‘Aquino out of his mind’


Enraged groups on Sunday slammed President Benigno Aquino 3rd for allowing the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) to increase fare rates in the Light Rail Transit 1, LRT 2 and Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT 3), warning that the people will not accept the decision “lightly.”

Anakbayan staged a lightning protest at the MRT 3’s North Avenue Station in Quezon City on Sunday, the first in a series of protest rallies in MRT and LRT stations in the coming days.

In the weekend rally, dozens of youth activists held a sit-down protest to denounce the fare increases.

Various groups are expected to file a petition today at the Supreme Court questioning the fare raises.

“The Aquino administration should be held heavily accountable for approving these fare hikes despite the deteriorating state of our train lines and despite the fact that Filipinos cannot cope with these new and higher fares given the current economic situation. No sane President will want to unjustly burden his people like this,” Vencer Crisostomo, Anakbayan national chaiman, said.

He added that Aquino and members of his Cabinet “are out of their minds if they think that the riding public will take these fare hikes lightly.”

Starting on Sunday, MRT 3 fare increased from P15 to P28 for a trip from North Avenue Station in Quezon City to Taft Avenue Station in Pasay City, while in LRT 1, commuters traveling from Roosevelt Avenue in Quezon City to Baclaran in Pasay City were charged P10 more from P20 to P30. Meanwhile, the maximum single journey fare in LRT 2 will now be P25, up from P15.

“Not only [are these fare hikes]a bad way to start the year, it is truly detestable, given that the current state of our train systems is far from being agreeable,” Crisostomo noted.

“No less than the [DOTC] has admitted that the fare increments will not lead to better service, but to the pockets of greedy private sector consortiums. This is exactly why the Filipino youth cannot take this issue sitting down,” he said.

The League of Filipino Students (LFS) also called on the people to oppose the fare increases with “utmost determination,” saying Aquino should be blamed for imposing an additional burden on millions of train riders.

The youth group said the fare increase is a heavy burden for thousands of students who ride the trains daily.

“A typical student who rides either the LRT or MRT buys one or two stored value tickets per week under the previous fare matrix. Now, students need to buy three or four P100- stored value tickets for one week. This will make a huge dent in the already-tight budget of thousands of students and their families,” said LFS spokesman Charlotte Velasco.

“Did the Aquino administration consider the fact that the student sector, which by nature doesn’t have a steady source of income yet, will be one of the most affected by the new train fares? Did President Aquino even think for one moment how doubling train fares will strain the budget of thousands of Filipino families that are barely coping with high education costs?” Velasco fumed.

The LFS estimated that a student who rides the LRT 1 on a daily basis will shell out an additional P6,000 per school year in train fares because of the rate increases.

Velasco pointed out that in a study published by Nielsen back in 2009, it was shown that students comprised about 30 percent of the ridership of LRT 1 and 42 percent of the ridership of LRT 2. On the other hand, MRT 3 caters predominantly to white and blue collar workers.


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  1. Secretary Emilio Abaya was very much alive with his planned strategies on how to tackled MRT3 problems and continued to move forward with his leadership for the good of the commuters. While at the same time, never had a wink of giving MRT Holdings its proposition for business unification. Even the Senate cannot twisted his firmed ways to solve this gigantic problem of the MRT3 drama that buyout was the only option. And now, fare hike to bolster their planned MRT3 buyout?

  2. miguelito laderas on

    The Phil.President Oh this is the first time i see a head of the state that dont care about his countrymen.He and his political allies ang cohorts must be put in the firing squad right away.Only in the Phil that a president finish his term always destined to jail.nakakahiya kayo mga swapang

  3. Serves you right, in reference to the MRT and LRT-riding public that voted for this mentally-disordered 4 years ago. During my time, I always advised my subordinates to discern carefully and to look at the persons within the loop of the candidate. In 2010, out of 60 subordinates, 5 voted for the yellow candidate then. Now, they all admit that they wasted their votes.

    The thieving central “authorities” will not listen. They just do what they want, and citizens’ voice do not matter. Para kong nakikita – may meeting sa maliit na room sa malacanang across the ceremonial room. Pag-usapan kunwari. But at the end, the consensus is to impose the decision. May joke at tawanan pa. I know. I have been there.

    New Year has really brought changes to this country but not on New Year’s theme of doing something good for the masses but rather to bring something more sinister and depressing transformation. It will be the second day of the new MRT fare hike of 85 percent, a hike that has been impeded since 1999 when President Joseph Estrada reduced the MRT fares by 300% from P60 per full trip to P15… because, it would be meaningless and foolish to subsidize, pamper the “Oligarch-Investors” and crucify the pitiful commuters. But the Yellow “People’s Power” or the Dictatorship Administration of AQUINO today is enforcing the full scales fare hikes without mercy. Malacanang even have the gall to pronounce sarcastically that only “few” opposes the fare increase.

