Aquino legacy defined


Dear Mr. Tiglao,
To make sure I get a balanced news and views, I am an avid fan of your column as well as of Jojo Reyes of MST, to get to the truth of what inq. and are relaying.

I wonder if you can help me print my input, which I posted on the subject of your column today, under leave a comment portion of the article. It says:

“name : hedy bayhon peralta
e-mail address:

I affirm that President Aquino will be remembered as having no foresight, advance planning and he is certainly not a visionary. It is not enough to be a son of an illustrious couple.

“As a politician and former legislator, he should have known that pork barrel releases resulted in political patronage and bribe giving that is why right after his election as President, the allies of former Pres. GMA and others joined or coalesced with President Pnoy’s political party.

“Also, since he and his office must have heard that the then forthcoming typhoon was Signal #5, he must have imagined it was a Katrina-like hurricane which would result in countless death and destruction. He should have ordered all government resources and basic necessities pre-positioned near the areas where the typhoon would affect because those within the area would be victims and local officials would not be able to be first responders.

On both counts of inability to avoid or prevent corruption and unnecessary loss of lives and property, his legacy is thus defined.”

My previous comment saying substantially the same thing was not posted maybe because it was out of topic.

By the way, according to Alex Caragay of Detroit Michigan, a nephew of mine because his mother was Flora Peralta (cousin of the late Macario Peralta Jr) you are our relative.

I wish to commend you for your professionalism in your profession which enables us to have informed opinions about what is happening in our country today.

Thanks and regards.

Hedylina Peralta


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  1. I think Pnoy should not be blamed. of all past presidents he outperformed them. partly to be blamed are the people and this includes the local government. where are all the equipment and supplies for disaster response? where are the money for this budget? how about some training? many did not know what storm surge means, even me don’t know what it means. these and the poverty and inefficiencies in the government are all link to corruption if you think of it harder. we need to remove corruption in our culture. it should not be business as usual. it should be a serious crime and be punished. Just look at the ill equpped AFP, did we think that the AFP is only for defense? its also for disaster rescue and relief ops. then why did we not support and acquired more assets for them? blame oursleves please and not just the president. compare this relief and recovery and reconstruction with other countries like Japan, china, Thailand, India and you see why and we are at the bottom of the food chain.

    just my 2 centavos.

  2. If you believe Pnoy is not doing enough for the country, for heaven’s sake LET’S HAVE GLORIA AND MIKE ARROYO BACK IN POWER. end of story.. Better still, how about Erap or Ramos ??