• Aquino has not made dent on poverty – analyst


    DESPITE the litany of achievements that he enumerated in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, President Benigno Aquino 3rd has not been able to significantly lower the country’s poverty level, according to Ramon Casiple, a political analyst.

    “His economic program, despite bringing growth, did not yet make a dent on pervasive poverty. Inclusive growth has yet to make its presence felt even as those who benefited the most are the richest sectors of society,” Casiple noted.

    He said the President should lay down the groundwork for his legacy now that he has only two more years in office.

    “He has already entered what, in a basketball game, is referred to as the last quarter. In the next two years, he has to finish his reform targets, lay the firm groundwork for the work of the next President and establish his lasting legacies,” Casiple added.

    Aquino, he said, is faced with “the inexorable march of time.”

    Casiple conceded that the President is still a “work in progress” despite the successes he supposedly achieved during his four years in office.

    He issued the statements in reaction to the President’s fifth SONA where Aquino boasted about his many accomplishments, such as in spurring the economy and negotiating peace with Muslim rebels and other insurgents.

    But the analyst said these “achievements” cannot be considered as Aquino’s legacy.

    “The accomplishments cannot yet be termed collectively as his legacy and, of course, do not yet make for a historical President.

    “In the past four years, he notably failed to undertake political reforms, which ironically, are supposed to underwrite all other reforms,” he pointed out.

    Casiple noted that in Aquino’s inaugural speech in 2010, the President stressed that his role is to ensure that the benefits of democracy are brought to all Filipinos.

    This, however, cannot be done, he said, without strengthening democratic rule, including the wider participation of citizens in democratic governance processes.

    Casiple cited delays in the peace process and other pending political reform bills in Congress, including the political party development bill, the anti-dynasty bill and the freedom of information bill.

    The President, faced with a flagging popularity, lowered expectations and weakening support from his constituency, Casiple said, can opt to take the road of convenience as another traditional President, or as “a historic President who the people will long remember for realizing genuine democracy in the motherland.”

    “Political will says it all. The Aquino ship of destiny, the President’s metaphor, will only reach the safe haven when in firm and determined hands,” Casiple stressed.


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    1. How honest are the individuals who are in the survey? We have a very dark side in our culture. Many want free ride either from the government or family member/s and relatives. When they get that, they don’t have the determination to get a job to support themselves. Fifteen year old individuals as part of the labor force? Let’s be practical here. In the Filipino culture, families want their children attend school full time. Has any body forget the Filipino cliche “Kahit gagapang ako mapag-aral lang ng husto ang mga anak ko”. In my opinion, young Filipinos who work and study at the same time are still a minority. Some people are jobless by choice. Free loaders have more comfortable lives than those who really sweat it out. Surveys should be more specific so we can have a better picture.

    2. daniel marahomsar on

      bakit ba tayong mga pinoy ay laging umaasa sa mga “dole out” nang gobyerno?…pati pagkain at bahay ay iaasa natin sa gobyerno pagkatapos pag hindi nakuha ang gusto magagalit sa gobyerno…di ba dapat kasali tayo na tutulong sa gobyerno??

    3. victor m. hernandez on

      What is lacking in the so-called achievements as enumerated in the SONA is the outcome of those achievements. One paramount outcome that should be focused on is jobs, and more jobs. Without generating more jobs, these achievements are just mere activities. There must be a change of mindsets to planners, and implementors, and the overall management of the affairs of development. Jobs, employment, work, these are paramount. As we reach the 100th million Filipinos, about 2.3 Million a year will be added to the labor force (once you are 15 years old you are counted as part of labor force), who will most likely be unemployed. The SONA reported a little over a million new jobs and employment only. There will be more misery this year and the next, if planners, and implementors are not focused on the outcomes, rather than just focusing on activities. I hope that getting into activities will generate the necessary outcomes, jobs and employment should be paramount.

    4. How can the Philippines have inclusive growth when Filipinos engage in population growth rather than economic growth? Filipinos should be part of the solution rather than part of the problem in eliminating poverty!

    5. President Aquino, unlike previous administration. Has shown concrete achievement in terms of major infrastructure development and strengthening the country position here and abroad never since we have a leader that is not corrupt and sincere in his desire to bring better future for all of us. Yes, he is not perfect but he serve as an inspiration for future leader who may want to serve this country to come clean before us. I think the seed that he plant may not immediately bear fruits for the majority but surely in the near future we all will start reaping it . Keep up Mr. President . We love what your doing for the country and we all thank you for protecting the Filipino future.

      • Pasalamat sya kay GMA naayos ang economy – at may panggstos si Pnoy – ganun lang ka simple…

      • Can you explain in more detail what major infra projects he has started and/or finished during his reign? Name them please?

    6. Prof. Casiple should know better. When a President starts his tenure with a lie, it will also end up with the same lie.