Aquino jabs ‘abstract’ Binay


President Benigno Aquino 3rd led the administration’s counter-offensive against Vic

HERE’S MY BET President Benigno Aquino 3rd beams as he is led to his seat by his ‘chosen one,’ Manuel Roxas 2nd. PHOTO BY MIGUEL DE GUZMAN

HERE’S MY BET President Benigno Aquino 3rd beams as he is led to his seat by his ‘chosen one,’ Manuel Roxas 2nd. PHOTO BY MIGUEL DE GUZMAN

e President Jejomar Binay as a pitch battle between the two political camps continued on Tuesday.

The day after Binay delivered his version of the state of the nation, the President criticized the Vice President for his failure to present a concrete platform of government
“It’s difficult to sell an abstract product,” Aquino told a gathering of members of the Liberal Party (LP) in a posh restaurant in Greenhills, San Juan City (Metro Manila).

Although the President did not mention any name, his statement was loaded with a catch phrase that was identified with Binay.

“May nagsasabi na gaganda ang buhay niyo. Ngayon hinihintay ko kung paano. Paano lalong sasagana ang buhay ng Pilipino [Somebody’s saying that your life will get better. I’m still waiting how this will happen] ,” he said.

Binay used the “gaganda ang buhay” [life will get better]as his campaign slogan in the 2010 elections where he won against Aquino’s running mate, Manuel Roxas 2nd.

Aquino last Friday publicly declared his support for Roxas’ presidential run in 2016.
In Tuesday’s gathering, he shared a table with Roxas and LP members Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto and Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.

Santos-Recto, a popular actress before joining politics, and Robredo, widow of the late populist Interior secretary Jesse Robredo, were rumored to be being considered to team up with Roxas should talks with Sen. Grace Poe totally collapse.

Binay, who had long declared his intention to make a go for Malacañang in next year’s elections, delivered his so-called “true State of the Nation Address (Tsona)” where he criticized the Aquino administration for being insensitive and inept in addressing the country’s problems.

Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. also on Tuesday said the Vice President’s speech promoted hopelessness in contrast to President Aquino’s final SONA, which was full of optimism.

While the Vice President was painting a picture of hopelessness, many people have concretely manifested that they were looking forward to a brighter future ahead, Coloma said in Filipino.

He added that many of the issues and concerns that Binay raised in his speech have long been discussed and addressed by the government.

Based on the monitoring done by the Malacañang press office, Binay’s speech drew mostly negative feedback from the public.

“All feedbacks we monitored were overwhelmingly trending against him,” Coloma said.

“In our monitoring of the different reactions and views by our people, it has been clearly observed that in his past five years as a public official, he carried the banner of being a member of the Cabinet and throughout that time we never heard any strong criticism or adverse opinion on what he calls now as wrongdoings,” he told a news briefing.

The official noted that it is only now that Binay was talking because “his political campaign is fast approaching.”

Coloma agave a point by point rebuttal of Binay’s allegations that were raised in his speech, particularly on economic issues. He maintained that the administration has no record of fund misuse.

“We have enough control measures in place and expenditures are open, transparent and accountable. All disbursements are subject to audit by the Commission on Audit and we have no record of fund misuse because the expenditures of our national government agencies pass scrutiny,” he explained.

Release true SALN
Binay’s arch-critic, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano labeled the Vice President’s speech as a diversionary tactic to distract people from the corruption allegations hounding him and his family.

Instead of delivering the Tsona, he said Binay should release his “true” Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net wWorth (SALN).

“What we heard from the Vice President was mind-boggling while he himself [is]yet to answer the corruption allegations against him and his family. My advice to VP Binay is before he criticizes others, he should first prove that the allegations against him are not true,” Cayetano said in a statement also in Filipino.

Is it martial law?
Joey Salgado, one of Binay’s spokesmen, berated Malacanang spokesman and Secretary Edwin Lacierda for asking Cavite State University (CSU) President Divina Chavez to explain why they hosted the Vice President’s Tsona.

“Mister Secretary, martial law na ba uli [Is it martiallaw again]? The event at Cavite State University (CSU) was organized by the CSU Student Council. The Vice President was invited as guest speaker and it was there that he delivered his True SONA,” Salgado, a former activist and reporter, said.

“But the Palace over-reaction is a preview of how the administration will use its power to harass and intimidate during the election season,” he added.

Lacierda fired back by issuing a stinging reply to Salgado’s tirades, saying a memorandum that was circulated on campus did not say anything about Binay’s speech but of a scheduled “Student Assembly.”

“Oh you mean it was such a huge honor for Cavite State University to invite Vice President Binay that the memo failed to mention him as the Honored Guest Speaker and instead just called it a ‘Student Assembly’?” he asked.

Lacierda went on further to insult Binay’s speech, describing it as palpak [disastrous]too.
But Salgado maintained that it does not do school officials justice by pressuring them into issuing an explanation as to why the state university was used as venue for Binay’s Tsona.


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  1. Roldan Guerrero on

    Until now with less than a year to go, I still do not know what platform of government Aquino has. Through the years, 5 long years, I never heard from him what his Agenda is. So what is he talking about reforms and developments that he wants his annointed to continue? Does he mean to say Roxas has also his KKK? continue with the DAP, PDAF etc and go on with Selective Justice?

  2. He can’t use PNoy in his candidacy why he criticized the administration to think he is part of that administration as VPres….he was so funny in his critics…what he contributed by the way for the informations he was trying to reveal…pity old man for aiming the highest position in the candidacy next year! HE is nothing…the USER politician in the Philippines.

  3. Just to be as cryptic in observation to the analogy of BS Cojuangco Aquino III’s jab about Binay’s SONA as being ‘abstract’, Aquino’s SONA is on a much higher level if both were to be compared, and that is because his SONA was more of ‘hallucinations’ dulled by anti-psychotic drugs – so both have not addressed the nation’s plight properly.

  4. Puros paninira’t pamumulitika lang ginagawa ni Binay. WALA siyang na-accomplish sa loob ng lagpas 5 taon bilang parte ng administrasyon.

  5. Mr.President Bnoy,why you don’t know how peoples lives could be better,did’nt it occur to your handler that peoples lives can be better?yeah your handler,because i don’t think the country can get any more divided than what you did to it,i don’t think you can do it on yor own,because you have enough between the ears,,’s your silver spoon in the mouth upbringing that did’re like a two year old kid whose throwing a tantrum….spoiled brat

  6. P.Akialamiro on

    Lacerda and Coloma must have the most ‘stressful’ and pride-swallowing jobs for lying to their teeth and sugar-coating press releases just to appease their boss.

    • I Remember... on

      Yes, but they take the money and they will run away like the yellow crooks evading Justice.

      They have no guts, no pride… only open pockets to take the money!