Aquino: Liar, inept, or both?


Read on, and you yourself judge whether President Aquino is: (a) An inveterate liar, who thinks Filipinos are so gullible he can fool them even at this time when his mask as the saint of democracy’s son has melted in the light of day; or (b) an inept President without the basic mental skills and too lazy to check the content of the speeches he reads.

One or both could explain why Aquino would boast in his State of the Nation Address last week: “My administration has built roads that could stretch from Manila to Los Angeles.”

That is what Aquino, in effect, said when he claimed that the length of roads built under his watch totals 12,184 kilometers, which is the distance as the crow flies between Manila and Los Angeles, USA.

His staff, or his speechwriter, though, appears to have been careful for Aquino not to doubt the figure when he put in the speech only a local comparison—that it is equivalent to four roads from Laoag City to Zamboanga City—which doesn’t make it seem so long.

We are reporting it so plainly here. Aquino in his speech actually so excitedly bragged about the length of roads built under his watch, like a brat boasting about something, which turns out to be false:
“Hanep po talaga: …(N)aipagawa (ng DPWH) na kalsada mula nang maupo tayo, umabot na sa 12,184 kilometro. Nung nakita ko po itong numerong ‘to, napag-isip rin ako: Paano ko ba maipapaliwanag ‘yung labindalawang libo? Sabi po sa atin: katumbas ito ng apat na kalsadang nag-uugnay sa Laoag hanggang Zamboanga City. National roads lang po ito; wala pa rito ang mga local farm-to-market roads o tourism roads.”

Why on earth would he say that when his claim can easily be checked on the website of the Department of Public works and Highways (DPWH) or those of the ASEAN Secretariat, and the Asian Development Bank?

If 12,000 kms of roads were built in the four years of his term he would rank as the greatest President we ever had that we should make him dictator for life: 12,000 kms of roads are more than a third of the country’s existing 32,227-km network, built gradually even starting during US colonial rule.

How many national roads were built under Aquino’s term so far?

According to data posted on the DPWH website, the length of national roads (which Aquino emphasized in his speech as what he was referring to) increased from end-2009 to 2013 by only 2,328 kilometers.

However, the biggest annual increase of 1,344 kilometers was in 2010. But half of that year was still during President Arroyo’s administration.

And most of the road construction work was during Arroyo’s half of the year. Infrastructure activities typically slow down during the rainy months of July to August. Aquino, furthermore, stopped many DPWH projects when he assumed office in the second half of that year because of his mindset that these were negotiated during Arroyo’s watch, and therefore, were graft ridden.

But assume that at least a third of the roads built in 2010 were during Aquino’s first semester in office, which would be 448 kilometers.

The total roads that he could claim were built under Aquino’s watch would be just 1,432 kms., far from his “hanep po talaga” figure of 12,184 kms. Arroyo’s record was even slightly higher at 1,586 kms of roads.

(A more rigorous analysis could, however, make it actually shorter, since the DPWH data on the length of national roads from 2010 to 2013 includes local roads totaling 1,020 kms, which had simply been declared as national roads on the basis of executive orders in 2010.)

How can a President dare say lies in his speech in this wired world when anybody can easily check its veracity with a few clicks of his keyboard, and alert his fellow citizens?

The explanation would be that he is an inveterate liar, or an inept President, or both.

The grossly wrong information Aquino told the country and the world in his SONA could also indicate that his bureaucracy is decaying fast.

The Technical Skills and Development Authority (Tesda) auto-mechanic instructor Jonalyn Navarosa, whom Aquino claimed in his speech was one proof of his achievements, turned out to be a graduate of a facility Isuzu Motors Corp. set up in 2008, during former President’s Arroyo’s term, as I wrote Monday. (See “Another Aquino SONA, Another Lie, “ Aug. 1)

The speechwriter or his staff didn’t bother to ask the Tesda Director-General to get on camera one of the tens of thousands he claims are graduates of the agency’s facilities. He simply googled the archives of the Philippine Information Agency’s press releases during President Arroyo’s term to get the information on Navarosa.

The speechwriter very incompetently used for his boss’ propaganda an item that had already been used for propaganda by the previous administration!

Or was this intentional?

Were these false items inserted by his staff in Aquino’s SONA deliberately, as a protest by Aquino’s own staff against his regime?

