• Aquino: Misuari to face charges on illegal possession of explosives


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd said that Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) founding Chairman Nur Misuari will be facing charges of illegal possession of explosives after authorities found evidences in his house in Zamboanga City.

    Speaking to reporters, the President emphasized that the offense is “non-bailable.”

    “Ni-raid iyong bahay dahil sinasabi nitong si Fontanilla ay hindi raw bahay ni Misuari pero pagka-tagal-tagal ng palang doon siya nakatira pag nasa Zamboanga City. May nahanap na mga pinagbabawal na bagay [Fontanilla said that it wasn’t Misuari’s house, however, Misuari has been living in the said house for so long. There were illegal items in the house],” Aquino said.

    “I think the new case will be illegal possession of explosives which is non-bailable also,” he added

    Misuari has already been charged with rebellion and violating human rights after a deadly three-week standoff in Zamboanga City between government troops and Muslim fighters who held scores of people hostage.

    Rebellion is punishable by life imprisonment.

    According to Aquino, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima already went to Zamboanga last Friday to personally follow up on the building up of the cases against Misuari.

    The government security forces, he said, are currently determining the exact position of  Misuari to serve his warrant of arrest if it is issued.

    “Once determined then they will—and once the warrant is on our possession, we will serve the warrant for the arrest of Mr. Misuari,” he added

    Meanwhile, the President said that authorities are still verifying if there are indeed involved personalities who financed the attacked.

    “I am not confirming that lead, just to be clear. What I know is that the people who were arrested said they were promised…either they were promised 10,000 pesos or they were given 10,000 pesos plus a rifle. Sa promise may rifle when you get to Zamboanga City et cetera, et cetera in various positions,” Aquino explained.

    “Now, there are allegations in sub-commanders received substantial money, several millions each. So, we are tracing that. One, we are trying to determine if it’s true and if it’s true, under the stipulations in our laws, we’ll try to find out, who gave what, to whom, when, then that person will have to be asked to explain ‘why did you give X amount?’” he added. CATHERINE S. VALENTE


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