  5. I can’t believe that many people are already enraged but there is no wide protest done. The people should go the streets, protest & fire this goverment. if we will just be letting this incompetent leader to slowly make our lives complicated then we are just bullshit complaining then afterwards accept what is implemented. Let us overthrow this Aquino

    • Let the Constitution rule — Bise Binay becomes presidente should Noyi-Noy resign (or… you know…. )

  6. Vicente Penetrante on

    Malacanang is saying that the rule of Abaya is the rule of law. Increase the fare now, do not wait for service.

  7. pnoy is not out of his mind because he has no mind to start with. he is the most stupid president of them all. imagine giving commuters this christmas and new year gift. he could have waited til there are public hearings on the rate hike. dummy

  8. Matagal na. Umpisa pa lang. Surprised ngayon nyo lang napansin na niloloko ng gobyernong ito ang mga Pilipino.

  9. Why does Filipinos always blames the President for everything?? The blame should be on the Filipinos themselves as they put majorities of the corrupt poloticians in office.

    • Filipinos don’t always blame the president.
      It’s just this particular president has done so many things he really should be blamed for. Know the difference….

  10. cesar r. villa on

    Katorpehan ang ginagawa ng Aquinong ito… Alam niyang masa ang karaniwan guma gamit sa mga tren dahil mababa ang pasahe… ayon at ora-oradang itinaas ang bayad ng walang kaukulang kunsultasyon..maging sa Kongreso at Senado kung saan inaprubahan pala ang milyon2 pondo para sa maintenance nito.. un pala sa pag-amin na rin ng kanyang bobong DOTC Secretary umamin na para lang pala sa kyeme ng mga imbestor na pinangungunahan ng kanyang kapatid na c Balsy at asawa nito.. immoral din ang aksyon ni Aquino dahil katatapos ang pasko at bagong taon kaya talagang wala siyang kunsensya ang pangulong ito sa mga BOSS nya.. SOBRA At..NAPAKALABO NYA… SYA ANG PAHIRAP SA BAYAN..KAKAINIS .mag-resign na lang siya mabuti pa..dahil hindi na cya nag-lilingkod talaga!! KAKAHIYA TAYO DITO SA AMERIKA AT IBANG MGA BANSA..MASYADO TAYONG NILALAIT DAHIL SA GOBYERNO NATIN NA WALA SA PORMA ANG PAGLILINGKOD SA BANSA…SANA HUAG KAYONG TAMAAN NG KIDLAT LAHAT JAN SA MALACANANG!!!FIRST TIME IN HISTORY ITONG NANGYAYARI SA PINAS..PWE!!

  11. What do you expect from PNOY and his inutile cabinet members? They are nothing but bunch of lazy, inept, heartless, insensitive dogs in human clothing. You “YELLOW MOBS” who put PNOY in Malacanang Palace should be blamed for this political “zarzuela.” These groups of shenanigans are making life of Filipinos unbearable. Oh, God SAVE JUAN DE LA CRUZ.

  12. Magbayad na lang po tayo!!mura na po yan,dito sa saudi bus malapit o malayo 32pesos!
    Si Aquino pareho ng nanay niya,ang sabi ang galungong ay hindi daw tataas, noong si marcos kahit sabaranggay lang may mabibili kang mura?ng pumasok ang yellow Aquino lahat yawtumaas at halos wala kang mabili!!
    YYellow versus yellow ngayon,kayo ang sumamba sa mga ito dapat magdusa!!
    Nag-pauto tayo sa mga ito,ngayon silalahat ang nagtatamasa sa pinaghirapan ninyo!!

    • magbayad !! di ka din nag iisip ikaw may kaya yung mahihirap na ibang pilipino o isang simpleng pilipino na di kaya mag bayad ng 25 pesos tangina mo bobo mo gago

  13. Understanding Person on

    Kung may discernment kayo, mataal ng inutil, waang puso at gunggong ang gobyernong Aquino!

  14. Aquino has long been a mentally demented creature. His psychiatric reports from the Ateneo prove that. His own father Ninoy confirms this. This could have been just a private matter for him and his family. But it became a criminal matter when he gunned for the presidency. Naiba ang usapan. A president requires a man with a sane and rational mind. Not an Abnoy.

    So the solution is really to drag him out of Malacanang so that he will stop oppressing the people no end. His lack of concern for the people is not normal. His hypocrisy and arrogance and constant lying betray a pathological case of an abnormal personality. Knowing this, it is up to us if we will just tolerate this “out of his mind” abnoy or show him who is the “boss” in our country?

    • Blame it on Manong Ernie who kept his mouth shut. If only Manong Ernie started talking before the elections laying before the public those psychiatric problems confided to him by his kumpadre, he would never have had this four years of betrayal of the people’s trust, stupidity in governance and legal plunder of the public coffers. One man could have saved the Republic. For this single act of keeping his mouth shut, Manong Ernie is an accomplice to the wholesale crimes of simyon et al.

  15. Suprised, surprised, surprised. Every one should have known long time ago that PNoy has intrinsic mental problems.