How these false items turned up in Aquino’s speech could also point to the fact that he has become such a paranoiac that his cordon sanitaire has become smaller and smaller, that only a few people were asked to read the draft, making it unlikely for errors of fact to be detected.
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  1. In my personal assessment, he is both, Mr. Tiglao. What is most lamentable is the sad fact that those who are supposed to assist him in governing our country cannot be relied on. Each has his/her own personal agenda as the the results of their performance show. The resulting confusion and dissatisfaction of almost sectors of our society. What is even more exasperating is the pigheadedness of PNoy. He is far from being a wise,determined, and diligent leader. His determination lies more in eliminating whoever or whatever might offer resistance, opposition to his wishes or plans. Oh, if he could only put some sense and imitate King David who acknowledged his wrongdoings and asked forgiveness from the Lord. That had earned him to become a king blessed by God. Or, perhaps the sorrow St. Peter felt for having denied the Lord thrice. Repentant and humbled, Jesus Christ made him head of the only Church he founded! But what do we have instead? A bullish President, a lying thief, a heartless autocrat like Hitler. May the Lord forgive me! This is my honest answer to your question, Mr. Tiglao. I am grateful for the timely and well-founded information you give us. I am praying for you, and for the enlightenment of PNoy.

  2. Erlinda B. Alabanza on

    The bottom line is that the President”s SONA sadly confirmed the what I and maybe majority of the Filipinos hoped against for the sake of hope… that this administration and the President is just taking us for a ride, as our country’s stability crumble and our nation’s coffers empty this time into the pockets of those in power while they heap the blame on others. We listened to tall tales, watched a brash person breeze through his SONA with his assumption that the listening public would accept the falsities he uttered. Does he and his cohorts still believe that he comes out respectable in spite of it all? No authentic data as proof is needed to state that the Filipino is starving and deprived of constitutional rights in a country that is rich in natural resources, has a heritage of knowledge and boundlessly gifted as a people. Yet he proclaims hisachievements the public know as untrue.except on paper perhaps. Wake up men! Do something! Why allow our country to be and countrymen to be pitiously treated this way. All you righteous people, men and women, do your part because we are all in this. The kingmakers must not succeed with the court jester they dumped on our laps.

  3. alejandro peña on

    maybe he counted the lanes. so if the road had 4 lanes, that stretch of road would be multiplied by 4. or is it really counted that way? then again, thats still cheating on the numbers, isnt it? watching the sona was like watching a sequel of despicable me.

  4. in two years there will be a new president, who will be more inept, more corrupt,
    and more of both.

  5. read before u comment on

    Mgbasa mbuti…pinutol nung writer ung cnbi ni pnoy….bsahin nyo sa comment sa taas ang original n cnbi ni pinoy at ung cnulat ng author na to na ungas…misleading ang article hlatang naninira lng…bgyn ng jacket!

  6. eltee mulawin on

    >>> maraming nagsasabi sa comments dito mali ang quoted ni Mr. Tiglao sa SONA speech ni BSCojuangco-Aquino3rd ikumpara sa full text ng speech at may nagsasabi pa ng “original full text” ng speech at mayroon din references na website.

    >>>well, in my opinion…kadalasan (hindi naman lahat) at karamihan sa mga “speaker” binabasa nila at minimemorya nila ang kanilang sasabihin at ang dala-dala nila ito hanggang sa pagtayo nila sa stage at ilalatag malapit sa microphone. May mga speaker sa simula pa lang kahit pagbati ay binabasa na niya mula sa prepared written speech, ang iba ay bumbati muna pagkatapos saka pa niya babasahin ang nilalaman ng prepared written speech niya. at mayroon naman speaker dahil memorized na ang buong prepared written speech niya, pero pagdating sa actual, kundi man lahat, may mga parte na nakakalimutan dahil sa excitement and emotion, at kung maalala man niya hindi na pareho ang masasabi “literally or word x word ayon sa dala niyang kodego. Meaning …ANG SINUMAN SPEAKER AY MORE OR LESS 70% LANG NA TUTUGMA ANG SINABI NIYA BASE SA DALA NIYANG PREPARED WRITTEN SPEECH.

    The bottom line is…. whatever he had spoken and whatever he have had the prepared written speech for him is not the matter, basta naroon ang DIWA na nais niyang ipabatid sa mga nakikinig totoo man o hindi totoo ang lahat.

