• ‘Aquino has the makings of a dictator’


    Novaliches Catholic Bishop Emeritus Teodoro Bacani on Monday called on the people to show their indignation over plans to amend the Constitution to allow President Benigno Aquino 3rd to extend his term.

    Bacani said Aquino has the makings of a dictator who may work to prolong his hold on power once he is given the chance to extend his term.

    “Pag binigyan mo ng ikalawang termino, mangangampanya na iyan habang Pangulo para sa kanyang ikatlong termino. Nakita na natin na kapag napahaba na ang termino ay tila ayaw na itong tapusin ng sinumang nakaupo. Kaya nga iyan ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw nating payagan ang second term ng isang Pangulo [If you give him a second term, I’m sure he will do everything to campaign for a third term. We already knew based on experience that it is so hard for a sitting President to relinquish his seat. And that is the very reason why we repel any attempt on term extension],” the bis hop explained.

    Bacani could be referring to late former President Ferdinand Marcos who stayed in power way beyond his term after declaring martial law in 1972, paving the way for his dictatorial rule.

    The 1987 Constitution that was crafted during the term of then-President Corazon Aquino, President Aquino’s mother, provides for a single six-year term for the President.

    Bacani said Aquino would only ruin the legacy and the democratic reforms that his parents had worked and fought for. The President’s father is late former senator Benigno Aquino Jr.

    The bishop urged the people to show their indignation so that the President can listen to the “true voices” of his bosses.

    “Sana mga kababayan, iparinig ang gusto natin: Huwag ka ng magpa-extend ng termino… dahil sisirain mo ang legacy ng mga magulang mo, sisirain mo ang ngalan mo, sisirain mo ang bayan mo [I call on our countrymen to relay to the President our genuine voices that we do not want him to extend his term. He will just tarnish the legacy of his parents and may even create havoc in our country],” he said.

    The bishop chided Roxas, whom he believes has been influencing Aquino to seek a term extension.

    He said there is no public clamor for Aquino’s continued stay in office.

    Bacani added that the real clamor was for the President to step down once his term ends in 2016.

    He slammed Aquino’s justification that the primary reason why he wants to tinker with the Constitution is to clip the powers of the judiciary especially the Supreme Court.

    “The Constitution has provided a check and balance system among the three branches of the government. Therefore, everybody including the President should respect this system,” Bacani said.

    Just a ploy
    But Sen. Francis Escudero also on Monday raised the possibility that talks about the President’s term extension were just meant to prevent him from being called a “lame duck.”

    Escudero said it is possible that the people behind the move have vested interests and want to hold to their posts beyond 2016.

    He added that talks about term extension are always being floated every time the term of an incumbent president is nearing its end.

    “I believe that the reason behind the term extension issue is for him not to be treated a lame duck,” Escudero said during the weekly Kapihan sa Diamond hotel news forum.

    The Former Senior Government Officials (FSGO) also expressed its opposition to a possible term extension for the President.

    In a statement, the group said every call for term extension often resulted in undesirable consequences.

    “Governance was disrupted, media became unduly adversarial and the general public was dismayed by fears of dictatorship,” it added.

    “Surveys of public opinion all showed disapproval of those moves to extend the term limits of elected officials, either in the executive department or in the legislature,” the statement pointed out.


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    1. KMD ( Kilusang Mayo Dos ) on

      All candidates aspiring for 2016 President are all evil..I just pick up the less evil and he is the current President B Aquino. So many against him but who do you want ? And why ? Estrada… a president with so many wife. Binay a corrupt politican since being a Mayor of Makati, Revilla …to much plunder and use for all Metro Manila Film Festival.movie. Roxas ..a confuse politician.

    2. How can a man who is the biggest briber we have ever known, be described as a corruption fighter? Pnoy always follows the same path. Try to make an example of an enemy and then reward Team Pork with more money stolen from the people. Corruption from the President is rampant. So we have the biggest crook saying he is stamping out corruption. He could fool us four years ago, but now we see the truth. Corruption is now worse with the president giving away increased money. Maybe he sees it as good because no one has to steal anymore.

    3. Kung hindi ako nagkakamali ay isa si Bishop Bacani sa mga binigyan ng SUV ni GMA. Hindi ba kahihiyan yang pagtanggap niyan samantalang napakarami ang naghihirap sa Pinas? With due respect, Bishop Bacani, you must refrain from rendering judgement against a hard working and honest president, lest you be judged by God…needless to say that what you’ve done in accepting the SUV is a form of corruption.

      In my humble opinion, I think the Philippines needs a good dictator, now…if only to straighten up the path that past administrations created…a sickness called corruption-stealing that is plaguing the country now. It won’t be long when the country will be known internationally as a place of thieves. Shouldn’t you invite everybody to pray instead of giving nasty opinions?

    4. Is there any doubt that Nowhere Man PNoy is already a dictator. Just view how he bribed the legislathieves to become his puppies.

    5. With due respect to you Bishop Emeritus T. Bacani. I don’t have to tell you that the status of corruption in PH. is almost beyond fixing. Rampant dishonesty, bribery among others. Perhaps there are a lot of corrupt officials that also work for the government who are friends with the President, but never tainted him. If you can prove that he is among the corrupt individuals in the government, then I am with you that he should be prevented from extending his term. So far I have not read or know of anybody who is interested to run for President in 2016 that I can honestly recommend to all my brothers and sisters to vote for. In the mean time let the process move, and see what happens. So far he is the only President who fought tooth and nail and with guts to run after these corrupt officials. There is concern by the people that these indicted plunderers when convicted, they won’t stay any extra day in jail, because they will be pardoned. God bless the country and the honest people, if they can’t get justice here on earth they will get justice somewhere else with God.

      • Nito: wag mo na idamay ang GOD. dun ka na lang sa paniwala mo na dapat bigyan ng panibagong term si Boy Sisi, the Great Thief Executive. Medyo dagdagan mo ang binabasa mong mga dyaryo o makinig ng husto sa radyo at magwatch ng tv para me malaman ka. at higit sa lahat, lakasan mo ang pakiramdam mo sa mga nangyayari sa paligid mo at sa Pinas. Stick to your position and belief to the end. Good Luck!