo twing eleksyon. Matapis maloklok yan tae na lang ang tingin sa inyo.

    5. Lest this insight loses its deserved significance I want to highlight it and I quote from your article thus: “When the battle was seemingly hopeless for Ninoy to gain the Philippine presidency in 1983. He executed the greatest political sleight of hand ever performed right under the very noses of hoodwinked Filipinos: GETTING HIMSELF KILLED thereby throwing the country in a conflagration that ultimately PROPELLED CORY TO THE PRESIDENCY of the land in place of Marcos”. I have long suspected this and I am happy to know someone shares my belief that Ninoy planned it all along together with Cory that he will be killed and in the uproar that was sure to follow Cory will win the presidency. This is the reason why Cory then and Noynoy now couldn’t pursue a culprit for the assassination because both know it was Ninoy himself who did I him in all the while.

    6. Yes Sir, I agree 100% to your comments in fact long before Sen. Grace Poe filed her COC as Secret protegee of Abnoy who was not to give his presidency that easily since he knows his cock (Mar) is not winnable in the Presidential Derby he knows that Mar will not win in Region 8, 7 and 6 because of the Yolanda. He know fully well that Mar will not win in Region 10 Why?” Region 10, composed of Iligan City, Lanao del Norte and Sur, Misamis Oriental and Occidental and Pagadian City of Zambo Norte. much more in Cagayan de Oro City they way he manhandled Mayor Moreno recently thru Ombudsman, the non operation of Iligan City Integrated Steels Mills the producer of steel billets and steel plates people of the said place are dependent to economic boom it will create if operational but Mar stalled it. Ilocandia votes are not for Mar. in Mindanao 3 is to 1 Ilocano voters than Ilongo voters. Now how comes Mar will win? Except thru PCOS with CF Cards and Microchip made by company affialiated with biggest manufacturer of electronic whose parts can be found in smart pons and computer, is that IMI? Now, suspect is the voting in Malls so that result can easily be remotely transmitted. All of this will not materialized. The scenario is the shooting war in WPS/SCS and declare Martial Law and eventually FOLLOW HIS LATE MOTHER CORY DICTATORSHIP REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT REVIVE FREEDOM CONSTITUTION AGAIN.

    7. The “immunity” from suit pertains to “sitting president” and Binay is not a sitting president. The rationale for immunity is to avoid distractions (attending those suits) of the president’s duty as Chief Executive. Binay right now doing nothing but the highest-paid 15-30 employee since he resigned as a member of the cabinet. So he can be indicted. Also, the president has no power to declare martial law. Congress is.

    8. What most people do not know is Binay’s paid fan base that is actively working the internet round the clock answering surveys. His cadre is akin to pop star Sarah Geronimo’s fan base doing nothing but making sure that the pop star stays on top of that music chart world. Binay’s strategy is based on the same fan base strategy. But would that translate to real votes in the 2016 elections?

      A vote for Binay is an affirmation that corruption is just OK because the system accepts it as something that is deeply rooted in the Filipino culture that can not be changed no matter who is president. Roxas’ opponents and critics on the other hand have succeeded in portraying Mar Roxas as too rich and too distant to understand the needs of the poor that he aspires to serve, whatever that means. That a vote for him is a vote for Aquino. Grace Poe, without question has the lead in name recognition, but does she have the money win it all? I think Santiago will simply fade and be forgotten.

    9. Rodan Guerrero on

      After the fall of Marcos, the Philippines entered the “Era of STUPIDS.” I say this because no president before Marcos was ever doubted to be an incompetent president. I am supporting my statement with the following proofs as follows. A housewife with no political experience came into power as a result of Marcos` downfall. She initiated the amendment of the constitution, lowering the qualifications of aspirants to run for elective post from top to bottom with the specific requirement: a natural born Filipino who knows how to read and write. Since then, the two party system was also set aside, allowing unlimited no. of aspirants to contest for only one position. The post Marcos regimes then came into succession of mostly if not all are incompetents. It started with a woman president who was even described as a blank headed CEO. Not only on the presidency and VP, the Senate and Congress was filled with movie stars, boxers, clowns, comedians and many more that had never been into such realization from Marcos and his predecessors. Our country started to rot and the worst of all even an insane man (ABNOY) became a president of this country. It is becoming worst and worst because even a foreigner was elected senator and now as a neophyte lawmaker without anything to show she wants to become president. What happened to us Filipinos? Shall we just tolerate things like these to completely sink us to the ocean bed?

      • In retrospect I would say that the changes in the constitution initiated by Cory was specifically intended to set the stage for the eventual presidency of unqualified, unthinking, incompetent and abnormal individuals like his son, AbNoy. How else could it be, otherwise?