Aquino: More jobs, inclusive growth


President Benigno Aquino 3rd promised inclusive growth as he vowed to provide thousands of stable jobs in the remaining three years of his term.

”The next three years will see continued interventions in the poorest of the poor,” Aquino said, citing direct service interventions and boosting sectors that create jobs and livelihood opportunities.

”Emerging sectors of society all made possible by prudent public finance policies and honesty in public administration by continuing efforts to build mass housing on site and not in far flung areas by creating durable jobs in industry, tourism and agriculture,” he said.

”This is what our government has chosen to do. We cannot have a society where a few flourish and the rest just make do with crumbs. We must have inclusive growth,” he added.

The President however said pushing inclusive growth “ is nothing less than a fair deal, a running start, for all with interventions by the government where it matters and can do the most good. In the first three years of our term, we focused resources on our Conditional Cash Transfer Program (CCT).”

The CCT or the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) is part of the government program that provides financial assistance to families that keep their children in school and consult with healthcare personnel.

On one hand, Aquino said poverty, unemployment and corruption may be universal but require tailor fit solutions.

”This means that our solutions might not be the best for your own communities, and we must study their effects and how to maximize positive interventions in a specific and thorough manner.”

In order to empower the Filipino people, the government needs to maximize opportunities that come their way, Aquino said

”For most of the developing world, the overarching problems can be summed up in a few words: Poverty, hunger, unemployment, lack of education, corruption. These are not unique to any one country or people—each of us have seen or experienced them and their effects,” he said

”All these problems combine to deprive people of hope, initiative, and opportunities. And while no one can guarantee outcomes, I believe it is incumbent upon government to provide meaningful opportunities to individuals, and an environment conducive to empowering our fellow citizens to seek out and maximize opportunities that come their way,” he added.

The President was the Guest of Honor and keynote speaker during the formal opening ceremony of the Global Development Network’s (GDN) 14th Annual Global Development Conference on Wednesday.

The GDN is an international organization that builds research capacity and supports researchers in developing and transitioning countries to generate and share high quality applied social science research to inform policy­makers in advancing social and economic development.


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  1. Roldan Guerrero on

    Why is there nobody commenting here? Are you tired of Simeon Panots promises? Blame yourselves fellow Filipinos, for installing a ….is he a man? or half lady? who never made good as a congressman for 9 yrs and a senator for 3 yrs. How much more as a President?