    Ugali ng mga Pinoy sabi nga…kung sino ung mga nanood ng sine sila-sila rin ang nagkukuwentuhan at minsan nagtatalo at nag-aaway pa. Minsan naman…may nag-uusap na tsismoso at tsismosa, biglang may makiki-tsismis bandang huli palalabasin niya sa ang nakakaalam ng totoo. ITO ANG TUNAY NA PAGKATAO NG MGA PILIPINO…KAYA NAMAN MARAMING ANG NAGNANAIS MAGING PULITIKO DAHIL ANG MGA BUMBOTO AY MADALING MAUTO AT MALOKO BUKOD SA MGA BOBO.

  7. Alam nyo mga kabayan.. kahit anu pa gawin ng mga pilipino at kahit sino pa maging pres. natin ganun din ang mangyayari kasi lahat nasa isip ay pera, popularidad at power yan ang dahilan. nag sisiraan bawat isa sila naman pala ay sira din…bakit ganyan mga pilipino kukunti lang ata matitino na politiko..

  8. Doon po sa amin sa Daya, Brgy Pedro Quinez, Mayantoc, Tarlac, may senimentong nga pong kalsada, pero wala pang apat na metro ang haba at hindi na po tinapos, kaya hanggang ngayon, kapag tag ulan, dumadaan mo kami sa putikan papunta sa mismong brgy ng Pedro Quinez na may 8 kilometro ang layo.

  9. Member of the Middle Class on

    Thank you Mr.Tiglao for your article. Keep them coming. After all these years of spin, smoke and mirrors, the true nature of the yellows and their ilk are finally seeing the light of day.

  10. Hay nako, dami kasi dito uto-uto at nuknukan ng katangahan. Naniwala naman agad kayo kay tiglao, eh napakinggan nyo ba o nabasa man lang un eksaktong pagkakasabi ng parteng un dun sa SONA?

    Eto po un excerpt ng official transcript ng SONA copy/paste ko galing

    “Hanep po talaga: Kasabay ng mga natipid ng DPWH, ang nailatag, napapaayos, napalawak, o naipagawa nilang kalsada mula nang maupo tayo, umabot na sa 12,184 kilometro. [Palakpakan]” Nung nakita ko po itong numerong ‘to, napag-isip rin ako: Paano ko ba maipapaliwanag ‘yung labindalawang libo? Sabi po sa atin: katumbas ito ng apat na kalsadang nag-uugnay sa Laoag hanggang Zamboanga City. National roads lang po ito; wala pa rito ang mga local farm-to-market roads o tourism roads.”

    napakalinaw naman diba na ang 12k km na kalsadang nabanggit ay hindi patungkul lamang sa mga “NAILATAG” kundi sa mga “NAPAAYOS, NAPALAWAK, O NAIPAGAWA” na kalsada, taliwas sa iginigiit ni tiglao na “…Aquino, in effect, said when HE CLAIMED that the length of roads BUILT under his watch totals 12,184 kilometers”.

    In fact, tiglao’s intention to mislead and misinform is very obvious when you take a closer look at excerpt of the SONA he posted in his article.:

    “Hanep po talaga: …(N)aipagawa (ng DPWH) na kalsada mula nang maupo tayo, umabot na sa 12,184 kilometro. Nung nakita ko po itong numerong ‘to, napag-isip rin ako: Paano ko ba maipapaliwanag ‘yung labindalawang libo? Sabi po sa atin: katumbas ito ng apat na kalsadang nag-uugnay sa Laoag hanggang Zamboanga City. National roads lang po ito; wala pa rito ang mga local farm-to-market roads o tourism roads.”

    Apparently, important words were intentionally omitted in order for the many “gullible” readers here to misconstrue and take the excerpt out of context.

    Marami kasi dito sawsaw lang o sadyang bayaran para makakomento lng ng masama. Hindi nako magkokomento tungkol kay tiglao dahil alam naman natin kung sino sya at kung ano ang mga motibo nya.

    • Ex-Ambivalent on

      So Aquino did not claim that the DPWH constructed 12,000 km of **new** national roads. English transcript:

      It is truly awe-inspiring: In addition to what the DPWH has saved, the roads that they have laid out, fixed, widened, or constructed have amounted to a total of 12,184 kilometers.

      When I saw these figures, I thought: How can I visualize 12,000 kilometers?

