• Aquino mad at Sereno, Leonen


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd is reportedly fuming at two Supreme Court (SC) justices whom he appointed because of their refusal to support the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

    According to a well-placed source of The Manila Times, Aquino was particularly mad at Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and Associate Justice Marvic Leonen because they voted against the DAP.

    Malacañang’s motion for reconsideration of the SC ruling will be tackled by the High Court en banc today.

    A source earlier told The Times that the draft ponencia of Associate Lucas Bersamin denying the government’s appeal was circulated among the magistrates last week. The justices are expected to discuss and vote on the draft decision today.

    The source said Aquino found it hard to accept the tribunal’s declaration in July that the DAP is unconstitutional. He added that the President was disappointed with the Chief Justice because she did not defend the administration’s spending program.

    The High Court justices were unanimous in their decision that the DAP was illegal.

    The source said Aquino is also not happy with the performance of Leonen, former head of the government peace panel that negotiated with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

    “Galit si PNoy kina Meilou at Marvic dahil walang pakinabang. Ni isa sa kanila wala man lang nag-defend sa DAP [The President is mad at Meilou and Marvic because they were of no use to him. Not one of them defended the DAP],” the source told The Manila Times.

    Another source said Sereno and Leonen had “no influence” with Malacanang. Proof of this is the appointment of former Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza to the High Court despite strong opposition from the Chief Justice.

    The source said justices are united in the opinion that the DAP must be “operative in application.”

    In the Bersamin ponencia that will be discussed today, the doctrine of operative facts was even more amplified. This means that although the tribunal declared the DAP illegal, government officials who implemented the program are presumed to have carried out the program “in good faith” unless proven otherwise.

    This means that bad faith must be established against Aquino and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad.

    Abad was impleaded in the case because the government circular that gave birth to the DAP was issued by his department.

    In July, 12 justices voted to strike down DAP. Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo de Castro did not take part in the voting because she was close to one of the parties involved in the case.

    In its ruling, the SC said the DAP is unconstitutional because it allowed the withdrawal of unobligated allotments from the implementing agencies, the cross-border transfer of savings from the executive to other offices and the funding of projects, activities and programs that were not covered by the General Appropriations Act.


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    1. jose acelajado on

      we really need to reform our justice system,.. we need to adopt the Jury system,… and amend our constitution giving members of the Philippine bar to exclusively administer our justice system by being the only one sector qualified to be jusges in our judiciary,… :(

    2. Arlyn Saringan on

      Thanks to Justice Sereno and Justice Leonen. At least may nakikita pa kaming liwanag. Lately parang puro kadiliman na lang ang nasa Pilipinas but upon reading this news, marami ang nabuhayan ng loob that justice will be served!

    3. Tumutulo na ba ang laway nya? Di naman kataka-taka di ba base sa psychiatric test nya nuon eh imbalance ang kanyang pag-iisip. Kaya kay CJ Sereno at Leonen, ingat sa kanyang laway, may rabies yan. Baka kayo mabaliw din.

    4. Most lawyers who do not turn to politics follow the rule of law. It seems like we have honest SC justices who uphold the law. This is our one branch who does bend or break the law. After the next election maybe we can have three branches like that.

    5. Supreme Court is God’s voice! Hear the voice of Heaven, Mr. PCOS President. 60-30-10, this is the vital statistics of the elections. Nothing will be hidden in the sight of God. Repent!

    6. Understanding Person on

      What you sow, you will reap. Ha ha ha! Alam mo naman ang katapat niyan Noy, di ba? I-impeach mo! Kung ano ang ayaw mong gawin sa iyo ng kapuwa mo, huwag mong gawin sa iba…akala ko ba kaya ayaw mo kay Corona dahil, submissive siya kay GMA. Bakit yun ang gusto mong mangyari ngayon? Aminin! Gunggong na presidente nakakahiya sa ibang bansa bukod pa rin sa kababayan niya. He he he!

    7. How ironic that the Aquinos are considered the icons of Philippine democracy. In their own understanding of what democracy is all about, what they want to do in their position as president tramps the constitution. To them the Constitution is an just a document that they do not apply to them. Cory Aquino’s first act as president was to amend the constitution to fit her agenda. Now her son do not believe in complying with the constitution, so long as in his little mind, his actions are for the good of the country
      It looks like the Filipino people finally got a president they deserve.

