• Aquino justifies K-12 program to pupils


    DAVAO CITY: President Benigno Aquino 3rd has defended the government’s K-12 program to grade school pupils, saying this will make Filipino education competitive with other nationalities.

    During a dialogue with grade school pupils at the Teodoro Palma Gil Elementary School here, Aquino patiently explained the concept of the K-12 program, stressing that it will provide more learning time to students and more opportunities for them to acquire technical skills.

    “K-12 offers you the opportunity to learn trades and be productive,” the President said when was asked by one of the students: “Paano makakabuti sa amin ang K12? [ How can the K12 program benefit us?]”

    The Philippines and two other African countries–Angola and Djibouti–are the only countries in the world with 10-year pre-university cycle, according to the Department of Education.

    The President cited a case in the Middle East involving an overseas Filipino worker who was supposed to be promoted but was bypassed by an another nationality after his credentials were questioned.

    Man teachers have criticized the K-12 program, claiming that schools are struggling to cope with the changes amid lack of textbooks and basic facilities such as classrooms, libraries and laboratories.


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    1. Hi Catherine,

      Yes indeed the K-12 program is good way to make our schools and students became more competitive in terms of education, but the big question is will the government be able to provide to funds and supply to the changes needed for the K-12 program?
      what’s the use of K-12 program when the school lacks the books and the facilities needed? it will just become another wasted project by the government or will this program become another front by the corrupt individuals to issue new budget for this and then some of the budget will go to their pocket?

      Whether its K-12 or not the education here in our country will not improved if corrupt people are in the position to cut the budgets and save some of it for their own.

      Thank you for sharing this great article.