      Think of it this way: This is equivalent to four roads that connect Laoag to Zamboanga City. And this just only accounts for the national roads; that number doesn’t include local farm-to-market roads or tourism roads.

      It is my fault for not reading the transcript that I missed this. Along with most everyone i was misled by reports on the SONA and didn’t check the primary sources.

  11. This is the original text of the relevant part of Pres. Aquino’s 2014 SONA.

    “Hanep po talaga: Kasabay ng mga natipid ng DPWH, ang nailatag, napapaayos, napapalawak, o naipagawa nilang kalsada mula nang maupo tayo, umabot na sa 12,184 kilometro. Nung nakita ko nga po ang report na ito ay inisip ko kung paano ipaliwanag ang 12,184 kilometro na ito. Isipin ninyo: katumbas ito ng apat na kalsadang nag-uugnay sa Laoag hanggang Zamboanga City. National roads lang po ito; wala pa rito ang mga local farm-to-market roads o tourism roads.”

    While you quoted out only this part Mr. Tiglao,

    “Hanep po talaga: …(N)aipagawa (ng DPWH) na kalsada mula nang maupo tayo, umabot na sa 12,184 kilometro. Nung nakita ko po itong numerong ‘to, napag-isip rin ako: Paano ko ba maipapaliwanag ‘yung labindalawang libo? Sabi po sa atin: katumbas ito ng apat na kalsadang nag-uugnay sa Laoag hanggang Zamboanga City. National roads lang po ito; wala pa rito ang mga local farm-to-market roads o tourism roads.”

    Did you deliberately cut out the phrase “nailatag, napapaayos, napapalawak, o naipagawa” so that you can make your point that more than 12,000 km of roads were built in the four years of Pres. Aquino’s term? It is very clear that the more than 12, 000 km roads does not only mean those that were constructed but also those that were laid out, fixed, and widened. I hope you were also misinformed as what you purported Pres. Aquino is.


    1. FULL TEXT: President Aquino’s 5th SONA (Filipino)

    2. FULL TEXT: President Aquino’s State of the Nation Address 2014 in English

    • …but dont you think its also misleading, since naka breakdown kung ano ang nagawa di ba dapat nakabreakdown din kung ano ang napalawak, kung ano ang napagwa, etc …what are they implying, bakit nabreakdown un nagwa tas lump sum yung accomplishment…just asking…

  12. That’s the problem for us pilipinos because most of the people are intelligent enough but careless. We were used to have brilliant presidents from the beginning who were really genuine leaders mostly bar topnotchers when it was suddenly cut by the assumption of an ordinary housewife, military man, gambler, wife of businesman, then a son of a curse family who are abusive, (hypocrite) to make it short retarded due abnormal thinking. What can we expect so thats everybodys lesson learned. We must work for a change the sooner, the better.

  13. He is just too dumb to understand things I guess. The question really is,… is he really trying to lie to the Filipino masses or he just doesn’t really know what he is talking about???!!!

  14. Guess no more statesmen like MLQ nor RM can really lead and inspire the Pinoys in this day and age. All that are put in Malacanang are either short, self centered and unscrupulous. We really thought we bought a balut for a turned out, it is a Pnoy.

  15. Here we go again, the former chief of staff of the most wicked and most corrupt president our country ever had, the small but terrible GMA (her ascendancy to the presidency is questionable, stealing twice the office, remember), doing his very best to bring back their glory days of wanton economic destruction of the country. Mind you, Mr. Tiglao, I don’t know why is it that you really find hard to believe the successes that Pnoy is having right now, which the Philippines is really reaping right now. Is it because your boss is so desperate to get out of her hospital arrest that she constantly eggs you to write every bit of your column everyday to negatively portray Pnoy as the evil and your boss as the do-gooder? No way Mr. Tiglao! As the saying goes, “you can fool some people some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time”. Thank GOD that your boss is under detention and it was really good riddance for her and her cohorts (including yourself, Mr. Tiglao). We have tasted good governance and transparency in government, so that your ilks will never set foot again on government. Never again, believe me in that!

    P.S. I hope to read this comment on this page, as I saw nary a negative comment on your column and that, is not good journalism.

    • To Mr Hepa, Tiglao’s data is correct. Check those websites but if your virus has reached HEPA 3C then whatever proof the man says will mean nothing to you. Mr. Tiglao, keep the well researched commentaries and once again I salute you. By the way, I am not a fan of GMA.