      • Agreed. the Filipino people finally got a president they deserve. Mga ignorant and uneducated ang maraming voters sa pinas.

    8. Hurray for SC CJ Sereno and AJ Leonen for having showed their independence from the appointing power. Meron pang mga justices na malilinis ang kunsensya. Tuloy nyo lang po ang right stand nyo on whatyou believe is right or wrong versus this vengeful and unqualified President natin kuno. MABUHAY KAYO!!!

      • yan lang ang DAP ang sinuway ni sereno, pero karamihan na dedesisyunan nyan, papabor yan kay Pnoy, alo na yung sa isyu ng hecienda luisita

    9. OIC President BS Aquino should immediately resign to save his fully stained face.For the past years he has done nothing but vendetta against his political foes’ He has the the worst record of graft and corruption. His media spokespersons ( the daily inquirer and philippine star ) are well funded with illegal DAP to pubricate stories against Bs Aquino’s political enemies.

    10. This shows that there is still hope left for the country. This is snap shot of the executive and the judiciary branch of the PH government is still independent from one another.

    11. Kumukulo na ang ngitngit ni Boy Vengador!!!! Ang wala’ng kredibilidad na president daw nang bansan’ng Pinas na ito…iyan ang napapala nang kawawang bayan sa magic at hokus pokus nang mga dinoktor na PCOS machines na iyan!!!!! Bayan, namangmang talaga kayoh noong 2010!!!

    12. I admit that I have misgivings about Sereno when she became SC since she is a BSA appointee. But she turned out OK. No wonder BSA is furious at her. He thought that with Sereno as SC he can control the Judiciary. Now he has to deal with a “puppet” that refuses to dance to his tune and the thing is he can’t make a hostile overt move on Sereno like what he did on Corona since everyone logical-thinking folk knows very well that he is being his usual vindictive-self if he did that.

    13. Question: Sino spy ni PNoy sa SC? He seems to know about the ‘behind the scene’ discussions of the SC.

      Is Jardeleza sitting in the SC yet?

    14. armando flores on

      Aquino’s power won’t last after 2016 elections, while his appointed justices in the supreme court could last until reaching the age of seventy. CJ Sereno and Justice Leonen are not shortsighted and narrow minded as aquino who has no respect for the rule of law.

    15. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      This goes to show that the Philippines has a “boy” president; he always wants to get the things he wants, or wants done his way, otherwise you’re bad. Previous acts prove it. No wonder he’s always insistent in having the power of the ‘purse’, despite previous SC decisions. Right on, transformation movement!

    16. Goes to show how ignorant and dumb this mischievous one, PNoy. He expects all his appointees agree and support him even if what he does is illegitimate. A real dunce, this PNoy. Arroyo is not this kind. Just look at her appointees like Carpio-Morales, Tony Carpio, Brion, even Corona. These justices defied her in so many cases against her administration.

    17. sorry, pnoy. that’s what you get for choosing the right justices for the supreme court. sereno and leonen. these are good magistrates that know how to interpret the constitution and these are the same people who are completely independent of your wishes. like what chief justice sereno said, she works for the people and not for the president. so now, who got the bigger balls between you and the chief justice? i guess she does. hahahaha.

    18. Gumagamit ng utak ang mga inilagay ni abnoy,Alam na alam nila kapag pumanig
      Sila sa kanya malamang masama sila sa karmang dumarating. Kay Aquino!
      Ultimo ka dugo niya ay handang ibenta. Ang pamangkin, basta politika walang-kamag-anak!pera-pera lang at power!

    19. More and more legal reasons are coming out to justify the filing of criminal charges against the Abnoy and his cohort Abad. Even the Supreme Court justices he appointed cannot find it in their consciences to support the Abnoy, who thought all along that the justices he appointed will let “utang na loob” rule them over. But the issue is far greater than personalities. The issue is right or wrong; legal or not, constitutional or not, which the abnoy does not have the rational mind to comprehend.

      That the Abnoy and his allies will soon disappear from our midst can be seen and felt in the blowing of the wind. His own uncle is leading the clamor for his ouster. Pretty soon, the Abnoy will be standing alone in the gates of hell. Pity! But he deserves it.