    • Tiglao wrote something factual in rebutting you idol president. Why can’t you do the same instead of attacking his personality and to the person he served. Thiis is stereotyping!

      I don’t know if you are a Filipino but HK people brand us as lowly domestic helpers. do you accept that? Following your logic, you should!

    • Ram Basingan on

      Why don’t you stick to the issue of facts vs fiction? It seems that you posted your comment in the wrong newspaper. Here in our city of Baguio, even if the roads are ok, the dpwh will destroy it and make a new one. So maybe, that is the basis of the speech writer of the President. Destroying good roads to build a new one. Para masabi na may nagawang bagong kalsada.

    • “We have tasted good governance and transparency in government…” Really, “Transparency?” Amazing how it has been done with the President B. S. Aquino III NOT keeping his promise to push and pass the Freedom of Information (FoI) bill after four years. Likewise, the Aquino administration HIDING public documents when requested for an inquiry!
      Amazing HYPOCRISY!

    • can you name the place where all this 12k+++ roads were built!repaired,widened etc and how much it costs the taxpayers money?It doesn’t really matter whether the roads were repaired,built or widened for as long as it’s real and not manufactured to gain points or to boost someone’s good governance….

  16. “hanep po talaga”-salitang kalye…bilang pinakamataas na leader ng ating bansa, it’s not appropriate for him to say this words.hindi lang siya liar at inept, but he is also uneducated and not fit for his position…napakabobo talaga ng mga nagsiboto sa kanya.

  17. simple lang po! ito ang nangyari. kung baga simple arithmetic, huag na math. lahat ng dating kalsada, or all existing roads, pinalagyan ng tar. tapos gumawa sia ng the worst road ever in the history of mankind where there are a million turns and goes back to the same spot, branches out again and back, like a maze. di ba sa maze, di mo na alam kung saan ka lalabas at paikot ikot ang path? ganyan ginwa ni pinoy. first he thought he with the maze project, he thought he could confuse the already confused pinoys. Then, he himself got confused that he didn’t know what was the truth. third, with the so much confusion, he started to believe that the lie is the truth. so bingo! there you are, his 12k+ of roads. di ba simple lang? ha ha ha, pag si pinoy nagsalita, sabi na nga huag makinig, matulog ka na lang at me pakinabang pa katawan mo.

  18. Mr.Tiglao, you should read and answer those attacks from the yellow zombies on this great article of yours on facebook, once again those noytards are hurt by the truth yet they cant even explain and defend their president who’s in love with himself on what you have written, or did they bother to read, im sure may mga magsasabi na naman kayo nalang maging presidente, even though ordinary citizens aren’t qualified to run, and their best lines, what have you done for the country, the nation is really suffering from these yellow virus.

  19. If its true that VP Binay will run under the administration, I and my family will not vote for him and for those who routing for Pnoy for another term, the masses cannot accept for another 6 years in hell. We already knew what kind of administration is this and for God sake iba naman.

  20. I’m gullible, indeed! I took most of his speech as true, acccurate and actual facts! :-(

  21. PNoy is both a liar and inept. No doubt, he is also a stubborn, juvenile spoiled child.

  22. Very interesting! Mr Tiglao – another possibility. Perhaps the speechwriter & co had to resort to lies/hyperbole etc just to make Aquino feel good and pumped up to get out of bed and make the SONA speech. I imagine he was down in the dumps after reverses in the DAP issue and nobody responding to his call of wearing yellow ribbons. The anti depressants and anti psychotic meds weren’t having much effect yet. Hence the fantastic claims in the speech. Am also wondering why nobody who was supposed to be checking his speeches like Ochoa, Coloma etc have been fired yet for this fumble!

  23. Pls make a comparison study with the accomplishment of the present govt and that of Arroyo back by authentic data…. And publish it at all circulating newspapers so the people will know the truth… If possible written in pilipino… And if possible there will also be someone who report to media and if possible a priest or someone from cbcp

  24. Johnny Ramos on

    I think the Sona speech of Pnoy was done in a haste just like when ombudsman Morales when she filed the plunder cases against the 3 senators. Both failed to verify the data and evidences on hand. Basta magandang pakinggan ok na sa kanila.

  25. You people should know that this 12k kilometers consist of existing roads that was turned concrete roads and asphalted roads. How much did this author get forbwriting this one huh? Watda

  26. Dan V. exellent point there mate, you are right all speeches by politicians should be under oath then if found to be lying they could be charged. It wouldnt make them think twice or three times before stating things & they would have to revert to saying i think this or that. It couldnt be given as a fact as it would be held against them if a proven wrong fact. Its people thinking like that what is needed more in the philippines. That will move this country forward.

  27. Presumably a member of his staff would have collated those figures for him. He most certainly wouldnt check those figures himself so is there a plot against him or is it total incompetence from his staff. I suggest the latter. You started off asking if they think the filipino people are so stupid & the answer to that is yes they do & always have. Its because the people of this country have always been stupid ( in the majority ) & just blindly believe anything. I see it with filipinos every day on a boxing website i use. They will lie to defend filipino fighters, they cant stand any criticism of a pinoy from a foreigner. I know the rest of the world laughs a lot at the philippines with its actions & reactions to things.
    But filipinos have always been lied to by politicians & they have always got away with it. Like electing erap to mayor of manila when they know how corrupt he was as president. So now ask again does he think the filipino is stupid, he knows he is.

  28. if what you’re saying is true, ang kapal talaga ng animal na to! dapat malaman to ng mainstream media.

    contact ko si ted failon mamaya.

  29. Somebody fact-check these figures and if proven true will confirm any or all of your allegations, which in turn, gives credence to the rumor that Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc., is well and alive in Malacañang Studios….:(

  30. Maybe if he had you or even me as his prooof reader he could have spoken only of his true accomplishments. But of course then he would have nothing to say.

  31. Wouldn’t it be nice if all SONAS are made under oath as a deterrent to presidents from exaggerating their achievements or making them up when they have no achievement to speak of? Lying under oath can also be interpreted as a violation of public trust, a ground for impeachment under our Constitution.

  32. Hyperbole is a figure of speech or literary device which utilizes obvious exaggeration as a means to appeal to the imagination to emphasize a point or evoke humor. That is perfectly allright for novelists. poets, televangelists and stand-up comedians. But for a President to use it in a state of the nation address? That is unforgivable. Either he is grossly misinformed and said it in “good faith” . or he is deliberately pouncing on the naivette and gullibility of the Filipino people.

    • It’s probably the latter,that’s why he became president even with no achievements to speak of..

  33. From Laoag to Zamboanga City can be travelled at 2 hrs or 4hrs round trip. So apat na kalsadang nag uugnay sa Laoag hanggang Zamboanga City means 2 round trips by PAL 777. Traveling to LA or Paris (which is around the same distance of 12,000 kms) takes more than 10 hrs so it means the figures as stated by Pnoy seems wrong. If we calculate the cost per kilometer, I think the cost alone could be traced from another DAP.

  34. Samuel Santos on

    Call BS Aquino any name you wish, but the fact remains: he’s still our “one-and-only” president. LOL

  35. Kung tinatawag mo sinungaling si Pnoy, ano naman ang mga sinundan nya presidente na higit na inutil at walang nagawang mabuti sa pilipinas? Inutil ka rin siguro kaya lahat kabaliktaran ang mga isinusulat mo.

    • darewin ocampo on

      Haha walang nagawang mabuti? Sa dami ng expresswas na napatayo under PGMA wala kang alam ni isa? eh yung RORO? Nag number 1 din pinas sa mundo pagdating sa BPO nung term ni GMA. GMA may not be the cleanest president, but there were more infrastructure projects completed during her term that in the terms of Cory, Ramos, Erap, and Pnoy combined. Si Pnoy nga patapos na termino wala pang napatapos na PPP.

  36. P. Akialamiro on

    The answer to your question Mr. Columnist could either be one or all, But, you seem to have forgotten that your subject is a “Man of Steel” , I mean “Still”. “Still” to realize that he was ever wrong; “still” to apologize, “still”, etc.,etc. Nonetheless, I “still” look forward to reading your enlightening articles.

  37. Thanks for the info Mr. Tiglao. Costwise, how much money did the administration of Aquino spend for that 12,000 kms roads. Any estimate or records available as reference?

  38. Ex-Ambivalent on

    The data contradicting the SONA claim is there indeed in Table 1.2a of the “DPWH ATLAS” in the department’s website.

    • Ex-Ambivalent on

      Correction: SONA did not claim that DPWH built 12,000 km of new roads. This is the grand total of built,repaired or widened roads, including national, local and farm to market roads.